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Dolphins face tough sales dilemma, fans face tough choice

The Dolphins will not sell out this Sunday's game in which the St. Louis Rams will visit Sun Life Stadium. That is a virtual fact already given the thousands of tickets that remain unsold as of this writing and the thousands more tickets (often going below market value for seats in better locations) that are available through the secondary market.

That's the problem the Dolphins face this week and have been facing for some time as they continue to weigh whether to -- gulp --  buy their own tickets and lift the TV blackout in the local market.

We know that so far the Dolphins have bought up remaining tickets to ensure the lifting of the TV blackout. I have a guess as to what the Dolphins will do today at the deadline but because it is only a guess and major dollars are at stake for other folks based on what I might write I don't want to share it here.

We'll know soon enough if the Dolphins dig into their own pockets and pay the bill that fans normally pay to make sure the game is televised. Or if the deadline comes and the team allows the blackout to stand.

But what I do want to do today is explain to you the dilemma the team faces in making the decision whether to continue buying its own product (tickets) in hopes that eventually fans will return to the fold and do the buying instead.

Here's the dilemma:

If the Dolphins were playing hardball and not caring whether you fans see the game on television or not, they would simply let Thursday's deadline come and pass and announce the sufficient number of tickets were not sold.

Remember, this is a low threshold. The Dolphins this year are needing to sell 15 percent fewer tickets for a sellout to be granted and yet fans aren't even doing that for this game.

The team could say, "If you want to see the game, South Florida, you have to purchase a ticket and come out to the stadium."

The club is perfectly within its right to do this.

The problem is the Dolphins are on something of a roll of late. They have a chance to even their record at 3-3 on Sunday.  The team has been competitive so far this season. By all accounts the decade-long struggle to find a good young quarterback finally seems on the road to being solved.

So the team wants to continue riding that wave of goo feelings. The club wants please its fans and its fans have universally requested that all the games be on local TV. And the last three weeks, in two overtime losses and a victory over Cincinnati, the TV ratings have reflected a significant uptick in fan interest.

On the other hand, the Dolphins are also a private business. And it is a bad business model to buy your own product and then give it away free on television. (Sounds remotely similar to what newspapers do, but that's another story.)

At some point, the team must and will put its proverbial cleat down and say, "No more free rides. If games aren't sold out, they're not televised."

But is that time now?

Is that time in the middle of this so-called roll I just described above? Are the Dolphins in a position of sufficient strength to tell their fans that they must be at the stadium to see the game or otherwise they won't see the game?

The Tampa Bay Bucs made that call a couple of years ago. You know what the Tampa Bay fans did?

They didn't buy tickets to the games to see the team play. And they stopped watching on television also.

So what the Dolphins have going on is a high wire act.

And this is where you come in ...

The Miami Dolphins read this blog. That is not bragging. It is simply true. Folks at all levels of the organization read this blog from the very top on down. And they read your comments.

So here is the question of this day as the blackout deadline looms and the team makes the delicate decision whether to buy its own tickets and televise the game, or allow the facts of the current market to be the facts of the current market and black out the game:

As fans would you blame the Dolphins if they stop buying their own tickets and the game is blacked out?

Or do you put the responsibility of buying tickets on the actual ticket-buying public and blame fan apathy or a tough economy for the blackout?

And if the Dolphins make the hard decision of blacking out the game, would that decrease your overall excitement about this team? Would you blame the team for a bad public relations move? Or would you understand that business is business and this too shall pass?

This is your chance to tell the team what you, the fans, think ...

Show wisdom in your answers because they matter.


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I live in CT. I am a Die hard Phins fan. I fly down for about 2-3 games per year, and I often see the team on the road when they come to the NYC/MA area to play the Jets and the Pats. I wish the people of South Florida had more appreciation for the team, but as others have stated, it is a fickle market.I think it would be a good business decision to buy up the remaining tickets, and let the games air on TV. Soon enough, the seats will be filled. I dream of living down there full time, and buying season tickets, but until that time, 2-3 home games is the best I can do.

I can only figure that all the trolls on this blog live near the stadium while all the homers live in parts where the game can't be seen on local TV. That's why me, Craig, etc are extremely passionate about our team while the trolls look for every negative cause they're constantly around it

They should not blackout the games....period. Yes, this is not the greatest sports town, we all know that and the Dolphins are very aware. This is a town, when the team is winning, people show up. But what also needs to be considered is even though Dolphins tickets are on the lower end of the NFL ticket prices, they are not cheap and many fans CAN NOT afford to attend games right now....this isn't the 90's anymore! Should those people be penalized for that reason? These people still buy jerseys, shirts, hats and other Fins gear. I was a season ticket holder for over 10 years in the 400 section but things have tightened up the last two years and the extra activites have to get cut first. I will come back as a season ticket holder WHEN they put a consistently better product on the field. The team should also consider tarping over seats, it's quite a large stadium that is never at full capacity. Think about this, the more crowded it looks and louder it gets, the more people will want to be involved. Then they can re-open those seats when there is demand.

Finally, remember the Baltimore playoff games a few years back, for those who went. It was wild! People were banging on my car and rocking it while we were driving through the parking lot. Listen, it's all about winning. You can't penalize the fans for a losing team and one that has been a losing team!!!! Build it and we WILL come!

Calling all Local's, go support Jason and Zach!

Instead of buying up tickets, "spend" that money by discounting the tix. More fans would show up if the cost weren't so outrageous.

YG, all due respect, my actions follow my words. before I had my son my wife and I flew to Miami 3 times a year, bought club seats, EVERY year. If I lived there that is what I would do. All the other distractions did not get me to Miami the Dolphins did. So maybe your point can go for some but not all. Careful who you try and call out outside of florida. I agree with another post here that the fans not in Miami seem to have a much stronger passion for the team. Again it can not be a blanket comment for all. But I back what I say.

Great post Mando!

Yes, ticket sales are important, but viewer ship is more.

Let's take the example of ur newspaper as u so eloquently put it. The Herald sells the paper on the street, but u can read it online for free. Now, let's say the herald starts charging to view online like the S.S. even though the website is full of advertisement!

UR BLOG AND ALL THE OTHER BLOGS ON THE HERALD WOULD CEASE TO BE AS POPULAR. (Dashi bets u will lose over 75% of ur audience, look at izzy's and omar's blog)

THANK UR EDITOR. He has the common sense to know making this a paid site is detrimental to the website and it's viewer ship. U guys would see less ad dollars if ur traffic was a lot less.

P.S.- Don't u think if the fins read this blog u should control the troll? U know just so u can look professional. Dashi has stated this before "This is the Miami Dolphin Blog". It runs itself! Heck U don't even have to post and this blog will always be active. Everyone remembers a couple months back. The other guys had to close this blog down because they couldn't taking care of this blog and all it's traffic!

As long as u know it's not u and it's the fins we care about. Don't get Dashi wrong, I like ur objectivity. But not every post has to be fins suck. Ur going to run out of stuff to write in a couple weeks.


Its not that out of town fans are more passionate. No dolfan is more passionate than the locals. Football is the #1 sport in Miami, from high school all the way up to the pros. Its just that in Miami, there's far too much competition for the fans pocket book and attention, than to support over an entire decade of losing.

We've seen Shula ousted, JJ quit, Pornstadt begin to run the team into the ground, the Saban lies, the shortlived Cam-Mueller 1-15 era, the smoke and mirrors Parcells 11-5 one and done era, the fistpumper, and 6-10 rebuild after the rebuild offseason.

Passed twice on Drew Brees. Persistence on not drafting a 1st rd qb(Matt Ryan). Now, finally after 30yrs(marino) of doing so(Tannehill), all is not so quickly forgiven after only 5 short games into this season.

The City of Miami fans, have suffered like none other. No fan, and I mean absolutely no fan, has suffered like the fans here in the city of Miami over the past 15yrs.

I was wondering when this would come up. It's a fact that at some point the fins will have to put the blackout in the hands of the fans. The franchise can't keep buying it's own product.

I don't, however, believe this is the week for them to put their cleat down. I don't believe they have won enough of the fan base over (I don't need to be 'won over', always been a fan, always will be...and I have satellite!).

They need to be .500 or better going into the last half of the season in order to have any leverage, IMO.

If they were 3-2 or 4-1, we wouldn't even be having this convo. People will buy a high-quality product. The team needs to suck it up and buy the tickets until people want to see what they're putting on the field.

I was born and raised in Coconut Grove. From 1974-1985, my family were season ticket holders. I am a Miami Dolphin fan, thus my favorite saying, "Dolphin Born and Dolphin Bred and when I die, I'll be DOLPHIN DEAD! I will be buried in a Dolphin Jersey.

All that being said, it is extremely distressing to see the games on television and witness all the empty seats. I appreciate that organization has purchased enough of its own tickets to lift the blackouts so far this year. It's time to stop. REAL fans should buy tickets and go to the stadium and root and roar and proclaim from that stands that "You are MY Miami Dolphins and I AM your fan."

As Dolphin fans, it is our DUTY to go to the games, buy the merchandise, drink the beer and eat the hotdogs and cheer like wild men and wild women for the Miami Dolphins. It's their job to put our team on the field. It's our job to be there for our team through highs and lows.

We don't deserve a free ride because they buy enough tickets to lift a blackout. They deserve our love and support in the stands.


I purchased the Direct Ticket so that I could see all the Dolphins games. However, I would find it really hard to be able to afford and pay at least 60 dollars a ticket to go to all the home games, not to mention parking prices.

Not sure how ticket prices or set, but perhaps they should decrease the prices if they want to fill up the stadium.

I'm sure they turn a profit on television contracts alone.

Lower the prices. Fill up the stadium and make money on the refreshements.


There are local dolfans who attend every game. There are local dolfans that dont attend every game no matter how great the team is.

Problem is, the fans we do see at the home games arent the same exact people you saw at the last home game. Economics and losing has much to do with all of the local fans not all attending on the exact same day.

When winning, a fan may sacrice work lunch money for the week to attend a game. When losing, they wont. Its not so simple as local fans arent as loyal as out of town fans. Thats the biggest sack of bs you'll ever hear.

It's unbelievable that the fans don't want to watch the game live at these prices. I wish I lived in south florida. I'd be there in a second.
If I were Ross I would not buy tickets to keep it on TV. Let the fans either go to the game or not watch the game. They're not real fans anyway.

There's an old ecomomic rule. "Those who can least afford it spends the most". However, there has to be a huge draw. Losing isnt it.

Until the Dolphins can recover thier winning ways, the fans who can least afford to be there, will continue to watch from the bar or comforts of thier couch. So will those who can afford to be there but follow fad. Losing's never in fad.

yesterday. I live in colorado and there is a lot to do here as well. But the fans pack the broncos stadium win or lose.

The NFL and ALL of its franchises make a LOT of money from the television contracts.Thats where the majority of revenue comes from as far as I know.If this is the case the team should buy the tickets on an ongoing basis it is some type of tax write-off,otherwise the interest in the team will probably wane just like in Tampa Bay.This is Florida and this is NOT a team like the Miami Heat who have been in the FINAL two years in a row and on paper without injuries will probably play the Lakers in the final next year.Basketball is a lot easier to predict because there are only 5 players to the COMPLETE STARTING TEAM.If you dont believe me check out how many times the Celtics and the Lakers have won the championship with favored teams.Those two account for HALF the NBA crowns in the HISTORY of the NBA.

Being a long-time Dolphin and currently living in the Tampa area, I observe this:

Tampa as a city leads the country in unemployment---last I heard it was over 12%. So much for disposable income.

Beer prices were through the roof (if there was one) in the stadium. They recently reduced those prices significantly.

Local Bucs fans have lost interest since the games haven't been televised. A note here in my favor since the blackout has resulted in the Dolphin games being shown on local TV. Yippeeee!

In light of all the positives you talked about regarding the roll we are on plus the play of our rookie QB, I believe the lack of attendance at the stadium is more of a symptom of underlying causes rather than the problem itself.

1. Economy lessening disposable income
2. Poor performance the past several years has inundated the fan into complacency and lack of concern. Heck a guy I used to attend ALL the games with recently gave up his season tickets due to the perceived lack of value he was receiving. He's happy to not pay the exorbitant parking $$, putting up with the drunken, rude fans and watching the games from his easy chair at home. Ok, ok I believe age has something to do with it bringing another dimension into the marketing solution.
3. The front office does not have the best perceive image of competency from past debacles. ala Tuna, forging for other head coaches, tough decisions (many of which I agree with) regarding unproductive personnel--Brandon Marshall comes to mind here, Ireland's/Ross' unpopular process of decision making (they are symbols of all that is evil in the head office). and of course the outdoor alternatives So. FL. has to offer.

I am not here to slam the organization, but to identify the root causes of the current lack of attendance and offer a few recommendations to the ownership/GM/marketing department.

1. Restructure the ticket and parking and concession pricing to be more fan friendly (in the short term of course). Get fannies back in the seats the remainder of this year and next year. This would be in the short term of course as you are going to have to bite-the-bullet for past sins, whether they were intentional or not. Get your bean counters to generate a project proforma of revenue projections and then select an IMMEDIATE course of action. (I am a management consultant and can help you with this if necessary-I do it in my sleep)
2. Send your GM to charm school. Not for the beautification process but some Dale Carnegy courses for conducting himself more favorably in the public. However, I am with him on that a-hole thing he said to the rude fan AND WOULD HAVE FULLY ENDORSED A HEAD-BUTT TO GO ALONG WITH IT but it does nothing to reverse his poor image. I personally do not have a problem with Jeffie and think he is very capable at his position. The fans must be able to feel that. They currently do not.
3. Target your marketing to the younger kids. They are the future seat fillers. If their parents aren't interested in going to games how can they be taught to be interested. Half-off pricing for under 16 kids would be a a start. I hate recommending cutting prices since that puts the organization in the "commodity market". But it is necessary to get the fan base back in line with revenue generating possibilities and back to value-added future experiences.

If Ross and company do read these responses, please anyone else out there with constructive input (all the armchair QB/GMS please leave the keyboard alone!!) let's hear it.


YG, I disagree with some of what you said. I also agreed with the economy part of your statement, that was in my first post. and for the record, YOU were the one jabbing the out of state fans as making comments about living in Miami definitly going to the games as not true.

You threw the first stone, another poster threw one back at you calling out of state fans more passionate. I chucked a pebble behind it. Because I still just don't get it. So call it sacks of bs, call it what you want. Me personally, I don't get it, and would be at every game no matter what the product is.

this is not a right or wrong discussion, the street goes both ways on Marino blvd. Fans want a winning product and the team to spend money to put out a good product... Guess what, fans that want that need to show commitment and spend the money to prove to owners that bringing a winning product is worth the effort. since after all this team is an "optional" investment for us and can be sold to a more "passionate" state/city fan base. Example. the Hartford Whalers, Houston Oilers.

I am not criticizing you for your view, but to discount the other side is also very short sighted.


If you were Miami resident the that desire would quickly fade away. Sometimes its hardest to find a thing thats right under your nose. Especially when its been well hid in losing.

Its only human nature to say we would do a thing we know we cant do. Everyone wants to be rich too, but only a select few ever achieve it. Nor are they willing to make the willing sacrice to get it.

I'm with YG on this one!

It's easy to talk when u don't live here. Don't give me all trolls live in Miami, because Dashi will slap the saliva out ur mouth for being so ignorant. To much to do in Miami and every dolphin fan has probably been to the stadium a couple times in their lives. If u been to the stadium u know it still needs some upgrades. Like a partial roof and bigger seats. It has them old stadium seats! Uncomfortable like a motherf'er!

And Really fans are going to stand around for 3 hours in the sun in Miami? During the middle of the day! Get off the pipe! That's why nobody went to 1:00 pm baseball games!
The Miami heat can be unbearable!

Plus, We have standards in Miami. People in Miami like to watch winners! Ross knows this and he's working on it. We don't cheer for losers!

Unless ur a FIU fan

If I lived in South Florida, I would find a way to get to the stadium.

I happen to live in the opposite corner of the country, however. When the fins play in Seattle , I buy tickets (It's a 3 and 1/2 hour drive for me). I've even traveled as far as San Diego to see Miami play.

I do what I can.

How can an industry that pays it's employees millions of dollars a year and earns all that tv money have a dilema???
I know football is dangerous but so is chemical manufacturing, gas refining, police work, the military and building skyscrapers. Do they get the pay and benefits like football players.
And the owners are certainly a needy crew!!
Cut the ticket prices to help the fan during this mess of an economy and it might build a little loyalty.
If Jake or Mr. Ross have to take a 10% cut, join the crowd.
And by the way, if the NFL continues to try and take the passion out of the play on the field with all the "princess" rules, the Nfl will also "be not for long"

I think if the fins want to sell out the stadium they should reduce the ticket prices. What good are expensive seats if they are empty. I'd rather sell out a game at 60% of price than leave 50% of the seats open. When you have a better product you can raise the prices.

Tough for the team's management but their only real choice is to buy their own product until they have a winner

All of you who claim youre so much more loyal than "LOCAL FANS", here's my challenge to you to prove it.


Until then, just can it already about how less passionate local fans are. You only prove youre more passionate in LIP SERVICE. Thats it.

First off, it's the Rams, and nobody cares about the Rams in S. Fla. Second, most of us making an honest wage. A "good" ticket in the lower section isn't any less than $150-$20o. It's ridiculous. Add that to the fact that it is just "another game" where we "may or may not" reach .500 and you get low attendance. We have been so terrible for so long that no one cares. When we are neck and neck for the division lead in November you will see people show up. BUY THE TIX FINS OWNERS!! IF YOU DON'T BUY THE TIX THEN NOONE IN S. FLA WILL SEE THE GAME. And if anything, you want people watching your product. Make us pay for the pats, jets and the 9ers games...not the Rams.

out of touch out of towners.
tsk tsk tsk...

THIS IS MIAMI, FL not BUMFUCT, EGYPT. Im so sick and tired of people thousands of miles away blasting local fans, not knowing if they lived here, they would being the exact same thing too. You're only paying homage to your own uninformed lip service.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 11, 2012 at 08:52 AM

Sounds like you and "Oops I dropped the Soap-Again" are making excuses for not being hardcore Dolphin Fans.

You want to talk the talk, but when it comes to the Wallet, it's another story. I don't care how many other options you have, you either Bleed Aqua and Orange or you don't!

Another thing, I live in Orlando so I can see the game anyhow. But, if we do win, and the owners buy the tix, everyone gets to see the win and anticipate the next home game...we buy tix then because we just can't wait to see us go above .500 for the first time with a new head coach, new qb, new EVERYTHING and it will only be week 6 or 7.

I live in New Mexico, and the only live dolphins game I ever saw was way back in 2002 against the Broncos, in Denver. I wish I could have been at a home game, and would love to make one. If I had the time and money, though, I would. I think it's a fan's responsibility, as a true fan, to try and be at the stadium supporting the team whenever it's possible. It would be a great thing to see Sun Life Stadium filled, but I think if it is not, it's not the team's responsibility to buy their own tickets to give the fans a chance to see the game. Particularly this week, I think the team needs to put the proverbial cleat down and blackout the game. It's up to the fans to make sure that happens. Just my two cents.

I live in Iowa, if I could go to the game I would. But I cant. its 2000 miles away. So I pay $300 a year on NFL Sunday Ticket, mainly to watch one game a week...the Dolphins.
Now that they are finally starting to give me a product thats worth watching, Steven Ross (a Billionaire) is too cheap to foot the bill because local fans cant get out and spend a Sunday at the stadium. This whole process needs to go.

I live up between St Augustine and Daytona Bch , I used to have season tickets , stayed at Shula`s Hotel in Miami Lakes, enjoyed the big brunches he put out before we got on the buses to go to the games , I lost my business and can no longer afford season tickets, but I hardly ever get to see a game , the Faguars have taken over the TV in my area , watched the Phins for 25 yrs then these rotten bastards set up camp in Jax abnd I no longer get to see my team , I can t afford Direct Tv, so I`m screwed , Dolphins need to get our channel back from the filthy Jackoffs

The problem is that watching the NFL from your house or a sports car is just a better experience than at a stadium. Make sure you are watching with some friends and there are less hassles and things are much cheaper.

YG, you were the one that started that argument, it you did not want the topic to come up you should have let it be. And one day I will but you a beer at your choice of establishment. My wife and I are looking for jobs out there that can keep us close to what we make here, and yes, seson tickets will be bought every year. Every single game, maybe not. I have a 4 year old that will require some attention also, but the majority of the games I am there.

Also, So FL was one of the hardest hit in the entire nation when the mortgage bubble burst. Many have been preoccupied with really important things like finding a roof to place over thier heads and getting emplotment.

Many have now taken jobs earning up to 75% less than what they used to make. So when so many also struggle to make ends meat. Is it more important to sacrice to watch what had become a perrenial loser? I think not.

Bottomline, there are myriads of legit reasons why home attendance has hit an ebb. Least of all, losing wont correct this.

i have block parties every weekend.
i will continue to have block parties on game days and i will pay for it everything out of my own pocket as always.
if u don't like it,
go *.f.* u'rselves and stick u'r heads in the desert sand and let a rabid camel have his way with u and u'r bung...

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 11, 2012 at 09:33 AM

So am I, Im in Palm Coast, FL.

I believe it is not a fan's obligation to attend games. The NFL is paid billions in TV revenues and fans pay their cable/satellite companies to indirectly cover those costs.

On another note, getting to a game is hugely expensive and time-consuming. Watching from the comfort of your home is just easier. I have personally turned down free tickets to games because the stadium experience is just not as fun as my house with friends over and multiple TVs setup to follow all the NFL action

The team buying the un-sold tickets would be like buying 3 hours of TV time. How many commercials does it take to to pay for the tickets?

It would only make since for the organization to make the purchase.

If employees of the Dolphins read this blog Im surprised Ireland havent called more fans a**holes since every other post is clamoring for him to get fired.

I live in ATlanta and refuse to pay for Direct TV, so I stream the game over the internet sometimes it craps out, sometimes you cant see who catches the ball but at least Im watching the Dolphins game. Although I question why should I watch the Dolphins when the Falcons is one of the best team in the league.

Go Dolphins!
GO Falcons!

OK common sense people.

How much does it take a family of 4 to go to a stadium?

$40 x 4= $160 in tickets

$9 X 6= $54 Drinks, Dashi has to have a couple beers in my seat.

$7x 4= $28 Concession, hot dogs and nachos

$20 for parking! Yeah they charge that much

Over $200 to watch one game! Without counting a purchase at the fin store. And these are the nosebleed seats! It cost the same for just 2 people, upgrade the seats $80x2.

Or buy Sunday ticket for under $200 and get all the NFL games!

Dashi was watching OTL when they had this old journalist on and he admitted nobody will watch football in a stadium in 30 years. Or almost any sport. He explained replay and the comfort of technology has eliminated the need to watch something live. We get more out of watching it on TV.

Why do u think they are starting to post replays on stadium screens? Or why most new stadiums let u listen to the broadcast from ur seat.

Remember during the live blog of the cards game? All the people watching on TV saw Philbin dropping f-bombs, except Mando and the people at the game.

Only good thing Dashi miss about going to live games. The fights in the crowd. Ur guaranteed a couple fights a game. Not as much as they use too.

YG we have completely different views because of where we live. I'm a Mets fan and although they sport a minor league team I've attended at least 5 games this season cause I like my team. I would easily attend 8 Miami home games at these prices. I say fans outside of Florida are more passionate and it seems to be proven since every fan outside of Florida has begged to see Miami games while the home crowd has said screw it (look at the posts from this blog). You may have a lot to do other than see Miami games but I'm 30min outside of NYC and there is A LOT to do there as well. I think people in Miami take it for granted cause every non-flordian citizen would love to attend these games

Also, not only has MIAMI NATIVES seen losing for the past 15yrs, we've watched the team horribly mismanaged during the same time too.

Out of towners just dont know how badly those of us who dont attend games would like to be there. Losing and mosmangament is a terrible thing to overcomes. It takes away all hope. No one likes to consistently supports what appears to be a hopeless cause.

Thats why now, we need Ryan Tannehill to be our football savior. He's the reason for the small revival in hope thats in the beginning stages of surfacing now.

I say blackout the games. It costs me $300(2 tickets) to go see the Dolphins play the Patriots with my son in December here in Massachusetts. Its a 3 hr drive, $40 to park in a field...cold,cold and colder. Sounds like I could go to 4 games in Miami for that price. If you live in Miami, dont complain and go to the games.

Me too , then you know theres no jobs here in PC , I`ve been on unemployment for almost a year now , its gonna run out soon and I`ll really be screwed, and the city counsel keeps trying to rob me with 52 red light camera`s , if I could afford to move I`d get out of Palm Coast

watch the game with 20 of u'r family and friends, eat the best food,drink the coldest beers.
p and take a dump in an ac'd no wait multple loos',
drive walk or ride ur' bike/scooter for free/ample parking,
smoke in peace,
or go to the game with 1 pal walk a 100 miles sweat u'r ballz off bust a bladder while waiting 2 p while standing in p.
might as well drink u'r p instead of beer because it will be warm anyways...um u pix.
lmao ! ! !

The NFL experience is different now. Games AREN'T that great to go to, especially with the hidef/3d TV experience. Not to mention going to bars and watching with other fans. The Dolphins need a new stadium and shbould set a new trend; a 40,000 seat stadium with all the ammenities. Ticket prices could be higher for a better experience. Let fans somehow listen to what's going on in the headsets like NASCAR does. Include some sort of fantasy tracking within the seats. Create an in game experience of some sort. Make fans fight, drool, at the notion of going to a game.

If you have the resources and time to get on a miami dolphins blog and talk about "eating out less" and your health care costs and things along those lines then you really have no idea what poor is.
I'd rathrer puncture the oil tank at my house and set my lawn on fire than put a mitt romney sign up and vote for that assclown.

They should not buy the remaining seats. I live outside of the area and have to purchase Sunday Ticket just to support my team. If I lived in the area I would have season tickets and attend every game. Hell, I have flown from California just to see my team play in person.

For fans that live in the area there who can afford to go they should. By televising the game on TV the local fan will choose to stay home because it is FREE. That just makes sense.

The organization should put its foot down and tell fans if you support your team then come to the stadium and get loud. If you are not a true fan than stay home and watch the highlights on ESPN.

2watt. 9:50.ROFLMAO


Youre missing my point. There are fans like you right inside of Miami. They attend every home game.

Sure youre a Met fan, Im also sure you maybe in the 10-20 percentile of local Mets fans that do this. That stadium's pretty empty too when the Mets are losers.

Just to say "local fans" arent as passionate is totally missing the mark and entirely inaccurate. There are always at least 50,000 fans at our home games.

Its just that 20,000 empty seats are an awful lot of ornage seats. Im sure the upwards of 50,000 local fans who do attend Fins games would have serious issues with out of towners saying LOCAL FANS ARENT AS PASSIONATE.

I think it's unfair for me (as an out-of-town fan) to say the team should put their foot down and let blackouts occur if people don't go to the games. I'll be able to watch every game regardless. While I DO want the stadium full, I also understand the reasons why it's not. You can't mismanage a franchise for as long as Miami has mismanaged theirs without some negative effects. The organization has had decades to fix their problems, and made the wrong choices. Who wants to support (financially) an annual loser?

Having said that, I think the team is FINALLY making some good decisions. They seem to be on the right path to creating a team that can STAY competitive year in and out. Tannehill will help immensely. So, eventually (meaning in the next year or two), I'd make "home" fans choose. The team will show growth, and the economy should be better as well. But today, I think it's too soon. The team is young, and would be helped by the growing support, and it also give the Owner and FO much needed good press, in a time where people question their every move.

Mr. Ross can afford it, buy out the tickets this year. Then next year (maybe) or two years (definitely) start demanding people show support by attending games (especially so it will help the team fill the stadium and get the "home-field" advantage most teams get).

"Is that time in the middle of this so-called roll I just described above? Are the Dolphins in a position of sufficient strength to tell their fans that they must be at the stadium to see the game or otherwise they won't see the game?"


Let's be real here. Yes we drafted a QB in the first round & fortunately through the first five games he's looked to be worthy of that pick BUT we're still 2-3.

Since this organization was bought by Huzienga the fans have been put through a seemingly never ending series of disasters. I'm sorry but ALL can not be forgotten after a win vs. the Bengals. In fact it's going to take more than ONE winning season for the paying customers to trust the Dolphin organization. You have to WIN the crowd & while I believe there are a lot of things to be excited about like an impressive looking rookie QB, a seemingly competent new HC, an O-line that isn't a turnstile--it's going to take more results & more time.

Take the Baltimore Orioles for example. Their fans didn't come out to games until LATE in the season b/c they've been burned so many times.

excellent job Fins fans. keep up the great work of not buying tickets to witness this inferior product. Ross will get it eventually or him and Ireland will be watching in front of 35-40K fans. Says alot about the recent history of your team when a 1-2 record in your last 3 games is considered "being on a roll". Remove the games from TV and fans will simply find something else to do/watch. IT WILL NOT RESULT IN FANS RUSHING OUT TO BUY TICKETS TO SEE THE GAME.

the games will never be blacked out in the so flo market,
way 2 much local ad $$$$'s for ross.
he might be cheap but he ain't stuuuuuupid.

I don't get it man. I live in Jacksonville and if I lived in the area I would have season tickets every year regardless of their record. I am a true fan. I have to buy Sunday ticket to support my team. Local Miami sports fans kill me. They only show if the team is good. Look t the heat, they used to have a hard time selling tickets too. Then they got good and all of a sudden here comes the fan. Be a true fan an show your support regardless! Go Dolphins!

Posted by: xtremewayz7 | October 11, 2012 at 09:50 AM

The redlight cameras. You do live here. LOL

Remember when it was $60,000 just to buy a small lot here in PC? That doesnt even include what the actual house cost before the housing bubble burst.

Ive net some here who drive as far as to Orlando and work.

dc, home field at the joe.?. = no.
home field at da bears stadium.?.= yes.
ross, build a real football stadium and they will come...

@Yesterdays Gone , what section of Palm Coast do you live in , I`m in the W section , I went to Finnegans cause Rusty said the fan club is there now , but when I got there there was no fan club , no Rusty , just a bunch of ignorant Jets fans

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