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Coordinators talk issues of the day

I learned some things today from Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

I learned that I'm not the only one wondering why the Dolphins couldn't use their defensive linemen every bit as wisely as the Houston Texans in getting them to tip passes at the line of scrimmage and perhaps cause turnovers as a result.

Turns out the Dolphins did an in-depth look at the Texans and how they cause so many tipped and deflected passes and are now making that a "point of emphasis," according to Coyle.

"We studied all six of the Texans games prior to this weekend's game and made edits on every tipped pass they had and where their alingment was on every pass where they got their hands on the ball," Coyle said. "You can see it's definitely a point of emphasis they do with all their players ... We all emphasize and they seem to reap the rewards more than anyone in the league.

"It's one of those things certainly you want to teach as you approach the QB and get your hands up to be more disruptive. And we've talked about it and its a point of emphasis for us here as we go on through the rest of the season."

I learned that Coyle regards cornerback Sean Smith as his most improved player so far this year.

"Someone asked me the other day who has improved the most overall and one of my first inclination is to say 'Sean Smith,'" Coyle said. "Sean's a talented guy. We knew that coming in. But Sean's play has gotten better throughout the season. He still has things we're constantly talking about that he needs to get better and improve on. As you guys know, the most difficult position to play on the field next to quarterback is cornerback. He's continuing to show growth each and every week. That's been a positive. He started with a lot of ability but wasn't a consistent player. That was the negative as we studied him in the offseason. There was too much up and down and variation in his performance. Now we're getting a more consistent player each and every week that has playmaking ability and at that position that's the key."

I learned from offensive coordinator Sherman that rookie tight end Michael Egnew has problems beyond simply being good enough on offense to be active in a game. The truth is he has to be good enough to contribute on special team and, Sherman said, "he's not there right now."

I asked Sherman if the fact the bye week allowed for extra work, whether players that need that extra work were asked to stay and, well, work. I asked specifically if Egnew and Jabar Gaffney, who is not reall up to snuff on the calls and checks, were told to stick around and get those down so they could get closer to contributing.

The answer was enlightening:

Sherman later said that Gaffney's best practice so far was the last one the team conducted before getting four days off during the bye. So at least progress is being made.

On another matter: The Dolphins brought in a handful of young players, including former University of Miami tight end Chase Ford. Ford spent some time with the Eagles after going undrafted.


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Not sure if you're still around or not but what do you think of the Farrell trade to Boston? Do you even care?

Well Phins 78,

I DID agree with YOU and your response to Kris.

Ah......up until that last POST-LOL!

Seriously though, I got the humor in your comment about Armando's un-informed question. It's probably true too, Armando just didn't think it through(I'm sure they sent Gaffney into the break with an updated I-Pad, I-Pod? Whatever).

And yes, the Blog Troll tracked me down at another blog and TRIED his same old borish routine. The part you misunderstand(BTW-You would have been SO PROUD), I used the Bye Week to improve my Game-LOL!

The Bloggers at Cotes site wouldn't even acknowledge the fool and I in turn, did the same. The fool has NEVER been so ignored in all his years.

Yep, Gaffney might have had the week off, but I practiced IGNORING the retart over and over again! All Gaytards aside, I've rested up and bumped up my GAME!

I'm in Mid Season Form. I'm so focused right now, I have my drink and snack menu's down. I got my DVR set! I even know exactly which caliber bullet I'll put through my screen if we put any linebackers on Keller!

(So ah, what did YOU do on YOUR Bye Week?)


In our own backyard, we see Tannehill already make other players better. This is a huge green light for this team. Trust me, WRs around the league are taking notice and Miami will be a welcome hotspot for these guys for more than easy women and overpriced vodka.

Mark in Toronto | October 22, 2012 at 05:34 PM


To add to your comment one other notable thing caught my attention. In the 1st few games of the Season it was always J.Long talking in the team huddle before taking the field in games. In particular I noticed it in the Jets game and now if you notice it's Tanne taking his jawing at his troops and taking his guys out there. I agree also about WR's taking notice and ironically Carolina's 31 Yr. old S.Smith might be a lower priced vet we could bring in along with others who aside from still playing at a relatively high level would be the vet presence that group lacks.

i can not wait to see T-hill play this weekend he had a extra week of practice and With Gafney coming along with moore might be able to open it up a little more which would help the running game. If T-hill is a Qb we all are hoping he is, i think he needs to take the next step this weekend start changing the play at the line of scrimage to the one on one covearge. That will be his next step. I think he changes from a bad running play to a better running play but hardly ever see him change to a pass

echo the sentiment, there is a group on here I come back to debate Football with and simply try and ignore the trolling B.S.
Posted by: fin4life | October 22, 2012 at 05:13 PM

Wow, Stop the presses, Fin4lifer aggreing with Odinstank,lMAO, Of course you agreeing with the "oLd SCHOOL" coot, Arnt you two Married or engaged?

I'm curious to see if Ireland dos anything before the trade deadline in a week's time. Seriously, if this team is 4-3 this time next week, does he pull the trigger on something that might help the team this year and going forward. The popular name is Bowe but maybe there's other guys that could help too. Yeah I know all that crap about 'you can't trade franchised players etc'.....but there are ways around that. We'll see what happens. I'm not talking about selling the farm. I'm talking about acquiring someone who could help this year and next. We'll see.

odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 05:52 PM

It never even dawned on me you guys were at the Cote sight.

I'm in Mid Season Form. I'm so focused right now, I have my drink and snack menu's down got my Morphine,got my crank. I got my DVR set! I even know exactly which caliber bullet I'll put through my screen if we put any linebackers on Keller!
(So ah, what did YOU do on YOUR Bye Week?)

Posted by: odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 05:52 PM

Spoken like a true Idit, Arando, Please free us from this idiot.
Odinstank, I got a better way for you to use that bullit.
Remember Stank, A Bullit is a terrible thing to waste

Tannehill as Flacco isn't all bad, AS LONG AS there are other pieces on the team to help, such as a good defence.

Publicado por: Craig M | October 22, 2012 at 05:39 PM

Until he proves otherwise this is a fair comparison although I feel Tannehill is a bit more nimble and illusive on the move were Flacco is more Bledsoe. Time will tell given the truly elite have a little something extra upstairs and are really driven apart from talented.


You're on a roll today, bud. Again, excellent points! Methinks you've been saving these up with the week off....LOL.

Craig M,

I was thinking the same thing. Push is coming to shove. If Ireland's going to do ANYTHING, it will have to be SOON.

My question is this: Should he even look at receivers? Or should he be looking at cornerbacks?

We won't get much(if any)of an upgrade over Gaffney/Moore without spending a big chunk of the "Farm". Do we sell out and try to get the "Answer" at receiver this year?

Do we instead, try and get a replacement for Marshall at CB? Can we get a CB any cheaper than a WR?

Which position do you think needs to addressed sooner rahter than later?

Putting my hopes in Gaffney/Moore, I'm thinking we could use a CB more **RIGHT NOW** than a WR.

I know it all depends on whose available and at what cost. But if I'm Ireland, I'm thinkjing CB right now.

Tannehill as Flacco? I hope the hell not. Bold predicion: Tannehill will be elite.

Pressure on sanchez....and please cover keller...3rd amd lpng he has killed us before

Why is this odin freak so obsessed with homoerotic imagery and comments?

Classic closet queen, obviously.


All Dolphins Fanatics out there, although we are far from a complete team or season we having many bright spots and a lot to look forward to with our beloved Miami Dolphins!

I once thought Ireland was a horrible, terrible ill begotten GM and I also, like many, though Ryan Tannehill was reach early on. Especially after the beat down we got at the hands of Houston.

But the very next game I saw some improvement in a victory over the Raiders. And the Houston Texans haivning a 6-1 record makes me feel good about the only real bad loss we had after 6 games.

As many of you know we had a BIG chance to be 5-1 going into a buy week with losses in overtime to the Jets and Cards.

But thats what young inexperienced QB and team does, we learn how to win second after we learn how to lose. So even after our loss to the Jets (missed fg in ot) and cards (had the lead till about 27 seconds left in 4th qtr) and lost in ot, Tannehill really showed me alot of poise and progress not only from game to game but each and every quarter and series.

I know see why Mike Sherman was so high on him leading up to the draft, but dont get me wrong he and our Dolphins have a way to go before we get to point of contention for deep playoff run and more.

Yet, the foundation is DEF., there! and cant wait to see what improvments Tannehill and the Dolphins make each game. Bye weeks is over and now we have the Jets, rematch and revenge game for us, and they are coming off a loss against our other foe the Patsies.

We may be in second kind of by default but we win this game and we deserve to be in second place with two games to play against the patsies. I think back to Sparano's rookie coaching season when we won the division and a playoff berth.

And though I'm definitely getting ahead of myself, if we do pull this off and win our division, or not, we will be in a much better position than the time before because of starting rookie quarterback and rookie coach who approaches the game with as much detail as any coach I've seen. Gone are the days of Parcells-Sparano type of offense and psyche of running old school football and doing things the parcells way.

I think we finally have a modern day coach who knows this is a passing league first and yet still has a good ground game, that is a must if we want to nuture along a rookie qb along with a good defense.

I thought after trading Vontae Davis and getting rid of Chad Johnson that this coaching staff was playing to lose. Now instead of playing to lose they are playing to win now and in the future, the Joe Philbin way! and to that I have much respect for our coach and now praise, so far I like what I see from our Dolphins.

Now we face the Jets...and if/when!, we beat these guys we will be in great position facing some modest opponents (Cots, Titans, Bills and Hawks) the next four or five games till we meet the Patsies. It reminds me of the 2008 season when we beat the Jets for the division title and playoff berth only this time its the Patsies.

So far so good Ryan Tannehill and coach Philbin lets keep improving and see where the chips fall. Cameron Wake I hope you have half a dozen sacks against the Jets and keep Sanchez on his back all day.

I will check in with my peeps end of week, have a good week D-fans.

Dolphins4Life is out!


Good question. I would have said WR, but maybe with Moore and Gaffney, and the injury to Marshall CB is more of a concern. Just not sure who is out there and thinking we should be working guys out and signing someone.

Odin, IMO right now they need to add help to the offense for Tannehill... Smith should be a top priority as far as free agents go. I'd like to see Tannehill playing with a 1st rd talent WR. Not saying Hartline and Bess won't produce but I still think they are lacking in a deep threat that has redzone leaping ability. CB is important but in terms of depth WR is the most shaky.

Why would anybody exhume the body of Grover Cleveland and leave his bones in a parking lot??

I know it's not football related but this story disgusts me.

They'll be fine vs the jets this week as long as they stop the run and don't allow Tebow to convert 4th downs. No more turnovers.

What a dumb comment.

Guys we need a Victor Cruz or Randall Cobb type player for this offence. When you look at what Cruz did yesterday, by running away from the defenders, we don't have a guy like that on this team right now. Yeah Bush has good speed but I don't see him as a guy who could do what Cruz did yesterday. Now it's highly unlikely that we get a guy like that right now, so I'm looking at the draft in April.


I guess I don't get your sense of humor.....

Not going to argue about it tho.....I'll just try and pic other post of your to respond too....your football post make sense to me....I think....

We'll see what happens. I'm not talking about selling the farm. I'm talking about acquiring someone who could help this year and next. We'll see.

Craig M | October 22, 2012 at 05:59 PM

I know it all depends on whose available and at what cost. But if I'm Ireland, I'm thinkjing CB right now.

odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 06:14 PM

Guys I'm not opposed to a trade but do we really want to part with one of those extra 2 or 3's and if so for who?? If this were the thought process I would have given the Bengals that 5th rounder for K.Rivers in a 4/3 scheme if for anything else his pass coverage ability which seems to be paying off for the Giants but what CB could we get with so many teams needy at the position because of injury without overpaying, Asante Samuel is not on the block this Yr. that was last and he went for a 7th??? Is reaching the Wild Card game at best really worth it??

In watching the Steelers game last night and seeing what Antonio Brown (who they signed long term) did with Emmanuel Sanders you get the impression with the money they will throw at rebuilding the D that M.Wallace won't get re-signed much less franchised or for that matter G.Jennings with Cobb emerging in a loaded group in G.B. D.Bowe by the way will probably be franchised next Yr. in K.C. and if traded will cost a mint.

The F.A. class at WR for 2013 is sick!! We haven't talked S.Smith, Wes.W, Ramses Barden, Johnny Knox all cheaper options with a very heavy D class in the 2013 draft. I myself stay put I want to build something that can make at least a decade run. We seem to have a pretty good OL. I say resign our guys and bring in a couple of WR's or invest in one special one while investing heavy in the next draft to keep our D loaded for the future.


I do agree with you @ 5:21 (that's if I'm understanding you correctly)...


can we please just stick to the dolphin talk. I dont want to hear about cam newton and why he blows. he blow because hes stupid and he cant read a defense and his accuracy sucks. case closed. joe flacco is pathetic. cased closed. I also dont understand how eli manning tries to give the game away in the 4th quarter with two picks and throws a touchdown to a WIDE OPEN receiver and is considered a hero. look at his numbers throughout his career. he blows too. tanny is gonna be dominate, you can just tell


I wasn't suggesting we give up a 2nd or 3rd for a CB. Just someone who could help THIS year. Maybe it's a 5th, maybe it's a 6th. I wouldn't do it for a 2nd or 3rd.

Not really a fan of any of the FA WRs, except Bowe. Not a fan of Steve Smith any more. I know you like him a lot. He's not the guy he used to be in my opinion and I don't trust his health. Ramses Barden? No thanks. He's been the 'Invisible Man' since his ONE big game. Not interested.


Eli Manning has TWO Super Bowl rings. He led the team to a great win in last year's Super Bowl. He blows? Sorry bud....don't agree. I consider him to be a top 5 QB at this point and I'd rather have him than his brother at this stage of the game.

Odin, IMO right now they need to add help to the offense for Tannehill... Smith should be a top priority as far as free agents go.

B33RCA53 | October 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM

I believe you mean the one in Carolina who has issues with his Q.B. and should come for a reasonable price tag. We have discussed it before B33 and you know I agree.

Yeah, I want to stand pat. Re-sign our own, maybe a WR and one other Free Agent. The build through the draft.

On the other hand, I didn't expect us to be in a 4 way tie for first after week 6. I didn't expect Tannehill or our defense to be this good this quickly.

Now, going into week 8 with a chance to stay competitive and challenge for tops in our division, my thoughts are getting jumbled-lol.

I definitely want to "Stay the Course". But I also want to win now. Look at how close we are/were to being 5-1. It makes getting just one more piece of the puzzle even MORE tempting!

I guess, in the long run, standing pat is the way to go(I can't wait to see this team with a complete year under Philbin and Co. Plus another off season and draft).

Oh......The Temptation! The Humanity!


in reference to your post of 6:54 pm..Eli Manning blows?

I think you need to lay off the weed for a while, I do however agree with you on Tannehill, the kid's the real deal.

Yeah, we definitely need some offensive help. But right now, leading up to the trade deadline, I don't see Ireland thinking offense. Not unless something spectacular just fell into his lap.

I think the Gaffney, Armstrong and Moore(activation)is all we'll see offensively.

With the looming trade deadline, I can see them beating the bushes in hopes of upgrading from Carroll and Wilson. Not a Blockbuster type of trade, but a cheaper quick fix that can challenge our current cornerbacks.

Not really a fan of any of the FA WRs, except Bowe. Not a fan of Steve Smith any more. I know you like him a lot. He's not the guy he used to be in my opinion and I don't trust his health. Ramses Barden? No thanks. He's been the 'Invisible Man' since his ONE big game. Not interested.

Craig M | October 22, 2012 at 06:54 PM


I can appreciate your opinion but Steve Smith caught close to 80 passes last Yr. for close to 1,400 Yards. Do the math on the average aand his Q.B. has been is a serious funk this Yr. were Welker whose almost the same age (Smith is 31) is everybody's darling but more of a slot guy while Smith can play inside or out. I hear you on Barden but he only actually had the one start remember D.Hixon was back the following week and Barden isn't exactly a slot guy at his size at this point I'm tossing ideas considering he's a huge redzone target and would sign for minimal contract by comparison. I only ask the question again who do you believe we can trade for who won't be Benny Sapp revisited at this point with everybody holding their CB's with the rash of League wide injuries at a very vital position?


Eli Manning has TWO Super Bowl rings. He led the team to a great win in last year's Super Bowl. He blows? Sorry bud....don't agree. I consider him to be a top 5 QB at this point and I'd rather have him than his brother at this stage of the game.

Craig M | October 22, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm???????????????? I actually went back to read that post! greg are you serious or stoned like FZB said.


I bet Eli does blow on his Super Bowl rings when shining them in the presence of Dad and Big Bro!


some of you guys have made a good argument to help Tannehill THIS year and make a trade for the now moment, I respectfully disagree with that approach, more often than not when you bring in a veteran established WR from another team there is a danger the vet and the young QB won't hit it off (the reason Marshall was traded) in addition to that it will take time for the new WR to learn the new system and get on the same page with T-Hill (see J Gaffney).

by the time they get comfortable with one another it could be a month or two and the season could be already be done, something else, Ireland and Philbin are doing this based on the Green Bay model which is you don't trade away picks or sign high priced free agents, this is the right approach, the one ALL contender's use to compete long term.

this team has already surpassed expectations, think back at the perception when the last pre season game had been played, we had no offense, no defense and we were starting the year with a rookie QB, its a compliment to our new coaches and the players as to how far the team has progressed, the future is bright but a little more patience is required.

Carolina's dilema with Cam Newton is this. Coach designs a pass play, breakdown happens during the game and Newton runs. He makes a play and doesn't get killed. The Oline feels there is no urgency. They feel the don't have to protect Cam because he is gonna pull a play out of his butt and save their hides. Now Cam starts to feel more pressure because his Oline is waiting for him to make all the plays. And so on and so on. It isn't Cam that is hurting that team. It is Cam's expected abilities that hurt that team. They believe he is superman so they let him do his thing and stand around and watch him perform magic.
To be a great qb, you need to play your position and not all of the other offensive positions on the team. The same thing has happened to Vic.
Remedy is simple. Step on him and explain what is happening. Tell him to stick to his position. When a play breaks down take action that most qbs do. Throw the ball away.
Sounds like this is the opposite of what should be done but this is only going to get worse and Newton is going to end up getting in a train wreck. His teammates expect toomuch of him. There are a lot of 270 lb linebackers that would take his head off and can do just that at the right moment.

I'm looking for a big "Follow Up" game from Oliver Vernon.

Wake's on fire and he'll get his. He'll also get some special attention. See if that helps Vernon some more Sunday.

Who knows, maybe Vernon gets some special attention and it helps Wake!

Who cares? Vernon's going to help Wake and Wakes going to help Vernon. I'm looking forward to seeing quite a few Sanchez Sandwhiches!

I appreciate the discussion of whom Ireland would trade for, but really we ought to think what Ireland would do. After 4 years, we all have a pretty good idea of his modus operandi. He's not willing to take a massive risk on any one player that could break the bank or put us in bad draft position (i.e. Bowe, Smith, RGIII, Manning, Flynn, and this list goes on...). We didn't get much with B. Marshall, but lost some valuable draft picks. Whereas with Naanee, his departure didn't really cost the team much. Bottom line is, I think it's a safe bet that Ireland will only look at acorns or bargain basement FAs. The real prizes are in the draft.

FZB | October 22, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Good post!


what's up brother..O Vernon is a good rookie prospect, if he keeps improving like the rest of our other rookies there is no question Ireland hit a home run with this class, we just need L Miller and M Egnew to learn the play book and start contributing.

I was listening to Sid Rosenberg this morning and he came clean on Ireland, he told everyone to lay off the guy...said that usually if you get two starters out of one draft and one or two more players that contribute is considered a good draft, we have T-Hill, J Martin, L Miller, O Vernon and our 7th round DT playing (I forgot the guys name).

even if we had no one else contributing the fact he hit big on the QB speaks volumes.


Jets RT & RG Howard and Moore did as much as anybody to lose there game yesterday. If you saw it you know Moore was hit with a few false starts and holds while all Pats pressure came off the right end. I expect to see Vernon and co. apply pressure from the right. Some up the middle blitzes would be nice as well smashing Sanchez in the grill.


thanks for comment, the Jets are going to be in a bad mood since they probable feel they should have won the game, to me, this is just another learning experience for our young QB, can he handle the new expectations the team now has, the game will be competitive, i think we match up very well with them.

I hope we see J Gaffney play, the jets will be stacking the box and dare T-Hill to beat them passing the ball, can't wait for sunday.

Almost ready for round two. Almost. I'm not the whippe rsnapper I used to be.

Anybody hanging out here for the game?

I grew up in Chicago and Detroit. I have family in both places and they all LOVE Football.

Alot of good natured Bullshyting going on all weekend!

Any thoughts or predictions?

(I'll check back in a minute, time to mix up a Jumbo Rum and Coke!)

Oops, Chris Carter just called Brandon Marshall one of the Hottest Receivers in the NFL! Don't know who I want to win the GAME, but I'll be rooting AGAINST Marshall!

Bad news for the Lions and Javid Best. I said a prayer for the guy, but talk about a Bad Break! Best is a REAL BEAST!


I'll be here should be a good one and the Lions need this one more lets see if the Bears have that killer instinct and start to separate with G.B. making a move in the Div. again.

odinseye, that's awesome. I love it when someone acts foolish and everyone ignores them. It forces those people to grow up quick because either they have to talk football or leave. So kudos good sir!

And I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to make it seem like spending the bye week talking football was a bad thing. Actually I took the week off from Dolphin talk. But in saying that I also checked every Dolphins site for the latest breaking news, on a daily basis. It was a disappointing endeavor to say the least.

And now I'm trying to get back in the swing of things but I have nothing to talk about! I'm all about the post game analysis these days. AND there are NO stories coming out about our team so I just wanted to joke around a little in here today, wasn't trying to be mean to anyone. Just like a friend busting another friends chops was all I was doing. I hope I didn't offend.

JETS WEEK! I think I'm going to record the game and watch it Sun night. I need to get out of the house. Last game my heart was racing for over 4 hours, I'm getting too old for that crap. lol And it's only Jets games, I just hate them so much, I hate everything about that team and don't take losses to them very well.

Kris when you agree with me, in my mind, you understand me perfectly! HA. And when you don't agree is when I think you don't understand me. lol obviously joking. No biggy man, I'm good with you calling me out, you've gotten me before, just not today ;)

ps your post cracked me up!

I promise I'll make a football post soon gentlemen, haven't written one all day. I guess I'm working up to it. Out,,,,peace



Megatron dropping passes doesn't bode well. If this very talented Lions team ends dead last in the NFC North H.C. Shwartz is a goner!! Chicago on the other hand looks like the most balanced group in the NFC this Yr. They've got it on all fazes like the Texans in the AFC. I hate making early predictions especially in the NFC but the Bears are scoring in bunches with that D on fire.

Phins 78,

No offense taken......not in the least.......why would..........

OK, yeah, you REALLY pissed me off! Hurt my feelings too......there you GO! I hope you're Happy!!!!


OK, there I go acting silly! I couldn't help it, I'm in a pretty good mood tonight.

Seriously, no offense taken. Agree also, I don't think I found one news article during the break. That filler piece about Vernon and then Wake. But that's it.

Also, earlier I was just kind of Facetiously "Busting Your Chops"........or trying to anyways ;)

It's All Good My Friend - ValHalla!!!!


I was SUSPECTING(lol) the same thing about the Bears. I say Suspecting because I still have hesitation in believeing. But they have been playing good in all facets.

I hate giving Marshall any credit, but he is best APPARENTLY when Cutler is throwing him the ball. Those to just go together somehow.

Then to extrapolate, Marshall takes so much heat off Hester it's not even funny. The more Marshall has fit in, the better Hester has been doing.

I don't know the numbers positively, but Hester is off to one of his better overall years.

Their defense too, which has been pretty good anyways is tearing it up too!


I like the use of the word SUSPECTING given how many great starts and sound Football the Bears have squandered through the years but this group has a different feel. You knew the 06 S.B. bunch with Grossman were pretenders and in the 2010 NFC Champ. game felt Cutler a bit aloof and questioned his heart or love of the game.

This Yr. they feel more like a group on a mission but won't anoint them yet given they have a penchant for late Season swoons especially Vs. the Pack but if they grab Homefield this Yr. it will be tough sledding in Soldier Field. It will be a slug fest with the 49ers but as the Giants showed if you shut down the run game and make A.Smith beat you it's lights out in S.F.

In the AFC barring a catastrophe the Texans own the Conf. starting with their Div. AFC South. The Pats are playing pretender, the AFC North in transition and the West it's usual suspect self with only P.Manning out there given I think he and his group will be better down the stretch but they lack the horses and were smacked down on D by the Texans already head to head at Mile High.

Nice rundown there Fin 4 - LOL!

That about covers it. I wouldn't change a word of it. Right down to Manning being the wildcard.

It's hard for me to even try to guess on Denver right now. They look like they could get hot and get on a roll. Then they also look like they fold any second. With Manning, you never know.


Suh flattened Cutler whose always hurt year in year out.

How happy is Da Beast to be off this crap team?

Hey Jim?

How much does that "Stuff" go for?

(I thought I had "The Good Stuff".....Sheesh ;)

Did Cassell get benched? Is he injured?

At halftime they said Brady Quinn would get the start.


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