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Bengals lead Dolphins 6-0 going to second quarter

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins have played terrible so far.

They've committed two turnovers. They've missed tackles. They have been their own worst enemy.

And yet they only trail 6-0. Consider that a blessing because it could be much worse.

We'll see if the team can turn things around. The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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A game's never won on 1 play. Its won on overall play accross the board. It takes 4qtrs to win or lose a game. When losing you didnt make enough plays over 4qtrs, not 1 half.

He was out but we wont get call

Clear holding on that play right in front of Dalton. That is why it is so tough to win on the road, you often find yourself playing against the opposing team and the refs. They certainly have not favored us in this game.

The whole game seems to be revolving around the refs doing this or not doing this. T

refs are not calling an even game. WTF!

Highest paid oline?

U must be NFL's dumbest fan!

with these refs we have no chance to win


Some here need to grow and learn football. Everything that goes wrong on offense isnt play calling.

But some here continue to show lack of overall football knowledge.

Bring replacement reds back

Dolphins win this game.

Heed the voice of reason.

Wtf dont they try to playfake on 3rd and 1 or even 4th down like the bengals did earlier...just no aggressiveness from this team....they play with the offensive mentality of a rookie, and that is why they lose!!!


Let Tannehill air if out!

Smith doing a good job of "limiting" AJ Green thus far.

D holds again

since the replacement refs left Wake has been a beast. He always gets held. It was worse with replacements but still 12 times a game Wake is held.

i am the only 1 that saw a hold on on us on that play?????

Andy Dalton has been the Dolphins MVP so far. He has missed A LOT of throws today

Nice work running a fat pig behind a fat pig = Sherman is a d bag.

Saw the hold to geg

Gonna vomit

OK men, what do you do with the ball at the 2 yard line with 1:22 to play?

Time to go into the half with a 7-6 lead.

Worst luck... Ball always bounces against them...

great defensive spot. Dalton is really inconsistent .

Play it safe. Take a knee

Time for a long bomb to Hartline.

do we go for the kill on this drive before th half armando????

We should take a knee can't turn the ball over here

just run out clock
Don't turn ball over

Who wants to bet we don't try and score on our last drive before halftime

Has Miller even been in this game?

take a knee going to halftimme - regroup - maybe set up a play and take out an official - send a message = The Last Yard style...LOL

We need a first down!

Run the clock down

48 Dan Marino jerseys in the stands. LOL!

Please don't throw the ball

we got to have at least 1 shot surely??

You go long post pattern, Mando.

two weeks ago fans were bitching that we had the best run game and we should just run the balll.. now they're bitching 'cause we dont go deep with a yard to go. no way to keep them happy

Safe is the play!

Just wait for it...........................

Someone will say bad play calling. LOL

How are we up by 1??

I agree with this call. No need to take a chance.

Go and score. And Reggie hurt again

Bush can't. stay healthy. Saints got tired of it....
Go Phins!

I guess we have to hear everyone complain about being conservative all week at the half!

Sean Smith is like a new man

Green limped off, hopefully doesn't return.
Sherman better get Clay involved, or he (Sherman) will hear from my attorneys. LOL

48 Marino jerseys in the stands, 1 Boomer Esaison!


...the half.


What's your gut feel on whether we re-sign Long???

Miller time?

Two things need to happen to start the 2nd half:

1. Hold the Bengals scoreless on thier 1st drive.

2. Put 7pts on the scoreboard our 1st drive of the 2nd half.

That's how you a good team put "MO" on thier side.

4-1 Sherman calls a run behind Jerry Martin
Dumb call you run behind Jake Richy
Sherman sometimes reminds me of Dan Henning stupid a s s. Old as s coach!

Are we happy?

Can we get off the man who is leading this offense like no other has in recent memory!

The first run was needed for space! Then u can run out the clock! Now if it's close to 2 minutes u have to get that 1st!

Up 7-3! Against the Bengals and the ref's!

i would rather go in with a lead than making a mistake going for it i guess, even if it is just to keep the confidence up.
do we get the ball from the kickoof in 3rd q??

We have to sign long. Left tacklesdont grow on trees

Play execution is the problem with this team NOT play calling!

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