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Dolphins beat Bengals 17-13

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins had blown fourth-quarter leads in each of the past two weeks. Not this time!

Miami held on despite giving up a touchdown in the final stanza. The fact Cincinnati missed a 40-yard field goal and then Reshad Jones ended the Bengals final grasp at victory with an interception balanced this one in Miami's favor.

The Dolphins needed this one.

It is a lesson how to win on the road, or at least it can be used that way.

Ryan Tannehill did a good job keeping away from the turnover today. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 223 yards with neither a TD nor INT.

The Dolphins are 2-3 and go home next week against the Rams.


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Be a Man and admit u predicted a Bengals Win

Dolphins Win!!! Now I need a BJ!!! I love this game!!!

should be 4-1 right now.

3 and 3 here we come!!!

Refs sucked! Got a gift on that PI...and should been a touchback....

We're gonna stick it to Fisher face for dissing the Dolphins!

@ craig m...dont worry they'll come up with stupid sh@t as 'cincy is not as good', 'philbin went for a fg' or 'clay is an ireland pick'...im just loving how this team is progressing and showing real growth. we finally have a HC and a QB to be excited about

We should be 4-1 I agree with B33RCA53. I love what Philbin is doing with this youth movement!!!!

Great win Tannehill!
Great job Dolphins!
Great Job Ireland!

Yep. Dashi said it!

If the fins were going to win the game the defense has to stop somebody!

The LB's are looking like they have their legs under them! They still need to play better, but very encouraging.

Oh yeah for u Ireland fans(haters)! That whole secondary was drafted by Ireland!

Vontae who?

Yep, that was a great trade!

OK its to win a game, that said: 8 - 8 here we go to mediocrity and a boring 15-20 draft pick!

Is there a G available?

Game ball should be given to Wake for 2 sacks and an honorary shout out to Starks. D won this game.

I like this team very much, they put good talent on the field

Good for the team. Found out how to win a close and built up some confidence. except carpenter.

Armando are you serious the fg and int balanced it in miamis favour??????

we miss a fg and fumble twice so not sure how you can write that rubbish and make it sound like the bengals lost it instead of us WINNING it!!!!!!!

It's great being able to wear the jersey all day in So Cal!

Tanny 17-26 for 223yds. We ran 35 times for 65 net yards. Not productive stat-wise but it ate clock.

I love our chances of winning this year when Tanny has to throw 35 times and less. Even 35 times is stretching it.

Remember we were 0-7 before we got out first win last year....Enjoy this win guys.


New guys stepping up every week. This week it was Jones and Starks. Also saw some decent flashes out of Thomas and there was a Clay siting.

Enjoy the victory guys and get ready to play Jeff Fisher and the Rams in a week.

Over came server early mistakes. Tanny kept composure when the running game was off and a few drops. Defense held together on the road and after another huge let down from Carpenter. Won ugly on the road but a win none the less.

Go Phins!


Expect to see some activity this week!

The fins need to fix that issue!

Or don't allow carpenter to kick anything over 45 for a couple weeks! Still 3 mil for a kicker? The guy better be on his game! Carpenter isn't a top 5 kicker right now!

When Sean Smith does not melt down in two games running, we are on our way to better days ahead ladies and gentlemen.

You feeling better, Mando?

Gameball should be given to the entire team. The offense spotted the Bengal a 6-0 lead with 17 unanswered points. Then st's and defense made it stick.

Not to mention Carpenter made a 46yd fg. Gameball goes to the entire team. They proved today you win and lose as a team.

What kind of douchebag congratulates Ireland ?

Any cover corner and good wide out comming out from college for next draft ? we neeed these type of players in hurry to be a contender

O-Line, for the most part played an excellent game.
No tipped passes.
We can beat the Rams, if we can run. Cortland Finnegan is an assassin for them. We must stay away from his side of the field. After watching him here with the Titans for years, the key is to not let him bait you into retaliating when he hits late and such.

Where was that Cincy air show that was supposed to smoke us out?

Oh yeah, sukking dikk like a lot of you that post here and cry and moan and complain all day that we don't have players.

We have players and we are better than most people think!

agree craig, if clay can get open with his speed(and hold onto the ball) he can be very very dangerous. He must be showing signs of it in training, just needs to bring it to the field on sunday.
nice to see we didn't need 25pts+ to win a game. 13pts is a good hold IMO

I am still bummed. We should be 4-1 and on top of the division. Period.

You see, Armando? It's all about Aristocracy. You're 4-1 now.


How do you figure a huge letdown from Carpenter? He was 1-2. 50% on fg's of 46yd and beyond, most sane people will take.

This is your 2nd way out there post.

Nice step forward for the Fins. Had a lot of doubts about Philbin and his moves but he is changing my mind. These guys buying in and him and the staff doing a real fine job. Kudos!!

OK. I love the win as much as anyone. But, please explain why we gambled on a high risk FG, lost at the expense of giving up 30 to 50 yds field position, momentun etc, etc, etc.

Great win guys but come on coach, stop making it so hard.

I think we might want to find a way to resign Starks. What a gritty, high motor player.

Great game by the "D" and the rookie qb. They should only get better.

I wish I was in that blimp over the New England game, I really have to piss!

jack we kick the fg and they have to score a td to tie the game not win itlike they could of!! had to go for it and ask the D to stop them if we don't.

right call IMO and i said it earlier!!

Nice win....great play b Tanny.....big step for him his 1st year.....couldn,t ask for more

1) they won. Considering the refs screwed us all game, that's awesome.

2). We still go in a shell in the 4th.....until mike Sherman passes the ball at the worst possible time.

3). Should be 4-1. Miami really could make the playoffs in the weak AFC. Those blown games will prevent them.

AWESOME WIN!!!! HARD TO BELIEVE, A WIN, HOLY CRAP, A WIN!!!! There you go Mad Dog AwwwwwRightMiamiiiiiii!!!!!


We were up 2 tds on the 53yd fg attempt. IMO, Philbin was trying to restore confidence from 5oyds and beyond, knowing he already had a 14pt cushion.

At somepoint, you cant just automatically say we're going to punt just because the kick is a 50yd. Carpenter may have missed, but the confidence his coach showed in him, may pay off later.

still 0 yrds from the 3rd WR position. terrible run game today didn't help the passing either.

No mistakes in play calling Today whatsoever. Good.

Also, if carpenter attempts a 50+ FG again thus season (unless it's a desperation try at end of half or game), Philbin should be docked 100,000 dollars.

We are a kicker away from being 4-1.

To go on the road and play this way. Our defense was money and we made enough plays on offense to win. It is tough to win on the road in the NFL. If we can stay healthy, we maybe challenging for a playoff spot at the end of the year.

If we fall 1 game short of the playoffs this year. That Jets game is really going to hurt.

Play calls were sloppy at the end but we ate up clock, and this was a defence battle for sure. I was proud of the pass defence. Wow a win is a win and we should be 4-1. The Ram's will be a challenge but I sure hope we can beat them and Fisher too!!

That's a good football team they beat today. Good defence and they made Dalton look VERY ordinary today. He looked like he never got comfortable all day.

I REALLY want victory next week against Fisher and I think they can do it.

I think Cinci have worst Kickers problem tan us there K missed a 35 harder. Carpenter is fudging up though

Well, it looks like Nolan "Christmas Carroll" was doing a good job until he got his bell rung. If we are going to win the east, we have got to score more points. When the defense stops the run, then the dolphins should hit Bush out of the backfield because Bush can make a big play when he is in the open field. Cameron Wake and Starks are back. The good thing about Miami's front four, is that either one of them can take over a game. Miami has to get a deep threat soon. If they do, then Hartline will kill defenses every week!

You are right Craig, I would love to make Fisher pay for that decision to take the Rams over the Phins.

Can't explain it jack...cause it makes too much sense to play it the conventional way...you're right..field position field position

Notice how Jeff Ireland's best draft was his first year with Philbin in house? Could be a pair that rewards us for years to come. Hate Ireland all you want he has drafted well in his two drafts without big Bill, and this coaching staff seems to know how to use the picks!


The greatest part of our 4th qtr defense in particular, is coming into this game, Andy Dalton had the league's highest 4th qtr rating at 158.

That was a helluva feat by the defense to hold tight against those odds.

Was that Clay who failed to stay inbounds when coming up short for the 1st down? Cinci had no timeouts with 1:59 remaining when he ran outbounds.....Dolphins gotta play smarter than that!!!
Are those replacement refs in there.....they almost cost us the game. OVERPAID AZZZZ'S!

Good win FINZ!!!

What a win by Andrew luck. Down by 21-3 came back and won! They beat GB!

Agreed YG, defense was almost flawless today. Very encouraging.


Games not over yet. Still 30 seconds left.

Cobain's brains, what, he's dead? I suppose next you'll say Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin is dead....yeah right, along with John Lennon and Elvis!!! Genius!

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