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Dolphins beat Bengals 17-13

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins had blown fourth-quarter leads in each of the past two weeks. Not this time!

Miami held on despite giving up a touchdown in the final stanza. The fact Cincinnati missed a 40-yard field goal and then Reshad Jones ended the Bengals final grasp at victory with an interception balanced this one in Miami's favor.

The Dolphins needed this one.

It is a lesson how to win on the road, or at least it can be used that way.

Ryan Tannehill did a good job keeping away from the turnover today. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 223 yards with neither a TD nor INT.

The Dolphins are 2-3 and go home next week against the Rams.


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Simple...it had the distance and gave Cincy a short field again. Dets paid big to make those. Lets the air out of the team and puts added pressure on everyone. Not hard to understand...

Go Phins!

Indy beating GB 30-27 with 35 secs left to play. We wont hear the end of that one from espn for the entire week. Our victory over the Bengal will just be a weak footnote, barely heard about.

Screw espn, just keep winning baby!

Ray, you might have talked to soon. The Packers are driving.

You don't know the %s, JackK.

So if the bills pats and jets lose we are tied for first at 2-3. Has that ever happened before?If that happens it would be a big boost to our guys going into the game against st.louis knowing they are still in it for the division.Big ifs on all three losing tho.

As I recal, we were 11 points up at the time of the attempted kick. If I am right, 14 pts would have been nice but not worth the risk concidering 11 pts is already two posessions. If I'm wrong on the score I stand corrected. Anyway kicker is struggling and maybe should have a 45 yd max on his kicks until practice kicks says otherwise. Anyway, thanks for the help.

How much Time was left, JackK?


I just like, having a 14pt cushion, the HC tried to show Carpenter "we still have faith in you". It could have hurt his confidence more knowing the team automatically wouldnt have faith in him on 50yd fg's.

Had we had a cushion of 10pts or less it would have been legitimately questionable. We had a "14pt cushing". It may not have paid off today, but the reward could be coming soon.

When it does, remember the 53yds worth a confidence Philbin showed Carpenter, even though he missed.

Great team win...credit to the defense for a gut check performance and credit the offense for doing enough to get the win. Tannehill continues to impress...only counted 2 or 3 reads today that he should have checked down on but he stood tall in the pocket and really didn't make a bad decision all day. This team is showing Dolfans more than we could have ever hoped for. Even at 2 and 3 the future is brighter for this team than at any time since 1983.


We were up 17-6 at the time of the kick. Just go to nfl.com, click on the Dolphins/Bengals score, then look to the right hand side at scoring summary. The Bengals didnt score until after the missed 53yd fg.


I agree and get the confidence angle for Carp. Just not from that distance and the field position left to a defense with a lot of miles from the first half. Great team win in somewhat rebuild mode.

Go Phins!

See, it's not only the Distance but the Time. In this Universe things work that way.

Finally we hold on! We should be 3-1 right now. However love the way the team is playing.

Charles Clay is a liability. Missed a block vs Houston that cause Daniel thomas to get hit so hard he fumbled. Drops a wide open IMPORTANT 1st done today, then (and this one is the worse) decides to run out of bounds, effectively giving the bumholes 30 more seconds.

Is there nothing between his ears?

OK. I understand it's a triable case. But I would like to here from Amando as to the score at the time. Thanks to all for your contributions. jk

AFC EAST could be a four way tie by Tuesday at 2-3.

Broncos beat Pats
Texans beat Jets
49ers beat Bills

I predict Fins will be 8-3 before they play the Pats.

I also predict a 10-6 record and possibly getting into playoffs as a wildcard (losing both games to Pat and loss to 49ers).

They will win division if by some miracle they can split with Pats.


Dont know what eventually led to the Indy victory over GB, but having your rookie qb throw 55 times isnt a great formula for victory. Usually tp 5 qb's dont win very often throwing 55 tmes in 1 game.

Guys, be THANKFUL Fisher didn't take the Fins job. His record is mediocre, considering how many impact players on defense he had.
He is ULTRA conservative, and only Bradford changing plays at the LOS is why they score at all.
Even the English-ers on the VIP net recognize putting tanny on the run.rollout is a good thing.
I wish Sherman would do it more.

Even with the occasional odd game decisions, I'll gladly take the staff we have.
remember, Gregg Williams, their DCV would have been OUR DC, and GONE.

Nahh, just kidding. For Us that have been watching Football for so long, a call feels either good or bad. No bad calls Today. Look at the Result.

Sorry DC is what I meant.


During that part of the game we were up 17-6, and it seems Tannehill had the offense rolling pretty good. That may have also played into the decision for Philbin to allow the the 53yd attempt by Carpenter. We were playing fairly well on both sides of the ball at that point.

OK - One quick complaint....What was Philbin thinking going for a 53 yard field goal with a shaky kicker and an 11 point lead? Punt, pin them back and play defense. Come On Joe!

Now to what everyone should be talking about today, tomorrow and all week....

What a win for the Fins! Beating a 3-1 team at their house. They have some serious weapons and our secondary was banged up. Their defense is aggressive and we have a rookie QB. All those things in their favor and the Fins step up!!!!

THill was solid AGAIN!

DLine was solid AGAIN!

Hartline and Bess were solid AGAIN!!

Our DBacks were not stellar but did enough this week to hold on to the lead!

We escaped a few key mistakes....Carroll's botched punt turnover, Lane's fumble and not being able to convert on 4th and 1.

3-3 here we come!!

Go Broncos and Go Texans!!!

Brady welker killing the Broncos. Patsies score.
Well, we'll just have to do the dirty work OURSELVES.

Defense definitely gets the game ball today. Kept Cincy's offense from getting anything going all game and then ice in with an interception to kill any chance of Bengals taking it the distance.
The defense stepped up everytime they were needed to make a play. Nolan Carroll played well and despite the late td from Green, Sean Smith played very well against him.
Run defense was absolutely awesome.
While the offense didn't have a consistent day I still have to give props to Hartline and Bess and Reggie for getting the job done.

You guys think carpenter missed big today? Call up green bay and ask them about that knuckleball crosby hit and missef to tie the game. It was ugly.

Still waiting to find out why Lamar Miller didn't play. Did I miss him getting hurt earlier .A man has to pee once in a while.

Over the last couple losses, the defense taking initiative and spearheading a few victories, is exactly what Ive been talking about. Reshad Jones' int with 1:22 left to play was the greatest example of it.

This is still a fairly young offense. We have far more experience on defense. We dont need them playing as young as our offense. The offense will have its great days. For now, we need the defense to continue to step up while this very young offense matures.

Anyone know why Miller didn't play today?

I was expecting to see him in 2nd half.

Sean Smith has 3 picks in the last 2 games. He needs this trend to continue. He's now on a pro bowl pace.

The next step in evolution I would like to see from Sean Smith is a real meanstreak. Not dirty, nor penalty drawing, just great sense of urgency and down right mean.

Agreed, Sammo. Excellent place kickers are often excellent because their coach puts them in reasonable situations. 53 yds out is not necessarily reasonable.

Green Bay looks bad. We share a 2-3 record with them.

Good news: Dolphins tied with Packers!

Bad news: 2-3!

... Great job by the defense - couldn't have won it without their making some huge plays.

Miller, not playing?

I believe it could be due to Bush having 19 rushes, Thomas 10, Lane 2. Plus Lane had two pass catches.

We ran the ball more than 30 times, ate clock, and got the W. So imo, it really doesnt matter who got the the touches, as long as we get the win.

jpao---you are right about our dbacks but their coverage was light years better than it has been. Our Dbacks actually had coverage at the point of contact instead of their soft coverage.

Just imagine, if our Dbacks continue to make strong improvement, think how that would improve our position come draft time.

Go Dolphins.

Our offense had beautiful balance today. 35 runs, 26 passes, and a victory. So why are some of you so overly concerned Miller didnt get any carries?

Great win today, and totally agree that on the road, etyc our D played Huge today.
On another subject, there were to calls that replay showed were called against us despite the fact evidence showed they blew it. VISYAL evidence.
Rex ryan would send in the tape to the NFL.

I'm guessing Philbin won't.
I think he has to, if only to hold these guys as accountable as were the replacements.
It looked like a Canes game.

No matter what this team does, there will be something, that someone questions. Is not a "W" good enough for some of you?

Coyle called a great game he hand the upper hand on his ex-mentor. Zimmer! Coyle knew exactly what to call on what down and situation. Great game by our. D and coach
Great win overall. But their was a lot of questionable calls by the refs. And by Sherman and Philbin. Let's call it like we see it..

And I came accross this exchange from OdinStank, Now lets see, Odin Stank Swears he "Jammed" With Duane Allmen who passed away back in 1968.HUMMMM, Odin claims he's only 45 but "JAMMED" with a guy that died 44 years ago??, Odin, Your a eather a great guitar player who at age 2 "Jammed" With duane allmen or your just passing more B.S like when you post about your "HOTTIES"...
Which one is it?
I'll bet the latter.
Posted by: Odins Bloated Liver. | October 05, 2012 at 03:35 AM

YG, Miller nearly Always entered on our 3rd series.
I think you're wrong, and this was a CD, perhaps a bad practice week.
Philbin, and especially Sherman seem, to put much stocking how the practice week goes. Some guys aren't great practice players.

If we go 3-3 into the Bye Week then I'm predicting a 7-3 record after that. Go Fins!!!

Dalton's 4th qt stats are crazy. Props to the D for getting his first 4th qt int.

Loved the game today. I agree on wanting to see more "mean" out of Sean Smith. Sherman still throws many questionable plays at awkward times..hopefully that won't bite us down the road

Lamar miller is a play maker. Thomas is not
Why in the hell. Philbin don't put in miller!
Right now we are lacking play makers.. Damit. Philbin put the kid in it's a rebuilding year who cares.

Awesome team win from the Phins. We are good young team ready to turn the corner back to respectability. Game Balls to everyone including Ireland. Take that trolls.

I'm not really here to defend anyone... But really....don't hate the player. If he jammed, he jammed, don't take it personally.

I'm amazed how NE can run the ball so effectively. None of their RBs can come close to any of ours. Have to be the play calling.

Great game on Denver Patriots. Tannehill should be watching this game. Because he is going to be as good or better! Pickup some pointers from those two hall of famers.

Ireland still doesn't deserve a game ball...com'on now, your still high from our big win...tomorrow you will say to yourself, why did I say that. Ireland deserves nunca, nada, nothing

Pattys won't make the playoffs this year

A shot out at the old corral! Tom VS Payton
Great game guys!

Dolphins need to beat Fisher and his gay p*rn stache next week - this is the biggest game as far as I'm concerned.

A shoot out at the old corral. I like it.

LOL...I will have no regrets giving Ireland some praise after dogging him the past couple season. I'm big enough to recognize a job well done. I like the coaches we have now and the draft we had this year.


There isnt an OC in the nfl, or OC we can bring into Miami where everyone will agree with every single play called. That guy just doesnt exist.

Even OC's themselves probably wished they had 5-10 plays back where they may see they could have called a better play in hindsight.

Plus no one ever mentions Tannehill is empowered to change the plays called. So when talking playcalling how does anyone here know Tannehill didnt change the playcall. Why doesnt that ever get mentioned?

Only CURIOUS about Miller, not angry or such. I'm a Cane, HE'S a Cane, just a Cane thing.
I just hope he's not getting the Egnew treatment.
There's not a team in the league that drafts a TE in the 3rd round, then doesn't play him.
Egnew's either a horrible draft mistake, or is uncoachable.

Turth be told, everyone mentioning Sherman play calling havent a clue if Tannehill changed the play.

This isnt the Henning era where Henne wasnt allowed to change a play.

YG/FLipper Breed/Whatever your calling yourself nowadays, Give us all a break, Youve been posting since 9am, Go annoy some other blog please.

Word is Egnew has trouble remembering plays. The guys a bust


Give a little time, Im sure Armando gets the scoop on Miller not playing soon enough. In the meantime, lets not get ahead of ourselves and jump to conclussions.

Lets relax and focus on enjoying this win as much as this team focused on giving us this win.

Odins Bloated Liver,

Im going to take your advise and leave. Time to go enjoy a great win instead of crying the sky is falling, even in victory. I highly advise you do the same.

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