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Dolphins beat Rams go to bye week happy

The Dolphins are 3-3 and going into their bye week with a two-game win streak.

Well done by Miami winning a 17-14 decision.

This team got a great effort from quarterback Ryan Tannehill today. The rookie quarterback completed 21 of 29 passes for 185 yards and two touchdown passes. His quarterback rating was a season high 112.

It wasn't easy.

The Rams tried a 66 yard field goal to tie the game as time ran out. Rookie Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed in 15 tries this season, missed the long attempt. He also missed two other FG tries for a total of three on the day.

"It was kind of a grind it out game," coach Joe Philbin said. "You have to hand it to our guys that they made a play when they had to. They took care of the football. We had some big plays. It was a good, hard football game."



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Glad we don't have Fisher as head coach. Why would he milk the clock after the Bradford sack then call TO. If he called TO as soon as Bradford was sacked they would have like 20 sec. Enough time to run a 8 yard out pattern or so and try to get a smidget closer. Not mankind kickers can kick 67 yard FGs. The kid had the distance just pulled it. Dunce move by Fisher

Gotta gotta give the Rams run D credit...they are stout. We overcame though and didn't get risky in the wet weather.

I don't get the folks who don't want to resign Long. We are finally getting good o-line play and are starting to gel. They had alot on their plate this year learning to pass block more in the spread.

I say we resign our own first. Bush and Smith included.

Great Win! 500 and looking very competitive!!!

DC DOLFAN tannehill is doing a good job managing the game not winning them. a lot of his throws are off target but our wideouts make good adjustments on them. has he gotten waay better week to week, YES SIR..

Jeff Fisher was completely outcoached by Philbin Today.

Great win!!!!!!! I'm concerned that we weren't physical, but a W regardless..

a few others have said it.....yeah, the tuck rule is brutal.....terrible rule, pointless, either your arm is moving forward in a passing motion or its not--sb incomplete or a fumble.....no tuck--Fins also got a bad deal on the fumble with the WR late......definitely a catch and fumble---boys cant get a break with recovering fumbles.

Tanny is progressing steadily...one-third of his Rookie season and looking pretty good......no picks last two games
....mobile....crafty...athletic.....looking downfield when he's moving....finding open receivers...
..very encouraging

This FN team is the Black Swan Event (Google it) of the NFL this year! We're still in the mix. God damn i love this team. Well done Coach P.

If the Dolphins don't turn the ball over and if they can get just a little more explosive on offense (although they are progressing) - this team can play with anyone. But remember, we have to learn how to handle the Faggiots before any of our goals can be reached.


Good point about Philbin. It could just be that Philbin is what's missing from GB. Fisher's the guy I wanted to have as HC but it's clear we got a quality guy here in Philbin. Very happy to have him on this team.

For the Thomas haters, it's very clear that there were a few times that Thomas could have helped. Big Bush fan but it just wasn't happening for him today and I thinkon short yardage situations that Thoams would have helped. Really nice to see Vernon step up today. Nice surprise!

It's not the Tuck rule, but the Suk rule....definitely needs to be re-assessed or refined or something....anyway....really great win today......Woot Woot !!!

Posted by: Buster | October 14, 2012 at 04:28 PM

Buster it was complete bullshyt. He did get both hands back on the ball, then it was knocked loose.

Clearly a Fumble. They robbed us on the pass catch and fumble too.

Other than the refs keeping them in it REPEATEDLY, it was a blow out!

The Kool Thing about it all, in all REALITY, we should be 5-1 with Blowout wins over Oakland and the Rams!

I'll take .500 though, going into the bye week with this young team!

I need some Blood Pressure medication, but other than that-Good Win!

Craig M....

Are you a FINS FAN...

or a Fisher fan...

your starting to confuse me BUD....


and for somebody that LOVE's to come on here the day after a WIN and RUB EVER ONE's nose in Jeff Ireland's but....your AWFULLY SENSITIVE....


and EFF FISHER....

oscar canosa - amen, right on the money. Fisher is over-rated, always has been.

Things to work on during the bye week:

1) How to convert 3rd and short. How about rolling out THILL and taking advantage of his mobility?

2) Need more consistency from the DB's. One week Smith shuts down top flight receivers. Next week he is toasted by rookies. Carroll, you play too soft. Clemons needs to figure out if he can play in the NFL.

3) OLine needs to stop with the hands to the face and the holding penalties. Really it's long and Incognito (Special kudos have to go to Pouncey, Jerry and Martin - the young guys are playing well).

4) Need to improve our running game, it's slipping. I really think this is tied to inconsistent running holes and the inability to properly spell Bush. He can't carry the entire load. If Thomas can't survive week to week and Miller can't protect the QB then they may need to bring in a veteran back up.

Not too long of a list. I would think it would be much longer as we entered this season. Good job overall!

Philbin allowing the fake punt in Miami last possession was a coaching masterpiece. Jeff Fisher looked like he needed to take a wicked dump after seeing Miami get that first down. Fisher got out coached today, Ryan Tannehill is the real deal but need some weapons. It is just too easy to blanket Hartline and put it all on Bess and Fasano. Great work by Vernon, Wake, Starks, Odrick and Soliai. Nice time for Moore to make a play... Still no Miller (blocking issues for certain, Rams were tough inside) and still no Jabbar Gaffney. No doubt Miami move to Max Protect sidelining the #3 & 4 WR's after seeing the talent on the Rams D-line. More good work from Coyle and Philbin. This team will be damned nasty after another off season and influx of offensive talent.

Wish I saw the game, good win. Fisher haters blaming him for missed field goals lol. No turnovers by Tanne seems more important... Long struggled and the refs were really that bad?

Did we just win a Good One and **MARC** is here blabbering away about Welker and the Patriots?

If you weren't SURE in ther PAST, you KNOW NOW!

305, Tannehill did enough to be 5-1 right now! This is a guy they said WASN'T READY to start 1st Season. 2 FG misses and 1 4th down stop by the defense is the different between 3-3 and 5-1. Tannehill had ONE bad game (Houston).

Sometimes a rookie QB just has to NOT LOSE the game.

So please everyone, don't give me that "Tannehill isn't winning games." He's putting the TEAM in position to WIN. THAT'S the role of a great QB. And Tannehill is becoming the REAL DEAL!!!


Dolphins fan first. Always will be.

Fisher's a quality coach. His best day with the Rams are ahead. He's taken over a 2-14 team who's core players are 2 years or less. I believe Chris Long has been with the team the longest or second longest and how long has he been in the league. They're not a great team right now but watch them improve in the next few years.

Yeah eff Fisher...whatever.

All I know is that kick was long enough and stressful. Thank god I have a good heart because it could have stopped.

Either way it's a new season at .500. What a difference from the Spo teams. We would have never fake punted. I'm starting to believe in Tannehill also, the guy doesn't look like a rookie. Yes, there were batted balls again, but no Henne-esqe throws.

Please everyone, stop whining about the officials. The Fins won the game. Move on. sometimes you get the calls and sometimes you don't. Move forward..this team is 3-3 with a new coaching staff, a rookie QB improving every week, a really strong pass rush creating more and more sacks, and an overall energy of optimism that has been missing in Miami for years.

Go Miami!!

Great win for Miami. Philbin did an excellent job IMO. Unlike Sparano, you can see a maturation and growth with Philbin as a coach. My biggest concern with the team right now is the O-line. Pass protection from the left side has been mediocre at best and the right side is horrible at run blocking. Hopefully they can figure this out during the bye week. Go Dolphins!


Marc, is also the guy who took guys to task a few days ago for talking about other teams in the league and not the Dolphins. Figure that one out.


And if you have a problem with any of that...EFFE YOU!!

By the way, I'm wearing my #54 jersey in respect, with my Dolphins flannel PJ flannels, and if that's not the hottest look anywhere, EFFE FASHION!!!

DC, I was not referring to you regarding Bush, it was somebody on the game blog.
I hope Daniel thomas is able to play. He has improved (IMO.. I'm not a coach) and showed great heart in the bengal;s game till injured.
Having a guy with a bit more acceleration than lane for those 2nd and 2's, 3rd and 1 is a weapon we need.
I LOVE what Lane brings, especially on the short passing game, but if you remember,
Our former FB was smaller, quicker, but still tough, and didn't fumble.

This is a problem we have to fix, as it cost us at least one game, and almost cost us today.
I have to assume it's not an O-line problem, though we didn't seem to get the same push as usual.

GREAT WIN, and for a change, the EARLY BYE works to our advantage.
Our D needs rest, and guys to heal.
Just wish they'd give us another "Raiders laugher." My heart can't take this an entire season.
GO Dolphins.


Sorry about your National, man. Sounds like you're ready to let loose!

Two wins in a row !!!! Keep the streak alive !!!!!!


meant flannel PJ bottoms. EFFE MY DRUNKEN TYPING!!!

I want to get everyone's take on Vernon. Certainly a good game today but I'm not completely sold on the guy yet. Yeah I know it's early but I think we need to see more this year but we forego the idea of drafting pass rush high in the draft. I hope he's the answer. It would be a huge bonus.

Thanks Craig, that one was as bad as our Indy loss a few years back. Really hurt. Had to have this win. Thank you Miami!

It's not the Tuck rule, but the Suk rule....definitely needs to be re-assessed or refined or something....anyway....really great win today......Woot Woot !!!

Posted by: Buster | October 14, 2012 at 04:28 PM

Just another addition to the NFL made by the NFL Officials to accommodate his wonderful highness "Tom Brady"... Raiders should have won the Play-Off game that rule was dug out of extinction to use against them.... Then came the "Brady Rule" where D-guys get flagged for even touching anything near a QB's Knees, and the "Head Protection Rule" which worked out for us today... but only after the Ref's felt bad for screwing us for two turnovers. The NFL worked better with guys like Shula and Chuck Knoll on the Rules comity. I bet if Philbin or Gruden ever make it there that rule will suffer a long needed death.


Can't tell you were drinking. Not at all man....LOL.

It counts in the win column and the defense come up with a clutch play at the end. I couldn't imagine how bad it would feel if we lost this one after being up by 11 pts. The doubters, expert GM's/coaches and haters would be 10-1 on here.

Craig, he's young, not an immediate impact, but had a good game today. I agree, we probably still need a legit pass rusher.

I'm still down on Clemons (I know, he got the 1st on the fake punt). But if you watch that long run in the beginning of the game, he missed that tackle (yes, he was blocked, but should have been able to take a better angle). Then a long pass, he got in Jones' way, and they ran into each other. Guy seems to always be out of position or in a bad position. I think we can upgrade there (maybe keep him for depth).

Nolan Carroll wasn't great, but seems much better than last year. Not a total liability back there.


I totally agree with you. This team is 1 or 2 more players away on defense (probably in the secondary) and 2 play makers away on offense (1 receiver and 1 TE) from being a big time team in the NFL. I hope that we can keep this whole team together next year. The scary thing is that Tannehill is not even close to how great he is going to be; the upside is huge on this kid. I can't wait to see who Ireland is going to bring to the team next year, to complete thid team. Keep it up Ireland and Kudos for a job well done.

Now we have to wait for 2 weeks before we play again. Philbin, Sherman, and Coyle will have two weeks to build a game plan against Rex and the Jets. I can't wait.

I think the critical points of the game were at the very beginning. If the D hadn't stop STL, the Dolphins would've been down by 14 instead of 6. Game ball to the D.

Geez, the Eagles suck! I'm not surprised that the Lions are giving them a hard time at all. As a matter of fact, the NFC East sucks! There's not a team in that division I consider to be one of the best in the NFL, and that includes the Giants (although I figure they are probably the best). I thought the Eagles would really step up this year but Vick's a mess. Amazing what happens to your team when you get good and bad QB play.

Enjoy the week of Dolphins. You've earned a break!

Agreed Craig......if we don't need to use an early pick for a pass rusher.....that would make things easier by reducing one of our GLOWING needs..

...and my take on Vernon is that today he was terrific...time will tell


Chris Cleemons is still horrible. Same crpa every week! I don't care he got the first down, that's not what we're paying him for. It's big play after big play, every week. That's one guy who needs to be upgraded next year for sure. No doubt about it.

Omar is a diva. He is a girl in a man's body. I take anything he says and throw it out the window. He's the only reporter that gives updates so frequently otherwise I wouldn't listen to him at all

IMA, it's cool bro. I was responding to Lou. But I don't want to dimish Bush's importance either. He's a legit star. I definitely try to re-sign him.

I tell you what, if I'm Jeff Ireland, I feel pretty good right now. Everyone likes to hate, and for Craig (who says the guy gets no love for what he does right), this week, I LOVE JEFF!!!

We win and we win well.

jpao what do you mean stop whining bout officials. there were 2 calls at the least we would have had two field goals out of and a touchdown that was given. we dont have the kind of talent to have mutiple bad calls go to the visitors. if we lost in ot what would you have said then

Clue.....above, re: Fisher waiting to call a time out--it was 4th down, couldnt run another play and still kick the FG (unless they got a 1st down, obviously)

I know I am so tired of having to play these hard teams and the officials , those calls were top of the line BS, we recovered two fumbles that should have been ours and theres no way a QB sucking off a dolphin as he goes backward to the ground got the TD , only score he made was possible BJ

By the way, if Marlon Moore was out and Naanee was still starting 3rd WR, do we win this game?

HELL NO!!! Marlon Moore is our #3, forget Armstrong. And Gaffney I guess isn't ready. Even still, give Moore a chance.

Orlando.....def on the secondary upgrades....

and at WR too.....thinking Gaffney if healthy will help at WR..last year 68 catches for 987 yards.....with the Redskins O....with Tanny he could do over 1,000 (he averages 13.9 per catch)...


Griese had one 3 TD game

Marino had three 3 TD games

T-hill is improving.
Let's see if he gets a four TD/game.


That's the drink talking. You don't ACTUALLY love him. You'll hate him again in a few weeks....LOL.

But you're right, Ireland should feel pretty good. The winner over Fisher will mean something to him. The team enters the reak 3-3, has a chance to heal a couple of guys like Bush and Thomas and come out strong against the Jets in two weeks. Hopefully Gaffney will be ready to contribute by them too.

Revenge should be on the Dolphins mind but they have to remember to do what they do best and not get too caught up in the emotion of eveything. If they play the way they are capable of they should beat the Jets.

I agree 305, we beat the Rams AND the officials in that game. Worst officiating I've seen since the replacement refs. Tuck rule my arse (he had the ball in the other hand), the fumble play, the guy spun around, if that's not a "football move" don't know what is. If I'm Philbin, I ask never to let that crew officiate a Dolphins game again.


Where's Legedu Naanee when you need him?

Yeah...the refs tried to screw us today....no question....

I'm kind of worried about Thomas. One more concussion, he might be out for the year. Or his career.

3 tds??

Yeah EFF the refs, let's bring back those replacement refs!!!

but we're 3 and 3.....
..WE'RE THREE AND THREE !!!!!!! last year at this time we were 1 and 5 right ?

LOL redsky, hopefully at home counting his dollars he got from us, since that SHOULD be the last NFL paycheck he ever receives.

Lost in all this (deserved) elation is the fact that the stadium looked at least 1/3rd empty.
This is a good team with a great tradition, apparently Ross has eschewed most of the theatrics, and the team plays with GREAT heart.
NOW, what are the excuses.
Sure, the economy hurts things, but this team deserves the SEASON TICKET HOLDERS to show, at least.
Maybe Ross reduces some ticket prices for the less desirable seats, gives our military a price break, whatever.
If our next home game is like this, you have to ask yourself how much longer can it last?
Having lived in Miami my first 21 years of existence, I'm all too familiar with Miami's peculiar attitude, even when UM winning championships.
The O-Bowl was a 1/3 empty for Canes games, except FSU/UF, Notre Dame, etc.

Hopefully, this win will bring fans out to the former Joe Robbie.
Sorry for the long posting.

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