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Coordinators talk issues of the day

I learned some things today from Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

I learned that I'm not the only one wondering why the Dolphins couldn't use their defensive linemen every bit as wisely as the Houston Texans in getting them to tip passes at the line of scrimmage and perhaps cause turnovers as a result.

Turns out the Dolphins did an in-depth look at the Texans and how they cause so many tipped and deflected passes and are now making that a "point of emphasis," according to Coyle.

"We studied all six of the Texans games prior to this weekend's game and made edits on every tipped pass they had and where their alingment was on every pass where they got their hands on the ball," Coyle said. "You can see it's definitely a point of emphasis they do with all their players ... We all emphasize and they seem to reap the rewards more than anyone in the league.

"It's one of those things certainly you want to teach as you approach the QB and get your hands up to be more disruptive. And we've talked about it and its a point of emphasis for us here as we go on through the rest of the season."

I learned that Coyle regards cornerback Sean Smith as his most improved player so far this year.

"Someone asked me the other day who has improved the most overall and one of my first inclination is to say 'Sean Smith,'" Coyle said. "Sean's a talented guy. We knew that coming in. But Sean's play has gotten better throughout the season. He still has things we're constantly talking about that he needs to get better and improve on. As you guys know, the most difficult position to play on the field next to quarterback is cornerback. He's continuing to show growth each and every week. That's been a positive. He started with a lot of ability but wasn't a consistent player. That was the negative as we studied him in the offseason. There was too much up and down and variation in his performance. Now we're getting a more consistent player each and every week that has playmaking ability and at that position that's the key."

I learned from offensive coordinator Sherman that rookie tight end Michael Egnew has problems beyond simply being good enough on offense to be active in a game. The truth is he has to be good enough to contribute on special team and, Sherman said, "he's not there right now."

I asked Sherman if the fact the bye week allowed for extra work, whether players that need that extra work were asked to stay and, well, work. I asked specifically if Egnew and Jabar Gaffney, who is not reall up to snuff on the calls and checks, were told to stick around and get those down so they could get closer to contributing.

The answer was enlightening:

Sherman later said that Gaffney's best practice so far was the last one the team conducted before getting four days off during the bye. So at least progress is being made.

On another matter: The Dolphins brought in a handful of young players, including former University of Miami tight end Chase Ford. Ford spent some time with the Eagles after going undrafted.


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Odin, re: the last blog on Newton's psyche. yeah, I hear you. He may be one of those good QBs who just aren't leaders. He may need the supporting cast and by comparison, Jeff Ireland has given Tannehill a bounty of talent compared to what the Carolina Gm has done over the last five years. I mean, there's a reason he was fired. jeff Otah, Everette Brown, Jimmy Claussen, there just hasn't been enough top picks for Carolina to make and other than one or two when they get them, they've blown more than their share. It catches up fast. The draft is the talent pipeline in the NFL. Careers are short and unlike baseball, picking up a 32 year old free agent doesn't solve anything.

Sherman looks rough in that photo.

Did they bring in any Cornerbacks?

Marshall has had about 3 weeks off now and still can't practice? With a BACK INJURY?

I posted it last week and I still hope I'm wrong, but I think Marshall is DONE! It's IR time.

From the last blog, yes Newton was busted for stealing a freshman girl's laptop at UF.

Top 3 pieces of garbage in the league:

1. Newton
2. Sanchez
3. Vick

Odin, what's Benny Sapp up to these days??


HA! LOL. Sherman seems like a nice guy to the reporters. Armando asked a ,,,,sorry Mando,, pretty ,,(how do I say this nice?!) rookie question? And Sherman could have Parcelled him but he explained it very calmly.

How in the hell are Egnew and Gaffney going to get extra work when the rest of the team is off? Did Armando mean like pitch and catch? I guess the two could have done that right?

The other thing is the the new CBA has rules on how many days you can work your players during camp and their bye weeks. Not sure on the specifics.

Chase Ford could help if tney actually try to use him. I think he is 6'7

Nolan and J wil are doing a pretty good job.

PHINS 78....

Armando wasn't "sure of the specifics"...either...that's why he asked the question.

You can't beat someone up about a question...and then at the end of your attack say...uh...I don't really know the answer either".....

Odin what on earth did you do with your time while Mando was out?
Find another team's blog?
I hope you were not playing bathtub periscopes with Aloco/Kris/oscar canosa/bobbyd12

Odin, what's Benny Sapp up to these days??

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2012 at 03:35 PM

According to MY sources Benny Sapp and Channing Crowder were married recently in a private ceremony.

Both have down played any talk of returning to the NFL. They both are claiming to be way to busy preparing for an upcoming audition for the television series Gator Boys.

The Newlyweds are reportedly running their own "Air Boat Tours" company in the Everglades and couldn't be happier.

And how was YOUR week....?

Excited about the jets game.....

Try #2 to shove it down Sporano's throat.....

There is a bountiful melon crop in the village this year. We shall have crazed hair dances for the LSD babies of Brian Eno.

Disgusting fat ladies at the Cracker Barrel eating baked beans like a walrus.


If CAREER .500 coach fisher holds true to his record..... He might steal one against the PATS and thus get back to .500.....

We take care of buisness against the jets.... And back in1st place in the AFC EAST.....

Kris--I will have a sandwich with you.

ROB M get out of here with that BS, its old and with the way this years picks are going, its not going to happen.


Why not ask Sherman why he called a pass play when we had a touchdown lead, with the ball in opponents territory, and only 2:50 to play vs. the Cardinals. He handed that game away with no repercussions, and instead the media feels that us fans want to know about Michael Egnew. We long ago forgot about that wasted draft pick Egnew. Instead, we want to know why Sherman handed the win to the Cardinals.

he ain't play st's his whole life,
how he gonna start play now huh?

Odin, what's Benny Sapp up to these days??

Publicado por: Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2012 at 03:35 PM

Call me CRAZY but after a two Yr. helping I thought we were toast with Carroll at CB and believe he has improved enough to at least be a solid contributor. The BIG knock on R.Jones coming out was he played over aggressive and was constantly out of position freelancing and he to has improved in my estimation by leaps and bounds. He has over 30 tackles a few passes defensed with 2 picks which we hadn't gotten out of Bell in pass coverage in some time. The one player on the street that could help is old UMer Kelly Jennings maybe who played in Cin. for Koyle last Yr. but he seems content at this point I guess to go it this Season.

Things to watch for:

1. Dustin Keller.

2. Dustin Keller.

3. Dustin Keller.

I have my plans all set for Sundays Game against the jets. All I need is a BIG bottle of Jack, my Favorite War Hammer and my Old School Giant Screen TV(The thing is older than my youngest Kid, but it still has a GREAT PICTURE. Perfect for Games in my Man-Cave!).

Anywhoo, the first time I see Koa Misi in one on one coverage against Keller, I'm doing my own version of the TomaHawk Toss!

Did you guy see all the fist pumps on the Jets sideline yesterday? Great goal line offense Sparano. I am so glad you are gone! Settling for FGs = below .500 record. He'll be fired by the end of next season. GO PHINS! KILL THE JETS THIS SUNDAY PLEASE!!

Who could have believed there was a worse secondary than ours in the NFL, let alone our division? But it's true ladies and gentlemen, just see the Patriots and Redskins, horrendous, makes us look like ProBowlers in comparison.

Odin what on earth did you do with your time while Mando was out?
Find another team's blog?
I hope you were not playing bathtub periscopes with Aloco/Kris/oscar canosa/bobbyd12
Posted by: CadillacDeville | October 22, 2012 at 03:50 PM

CD, He's been abusing alcohol and drugs, What else would a Hippie Do?

have my plans all set for Sundays Game against the jets. All I need is a BIG bottle of Jack,

Posted by: odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 04:07 PM

See what I Mean.

ROTFLMAO - A little Sour Grapes from the resident Blog Troll "Ogins" Liver Spots?

Obviously had trouble speeling his own sign in name(what a doof). Changing your sign in name back and forth can be so tough-lol. Especially when your dummer inna 3rd grader-LOL.

This idiot went over to Cotes blog while Armando was shut down. He TRIED starting up his pollution a few times. NOBODY, and I repeat NOBODY even acknowledged the fool-ROTFLMAO!

In case you missed it, EVERYBODY here, feels the same as EVERYBODY there. NOBODY wants you-Ha Ha!

In short: Shut Up Fool!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

starting to feel good about the Vontae trade; he hasn't done squat for the Colts. maybe Ireland got that right. pretty sure I'll never understand the BM trade.

Odinstank,I'll pay for a trip to Sweden, Just send me a address., You'll be doing your disfunctional family a favor in ending your drug/alcohol infested life.

Posted by: Ogins Bloated Live | October 22, 2012 at 04:26 PM

Sorry Pal, but ah........last time I checked, Travel Agencies don't accept Food Stamps.

Sit your Govt. Assisted A ss DOWN!

Egnew can't make it on the field on STs.. Asumming he doesn't have hands/speed, it's about blocking and tackling - basic football stuff. Sounding more and more like a bust, guess time will tell.

What a waste of good chourico.



I don't agree with you guys about Newton at all! He has RB's D.Williams, J.Stewart and bowling ball Mike Tolbert maybe the best deep seam T.E. in Olson along with a still game S.Smith, Lafelle isn't terrible and made plays for him. They traded for Louis Murphy who can run along with a pretty solid OL, not great OL but steady. His O.C. was a genius last Yr. who alot on this blog wanted hired as our H.C. out of S.D. and now can't find his A S S with both hands cause Cam says so, please!

The game that turned everything for Newton IMHO was the Thursday night game Vs. the Giants were the Giant DE's ignored the pitch/pass option on the roll out which was Cam's bread & butter 2011 play (basic option Football 101) and pinned their ears back coming for Newton who couldn't counter looking through his progressions quickly enough getting sacked I believe about 6 times while picking his can up off the ground every play.

Since that game you have seen every team copy this strategy of making him think quicker while making plays in tight space and his accuracy has wavered with slow and poor decision making. Until he proves otherwise every team will pin there ears back and send the front 7 after him ignoring the pitch and forcing him into all those way off passes he throws under duress.

This is after all with the exception of J.Shockey the same group that helped him to huge rookie record numbers. The Giants by the way came in to that game with a depleted Secondary and no RB. I remember the Panthers were favored by the entire NFL Net. crew (Sanders, Irvin Marriucci ect..) to roll and the Giants front 7 came in with a plan that is now the book, period! This team supposedly was 6-10 due to the D now all of a sudden it's on iffy play calling, hmmmm?? Seems to me some are trying to have it both ways and guys the G.M. who took him against conventional wisdom who got axed is a victim of deflecting attention from the real issues, wag the dog anybody??

Hey fellas! Nice to back talking Dolphins football again. Big game this week. I hope our guys were able to rest up and get ready for Sunday and the rest of the season.

Couple of thoughts on the weekend games. You can realize see the difference good QB play can make to a team. Really love the play of RGIII. If they don't get this guy killed, he's the real deal! I thought Weeden looked good on the weekend too. Too bad he's 29.

The bad: Cam Newton. I wasn't sold on this guy coming into the league. Had many heated discussions on this guy last year about him before coming into the league. Thought he was the next Vince Young. Had to eat some crow last year, as I was AMAZED what a great rookie season he had. Now it appears he is Vince Young part deux. I can only say I'm GLAD he's not our QB. Not a leader and seems like a selfish players. Let's argue the point about his supporting cast all we want but the truth is to date Newton hasn't elevated his teammates play. 7-15 as an NFL starting QB in the NFL. That's Jamarcus Russell kind of material and we know how that ended. Still early but the kid needs to play a lot better than he is right now. I also wasn't impressed with Russell Wilson on Thursday night. Granted he was playing the SF defence and he is still a rookie, but he looked VERY ordinary Thursday night. Need to see more before he gets the rubber stamp. Joe Flacco looked horrible yesterday. Credit the Texans defence. However, for the Ravens to do ANYTHING this year, Flacco has to lead this team. Not sure he's capable of it. We'll see.

Every time I got to go poop, I excuse myself from the rest of the group and say "Sorry guys, I got to take a Odn"
They understand and wont go near the bathroom for at least 30 minutes.

Notice how mark shows up the sametime anti-odin posts do.HUMMMMMM


HOW on earth do you put up with these fools???..is it always like this ?..lol..

you can't really reason with 4 year olds, I don't know why you even try.

cocoajoe, while Egnew looks like a bad pick is still way too early to give up on him, let's see what happens next year, not all players mature at the same time.




really, your little post's are just getting old and outdated, since Ireland has gone solo he has demostrated he can the the job quite well plus him and Philbin have the Dolphins going in the right direction building the team through the draft.

your infantile juvenile rants have zero results, go back to your chit hole and leave us alone.

FZB - You noticed my Fan Club?

You witnessed them stalking me at Cotes Blog-LMAO!

I'm pretty much this guys LIFE. He lives for stalking me. Reminds of some Beatches I used to Mess with back in the day.

I just look at them like Groupies. I'm use to it-ROTFLMAO!

Haha, am I the anti Odin??


However, Odin and I have always chatted civilly on this blog going on 5 years or thereabouts so I don't know how that would make sense.

Odin is one of the old schoolers I refer to on this blog - I have too much respect for the old schoolers to do that - well except for one of them but it sure isn't odin and I never used a troll name to sign in.

After the end of every play that happens in the NFL, the clock operator incorrectly lets the clock run an extra 3 seconds. Yes, I'm talking about plays after which the clock stops, such as an incomplete pass. Each NFL game is robbed, therefore, of about 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Again, when discussing football coaches, GMs, clock operators, etc., we are not discussing rocket scientists.

there are some good people here but you also have a lot of retarded 10 year olds that really have zero clue about anything...

a mind is a terrible thing to wate.

I'm out.

Kris I'm noticing a pattern in your responses to me. It seems like you never understand the point and maybe it's because you don't actually read my posts?

I was making fun of Armando because he asked whether or not Egnew and Gaffney were asked to come in for extra work EVEN THOUGH THE ENTIRE REST OF THE TEAM WAS ON VACATION. I was picking on him because asking two guys to come in for work when no one will be there to work with them is dumb. NO?

The statement about how many days players were allowed to work during the bye week was an afterthought. I CAN say "I don't know the specifics" because I don't know THOSE specifics.

Armando didn't ask " are the players being given time off because of the new cba"? He asked if two players would come in and work by themselves.

Armando wasn't sure about the specifics of the new cba? Where did he say that? He didn't. He never asked. My point in bringing that up was to point out that even if they asked the two to come in it would have been against league rules. The specifics I was referring to were how many days off they were required to have.

Your post, she a makea no sense! :)

Joe Flacco looked horrible yesterday. Credit the Texans defence. However, for the Ravens to do ANYTHING this year, Flacco has to lead this team. Not sure he's capable of it. We'll see.

Craig M | October 22, 2012 at 04:36 PM


Here is were you separate the talk between elite and very good, alot of folks today love talking elite but in honesty for me save the reference for Brady, Rothlisberger, Eli, Brees and Rodgers with Peyton giving it hell at another hurrah. The next group are good to very good but not on that other level yet, you notice I leave players like Rivers in that next level and that's cause you got to carry your team to a title in this pass happy league today before you can get into that club. I can only imagine given the pass rules today what the 80's Marino could have done today with that release he had and the zero contact downfield.

And what in the heck is that? "Beat someone up"?

Dude it was playful banter. No one was being beat up. God you're a sensitive one.

Smith's improvement is why VD got traded...IMHO.


i read through the comments in this section. I wasted a couple min of my life that i can not get back i found about 3-4 opost interesting. The rest was fire Irland and talking about how you wanted to play with each other. I come on here once in awhile to read some information on the dolphins and how the fans feels. I guess i need to go find a more mature dolphin site

Odin is one of the old schoolers I refer to on this blog - I have too much respect for the old schoolers to do that - well except for one of them but it sure isn't odin and I never used a troll name to sign in.

Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2012 at 04:56 PM

I echo the sentiment, there is a group on here I come back to debate Football with and simply try and ignore the trolling B.S.


I think I got caught in the Cross Fire in regards to Cam Newton.

My main contention was with his actions as of late and particularly this last Press Conference. I didn't like the entire smell of it.

If he would have thrown in a little qualifier like: "Myself included" or ANYTHING along those lines, OK. But the way he came off was entirely different. It was unmistakable, he was pointing fingers without a hint of any responsibility. Not a good thing for the T-E-A-M.

As for Mark's comments about surrounding talent. It's a legitimate statement. It's ARGUABLE for sure, but not enough so that I'm going to take up the cause.

It is somewhat of a conundrum. The surrounding talent played well enough last year for him to set records and put up all kinds of Gaudy Stats. But, in the end, last year as it has been this year, not enough WINS.

So yeah, you can argue it either way(talent, roster, etc, etc.). I'm just saying though, my main comment was directed towards Newton's Press Conference. You never want your locker room split. And you ESPECIALLY don't want your Starting QB doing the Splitting.

For Gods sake let me get this straight.

1.This blog closed for a week so you, (odinseye) ,found another blog to talk Dolphins football.

2. The same fool or fools you have been arguing with every day in here actually looked for you, found you, and then you guys spent the week arguing in someone elses blog?

3. And now you're both back here and are going to pick up where you left off and continue arguing over things that have nothing to do with the Dolphins?

ROFLMAO. WHAT THE F************************K!!?? Hahahahahaha why don't you guys just create a chat page and go argue there? Just the two of you?

I mean the whole thing is just so crazy.

fin4life, Mark, Robert, I agree with all of you about the blog. Obviously the best way to make it through is to ignore the idiots. Don't even respond to them, it's not worth it. fin is right, just find a few sane posters and talk with them.

The problem is, and it's exactly why I'm posting less and less lately, that there are people who seem like good sane posters that I now know sign in under different names AND ,,,,ANNNDDDDDDD,,, use different personalities depending on which name they are posting under.

I'm sorry, that's f*&^ing crazy. And you just start feeling like you need a shower after engaging in conversations with some of these scumbags.


Some good points @5:04pm. It'll be interesting to see where Matt Ryan fits at the end of this season. For me, he's got to win AT LEAST one playoff game to be considered in that first group. Rivers I've really soured on. I thought he was going to be the star of that draft class and he's disappointed. Just seems to make too many mistakes and seems to let his emotions get the better of him. I liked his physical skills coming out of College but it just hasn't happened for him. I'm starting to think he needs a change of scenery.


Your Flacco comment is another big reason why I consider you an Old Timer-lol.

Ok, maybe not an Old Timer, but one of those with some great insights and contributions.

I think Flacco is a very GOOD QB. On thwe right TEAM, with the right circumstances he can be pretty tough to beat.

But as far as a Franchise Type of QB? Not yet, not in my opinion. I'm not taking nothing away from him at all either. But as far as the Ravens GO, I think it's been Ray Lewis and the Defense carrying them. Not Flacco.

We'll see how they do with their Defensive QB out first. That should give a bit better of a measuring stick to see how far Flacco has come.

odinseye! Man we go way back so listen up! Ignore those fools! :)

Let me state that I'm not excusing Newton. In my opinion a good Qb elevates the team. Without Brady, the Pats suck - plain and simple. Sure you point out that they got 11 wins the last time he was out but that was with a lot more vets leading that defense. This suporting cast sucks except for Wilfork and Gronk and a couple of o linemen. But I'm not syaing that it is 100% all Newton either, it's just that if you analyzed the teams drafting record outside of Newton then this collapse shouldn't come as a huge surprise because this team was a house of cards depending on one man alone.

In our own backyard, we see Tannehill already make other players better. This is a huge green light for this team. Trust me, WRs around the league are taking notice and Miami will be a welcome hotspot for these guys for more than easy women and overpriced vodka.


Good to be talking with you again. I totally agree on your comment about Tannehill. He does make those around him better and that's what you want from your QB. I have come to realize that this is what you and others wanted for a while now, that nothing would get better without the QB. I will say I am cautious about the upside of Tannehill. Not that I don't like him or think he can be a winning QB in this league but that the guy he most resembles to me upside-wise is Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is a good QB but only on the right team. He'd be very ordinary in New England. I don't see Flacco as a guy who will carry a team on his back, the way Manning or Brady have theirs. However, Tannehill as Flacco isn't all bad, AS LONG AS there are other pieces on the team to help, such as a good defence.

So yeah, you can argue it either way(talent, roster, etc, etc.). I'm just saying though, my main comment was directed towards Newton's Press Conference. You never want your locker room split. And you ESPECIALLY don't want your Starting QB doing the Splitting.

odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 05:17 PM

I got your point 100% Bro! I was a little disgusted last night on the NFL Networks closing Primetime show with Faulk and Sanders defending his presser. Only Irvin called it what it was. I wasn't debating a point as much as stressing one regarding his team as opposed to last Yrs. record breaking crew which is coincidentally identical. Like you said in your post you don't want a Locker room division and feel it now to late regardless because if I'm a member of that team I would play with Cam but wouldn't go overly out of my way either. We will see but Smith has already taken issue and will look at his effort now moving forward, by the way you know S.Smith will be a F.A. and still plays real well and could be very affordable.

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