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Dolphins beat Rams go to bye week happy

The Dolphins are 3-3 and going into their bye week with a two-game win streak.

Well done by Miami winning a 17-14 decision.

This team got a great effort from quarterback Ryan Tannehill today. The rookie quarterback completed 21 of 29 passes for 185 yards and two touchdown passes. His quarterback rating was a season high 112.

It wasn't easy.

The Rams tried a 66 yard field goal to tie the game as time ran out. Rookie Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed in 15 tries this season, missed the long attempt. He also missed two other FG tries for a total of three on the day.

"It was kind of a grind it out game," coach Joe Philbin said. "You have to hand it to our guys that they made a play when they had to. They took care of the football. We had some big plays. It was a good, hard football game."



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Who needs to go to the Dentist when you are a Dolphins fan?
Way to compete and get another tough win guys!

Great win. Game ball to OV on D and Tannehill on O

It's a been long time since we have the "No Name Defense" and the "Killer B's". I think this D has proven that they deserve a nickname.

A tip of the cap HAS to go to Fields and the kick coverage.

FISHER and ALL you fisher-ITES....

S U C K...IT....

Posted by: Kris | October 14, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Kevin Burnett stops running whenever the play is not coming right at him. Doesn't look like he's even trying.

Moore and Vernon are perhaps the best stories of the day. Tanne as well...great error free stuff.

LOL Kris. Fisher's too conservative. Philbin = COACH OF THE CENTURY!!! Haters hate. We're .500.

GIVE ALL the credit to PHILBIN...

He iced the KICKER early...and the 15 for 15 kicker NEVER recovered...

Game Ball to Philbin....

dont get it......why do they continue to not give it to Lane when they need a yard or two?--last drive, 2nd & 1 and they give it to Bush twice (once he runs wide.....why, when he's clearly lost a step with his knee injury) and the other to Bush up the middle--no gain--you mean to tell me that a 260 lb FB cant get 1 yard on 2 attempts?--why so little faith in Lane?

Hartline, inconsistent. Bush, inconsistent. Tannehill, CONSISTENTLY GETTING BETTER!!!

Kris, you might remember I was against Fisher from 2 years ago, after watching him turn out mediocre teams for 7 consecutive years, and highly penalized ones.
He got a bye from the press cause he was on the Rules committee.
He actually proposed and got passed the "Patriots rule" regarding dbs clutching and grabbing.
Sort of a "make-up" call for the infamous TUCK RULE.


Good to see you...and YES SIR....

Hard Fought game !...Great Win !!

Enjoy the Bye Week Fellas !

BPA, not that I agree, but I think it's because he fumbled a few weeks ago.

TAO, agree......VErnon and Tanne are really the top 2......great to see Moore get in the mix and contribute too though--Vernon's sacks were so clutch--not sure why no Lamar Miller though--?

big blown turnover call by the refs made this game closer than it needed to be. didn't want to lose this one because of a blown call and say,"they should be 5-1".
3-3 going into the bye week puts them in the thick of things. they are getting very good quarterback play and the rams defense aren't pushovers so this was a big win for this team.

BPA agreed Lane neeeds to get the ball more in those situations

Kris, Jake Long is making our decision end of year easier. I almost fully in the don't resign him, offer him good (not TOP) dollars, if he walks, move Martin over and get another RT. He's dimishing very quickly. Not what he used to be.

That fake punt was a critical game changing play!!!


we never blew them out..and it was a close game to the end...

My hat's off to you...

you called it....

Welker 100 consecutive games with at least one reception...

It was an ugly win for sure but we will take it. It kinda makes up for the zona loss. Lets get healthy and get Gaffney in the game. Lets see how Coach Philbin does with 2 weeks to prepare for the next opponent.

Trust in Philbin
Tanny is the Manny
Ross is Boss

If the Arizona game was a Dan Marino performance for Tannehill, this was a Bob Griese performance. Smart, efficient, and, most importantly, a win!

(mean no offense against Marino, he would probably have thrown a 50 yard TD to win in OT... just sayin' stylistically)

Agree DC...

Sporano broke him in pre-season 2 years ago....

such a shame...

Welker...must you remind us?

DC, Bush is hardly inconsistent. The run blocking this week was terrible and he's had a bad knee. Yet, he still made some nice plays when they needed him plus he sacrificed his body to try and get the first down. Nobody but nobody should be dissing Reggie Bush. He's by far the best player on the team.

Yes, BPA I also wonder, but actually Thomas was on a roll on short yardage, and his tough head first run got him a concussion form the cause.

BTW, what a GUTSY call the fake punt was. Truly un-Dolphin-like!
Jus more stuf for Bellicheat and Rex to factor in.
That, and we have the best red zone D in YEARS.

thoroughly disgusted with the refs. real fu---- up calls. i bet these bad calls dont air all week like the greenbay call. go dolphins everybody against us even the refs and commentators

lamar miller absence might still be due to pass blocking and the knowing the playbook??

Wonder what negative Omar K. is going to nitpick in Tannehill after this game, complete with first person references in ALL CAPS? Probably insufferably saying "kill" thinking it makes him look cool Jeez that guy is such a dou$chbag- had to leave the ss's site b/c of him.

Welker TD!

I give our Phins greif about not winning easy but we were not suppose to even win this year. How about Philly and their expectations. every game is decided in the last second.

How many hands to face penalties this game? These refs tried to take us out several times to no avail.

With Vernon making plays, 2nd game ball (I agree, it should go to Philbin) should go to JEFF IRELAND. His 2012 Draft will go down as one of the best of his career. Tannehill made plays, Bush, Lane, the Fasano TD, Dansby leading the team in tackles, Sean Smith, Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey, Davone Bess...all thanks to JEFF IRELAND!!!


I'm with you...

I had to take this whole blog on during the Fisher fiasco....laying out POINT after POINT on why we didn't need him as a HC....

but some are swayed to easily by the media...and refuse to listen to facts..and reasonable arguments ( i discussed earlier what an argument is)....

This WIN is SWEET on so many levels...

Fire Rescue is trying to restart Ray's heart! I can hear the AED charging up! CLEAR!!!

There is no doubt in my mind the reason Green Bay isn't doing as well this year as they have done in the past is due to the lack of Philbin being there.
He is going to turn this franchise into a powerhouse and a perrenial SuperBowl contender. All they need is a receiver and tight end and another pass rusher, which they may already have with Vernon.

It's not the Tuck rule, but the Suk rule....definitely needs to be re-assessed or refined or something....anyway....really great win today......Woot Woot !!!

Fins really got whipped up and down the field, but they found a way to win. The team is growing and getting better. Go Fins!

I was just thinking the same thing. No doubt Omar the expert will have something to say about the fins performance today and, no doubt, it will be negative.

What the heck a 66 yard FG at the end are you kidding me? The defense really gave up a lot of chunk yards and paaaing yards. I don't know if it is the scheme or what but can't keep doing that...they moved the ball at will.

This is Tanny's second game with no turnovers.

I like very much the win, first because I'm a fan and second to keep the Trolls silent for a time.
The bye week will be good for Tannehill, I don't know what the schedule will be for this bye week, but some little vacation, will help to digest all the experince he gets so far, and he will be better QB.

agree with several above that Lane's fumble (or two?) in prior games could be the issue, but at some point you gotta show some faith in him and give him another shot--I dont think he has some reputation for fumbling, does he?--if not, trust your player and give him the ball......if he fumbles again in a key spot, then yeah, thats a problem.

Let's also remember that we are the fourth youngest team in the NFL. We will only get better.

Lou, I'm not dissing him. But the best player on the team last few weeks was Tannehill, and that's exactly who it SHOULD be if you have a chance to win. Don't get me wrong, Bush is definitely the 2nd most imporant player. And I agree, his injury has not helped, and his plays were sorely needed. But from Arizona on, you don't even come close to winning those games if Tannehill hasn't been as solid as he was.

Look, you guys can continue to make RBs your MVP, but I will never accept that the MVP will ALWAYS be a QB doing his job in the NFL in this decade. I'm not wrong about that, and soon everyone will agree with me.

good points about Fisher. I remember them.

C'mon Seattle!!!!


Give it a rest man. The game is won and lost by the players. Great win by the team today but Jeff Fisher did not lose this game for the Rams.

Let's talk in a few years and see where the Rams are. Jeff Fisher is a quality coach. You don't like him....fine. Let's see how it plays out. One game doesn't define his coach. I'm happy we have Philbin but this wasn't about Fisher and Philbin today, sorry.

Prof- yes, negative and condescending for sure, along with repeated references to himself. Tannehill is really turning into something special right in front of our eyes and I have to doubt the basic common sense and intelligence of anyone who refuses to see that.

How did that taste Fisher? Just go and be the 49ers bi*ch for the next 3 or 4 years until you get fired. When the schedule makers bring your sad a** team back around to play the Dolphins again, the DOlphins will be Super Bowl contenders and you will still be the 49ers bi*ch. I love it - I'll take Philbin over that over-rated fraud any day of the week.

Sorry, 4:32 post came out wrong. Point I was saying is the MVP HAS TO BE your QB if you want to be successful in today's NFL. And luckily for us, it has been last few weeks!

Vernon may turn out to be the steal of the draft. I know it is early but Wake and Venron as book ends for years to come is looking pretty good. Bring on the Jets!!!!

Lou--agree totally......losing Philbin clearly has had a big (huge?) impact on GBs offense--I dont think their personnel has changed much (Jennings has been a little nicked, but the other key offensive players are there)--but no Philbin......and they're not nearly the same offensive team--Joe's da man.

OK....we all know this team is FAR from perfect. There are several things that need improvement.

But this team is 3-3 going into the bye and with the exception of a 7 minute melt down week one in Houston they have been playing competitive football. Not going to mention again they could be 5-1 right now (honestly that's the last time).

This game...kudos have to go to:

1) The entire coaching staff who made adjustments in the second half to score points, kept pressure on Bradford all game, and calling a gutsy fake punt.

2) THILL - the kid keeps progressing. 112 QB rating with 2 TD's. Love this kid!

3) This D LINE is one of the best in the league. Great pressure all day!

4) Vernon - great playing kid!

5) Fields & Carpenter - We call you out when you play poorly, we give you kudos when you do your job well!

Go Miami!!

Looks like Eagles about to lose. Now thats a tortured fan base.

Did it seem like there were a ton of terrible calls against us?

Also, I heard BOTH commentators and then their Expert Official all say Bradford regained possession of the ball after his alledged TD.

The problem is, regardless of whether or not it was a TD, you SIMPLY can't regain possession in that instance.

All three embarrassed themselves on National TV, including their so called Expert Official. The offense can't REGAIN possession. It was either a TD or a Touch Back!

Kris, I was with you regarding Fisher, having had to watch Titans games here, and the constant presence of Rob Bironas (a GREAT PK).
It was more the undisciplined way his teams play. You may or may not know this, but his training camp is a VERY loose affair, made looser by the abscence of their DC, suspended by Goodell.

Agree with the poster who said ANYONE dissing Bush today needs to find another team.

so many calls went against us at the end you just figure the refs arent going to let us win this thing. The sack by vernon saved the game at the end. Hard to believe hartline who was leading the league does not get a catch and we win. I like the fake punt but bush made that first down so it never should have had to happen. I was not happy with jackson getting that two point conversion catch after the bradford bs td. Miami has been doing it the hard way but hey we got the win. GO MIAMI!

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