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Dolphins beat Bengals 17-13

CINCINNATI -- The Dolphins had blown fourth-quarter leads in each of the past two weeks. Not this time!

Miami held on despite giving up a touchdown in the final stanza. The fact Cincinnati missed a 40-yard field goal and then Reshad Jones ended the Bengals final grasp at victory with an interception balanced this one in Miami's favor.

The Dolphins needed this one.

It is a lesson how to win on the road, or at least it can be used that way.

Ryan Tannehill did a good job keeping away from the turnover today. He completed 17 of 26 passes for 223 yards with neither a TD nor INT.

The Dolphins are 2-3 and go home next week against the Rams.


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Philbin has said that within being a Football Coach he's more of a Teacher. Even though early in the Season, I'm beginning to believe him. I've seen improvement in Players which I never thought would play this well. We'll continue seeing.

The Bengals scored their only TD on the second play of the 4th quarter.

That made the score 17 - 12. They opted for the X-Tra point.

Should they have tried for TWO? Would you all things considered and in that situation?

Then, 4th and 5 at our 23, they Kick the field goal......or attempt the field goal I mean. Anyway, would you in this same situation?

What would you have wanted Philbin to do in those exact situations?

I know what I would have done, or tried to do in these situations. I'm just curious as to what anybody else thinks.

Also, how important do you think Cinci's decisions were in regards to the oputcome of the game?

Philbin and his whole staff have done a good job. Just seeing Tannehill develop each week has been excellent. The secondary was so big today. Never thought Fins would have held them to what they did.

wow,is nice seeing some positive post's for a change instead of the Dolphins suck, the owner and GM have no clue etc..a couple of thought's.

How can anyone not be impressed with Tannehill?..He is very poised, has taken complete control of the offense and he has improved in every game, can we finally say we have our franchise QB??..I say Hell Yes!

our defense was light's out today, everyone said Cincinnati was going to pass at will on us with all our injuries,I think our DC Coyle deserves a lot of credit, another shout out goes to N Carroll...also, our pass rush was steady.

our defense is coming together.

our offensive line continues to improve, we didn't have a good running game today but they protected Tannehill.

I question Philbin's call on 4th and seven to go for a 53 yrds field goal, I would have gone for the first down but hey we won.

much maligned Daniel Thomas I thought had a good game, I think he got hit in the head again, I hope is is all right, we need him.

Carpenter keeps missing, how long before we cut him?..can we get another kicker?

I think we beat the Rams next week and get to 3-3, see I told you guys we are not as bad as a lot of you guys thought, over all a great win and the best thing has been Tannehill and how he is progressing.

Go Dolphins !!!

I would have kicked the extra point because there was still alot of time left. I would have went for it on 4th down.I would think that Philbin would have went for the win in that situation.Marvin Lewis must of had confidence his defense would get a 3 and out and have a chance for the game winning field goal in the closing minute.


Thats exactly what Lewis said he was thinking. His defense was "Getting their Legs back under them" he said. He also said, "It's easy to second guess.....now.

I'm with you though. I would have played it like you said, but thats just me. Alot depends on momentum and how your team had been matching up in the 3rd quarter. But barring some BIG extenuating circumstances, I'm playing it "By The Book".

Some of the Sports Writers are alraedy second guessing Lewis, almost to the point where they sound like thweir making excuses for the Bengals.

Lewis' players are backing their coach saying they agree with his line of thinking.

The Sports Writers though, they're ALMOST pissing me off. It sounds like their saying anything and everything about why The Bengals lost......EXCEPT that Miami played a Very Solid game.

Let them **TALK**. Talk is cheap and they won't have much longer to do it. I predicted **At Least** 9-7(most here laughed)and I think we have an ever better shot now after seeing how wel and quickly this THING is coming together.

I'm one Happy DolFan this evening!

Yeah Odin,
I think away teams(underdogs) go for it in that situation every time. Lewis obviously made a poor decision but I've seen alot of coaches do the same thing, when they have confidence in their teams. He must have confidence in his team and it cost him today. It appears Philbin still has confidence in Carpenter eventhough us fans don't. He keeps throwing him out there in difficult situations.

good win for the fins. these refs need to stop giving us bad spots with the ball placement. starting to see some flashes of a good qb in tannehill.

Tannehill had 11 less yards than Dalton with 17 less attempts. Nice.....

Every week T-Hill gets better!

U asinine clowns who apparently are still brain washed in the sporano ways of doing things can't see it! But it's OK!

Sherman is an offensive mastermind! He's done this before and will do it again!

Look back clowns! What happened to the no huddle will ruin our running game! Wah! Wah!

We run the ball a heck of a lot more than we pass! Every week!

Sherman plays to the strength of his team!

Also, Dashi is OK with Sherman babying T-Hill! Teach him to win in the pocket! Then care about unleashing everything! Look at RG3!! Shanahan just wants to win and doesn't care about developing a rookie!

Sherm knows U teach a rookie! U give him rules! Not Henne rules! But rules! T-Hill probably won't be allowed to scramble for a first until he masters the pocket at a NFL level!


T-Hill is already playing better than a regular rookie. Add that he only had a limited amount of starts in college! And this kid is developing at a great rate!

He's developing with no dynamic weapon to throw to!

U guys think hartlines record day was all skill? Or it had to do with sherm scheming a good game plan and teaching thill in the week!

Dashi likes how T-Hill went from slinging it for over 400 yds! To just managing the game and not making major mistakes!

The teams conditioning! This is the most physically fit team the fins have put on the field in a while! Even the LB's! They seem to be running around better as the season wears on! Philbin has these guys well trained!

P.S.- The ref's suck!!!!!

It seems like each week the team shows signs of improvement and heading in the right direction. Very happy the phins had the breaks going for them. Defense overall kept them in the game and tanne is still making adjustments to become a better quaterback. This week it was no turnovers and accurate passing. Finally a clay movement. Stll dropped a sure pass late in the 4th that would have iced the game but still have faith. Love to make fisher regret his decision for not coming here. Rams are solid at home but not so good on the road. Very good chance to win next week especially for the b in laws taylor and Thomas being honored.

odin I read an espn headline "Bengals give Miami dolphins a win at home" in comparison NFL's headline was "Miami wins in Cincinnati with solid performance" see any difference?

The Dolphins moved up to 18th in passing(will probably be 19th after the Texans play Monday Night). And are 5th in Rushing.

Were ranked 14th overall offensively and 15th defensively. Still number 1 against the run and have moved **UP** to 28th against the pass.

The numbers could be better, but we've shown nothing but steady improvements in all categories. Overall, we're now officially in the upper half stat-wise.

Sidenotes: Rookies Oliver Vernon and Derrick Shelby both played very well. Vernon moreso than Shelby this week. But both continue to show improvement and EARN playing time. Vernon had a KEY pass defensed late in the game.

Jones seems to fit Coyles system bette than he did Nolan's in the past. He also seems to be benefitting from some good coaching. There's a noticeable improvement in all three phases of his game. He's bringing it in run support. Not just assisting, but laying some wood. He's doing a better job blitzing as well. He hasn't gotten the stats yet, but when he does rush, he consistently gets pressure. His coverages have been lots better and he's even coming up with turnovers. I have no idea what he was thinking on the Punt(unexcusable mistake), but hopefully he's learned from that one. It's PRIORITY thing with the assignment.


Thats exactly what I'm talking about!

Let them Talk down the Phins while they can. Forget the Super Bowl, playoffs and Wildcard talk. Thats down the road and in due time.

The fact is, this team in no longer the Push Overs they've been. Even the Texans game, take away Tanny's first game meltdown and they weren't dominating us.

We've been in every game. Young across the roster. And seemingly improving everywhere you want to look.

Talk Bad about the Dolphins.........While you can-LMAO!

I truly believe this!

Typo Alert-LOL!

I posted that we were 15 overall defensively. Thats wrong. According to NFL . COM with the tonights game and Mondays pending, were 17th.

My Bad!

The Bills have to be LEAKING!

They've spent all that Free Agency Money on defense and so far they're turning in a 27th overall defensive ranking.


So ur telling me that in philbins first year as coach!

We might have a top 10 offense and Defense by the end of the year!


Also! All these holes the fins need! Might be less and less by the end of the season!

CB? Really!!

D-line? C'mon Man!! We are stacked! We don't even need that extra pass rusher!

We just really need 1 dynamic Wr! A FS! And some young LB's!

Yes, dansby and Burnett played better but we need to improve! And they are the Oldest players on our defense! We might actually have more picks than needs next year!!!!

Can't wait!

Oh yeah, Dashi is one of the few that had the fins winning! 21-13! Not bad! Closer than I would like but a win is a win!

9-7! Maybe 11-5! This is just the beginning! We will get better every week! These coaches, COACH! They teach their team!

Trying to text and catch this GREAT game - LOL.

That might be all she wrote right there.

Roman Hrper? Looked like Pass interference too me!

19 consecutive games we've held the opponents run offense under 100 yrds... pretty impressive streak going.

1 more and we tie our previous best...

Exclamation point?


Hi twinky!

U need help clown!

Anyone who saw the end of the chargers game! Understands why Jake will be getting paid! U need to protect ur qb when it matters most!

Looks like we cHan beat the RAMS maybe this game is a victory with a larger margin than the Raider game.. Miami @t 3-3 would be sweeter than a lobster steak dinner with chocolate mousse cake and coffee at Joes Crab House. Miami can really finish this season at 10-6 . And actually make it to the playoffs Buffalo and the Jets really look bad and you can actually see it.. Miami especially on defense look honestly really really really good.. The dolphins seem like they are gonna be trouble for the majority of teams coming up here in weeks 6 , 8, 9, and 10. We could very well be 6-3. That would be NUTZ!

Looks like the Colts made the right move replacing Manning with Luck.

It took 13 years, but we finally have a QB. 13 ain't that unlucky after all. Doble-Negativo.


Was the NFL having a little remorse and sympathy for the Saints on that game?

I'm FINE! I ALWAYS root for the NFC team to beat the AFC team REGARDLESS. It's for the simple reason that it could possibly help **MY** Miami Dolphins later on in the Playoff or Wildcard hunt. I play all the Angles, Momma Nicked Named Try-Angle when I was a Kid.

I digress, was that a sympathy "Gimme" for the Saints or what?

2nd and 17 a Buck Fifty-Three on the Clock, Chargers on their own 48. Rivers hits Gates on a Beauty down to the Saints 25 for 27 yard gain.

You see the Flag come in EXTREMELY late and when you consider the Phantom interference SUPPOSEDLY happens around the Saints 40, it's pretty obvious.

That was a "Jobbin" if I EVER saw one. Replacement officials, regulars, I don't care JC himself was wearing stripes! The Chargers got Whacked on that one.

Who knows HOW it MIGHT have turned out, but on that play, the Officials were making ABSOLUTELY SURE it wasn't going to tun out for the Chargers. I repeat - WOW!

There is a minimal amount of jostling, but the Saints defender losing his footing all on his own.

Thats ugly shyt, that right there. And before you think about arguing, consider this; If thats Welker with Brady throwing and THAT happens to Marshall, Smith or Carroll........I don't even have to say it. You **KNOW** it's 1st and 10 for the Pats!

Sickening if I do say so MYSELF!

I'm not big on conspiracy theories outside of the obvious Kennedy Murders. But it looks to me like the NFL doesn't want their disciplinary actions to look like they COMPLETELY ruined the Saints Season.

Not saying the NFL was wrong in punishing the Saints, but I think it DID ruin their season. But thats what they get. They, as a Franchise were committing agregiously unacceptable **CRIMES**(LOL-if I do that, I'm going for at least 90 on aggravated assault).

Penalize the Saints, FINE! But don't start second guessing yourselves and taking it out on other teams-Damn!

(I know, I know-Ridiculous. Who cares, I'm feeling pretty good right about now ;)


This is so special wat5ching this team grow up before our very eyes. As 1-3 would indicate, this team ahs had bumps in the road this season. But watching them get better game after game has been, well, I dont have the words.

Lets put it this way, we watched a depleted secondary come up huge against the nfl's #1 rated 4th qtr qb(Dalton). Folhs thats great with even a great defensive backfield, let alone a make shift secondary.

Special things seem to be happening before our very eyes. Dalton threw the ball 40 plus times in a loss. Tannehill threw the ball 26 times for 230 plus yds a victory and no picks. Special things are coming together dolfans.

Then Rivers comes right back to Floydd.

An incredibly WEAK hold on the center. Even though his questionable hold was away from the play. Neither guy mattered in the overall scheme. Watched in replay at regular speed, it was negligable.

Talk about a Jobbing-LOL!

I could read Norv Turner's lips, he was saying: Can we get the replacement refs back?

Thankyou espn for not giving Tannehill his kudos. You make it a little easier to sneak up on next week's opponent.

In your obvious bias, you make it slightly easier to gain next week's victory. Great job espn. Keep the biased Dolphim coverage coming.


Who the hell really gives adamn about what happened in the Saints/Chargers game. Outside of Brees breaking Unitas' 47 consecutive game td streak, its a relative none story.

Whats 1st and foremost to dolfans, is we maybe witnessing a great dolphin team growing up before our very eyes. You can always google Saints/Chargers and post your happiness on thier site.

Im sure thier isnt one dolfan here that would impede you. Thx odinseye.

Wow! This Dolphins defense is trying to grow up. Who needs Vontae and his grandmother's phone number! LOL

Then, after the refs make a mercy show ammends giving the Chargers an automatic first down with a 1;32, they get "CONFUSED"(LOL-DUH)and job the Bolts out of AT LEAST 25 seconds of precious clock-LOL. The Kicker, the Chargers had all 3 time outs left and would have used one if they would have known what the refs werwe up to.

Completely AMAZING in my opinion. I'm glad I'm not a Chargers Fan, I would have had a Heart Attack. I think Noev Turner did, he just doesn't know it yet.

My apologees to all you guys, but this was just atrocious. I'll **TRY** to stop now.

Fins fought hard throughout the game...

I thought the Clay NOT getting down in bounds when we were trying to run time off the clock might be a coffin nail...He HAS to get coached up before the play. Many players just play on God given talent and gut feel but the smart ones actually know down, distance and situational football. Nugent missed the kick...bout time some other team had woes there vs us.

Two of the Coach's challenge went against the Fins when I thought (even non-biased) we could/should have gotten both or either.

Each game Tannehill makes me more of a fan and this coming from a guy that screamed bloody murder when they drafted him. I will let more time go by but, I could be in for a crow burger down the road. I hope to have to eat it as I would love Tannehill to give us a competitive QB situation. Wow, he really can make plays when buying time.

Hartline went back to being fairly pedestrian (where you at Mike?) Better than Bowe??...no but Hartline is still a good contributor and can help the Fins if he stays healthy.

One thing that needs to change is the TE's need to hold onto the ball better. Clay is dropping stuff and Egnew needs to step up or ship out. Tannehill could use more help from this area.

RB Miller should be in line to pass the concussion magnet RB Thomas. Because he is not the shiftiest, his head first style and high running position gets Thomas hurt.

This year has been a couple of close plays from pure magic.

Good win! Hat tip to the Fins.


Even though we had mistakes on both sides of the ball. We limited them enough today to eek out the victory. Im very proud of both sides of the ball today.

We didnt make enough mistakes to beat ourselves. But enough plays made to ensure a win. Go Fins, youre growing up!

Rob OC,

Were you screaming bloody mercy so loudly with Tannehill being selected 8th overall, that you didnt notice I sat next to you loudly screaming the same thing? LOL

The victory Ross/Ireland wants most. Next up:


Im sure Ross/Ireland wants victory over JEFF FISHER even more than Pats/Jets. Bank on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who the hell really cares what you care aboput.

Just give it 5 mins YG. Then you'll flip flop on it, decide you care and ask me what happened......LOL.

Just Kidding(NOT). So with 28 seconds left, a pass to the 5, and Harper Holds Gates worse than the phantom call the refs made earlier in the same drive!

Seriously YG, we got hosed so bad today by the refs, it could have been catastrophic, imagine us being 1-4 right now and the majority of this one being on the refs.

I'm trying to point out how Goodell and the Owners ignorant greedy actions earlier, are obviously having lingering effects. If not down right favoratism, these refs are not in mid season form to say the least.

PS: If you decide not to Flip Flop on this issue, and it still bugts you, just skip it.........Cheif........LOL ;)

Time for Jeff Fisher to pay for the gas in the hellicopter ride!


Im just shocked you didnt give me a 20 paragraph reply like you uasually post. Because you didnt do that we're still good. LOL

Ok YG, I'm done.

But after complaining, you better be ready to talk some Dolphins with me.

That was atrocious what happened to them. I'm guilty, I do care about the Pride and supposed integrity of the game I LIVE for and LOVE.

But seriously, just for you, I'll stop-I've said my Piece!

PS: The only thing I care about, is another AFC team just lost and thats fine by me. Hopefully it's the loss that helps us get a Wildcard!


Im just shocked you didnt give me a 20 paragraph reply like you uasually post. Because you didnt do that we're still good. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 08, 2012 at 12:39 AM


I'm just about READY! Give me one second!


Because of what you posted, is exactly why I was posting today that you cant leave winning and losing in the refs hands. Today we grew up a little, making a play at the end determining our own fate.

A team cant b!tch if every week leaving thier fate soley in the refs hands. Very good team dont do that.


Im just so thrilled that for once we didnt leave it in the refs hands to determine our eventual fate. We had a few rough spots, but today, on both sides of the ball we put on our big boy pants! LOL


Refs dont help bad teams win games. The calls usually favor teams that usually determine thier own fate. Im sure if you researched, you'll find that to be fact.

Bad teams seem to never consistently get favorable ref calls. Thier not in the business to help bad teams win games. Screw the refs, lets determine our own fate. Then the cards will fall where they need be.

Loser fans arte more often than not, left to complain of officiating. That just how the ball seems to consistently bounce.

Tannehill threw the ball 26 times for 230 plus yds a victory and no picks. Special things are coming together dolfans.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 08, 2012 at 12:18 AM

YG, he also had a career best(LOL) QBR! I think it was 62 point something er other!

Progress Baby, thats all that matters!


More often than not, officiating seems to consistently favor the team wearing the big boy pants. If we continue to wear the big boy pants as we did today. We'll find that slowly, more calls will begin to fall our way.

No one loves a loser, not even the officials.

Odin what up?


Not 62 point something, try 92.8. Tannehill's qbr was 92.8 today baby!

I came to work the skeleton with you so that you wouldn't been in here (ahem)alone.

If Tannehill had just 1 td passing his qbr would have been well over 100 today. Its was 92.8 because he had zero passing tds. Passing tds bump the score way up!

QBR was 79 and Rating was 92.
Tanne did a great job!
I'm really happy for him.

Wow! This Dolphins defense is trying to grow up. Who needs Vontae and his grandmother's phone number! LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 08, 2012 at 12:27 AM


I suspect Philbin(hence Coyle)were probably pushing Ireland on this(seeing how Davis' could be considered one of his picks).

But Ireland again proved he's more than willing to aquiese Philbin's wishes.

Ultimately Ireland didn't too bad. After the way we.ve matched up against Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and now AJ Green, those 2nd and 7th rounders he got for Davis are looking better and BETTER!

Ireland's being a "Team Player" and it's paying dividends! Matter of fact, I'll bet if you get him off record and in confidence, I'd bet MONEY Ireland prefers Philbin and this Miami Dolphins over Parcells, SpOrano, Nolan and Henning.

You know those over the Hill Dolts were pulling all kinds of Age and Experience cards on Ireland. Making him feel like a Gopher Bu-oy!


Success breeds success, the more success this dolphins d begins to have, the greater they will be. The young guns are beginning to grow up. Especially Smith and Jones.

Smith and Jones sounds like a new firearms dealer, doesnt it? LOL

Im very proud of Nolan Carroll. He wasnt overly spectacular but solid enough to allow the secondary not to become overwhelmed.

My hats off to Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson(nickel corner today). Both did a very steady job!

Im out gn!

First of all let's stop putting down players no longer here. I can say over and over again how Big-Dan-13 jerked off the fans of this franchise for 18 years but that gets us nowhere.

Hartline went back to being fairly pedestrian (where you at Mike?) Better than Bowe??...no but Hartline is still a good contributor and can help the Fins if he stays healthy.

Posted by: Rob in OC | October 08, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Good to see you Rob! You and I were screaming the LOUDEST when they called Tanny's name at 8-LOL!

I'm not waiting, I've had a crow burger a week since the season started-lol.

Anywhoo, I've been saying this about Hartline.....and Bess even MORESO.......for quite awhile. Neither one are true no. 1's, but in my opinion, that's not the point. To put it into perspective, put an Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald into our Line up! How good do Hartline and Bess appear to be then?

I'm going to extremes of course, but I think that makes the point. They've BOTH proven they can be MORE than effective at this level. With a little cap room for free agency and 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, I suspect we'll get somebody VERY GOOD.

Then, not only will they make Hartline and Bess better, but Hartline and Bess will do the same!

I really seriously believe in Philbin and Co. Some of the moves and circumstances had me scratching my head. Then during Pre Season I was getting down right concerned. I knew they were putting emphasis on the Pass game/WCO, but DAMN! It was looking pretty sketchy there for awhile.

Ultimately though, these guys have a program with some requirements and expectations. Ok, fine. But they also have a set way in which they go about doing their business. I'm now fully on board. If I wasn't completely last week of the week before, I AM NOW.

I've Bought in!

Here is the scariest thing:

What if a lot of Ireland's picks are growing into being good players?

What if Rashad Jones, Sean Smith, Daniel Thomas, Charles Clay, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick are really good players? On top of Pouncey & Martin.

That would make Ireland pretty f'ing good wouldn't it?

And he has at least 3 picks in the top 40 coming next draft.

A team cant b!tch if every week leaving thier fate soley in the refs hands. Very good team dont do that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 08, 2012 at 12:42 AM


**GOOD** teams overcome **BAD** officiating!

Thats a fact and it was a mantra I used to preach to my Pop Warner Kids. It apllies at any and all levels of Football!

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