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Dolphins face tough sales dilemma, fans face tough choice

The Dolphins will not sell out this Sunday's game in which the St. Louis Rams will visit Sun Life Stadium. That is a virtual fact already given the thousands of tickets that remain unsold as of this writing and the thousands more tickets (often going below market value for seats in better locations) that are available through the secondary market.

That's the problem the Dolphins face this week and have been facing for some time as they continue to weigh whether to -- gulp --  buy their own tickets and lift the TV blackout in the local market.

We know that so far the Dolphins have bought up remaining tickets to ensure the lifting of the TV blackout. I have a guess as to what the Dolphins will do today at the deadline but because it is only a guess and major dollars are at stake for other folks based on what I might write I don't want to share it here.

We'll know soon enough if the Dolphins dig into their own pockets and pay the bill that fans normally pay to make sure the game is televised. Or if the deadline comes and the team allows the blackout to stand.

But what I do want to do today is explain to you the dilemma the team faces in making the decision whether to continue buying its own product (tickets) in hopes that eventually fans will return to the fold and do the buying instead.

Here's the dilemma:

If the Dolphins were playing hardball and not caring whether you fans see the game on television or not, they would simply let Thursday's deadline come and pass and announce the sufficient number of tickets were not sold.

Remember, this is a low threshold. The Dolphins this year are needing to sell 15 percent fewer tickets for a sellout to be granted and yet fans aren't even doing that for this game.

The team could say, "If you want to see the game, South Florida, you have to purchase a ticket and come out to the stadium."

The club is perfectly within its right to do this.

The problem is the Dolphins are on something of a roll of late. They have a chance to even their record at 3-3 on Sunday.  The team has been competitive so far this season. By all accounts the decade-long struggle to find a good young quarterback finally seems on the road to being solved.

So the team wants to continue riding that wave of goo feelings. The club wants please its fans and its fans have universally requested that all the games be on local TV. And the last three weeks, in two overtime losses and a victory over Cincinnati, the TV ratings have reflected a significant uptick in fan interest.

On the other hand, the Dolphins are also a private business. And it is a bad business model to buy your own product and then give it away free on television. (Sounds remotely similar to what newspapers do, but that's another story.)

At some point, the team must and will put its proverbial cleat down and say, "No more free rides. If games aren't sold out, they're not televised."

But is that time now?

Is that time in the middle of this so-called roll I just described above? Are the Dolphins in a position of sufficient strength to tell their fans that they must be at the stadium to see the game or otherwise they won't see the game?

The Tampa Bay Bucs made that call a couple of years ago. You know what the Tampa Bay fans did?

They didn't buy tickets to the games to see the team play. And they stopped watching on television also.

So what the Dolphins have going on is a high wire act.

And this is where you come in ...

The Miami Dolphins read this blog. That is not bragging. It is simply true. Folks at all levels of the organization read this blog from the very top on down. And they read your comments.

So here is the question of this day as the blackout deadline looms and the team makes the delicate decision whether to buy its own tickets and televise the game, or allow the facts of the current market to be the facts of the current market and black out the game:

As fans would you blame the Dolphins if they stop buying their own tickets and the game is blacked out?

Or do you put the responsibility of buying tickets on the actual ticket-buying public and blame fan apathy or a tough economy for the blackout?

And if the Dolphins make the hard decision of blacking out the game, would that decrease your overall excitement about this team? Would you blame the team for a bad public relations move? Or would you understand that business is business and this too shall pass?

This is your chance to tell the team what you, the fans, think ...

Show wisdom in your answers because they matter.


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Dear Dolphins, please don't read the comments section on here, it's not representative of real Dolfans.

I don't blame the team for the decision but the greedy NFL. Isn't money to be made from televising it? It is odd that the game can be seen around the country but not in Miami's home-town.

It shows that professional sports is not a decent corporation that provides a service for a decent profit but wants to suck us from everything we have. There is no moral integrity anymore.

The game can be televised in Miami and should be regardless of whether the fans buy tickets to the game or not.

What the team decides to do is up to them and can't really be blamed either way, but they shouldn't be forced to make the choice.

The games should be televised what else will people in Miami watch between 1:00 and 4:00.

GOT to Keep WINNING and they will come.........

looks like you want to start a riot

If I was in Miami I would go to the games for sure - only 8 home games per year - how lucky to have an NFL team in your home town - however would be really impressive if only the football people would discuss football issues. Having executives make comments about drafting positions of need in 2013 and what QB should win the starting position kills us. Let the current coaching and executive team stay put for another 3 years and lets build some momentum. Continuity can breed success - stick with the courage of your convictions - get more football activities at the game - old timers - HOF players - football promotions etc and combined with continual improvements and the fans will be there - "if you build it, they will come"

To Steve Wallenda Ross: We true Dolfans are tough. We have to be. Wins are your product, and your players are the draw to put us into your seats. Do what ya gotta do, I got radio.

time for the team to take a stand and announce the blackout. full stadiums help win games. times are undeniably hard for people to pay the cash to go and watch but where do you draw the line? do we end up playing in front of 15,000, 20,000. The team also has a responsbility to make the game day product as much value for money as possible, both on and off the pitch, but first and foremost as fans we need to fill the stadium

I don't think the Phins should have to buy out the tickets to lift the blackout. However, I would like to see them get better. In the end, that will solve the ticket sales issue.

I live in Asheville, NC. One of my dreams is to one day have season tickets to the Phins and fly to each home game. I haven't missed a game since 1995 (mostly NFL Sunday ticket).
Winning=ticket sales.
Top QB=winning.
Having a top QB is the most important factor for both. Not the only factor, I know.
Finally, they are doing what I would have done for the last 13 years. Draft the best QB available and then, gasp, let them play their first year. No more 3 year plans regarding QB's.
I don't know if Tannehill is the answer, but hopefully we won't have to wait another 2 years to find out.

Phins front office should allow the team to be watched on TV. Can you blame fans in this economy if they don't want to pay hard earned money to see a team that is under .500 for FOUR seasons in a row? Let alone a decade plus since the team won a playoff game. Baby steps, people. Fix the ineptitude and the fans will start spending cash.


I live in the UK but am a MASSIVE Dolphins fan and have been since the late-1980s. I've been to the training camp at Davie and come over to watch games. I would give anything to have the opportunity to watch more games but I can't obviously. I think it's very sad that the people of South Florida don't get out to support their team more. Sure they've been a pretty awful team for most of the last 20 years but so have a lot of teams who still sell out every week (Cleveland for example).

I think the NFL makes a mistake by televising EVERY game locally. In the UK for example, if you want to watch Manchester United play you have to hope their games is selected for national coverage (which it is about 25% of the time). Otherwise the game is NOT televised live and you can only catch highlights later. Same with every other team in the Premier League.

So my response is that I think the Dolphins should stop buying up unsold tickets and giving the fairweather Dolphins fans an excuse to sit at home watching the games. It's a beautiful sunny sunday in South Florida - go and sit in the bleachers and support your team if you're really a fan and if you don't then you can't complain when you don't get to see the game on tv.

South Florida fans are pathetic, black out the games. I live in New York and fly down to games. When I can't make it, I have directv to watch. If they can't appreciate the team, then pull it from tv for the rest of the year and then re-evaluate next year. For all those that think I'm simply a blind Fins fan, well let's just say I'm not a big supporter of Jeffy Jeff Ireland.

I'm also a season ticket holder and when I can't make the games, sometimes I eat the loss.

With all the different revenue sources the NFL has now, this antiquated blackout BS needs to end. How many folks subscribe to Sunday Ticket, or to NFL.com's premium stuff?

To be blacked out on TV is frigging ridiculous nowadays. It's inconveniencing people AND stealing their money if they're Sunday Ticket subscribers.

This policy needs to be removed. It doesn't help anyone. Crappy teams don't draw well, and not letting people in the local market area watch the team doesn't help garner a crowd if said team is improving but still poor. In that case, they will only start selling enough tickets several games into a season where they turn the corner.

Seems to me that leaves many games where there is a good team on the field that people won't pay for because they don't know what the hell is going on.

I'm a Dolphins fan who lives in the Tampa area. Seeing how the Glazers(Bucs owners) don't lift the blackouts by purchasing their tickets the home games are never on TV for the past few years.

And you know what? People have just lost interest and watch other football games. A few of my friends have given up caring whether the Bucs win or lose and just watch the other teams play.

So my opinion is keep the game on TV and lift a blackout. Eventually when Tannehill starts winning the fans will come. Miami fans are already disillusioned start taking away games on TV and you will lose a ton of casual fans to the Heat and other teams.

It is never smart to buy your own tickets!! I live in Atlanta where so far there have been no Dolphins games!! Although Im very excited about the progress I still need to see sustained improvement. If I see that I could buy Sunday ticket within a few weeks. If this team continues to improve, they wont have to purchase anymore tickets. Just keep winning and the fans will come.

obama needs to go. vote romney dumasses

I think the Miami Dolphins have to buy the tickets to avoid the blackout.

The team needs to succeed to get the fans back! They need to do more to get fans in the seats.

Do more media promotion. Reach out to local High Schools. Promote ticket specials!

As someone who grew up in Miami but lives elsewhere, I need to depend on Sunday Ticket to watch the games on TV... I watch them all. If I still lived there I would definitely attend 3-4 games per year, cost and family commitments would prevent me from watching all of them. I think many true fans feel similarly and would feel very disappointed if I could not see the 4-5 games I could not attend on TV. That I feel represents the view of the true hardcore fan.

Here is the root of the problem the Dolphins have... most of their fans are not hardcore and dont feel this way. Miami has a very transient population, people who grow up there move away and other people move there later in life for the weather and the lifestyle. As a result, the fanbase is more fickle and less loyal than in many other markets. They jump on the bandwagon when the team wins and jump off when they dont. They were further spoiled by a 30 year period which had only 2 losing seasons.. something remarkable and probably unrepeatable. Even then fans were unhappy because they hadnt won the superbowl since 1973.

You cant change this... it is a fact of life. If they started enforcing the blackout it will have the same effect as in Tampa, you will lose that fickle fanbase and lose the indirect revenue you gain from the fans such as jersey sales. Hold strain, show the games, accept it as a cost of doing business and continue improving the product on the field. When you win consistently they will come and you can ride the wave. Also remember, every year that you keep that fickle fanbase you will convert a small percentage of them to diehard fans like myself that will plunk down money to watch the games.

I live in NC too only a couple hours away and my sister actually lives in Asheville... I usually try to get to one game a year in Miami.. I havent missed a game either.. If the team continues to win and show progress then fans will come back. The fins have to realize that bad decisions on coaching and personel coupled with losing seasons equals a lack of ticket sales. The fis need to take this season on the chin and think about a black out next year. I doubt theyll have the same problem next year though ..

I live in NJ, grew up in Miami going to games with season tickets. I go to Miami Mike's Sports Zone every week to watch the games up here. The Dolphins should not buy the tickets to lift the blackout. We need "cheeks in the seats". If the fans feel a little pain, then maybe they'll go. There are cheap enough seats so people can attend. Watching from afar, it is pathetic that there are so many empty seats. If they are real fans, they'd be there for every game, whether the Phins are winning or losing.

When's the last time this team's played .500 ball and were in sniffing distance of a playoff hunt?

A win Sunday could spark this and I belive fans would want to begin coming out in groves. There's just been too many years of subpar football by this franchise.

Fans are looking to see evidence this team is on the the rise. That wont come with showing progress and gaining losses. That will come with showing progress and gaining W's.

Beat the teams we should beat, a 3-4 victories over teams not expected to beat, the 3rd qtr of the season should begin a fan turnaround in home game attendance. A victory Sunday and brows begin to raise.

5-3 going into the 2nd half of the season and I believe the sellouts will naturally begin. 5-3 and a playoff buzz will begin.

The Dolphins need to buy the tickets to keep the team relevant in Miami. With the Heat's success it's no longer a one sports team town. I'm really encouraged by how they have played this year. They are much better than I expected, but they need to rebuild the fan base as well as the team.

The blackout rule is old an outdated and needs to be abolished. There are thousands of fans all around the world and USA that follow Dolphin Football. So a fan in Orlando with Direct TV can see all the games but a fan in Miami has to either shell out a couple hundred dollars from there 800 dollar weekly paycheck to watch them play the Rams?

I don't think so, especially when on Sunday you could just go to the beach.

Mr. Ross will buy up the necessary tickets today and will continue to do so until this team becomes a playoff contender. At that time he has an argument for blackouts.

Also the Dolphins make as much money in TV Revenue and in selling local commercial spots. Money they would not make with a blackout.

Blackouts are a no win situation and only create more bad press for the team.

So enjoy the game on Sunday live on FOX!

The NFL deserves part of the blame for why people don't go to games. A lot of fans don't like being patted down like a suspected criminal.

If the team were 4-1, instead of 2-3, Sunday's game would now be sold out. The fans are only as close to selling out the home stadium as the Dolphins are to playing above .500 football.

Even if Sunday's game were blacked out, fans would be happy with a W and in "I told you so" node with a loss. This is a crucial game game in getting fans back into the seats. But, I wouldnt black it out just yet if I were Ross.

For the dude that lives in NJ and watches the games at a sports bar and wants the team to blackout the game for more cheeks in the seats.


The real Miami Dolphin fans live in Miami and eat, live and breathe the same air as the Dolphin Players, whether you go to the games or not. In Miami you turn on the radio and it's Miami Dolphin football 24/7 you go to the store and there is Dolphin gear!

Your an idiot living in NJ and rooting for an out of town team.

I say they need to pay. Yes, the product this year seems to be improved but what about all the other years that the stadium was sold out without a winning team. Time to pay their due's back to the fans...

As a lifelong Miami-area resident and Dolfan in his late 30s, I can shed some light here on the attendance issue:

1) The Fins haven't been competitive in over a decade, haven't sniffed a SB in nearly 3 decades, haven't won a SB in nearly 4. The glory is all long gone.

2) Like with all other markets, fans find it cheaper/easier/better to watch on TV.

3) Unlike many other markets, there's actually more to do here on a late fall/early winter day than just watch football. Fins football has competition with boating, fishing, beachgoing, etc.

Blackouts will send remaining Fin fans over to other teams.

Not that Mike Dee really cares what I think, but if he did, I'd tell him that the only serious choice has to be buying the tickets and averting the blackout. (I'd also tell him to donate the tickets to some youth groups in the area to start sowing the seeds of the next generation of Dolphins fans, but he probably already knows that.)

If the Dolphins can win this week, they have a BYE and then face a rapidly declining Jets team who they should be able to beat and then they face the Colts.

2-3 could turn into 5-3. Not saying it will, just that it could. But if it does, then that's when the team has to draw the line and say "no mas". Because, at 5-3, the Dolphins would now be showing people something they haven't shown in years, and that's potential.

So my response is that I think the Dolphins should stop buying up unsold tickets and giving the fairweather Dolphins fans an excuse to sit at home watching the games. It's a beautiful sunny sunday in South Florida - go and sit in the bleachers and support your team if you're really a fan and if you don't then you can't complain when you don't get to see the game on tv.



NO MORE LIKE THIS: pay 30 dollars to park, 40 dollars for a ticket, 10 dollars a beer and sit in 90 degree hot sun for 4 hours in the endzone at 1:00PM.

I would rather watch from the comfort of my leather counch in front of my 70 inch LCD Samsung TV with my chips and beer that I bought at the supermarket for less than 20 bucks.

I live in the Atlanta area and watch Dolphins games on Direct TV, so it has no affect on me either way. However, I think a blackout is in order once the team has a .500 record and above. I think the team deserve support at any rate, considering how hard it is to put together a winning organization.
Go Dolphins! A fan for life.

Most hardcore fans will watch no matter what. There are plenty of websites that show the games live, and Naples and Key Largo are not far to go watch. Plus there are plenty of bars locally that will show it, just like they did the Indy playoff game years ago. It costs me nothing to watch online, and maybe $100-$150 to drive my family to see it if I have to, including gas, food, etc. For a family of four to go to the stadium, park, eat, drink, etc, and waste a whole Sunday between traffic and parking and getting back home, its not even a question right now. Once my kids are a lot older that will be different, but for now, I have no choice but to miss going to the game live. The thing is, fans still get all dressed up in Fins gear, with Fins pillows lying around, and Fins coozies, and kids all dressed up in their Fins gear, etc. If I have to keep watching on the iPad or computer instead of TV, I promise you I will not get all dressed up for nothing, and neither will the fam. I will also pay attention to the commercials and make sure I drink a different beer, order from a different restaurant, etc etc etc. So good luck with your decision Mr Ross, sounds like an easy one to me!

I understand the idea that if the team is not winning , why pay hard earned money to go see them. However, i live in New Jersey right outside of Philly.
This city is full of annoying , loud , out of control fans. But they have one thing in common, they have passion for there team no matter how bad they may be.
I know that watching the Dolphins week after week on Sunday Ticket i get disgusted by the fact that all i see is empty orange seats, the fans in Miami should be ashamed of themselves. I am a REAL fan and i watch them every week , no matter how bad they are. I have a man cave filled with Dolphins stuff and a huge tv so i can feel like i am at the game. Again a true fan. Bottom line is this, the true fans in Miami will show up week in and week out, the fans who dont care enought to buy tickets dont need to see them on TV either. Sorry to the people who can not afford tickets, but i think its less "i cant afford" and more
"not true fans".

They shouldn't let a blackout happen this whole season an reevaluate at the beggining of next season.

With that said, if they are still struggling to sell tickets, maybe they need to look at prices. If the Dolphins have a decent (10-6) season this year, they will get a lot of season ticket holders back, and the issue will be moot. The probably isn't fans not buying tickets, it's the fact that the organization has been trying to sell a defective product for years now.

The other problem is you are trying to sell a product in south florida. It HAS to be good, otherwise people have plenty of other things to do. This isn't Buffalo where fans really have nothing better to but go to the stadium, root for their team, then complain about them afterwards.

Real Miami fans that live in Miami should be living, eating the food, and breathing the air in the stadium on game day.
Stop being a cheap ass and go to the game.

I live in DC. The only opportunity I have is to watch on TV.

While I understand the business logic of not buying you're own product, the Dolphins did this to themselves... not the fans.

I'd call this a penalty against poor management from previous years, chalk up the lost money for this season and make sure all tickets are sold so the game can be televised - giving the team on a "roll or uptick" a chance to speak for themselves. Sometimes you need to continue promoting in order to drive sales. Keep promoting and giving away tickets so fans across the nation can support the team.

Blackouts do nothing for the team except upset fans who can't afford a $10 hotdog, $10 drink, and a $99 ticket or make the fans already disappointed in the team start to resent the team even more.

A tough bill to swallow - but it's not the fans who created this problem. Don't take it out on us..

As bad as things have been for the dolphins in the past several years , they should continue to buy up the tickets, the dolphins are on the verge of turning the corner and becoming a good team when this happens fans will come back, I have direct tv and watch them every week go FINS!!!


This is a critical time for the Dolphins and this ownership knows it. The culture and level of fan interest is at stake. The New York Giants do not have this problem because the culture of winning and being into the team doing so is there. If the Dolphins can continue to create that winning culture. Then Stephen Ross will not have to buy tickets to avoid a blackout. The fans are waiting to see if the Dolphins are for real. I believe that Stephen Ross knows this culture change will take some time. So be patient Stephen Ross, continue buying the tickets needed to lift the blackout and the return will come when the fan base is willing to emotionally get involved for their entertainment. A fan base obviously will not buy into a pathetic losing franchise. Well! unless the fan base is from Cleveland. Sorry Cleveland just some levity. Cleveland was not patient enough to stick with a coach like Belichick who was destined to produce a winner.

Grand spectacles, including all sports, are being used by the government and corporations to take our minds off austerity measures, the global economic crisis and the commodification of everything.
NFL is one of those operations in distraction of the sheep.

Good job !

I would continue to buy tickets until one and/or both of the following thresholds have been reached:

1. They have a winning record.

2. They become a playoff team.

As bad as Dolphins have been for so long, I would tend to go with option 2.

Njdolfan, 100% agree. However the economy does suck right now, I am a middle class American in Taxachussets. My tax returns have gone down significantly, (contrary to what Obama claimed) And my health care has risen by 3 times the costs within 3 years. So I can see some reason why fans are not coming.

That being said. If I lived within 3 hours of the stadium in Miami you bet your butt I would be a season ticket holder, because I LOVE my dolphins! I would budget the cost of tickets as a expense. Maybe eat out less. so if Miami or the surrounding area could open some jobs that pay my family close to what I earn now... I will be there in a second. Ross have a job opening? I am well educated and a hell of a salesman. You already hired to of my WNEC (WNEU) allumni this year, how about one more?

GOT to Keep WINNING and I will go......... They want my money, they have to work hard for it.

Since watching Joe Auer run back the opening kick off back in '66 you can count the Dolphins games I havent either been at,watched on TV or listened to on the radio on one hand with fingers left over.I will still support the team regardless of Mr Ross's decision about blackouts.I just wish he would see the light and re-name whatever its named now stadium back to Joe Robbie Stadium.

I understand the winning thing guys. But the raiders suck and don't have problems selling, Clevland the same deal, The Giants when they sucked sold out no matter what.

I get hateing to pay to see teams lose, but what about those other examples. their beer and hotdogs are the same price...

Just Devils Advocate.

I'm a native. Born on Miami Beach and raised in the burbs. I have and always will be a Fins fan. Here's the thing. I remember as a kid going to see Marino, MARINO, at the Orange Bowl and there being only 50-55k people in the stands. So this is not a new problem. It's a SFL thing. You win then people come. That's just how it is down here. It sucks and kinda embarrassing compared to other NFL teams. I used to be a season ticket holder but can't afford that anymore. But I always tried to get to one or two games per year. But the atmosphere at the games is not what it used to be. First off let me say that at 1pm games the heat is brutal. In addition being surrounded by foul-mouthed alcoholics and opposing fans is not fun. Add in the outrageous prices to park, drink(even water), eat, etc. can be quite rough on the wallet. I went to a Tottenham futbol game(that's soccer in the UK)and despite it being 40 degrees and their stadium being at least over 50 yrs old what an enjoyable experience. Of course the fans were amazing. Everyone was in their seats before the game started, there was absolutely no alcohol permitted inside the stadium, and visiting fans have their own section(and MADE TO MOVE if sitting amongst the home fans)!! Now I know the NFL is a business but I'm sure there are thousands of fans like me, especailly those with children, who would like to see measures like these at Fin's home games. I also think we'll win the Super Bowl this year. Here's to HOPE. PS:I think they should buy the tix. They can afford it. And the fans deserve it.

Sooner or later he will get the message. Mr Ross should have aleady fired Jeff the idiot Ireland. When he does, the fans will show up at the stadium! Final note, Jeff Ireland has been an embarassment to the fans and the entire NFL.

Sybil says,

Ok, I need to know this:

I have been a Dolphins fan for almost 30 years now. The first game I ever warched was 1982's Subper Bowl and I became enamoured of the sport and the Dolphins (even if they lost).

For years I could only see the Phins games every once in a while because the broadcasters in Mexico, where I live, televised the games of different teams week after week. So I could see only 3-5 Dolphins games a season.

I remained a huge fan, even though. I am a more passionate fan than many, if not any, of you guys up un Florida.

Since 2003 I have been able to watch ALL of the Dolphins games week after week, because either I lived in the USA for a while and attended sports bar, or because I had Direct TV, or because I attended a gambling bar in Mexico (although I never bet) or nowadays through internet.

I love the Dolphins and I couldn't stand not watching a game, neverminding against which team. If I lived in Florida, I would be a season tickets owner.

Therefore, I need to know, Armando, if the black out the game for Florida, will I be able to watch it in internet nevertheless?

I need an answer, thanks.

This problem has been around even when they were winning. I clearly remember during the Marino years going to games and watching them on tv and seeing the orange seats empty in the upper levels in the corners...so selling out completely has always been an issue, even when they were good. Its just worse now.
Yes, part of it is the economy and part of it is the losing record over the past few years. The Miami fans just dont have the passion as much as fans in most other cities. So us fans out of area do not understand and are ashamed by it.

If it were my decision I would not buy the remaining tickets for this game.
St. Louis isnt a big draw. Many locals might not watch it anyway.
If it was a bigger name or better team I would strongly consider it.

I understand why they have to buy tickets (or their money maker, us, will go away) but if you can't afford $40 tickets to see your team than it's kind of disgruntling that Ross has to buy the tickets to allow you to see it. I live in NJ and if I were near Miami I'd easily spend $40 to see my team play each week. I've only been to Miami games in hostile territory (when they play the Jests up here) and it's a fun experience. When we start winning we will fill that stadium without a problem. The key is winning and a winning product (looks like we're headed in that direction)

The Dolphins have been in a "slump" for too long. Now they're starting to pick things up and they need to keep the fans interested and excited. So they need to lift the blackout for this game and then see where they're at when the next home game arrives.

Funny how fans not livinmg in rapid driving distance of Miami say they would attend games regardless of losing ways. Get real. Like other Miami natives have told you, so much to do and see in Miami, better options are available.

If you lived in Miami you would be caught up too. This is MIAMI, FL not GB, Wisc. With so few things going on in small market cities, going to games whether thier teams are loser or winners, is the only thing to do.

THIS IS MIAMI, FL not BUMFUCT, EGYPT. Im so sick and tired of people thousands of miles away blasting local fans, not knowing if they lived here, they would being the exact same thing too. You're only paying homage to your own uninformed lip service.

I'm in Orlando but I would gladly go to the games if I could afford it....

Posted by: njdolfan | October 11, 2012 at 08:48 AM

Amen, Miami fans take it for granted. Fans elsewhere have a MUCH bigger passion than those right by the stadium

YG you make a good point about GB and such but understand people who don't have the luxury of seeing the games are jealous of those that can and bitter at those who can but avoid it. Because you can you pick and choose your poison you may only attend select games but I would gladly attend a 3 hour Miami game every Sunday at a non-lucrative price.

This one is easy. The game tickets will bought by the local Fox station because this is only one of two chances for the Fins to be on Fox. So, on this one, the Fins will not have to buy their own tickets, local Fox will.

No blackout.

In any other business unsold inventory gets marked down until it moves. That's the first thing any Dolphins exec should have learned getting his MBA, supply and demand meet at a price that clears the market. If tickets are selling for less than face on StubHub, then their prices are not realistic. When they have turned around the program and are winning, going to playoffs, demand should come back. Until then, the Phins need to adapt themselves to reality and put the tickets on sale.

So Hell yes, I will blame them if the games aren't on TV.

It's a two way business. Fans have to go to games in hordes and the owners and team personnel have to continuously put a good team on the field. Either one of those fail and the whole system breaks down. How to fix that? Need to start winning a whole lot dolphins, I've personally gone through too many arduous years as a fan of this team to believe four hard fought games are the signs of better times to come. With that said though I like the direction the team is going. I'm watching the games again.

BTW why don't you just stream them on the net and have commercials the same? You probably have some ridiculous policies at the NFL level that don't allow this, but I'll tell you one thing you can take to the bank, I'm watching them online ANYWAYS. Personally I would pay up to $5/game to stream it legit, but I don't have that option. And I'm poor as hell, I wonder what people with money would pay. I'm willing to bet there's a millions others like me. That's 5 million every Sunday dolphins. I'm not sure if that's a lot or a little in the NFL business, but order of magnitude, that's truth.

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