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Coordinators talk issues of the day

I learned some things today from Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

I learned that I'm not the only one wondering why the Dolphins couldn't use their defensive linemen every bit as wisely as the Houston Texans in getting them to tip passes at the line of scrimmage and perhaps cause turnovers as a result.

Turns out the Dolphins did an in-depth look at the Texans and how they cause so many tipped and deflected passes and are now making that a "point of emphasis," according to Coyle.

"We studied all six of the Texans games prior to this weekend's game and made edits on every tipped pass they had and where their alingment was on every pass where they got their hands on the ball," Coyle said. "You can see it's definitely a point of emphasis they do with all their players ... We all emphasize and they seem to reap the rewards more than anyone in the league.

"It's one of those things certainly you want to teach as you approach the QB and get your hands up to be more disruptive. And we've talked about it and its a point of emphasis for us here as we go on through the rest of the season."

I learned that Coyle regards cornerback Sean Smith as his most improved player so far this year.

"Someone asked me the other day who has improved the most overall and one of my first inclination is to say 'Sean Smith,'" Coyle said. "Sean's a talented guy. We knew that coming in. But Sean's play has gotten better throughout the season. He still has things we're constantly talking about that he needs to get better and improve on. As you guys know, the most difficult position to play on the field next to quarterback is cornerback. He's continuing to show growth each and every week. That's been a positive. He started with a lot of ability but wasn't a consistent player. That was the negative as we studied him in the offseason. There was too much up and down and variation in his performance. Now we're getting a more consistent player each and every week that has playmaking ability and at that position that's the key."

I learned from offensive coordinator Sherman that rookie tight end Michael Egnew has problems beyond simply being good enough on offense to be active in a game. The truth is he has to be good enough to contribute on special team and, Sherman said, "he's not there right now."

I asked Sherman if the fact the bye week allowed for extra work, whether players that need that extra work were asked to stay and, well, work. I asked specifically if Egnew and Jabar Gaffney, who is not reall up to snuff on the calls and checks, were told to stick around and get those down so they could get closer to contributing.

The answer was enlightening:

Sherman later said that Gaffney's best practice so far was the last one the team conducted before getting four days off during the bye. So at least progress is being made.

On another matter: The Dolphins brought in a handful of young players, including former University of Miami tight end Chase Ford. Ford spent some time with the Eagles after going undrafted.


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Cassell got benched for Brady Quinn (YIKES) and can you explain to me what the HELL Lions H.C. Shwartz was thinking with R.B. Bell on the Goaline without a lead blocker in a power formation with LeShoure on the bench??

I know he fumbled before the half but that's your power back you took #1 a couple of years ago out of Illinois who I was pretty high on and has done some tough running tonight remember this was a kid who took touches from Mendenhall in College.

I am not a fan of this Shwartz guy and feel he maybe done with a last place finish which can happen the way the Vikes are playing. Ahh and don't forget the punt returner with 2 muffs in 6 games whose still fielding??

In honesty I didn't like Shwartz and all the mental breakdowns the Lions showed last Yr. It seems the Ford family are always the last to get it in Detroit!!

Back to Armando's Write Up...........

I think it's a sensational job by Coyle!

During your bye week you do a film study on the Team that leads the league in batted down passes!

Thats what I call Coaching.

I think having Bell out there without a lead blocker was just Detroit out thinking themselves.

They went with that formation trying to make the Bears buy pass.

The problem is Tillman has been handling Calvin Johnson all alone and all night. So the Bears didn't have to buy anything!

The problem is Tillman has been handling Calvin Johnson all alone and all night. So the Bears didn't have to buy anything!

odinseye | October 22, 2012 at 11:17 PM

Megatron has been off all Yr. but Stafford hasn't helped the cause much with some of those throws would have had LeShoure out there if I was running.

I don't know, but I have been astounded this year by the Game management of these supposed NFL Coaches. Jesus, and I thought we were bad!

Fins bring in ford? This has to say something about where egnew stands,and I don't think it's good for egnew.Why else would they do this? Was gaffney ever a fin? Why do I keep thinkin he was????

I'm not much for calculating all these playoff odds for the Dolphins that People are talking about. But I can tell you one thing, we don't beat the Jets this weekend you can forget about them.

Texans have Wade Phillips, terrible HC but a great defensive mind. Maybe, in a passing league, he figure out that tipping passes is better than a sack. How many tipped-pass interceptions have the Texans had this year? Send Wake and Vernon in, Soliai stops the run and Starks or Odrick concentrates on tipping the ball? Starks does very well with it already. By the way: pay the man! All he does is make plays and if our cap looks good in the next 3 years and we have space restructure Soliai's contract, pay him a lot up front and a little for the next 3 years, something like 12/4/4/4 instead of 6/6/6/6 cause you know he won't backload a contract out of fear of being cut

If anyone wonders what it is I love about Philbin, it's crystalized in this comment:

Coach Joe Philbin said it’s too soon to monitor what other contenders are doing.

“I’ve never been a big believer [in scoreboard watching],” he said. “We like some of the things we’ve done, but we’ve got a lot of improving to do.”

EXACTLY! Stop dreaming, don't sugar coat things, see them as they are and be realistic. He's 100% right. This team is outperforming it's talent, however, don't get complacent thinking there isn't more work to do, or making the Playoffs this year is even "within reach." Right now, it's a slim possibility. We still aren't scoring with the frequency needed to beat the Patriots even once. We still have secondary issues. We still have a rookie QB who needs experience. Not saying I'm not hopeful, I am. Not saying we're capable of going to the Playoffs this year, we are. But everything (execution, coaching, INJURIES) has to break our way.

But I like the HC's outlook. I like the direction the team is moving. I haven't been this hopeful of the future since we hired Nick Saban (but that hope didn't last that long).

Gaffney got a TD in the Super Bowl with the Pats but can't get on the field here. Only in Miami.

Boy, did I became enthused after Saban's 1st year! Then, everything went downhill. Bad draft picks, no imagination for in-between Seasons adjustments, etc. For me, Philbin is on trial until afer his 2nd year here.

Same with Sparano's 1st year here and the use of the Wildcat. Then, no more Wildcat, no more devices, only disaster.

From there, we can glimpse at the making of a very good Team. A Personnel man that drafs competitive Players, assistant Coaches that install fitness and sound Football fundamentals in those Players, a HC that understands his Personnel and prepares the best Plans for them to execute well, and then, the Owner, that needs to have absolute confidence in the makings of his Team.

If the season ended today, Miami would be the # 6 seed in the AFC...ahead of the Steelers & Jets:


Sure there is a lot to be excited about...but with the log-jam of teams that are 3-3 or 3-4 you can go from relevant to the cellar very quickly.

We have a very favorable schedule and say we have as good a chance as anyone of sliding into the playoffs.

If we can pressure Sanchez on Sunday he'll throw his usual 3 INT's and we win easily 24-13.

blah, blah, blah,,,wa,,wa,,waaaa,,,waaaa

Agnew another Ireland wasted draft pick. Brandon Marshall would look real good on our team right now.

Another one with the Brandon Marshall. Man, what do people don't understand. He wanted out and you can't really criticize the decision to cut ties considering how he got along with Henne and how quickly Tannehill has come along without that retard around.

He's a bear and frankly they better do something this year because taht team is agiang fast and hasn't drafted worth a lick in the last five years. And Cutler has shown that he's a good QB but can't prop things up on his own - not that good - he needs the cast.

Anthony, didnt Jermichael Finley sit most of his firsst year under then offensive coordinator Joe Philbin? Maybe Philbin is bringing him along slowly like Finley or maybe he is a bust but its too early to call that.
Obviously Philbin didnt want Marshall on the team and Marshall didnt want to be in Miami anymore, so quit holding onto that one too.

fin4life (from yesterday),

I get your love for Steve Smith. I was a fan at one point. But I don't believe that's the direction this team should go, nor do I believe Welker is the answer in the offseason either. I mentioned yesterday that we need a Victor Cruz or Randall Cobb type receiver for this offence, someone who can get behind defences and take it to the house. We don't really have that on this team right now, although Hartline has done his best imitation of that this year. I believe what we should be doing is getting that guy in the draft. I don't know the kids that are available well enough but there must be someone who can preform that role. Someone who has big play capability every time he touching the ball. I'd be fine with a guy like Smith for something like a 6th round pick this year, IF we had a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Failing that I think we draft this guy in the first couple of rounds next year.

I was doing a rundown on some of the QBs from the weekend yesterday and I neglected to mention Chad Henne. I picked the Jags to pull the upset over Oakland this weekend and I knew when Henne came into the game that the Jags would lose the game. Understand, I'm one of the few that defended Henne when he was here and wanted him to get his chance away from Henning. I was wrong about him. He's AWFUL! Chad Henne had all the promise in the world and he's going to find himself out of this league in a year or two the way he is going. I read today that Gabbert has a torn labrum on his non-throwing shoulder and if that's true, I'd say the winning ticket for Matt Barkley or Geno Smith is between the Chiefs, the Jags and the Browns. Agreed?


I tried to catch you yesterday. Thoughts on the Farrell trade? Do you even care?

One guy I'd like the Dolphins to look at in the offseason is Fred Davis from Washington. Out for the year now with an achilles injury but a FA this offseason. He'd be GREAT in this offence. I just wonder if the funds would be there for a guy like this.

Craig M @ 10:58....BEST POST EVER (from you)....

I told you that 2 years ago...lol....

What was your first post here and what was it about??

Cheers, Kris. Yeah I stuck my neck out for this guy and it's clear now that he doesn't have it. I was wrong. I admit it.

It happens Craig....

If Miami keeps winning....then you will be SERVING plenty of crow in honor of Ireland in the near future....


It looks good right now. I like the drafting of Tannehill and the hiring of Philbin. If things continue the way they are going Ireland will be around for a while, much to the dismay of a lot of guys on here.


As you know...I LOVED the jiring of Philbin (any one but career .50 coach...1990's style of play Fisher)...and I disagreed with the Tannehill pick...

But right now Tanne looks awesome...kid never makes the same mistake twice....

Did you see the jets game @ all....Sanchez scked HIMSELF twice....reminded me so much of when Henne used to do the same crap....panic when the 1st reciever isn't open..then look for a place to fall beind the LOS....

jets are in deep do-do....and we can send their season into a tail spin comes monday morning....

Craig, on Farrell, I think it makes the Jays look utterly weak and useless. They were bullied by the red Sox to take a plug like Mike Aviles in return. I would've been happier for the jays just to fire Farrell and get nothing in return. This has such bad optics. Makes them look like a farm team for the rest of MLB. I don't think fortunes will change for the Jays for a while.

Yup, we'd be 5-1 if we didnt trade Brandon Marshall....and draft Egnew. Thanks Irescum.


really, your little post's are just getting old and outdated...

Posted by: FZB | October 22, 2012 at 04:53 PM



I'm not even a little bit of a Sanchez fan but I actually thought he played pretty well. Much better than I thought he would. Receivers fell down when they shouldn't have and Hill dropped a couple of balls he should have caught, one right at the end of the game. I thought it was a gutsy performance from Sanchez and I'm not a fan at all. It also tells me that the Pats aren't nearly as good as people make them out to be. They can be beaten. Their secondary is a mess (and Belichick was supposed to be this great judge of talent for the secondary). I'm enjoying it, actually. Our little team can fly under the radar and people can beat their chests about the Pats. Be my guest. We can beat these guys...I know it.

Kris, Craig, my favourite Tannehill play all year was one where the pocket was breaking down and he started to scramble - looked like he was going to run for it then just before he hits the line of scrimmage he hits Bess for a 28 yard completion. Then and there I said - he's all grown up - no panic - no pressure. The kid is legit.

The truth is that none of you ever post anything useful or interesting. It's just the same, tedious crap day after day.

Mark (on Farrell),

Well said. I used to be a big AA fan but he's become a REAL p**sy over the last little while. To me Farrell is no big loss but it's the way the whole thing that was handled that sucked. I don't believe AA is the guy who can turn this thing around and I was very high on him at one point in time.

Gabbert couldn't win with Jacksonville.

Then Henne comes off the bench after a 16 game hiatus, a change of teams, a demotion and you saw something thats changed your mind?

I'm not going to defend Henne. I've done as much of that as I'm going too. But you do see where I'm going with this.......right?

Anyone actaully involved in pro football would laugh at you guys the second you started talking.

Mark @11:29 am,

Well said. I know that you and I and a few others were high on this kid from the beginning. I'm seeing a lot of the non-believers come around right before our eyes.

Craig...hop on board the 11-5 train....we can ride it until we have 6 losses on the board...

I thought Sanchez looked like Sanchez always looks...a bit timid...a bit scared....he can hit the WIDE OPEN reciever...but hardly ever makes the indefensible pass...his game is come back patterns....and with Braylon Edwards and Plax gone...he doesn't seem to have the WRs to make the plays....


What's up guys?

I am making the hour and a half trip up to Metlife to see the Dolphins BEAT the jets. I owe them one. My one and only Dolphins game came 2 years ago in Sunday night season opening/Jason Taylor gatorade bath game.

It sucked to lose but Miami is definitely a favorite destination these days just haven't made it to another Dolphins game. This Sunday it's on.

I'm going full out Aqua Mitchell and Ness track Jacket along with hat to match!

Miami 23 jets 16


My decision on Henne was made LAST year, not this year. I was one of the guys who stuck with this guy until the end. When I saw what he did in that Cleveland game early in the year, I knew he was done here in Miami and it was unlikely things were ever going to work out for him. I'd seen enough, long after most of you guys had.


AA was on prime time last night and apparently the bulk of the negotiation was handled by Beeston. AA may be a fraud - he's no Theo Epstein. And these prospects that were supposed to be all world, I don't see anything special about them. I don't see the next Tony Fernandez, Fred McGriff, Carlos Delgado, Pat Hentgen, Jimmy Key, Dave Stieb, Robbie Alomar anywhere among them. The two pitchers at AA had horrible seasons. Something tells me these three studs at A ball will fizzle out too. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see the evolution coming any time soon for the Jays.

I'm enjoying it, actually. Our little team can fly under the radar and people can beat their chests about the Pats. Be my guest. We can beat these guys...I know it.

Posted by: Craig M | October 23, 2012 at 11:26 AM

How much Sugar did you put on them Wheaties this Morning Champ?


I think the pass to Hartline was my favorite...against the Cardinals....the crossing pattern that Hartline turned up feild for like a 50 yard score....

Hit him in stride with a nice floater....

I hope to see more of that...

And one more Craig on AA and the Jays, you're right he looked like a puss, the organization looked like a puss, the city looks like a puss coming out of this. Taking a 31 year old middle infield utility player after you demand value ... pfff. Like I said, just should've fired him. That would have a lot more value to the franchise name and rep than making this middling trade.

Of the Dolphin do you remember ROBERT FLOM the line backer they had once he went to then the Atalanta Falcones and was ALL PRO BOWL perhaps for the two (2) year. This is very bad decision of Mr. DON SHULA!


I heard that interview with AA last night. AA came across as a 'wimp'. McCowan took him to task for the move (as he has lately, including the Escobar incident), and he had nothing of substance to offer. Farrell was the wrong hire from the get-go and it doesnt make me feel good that he'll get it right this time either. I hope it's Sandy Alomar and Robbie joins his staff but at this point unless Rogers decides to spend some money they are going nowhere fast.

Kris, that was the other one I liked too but wasn't it a 80 yarder?

Anyway, I think the Bess play it was just the vision he demonstrated that really got me. I was thinking, he would be looking at defenders around the LOS and trying to run for a first but no, he was thining big, thinking pass first. Like Aaron Rodgers, he was using athleticism not for making 4-8 yards on the gorund but to open up the opportunity to make 30 with his arm. That's money!

Craig M,

When I mentioned S.Smith yesterday I wasn't thinking along the lines of someone you trade for but a seasoned vet you bring in that helps push your young group teaching them the ropes a little and making them better (thinking Chris Carter with Moss in 98) Smith can still run real well and can play inside or out and contribute at 31. He had a reputation but over the last few years on some tough teams to play for has been the heart and soul leader. Is up to this point the only Panther whose tried to reach out to Cam before his meltdown on Sunday. He will be a FA in 2013 should come at a reasonable price.

It doesn't mean for a minute were done there we obviously got to draft a guy but it's not a strong WR group coming in 2013. There is a kid in Tenn. called Justin Hunter who is a Randy Moss clone who was brought to my attention but like Moss tunes out when not involved and only likes the vertical route. There is everybody's pick which is Keenan Allen at Cal who is a big 6'3"/215 kid but not exceptionally fast and then there is USC's Robert Woods who can absolutely fly at 6'1"/200 who seems the fit in our W.C. O but you wonder about the route running given USC guys for some reason never pan out in the NFL for the lack of ability to run disciplined routes.

Then of course you need a deep seam T.E. to put Fasano in his more traditional role of 2nd option in double package when he was best in Miami with David Martin. For my money that could be the other Stanford T.E. Ertz whose even lined up in the slot although the consensus guy is Eiffert out of N.D. but he's been clocked in the 4.6 range which isn't all that much better than Fasano but he has better hands and will catch everything his way also sound route runner, Ertz by comparison is more Keller, Hernandez type.

My point is bring in some vets to help bring these rookie's along who can also contribute like Smith and Fasano. By the way keep an eye on Tevon Smith out of W.V. a fast but raw WR as well. On D look up FSU CB Xavier Rhodes and Safety's Reid LSU and McDonald USC. A combination of these young guys with some lower priced vets might be more intriguing than selling the farm on one guy remember it's just an opinion which like alot of others isn't necessarily right or wrong


Thanks for the info on these guys. I'll check them out. I don't know about Smith. I know he was a star at one point. Not sure I trust him health wise and I wonder what his price tag would become (yeah I realize he's not a FA until 2013). I just wonder about the wisdom of bringing a guy like that in and does he fit. Not sure about the mentoring, as I'm pretty confident Bess and Hartline could do that job. In the draft, Woods sounds like the guy we need to me, as he would fit this offence best. But I also get your point about USC WRs not working out.

great article today mando, this is the material we as fans are looking for, this is what NFL networks(team cam) should be all about, informative, insightful... it is the nature of fans to be curious when someone like charles clay drops off the radar after having a good rookie season, they want to know why and what's being done about it, they want to know when the void of the invisible tight-end will be filled and why michael egnew is not making strides... great article, were all hoping that gafney can be that game saving 3rd reciever as was that roberts guy for arizona..this is the information we desire, just think, if gafney can get it going and clay makes a comeback, we just might have a complete offense,,shocking right? and as music to my ears i was reading the other article on how miami is NOW making it a point to pressure, block, and clog the throwing lanes with their hands and make it a priority as does the texans... i've been saying this for years...this is GREAT news, miami is making big strides.

another inspiring and informative article...coaches are always looking for that one play. a playmaker to get a turn over, to catch a touchdown, to make a jaw dropping run for the endzone. i think that someone down there knows how to win as we are now going to emphasize the pressure our defensive linemen can create by doing something as simple as raising their hands. certainly when you look at that texans game you see how a batted ball not only stopped an offensive drive, but frazzled our quarterback and changed the whole complection of a game that we were in control of. if anyone knows how disruptive this can be to a QB it is ryan tannehill, the difference in THIS miami team is that we did not let that loss to the texans be a loss in vain, we learned from it, and are going to be better because of it. GO FINS!!!!!

Fire Jeff Ireland!

What ever happened to JJsnakeoil. I loved that guy.

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