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Dolphins beat Rams go to bye week happy

The Dolphins are 3-3 and going into their bye week with a two-game win streak.

Well done by Miami winning a 17-14 decision.

This team got a great effort from quarterback Ryan Tannehill today. The rookie quarterback completed 21 of 29 passes for 185 yards and two touchdown passes. His quarterback rating was a season high 112.

It wasn't easy.

The Rams tried a 66 yard field goal to tie the game as time ran out. Rookie Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed in 15 tries this season, missed the long attempt. He also missed two other FG tries for a total of three on the day.

"It was kind of a grind it out game," coach Joe Philbin said. "You have to hand it to our guys that they made a play when they had to. They took care of the football. We had some big plays. It was a good, hard football game."



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T Martin,

You forgot to mention one of the most decisive winning stats of all: 0 turnovers. That almost always a perfect fomula for winning. LOL

All I'm say is that this is a microwave world and people don't give players chances to develop. In the past QB's took longer to mature and start, as did O-linmen and receivers. These fan ought to give players a chance to develop before calling them busts and call for them to be cut.

Not all the refs were against miami. After fasano caught that td he and a ref had their arms around each other like a bro hug. Philbin wad livid after that bradford fumble was called back and he continued to school the refs on the sideline well after the ruling. Good win tho. Tanne l(oks like a vet adjusting at the line. Killed the rams on short throws after reading where they were blitzing. Guy is doing the same stuff brady did before he was TOM BRADY. Slants screens draws and go deep only when its available. Have you haters forgotten brady started ad a game manager and grew from there.And no im not saying tanne is the next brady. Dont want someone gettin riled up.

I've always felt it was more of a Hadron Collider world, where people spin around chaotically with neutrons & stuff.

Yesterday When I talk to you answer me , you did that nonsense the other day its rude as hell


Forget 5-1. If you told me before the season we would be 3-3 at this point with Tannehill as a day 1 starter. I would be highly skeptical.

Heck, with Tannehill's current progress, if we could go back and replay all 3 losses we could also argue we could be 6-0 right now. I'll more than accept 3-3 with a not only improving Tannehill, but team play in general.

Withe the rapid game to game progress of Tannehill and this entire team as a whole. With 10 games left to play, I believe we have a chance to win, no matter what teams we play.

Remember we are one the "lower rung teams" . We are over achieving according to National NFL Pundits. And just look around the league. A win is win. There is no predictability. Enjoy any win.


First of all, Im not your kid. Second of all, I answered you twice.


For some some reason you're not seeing and answering my replies. Did you get drunk at Houligan's today? LOL

what's up with Jabbar G. ? is he not the sharpest tool in the shed?

you didn t answer me the other day when I asked what section you lived in and I didn t see an answer to weather or not you were at Houligans today , is it being printed?

Posted by: Deranged Ostrich | October 14, 2012 at 06:11 PM,

You have to remember, Sherman has a huge playbook, and Tannehill can audible to any play in the book. Everyone else has had 6wks to learn it, Tannehill has had two years.

Tanne cant audible to a play a wr has no idea what his responsibilty or route is. If it was Sparano's unimaginive neanderthal offense. Jabbar Gaffney could come in day one and be on the field.

its this site it jumps to another level, your answer wasn t on 3 a minute ago ,, so I came to 4 , and it wasn t here I go back to 3 after it already posted 4 must be delayed

Another hard fought game, The team is surprizing a lot of us fans (imho)It is starting to look like we may have finally found our Qb

@6:08 Agreed YG!

Dashi's preseason Prediction was Start T-Hill Week 8! After the Bye and We all Realize Matt Moore Got Little Hands and Can't Eat a Whopper!

To have T-hill starting Day 1 and be 3-3 with only really 6 Minutes of Rookie Ball Hell!

Yes, Dashi still gets butterflies once the 4th Qtr comes Around! Been a Bad Decade!!

But U can just feel that T-Hill won't let the game get to big for him!


Dashi will take it back even Further! This isn't the Same Dolphin team from that first PreSeason Game! Heck, we only have 2 WR's from that game! Hartline didn't Play till Week 1!

Way to go Coaches! U just know we are going to be better after the bye when we play the Jets!


Anyone here that beleives Tom Brady and the Patriots are so great and are models of what the Dolphins should become, are welcome to leave this blog and follow the stinking cheating Patriots!



were you at Houligans today?

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 14, 2012 at 05:49 PM


No I wasnt at Houligans. I watch thed the game on computer. Usually I go watch the games at McCharacter's. I actually hungout at McCharacter's lastnight.

There is one hot Houligan's girl that sometimes comes to McCharacter's after work. I forget her name but she wears the Dolce Gabbana eyeglasses.


I can actually walk to Houligan's. Im in the B-section right off of Boulder Rock. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 14, 2012 at 05:59 PM

I hate Houlihans.

And Houligans.

And Hooligans.

I stopped drinking 26 years ago so no , didn t get drunk , this site just has a delay on it , you lived there long , I remember when the only thing on boulder rock was Rons gas station , but then I was here in PC when the roads were dirt , could only get in from old kings rd and 100 and Palm coast Pkwy anf US1 , was guard shack at both spots

Only girl with designer glasses there today was little spanish girl with short hair , is that the one your talking about, she was all up on some brother with a gold grill

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?


Then you know McDonald's was the first official returant here and Publix on PC Pwy was the first grocery store.

My step father was a subcontracter that started working here during the mid 70's. Pc has really grown since then.


Yup, I remember when the only way to get into PC was OKR of 100 and US 1. Couldnt get in from I95 in those days.

The Dolphins are awful. Very lucky win.

At least its a sport that takes some skills , B-ball sux , need to raise the nets 5 ft, players have gotten a lot bigger since they made 10 ft the official height , everyone is 6`7 now


Naw, she's a blonde, I believe she works the night shift. At times she show's up at McCharacters a little after midnight still dressed in her Houligan's uniform.

The Bank was actually a trailer , Security First was only bank by Publix and it was originally in like an office trailer you see on construction sites lol, I worked here back then , only place to get anything to eat way before Mc Donalds was a Handyway on Club House drive lived on hotdogs and relish lol


Correct. When I worked for my stepfather back then handyway was it for lunch. Then came Publix with the deli. Then McDonalds afterwards.

Once Publix(Deli) opened that was the end for Handway. LOL

Ahhh my waitress was very cute, but way too young , after my ex ,don t want another young one , she was 17 yrs younger,only wanted to be there for the good times, when sis was dying , she disappeared , where you from originally?

Looking forward to the next game against the Jets!
With a Bye next week, hopefully we can get everyone healthy and get Gaffney involved in the passing game. Bush needs time to heal and I think Long has been playing a little banged up too. Thomas & Marshall should be ready to go also. Injuries happen in football and are the only thing that limits this team.



Im out man. Getting blisters on my a ss from sitting so long. Maybe we can get together someday.

what site do you get on puter I down loaded a few , but they never work


Im originally from Miami, but grewup both in Miami and Daytona. Mom live up this way, dad lived in Miami. Was back and forth a lot.


This site always bworks. Just a 1 play lag in live action.


I find the foie gras at McCharacters to be loathsome, and the vichysoisse to be utterly lacking in sophistication. The sweetbreads at Houligan's, however, are an absolute delight.

X & YG: do you agree?

Never been to McCharacters, but maybe ate roaches when it was Philly Cheese Steak, Do most of my dining up in St Augustine oh and your a tool

Fins 1st place in division

NE losttttt!!! stupid AZ couldnt seal it yet

Thank You Seahawks!

Christmas in Seattle!


Omg Skelton sucks. Bills ant to be 3-3



Geeez.....did anyone notice (aside from me) that Steratore almost gave this win away to the opposing team??? Steratore is the REF who gave the Steelers the ball when Roth fumbled at the goal line (Steelers scored and won the game) OCT 2010. Steratore clearly did it again NOT ONCE BUT TWICE today!!! He used the "Tuck Rule" in his favor when Bradford fumbled the ball. He blew it again when the receiver (whoever it was) clearly fumbled the ball stating he didn't have control of the ball.
Certainly appears he against the Finz...totally unacceptable. Ross should insist that dirtbag no longer allowed in South FL....not even during summer vacation!

First place Dolphins, baby! Bye week next, then 10 games left. Anything is possible, people. Our defense rocks, and we do enough on offense to get the job done. Is anybody in the AFC really look that unbeatable right now? Just wait until our rookie QB becomes "experienced." If you don't believe that good times are here now and for the future, please head for the beach down there and start walking east. We may or may not get it done this season, but the future of this team, when a few more key parts are added next offseason, along with a few parts that are already there are re-signed, is going to be as bright as can be. FIRST PLACE DOLPHINS, BABY! GO FINS!!!

Mr Fisher....How do you like US Know????


Nobody wants us on their schedule. I promise you that.

Can you do me a favor? Can you remind me what Cam "Gangsta" Newton's career record is?

Can you do me that kindness?

No doubt
I was at the game and mentioned that ref Steatore robbed us that game with Steelers and he is form there!
He tried to do the same today
Philbin gave him an earful though
I would send the game film to NFL headquarters and refuse to play any games in which Steratore is the head ref

If someone told me that after 6 weeks the fins would be tied for first I'd ask them what mental hospital they escaped from.
Great win for the fins, There a scrappy team.

I give the bloggers a bad time for always wanting to be negative, but props for all the great posts. Vernan was awesome, I hope they give him an opportunity to play more. Shelby has a lot of burst too, the team is developing some good talent for the future.

Tied for First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was ugly, but a win is a win

What happened to Hartline the last 2 weeks? We wnt from the #1 and #2 receiver and rusher to ????

The Fins deserve two marks in the win column for this victory:one for beating the Rams,and another for beating those dirty ref's!

Good win. We struggled rushing, we had to fight awful ref decisions and a defense that had some lapses. Through all this, we still won. This would not have happened the last couple years. To see Vernon hurt and refuse to sit out the rest of the game? Amazing. To see a fake punt that late in the game with that much on the line? Incredible!! Yes, Joe Philbin, his staff, these players deserve our support. This is a gutsy team. Two thumbs up!!!

Miami has been a really fun team to watch this year especially because of HBO's 24/7. I have been visiting a lot of sites sport betting online and have placed many bets on the dolphins. Too say the very least, I have made a lot of money and am glad I chose to place the bets.

Who would of thought we would be tied in the AFC East with the Pats, Jets & Bills after 6 weeks, 3-3.
With a bye week in play and the Jets next, can't get better.
Go Fins!!!

Miami Dolphins keep playing hard boys.
This season is fun and exciting so far.

Rite on comrade. It was a good win for the FINZ but if the game tape doesn't make it abundantly clear that Gene Steratore has it out for us, I don't know what will. Although we won, Steratore could have single-handedly changed the outcome of the game.
There is NO WAY anyone can observe his "under the hood" reviews and draw a conclusion those were unbiased decisions. He's gotta go!!!

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