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Bengals lead Dolphins 6-0 going to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins have played terrible so far.

They've committed two turnovers. They've missed tackles. They have been their own worst enemy.

And yet they only trail 6-0. Consider that a blessing because it could be much worse.

We'll see if the team can turn things around. The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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Could this be the game where both Clay and Thomas start to fulfill their expectations?

More drinks! We're leading!

Bush has caught a pass, Clay in effect and Lane caught one. Bengals defense has a lot to think about.

Go Phins!

We Have RB's, not me. I've been saying it all along...Considering his limited experience at the QB position in BOTH college and the Pro's, it's impressive. Very impressive. He can hit an open WR. That's something you can't teach.

in Clay's defense Sherman has stated he needed to do a better job getting him involved. He has done everything right in Shermans opinion.

These guys are getting better.

Take away the dumb shyt and they'd be really good.

THEY WOULD BE! Their Not, too bad it mistakes and turnover keeping them down.


Ok. Now we need a to

Easy with the celebrations. This game is nowhere near over, as last week showed us.

Best way to break Carpenter's slump is about 6 extra points today.

Truly, Tanny IS our guy. He makes GREAT throws up the middle, maybe not always pinpoint, but catchable.
Clay might be MORE the big step than Gaffney.
However, Sherman always seems to turn away from what works.
Clay needs to see at lead 6-7 more throws to him up the seam. He is faster than their LB's.
lets do to others what's been done to us the past 10 years. Damn TE's have KILLED us.

I don't know how anybody can complain having endured the follly of Sparano and Henne. The future is bright!

Dont get overly excited guys. We've been shown in the past this is a 4trs game.

Hey Armando in your words "the dolphins are playing terrible" but they are still leading in the game on the road against a pretty good football team.

Im impressed Carpenter made the kick. D E F E N S E

Is this the game we turn things around?

It should be 14 - 3 at the very least.

I have nothing to cheer about.

When they learn some football basics 101 I'll start getting excited!

Here is typically where our defense fails and gives up points


Dont blame the refs. Good teams dont put themselves in position to have games decided by the refs.

Tannehill is the truth. He gets it. He goes to his defecto #1 receiver (Hartline) when he needs a play, yet doesn't lock in on a receiver either. He reads defenses pretty well and can fit passes in a tight window. If you give him a true #1 receiver and a TE that can stretch the field, watch out.

Jeff Ireland stays!
He is the genius that built this team.
Parcells was right after all.

Tannehill looks a f#cking veteran & this is his 5th NFL start. Former WR right???

IF Clay & Thomas can step it up it could legitimize the 2011 draft. Big IF...


With a better secondary we could be a playoff team... But we need at least 2 decent corners and 1 playmaker at the FS position...Another WR and TE wouldn't do any harm either...

And now we have a TO...Nice

Dolphins Clemens with the fumble recovery.

LOL Philbin was ready to jump on the pile

YG, can't we just enjoy the moment? It's all we have, moments! Miami ball!


Yes, Turnover!!! Now let's capitalize.


Bengals playing a typical Phin game. Dominating TOP and only come up with 6. Turnover Baby!!!!

Go Phins!


Clemons a turnover recovery? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad luck never stays with just one team. Things generally even out.

alright! things are looking up

Not blaming the ref's but the phony pass interference and all the calls going the Bengals way!

There is nothing to look at, clearly a fumble

Wake was ready to body slam him 10 yards down field. I like it.

This game has changed for the better eh???

Can we get a break?

We did get a break?


About time

guys some of you sway with the wind too much!!! every single play should not be micro analysed. we need to let the quarters paly out.

oohh and we get a turnover nice!!!

they better not overturn that fumble

"Tannehill looks a f#cking veteran & this is his 5th NFL start. Former WR right???"

Posted by: We Have RB's

Shows how truly dense Mike Sherman is!


Absolutely enjoy the moment. Just remember this team needs learn to play 4qtrs of great football too.

Bad news, fellas. It looks like Green had the ball when he went to the ground. So this could come back.

Let's draw blood with a TD pass on first play!

You could see our guy stretch his arm out and pull it in. After that shouldn't matter.

If this gets overturned!

Yeah, refs, do whatever you can to take it away from us.

Our guy on the ground got it before the pikle startsd.


I am guilty of that beg. Suffered so long

I love when a plan comes together


Fumble !!!


Bright side its only resulted in 6 Bengal points. Hardly a game changer just yet.

This is taking too long, I don't like it

let stop talking about irland he is not playing the game. this is the hand we been dealt lets just back the team

Bad news, fellas. It looks like Green had the ball when he went to the ground. So this could come back.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 07, 2012 at 02:08 PM

Not enough visual proof to overturn the call, but whatever.

They'll take it from us.

Armando if they over turn this fumble something is wrong... someone is getting paid off


Worst luck

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