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Bengals lead Dolphins 6-0 going to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins have played terrible so far.

They've committed two turnovers. They've missed tackles. They have been their own worst enemy.

And yet they only trail 6-0. Consider that a blessing because it could be much worse.

We'll see if the team can turn things around. The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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Cadillac, I agree we have all been slamming Ireland for all these years (including me). He has built this team. We were just so impatient but many of these players are just now developing.

Can we get a break?

OMG.,..Walt Coleman and the review officials need to be fired.

Wrong robert909, you're ignorant.

2 fumbles today gone against us, NFL hates us

Something is not right here!


We have rb's : only bandwagon fans think that. True fans can see we have a Qb and coach we can hang our hats on for a long time. We are on our way back week by week!


No doubt about it. I can't believe how good Tannehill has looked. Especially the last week & a half BUT I think ALL of the rookies including Wilson have looked good for rookies.

Wow we are getting screwed. This is terrible.

Or not...

We did get hosed there. Still just have to lock down and play great d.

No worries. Wake is due for a sack on this series.

Again, can't catch a break...What else is new...

are u fng kidding me....the fix is in...MIAMI NEVER gets these calls

F%cked again!!!!


The ref's!

He never got it back! What football move did he make?


That was a fumble!

Yep the ref's!

This looks like a heat playoff game!

That was a horrible call. If this call would have been made by the replacement Refs everybody would have been up in arms.

Patrick Swayze = Daulton

Defense rested and smells blood!

Go Phins!

How did Green get that ball back????

No where near any type of video proof to overturn the call

but let the fa gs cheat


Never had possession again. Cheat on refs!

Fins will have to MAKE their own UNREFUTABLE breaks.

We catch no breaks. No matter. They make mistakes too.

Ahem. As I was saying . . . Sack!

we know Armando is not a Fins fan but this is getting ridiculous. Everyone sees no conclusive evidence but him, he is so sure that it will be overturned. Stop rooting for the other team!

bengals have been holding all game as well.
Coleman is truly bad, but Mr. Magoo upstairs needs to be removed.

I just took a steaming pile of Ireland and wiped my Ross.

Wake has come to play!!!!

We make our own fate guys. It isnt bad luck. Hope this theme doesnt subcribe to this fallacy. Then we're really in trouble.

Lets get a stop defense. Cincy is killing us in time of possession

seriously between the Canes refs last night and these guys here today we might as well let Cincy play with an extra guy

3red and long, get the flags ready ref. Cinci will need it


If that would've been the fins refs would've said there was not enough video evidence

Wake is not just a pass rusher anymore. Love it!!!

Ref didn't have his flag ready, so Dalton calls time out.

Angry Elf you saw it coming with the Wake sack.

Now thats a fumble!

Fumble !!!

Take that away d o u c h e bag Refs...

this one will be ruled an incomplete pass

Refs will take this fumble away as well.

Hope they don't turn this one over

Don't be stupid

unbelievable home cookin' today.


Fumble! Now watch them review this for 15 minutes

Cameron Wake is a beast...I don't care what anybody says, he's the best DE in the NFL...He's always ranked no 1...Awesome against the run, freakish pass rusher...What a player...

HAHA...One way or another

Thats what I mean by a team creates its own fate.

Bengals playing crappy too.

These refs don't want to get beat up in cincy I guess. Chili and spaghetti probably stinks in that stadium.

Lets see if refs reverse this one now

It's coming back

We'll see..


Tell me we got the ball....

Replacement refs >>> regular refs

48 GO GO

lets see them give this one back

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