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Dolphins face tough sales dilemma, fans face tough choice

The Dolphins will not sell out this Sunday's game in which the St. Louis Rams will visit Sun Life Stadium. That is a virtual fact already given the thousands of tickets that remain unsold as of this writing and the thousands more tickets (often going below market value for seats in better locations) that are available through the secondary market.

That's the problem the Dolphins face this week and have been facing for some time as they continue to weigh whether to -- gulp --  buy their own tickets and lift the TV blackout in the local market.

We know that so far the Dolphins have bought up remaining tickets to ensure the lifting of the TV blackout. I have a guess as to what the Dolphins will do today at the deadline but because it is only a guess and major dollars are at stake for other folks based on what I might write I don't want to share it here.

We'll know soon enough if the Dolphins dig into their own pockets and pay the bill that fans normally pay to make sure the game is televised. Or if the deadline comes and the team allows the blackout to stand.

But what I do want to do today is explain to you the dilemma the team faces in making the decision whether to continue buying its own product (tickets) in hopes that eventually fans will return to the fold and do the buying instead.

Here's the dilemma:

If the Dolphins were playing hardball and not caring whether you fans see the game on television or not, they would simply let Thursday's deadline come and pass and announce the sufficient number of tickets were not sold.

Remember, this is a low threshold. The Dolphins this year are needing to sell 15 percent fewer tickets for a sellout to be granted and yet fans aren't even doing that for this game.

The team could say, "If you want to see the game, South Florida, you have to purchase a ticket and come out to the stadium."

The club is perfectly within its right to do this.

The problem is the Dolphins are on something of a roll of late. They have a chance to even their record at 3-3 on Sunday.  The team has been competitive so far this season. By all accounts the decade-long struggle to find a good young quarterback finally seems on the road to being solved.

So the team wants to continue riding that wave of goo feelings. The club wants please its fans and its fans have universally requested that all the games be on local TV. And the last three weeks, in two overtime losses and a victory over Cincinnati, the TV ratings have reflected a significant uptick in fan interest.

On the other hand, the Dolphins are also a private business. And it is a bad business model to buy your own product and then give it away free on television. (Sounds remotely similar to what newspapers do, but that's another story.)

At some point, the team must and will put its proverbial cleat down and say, "No more free rides. If games aren't sold out, they're not televised."

But is that time now?

Is that time in the middle of this so-called roll I just described above? Are the Dolphins in a position of sufficient strength to tell their fans that they must be at the stadium to see the game or otherwise they won't see the game?

The Tampa Bay Bucs made that call a couple of years ago. You know what the Tampa Bay fans did?

They didn't buy tickets to the games to see the team play. And they stopped watching on television also.

So what the Dolphins have going on is a high wire act.

And this is where you come in ...

The Miami Dolphins read this blog. That is not bragging. It is simply true. Folks at all levels of the organization read this blog from the very top on down. And they read your comments.

So here is the question of this day as the blackout deadline looms and the team makes the delicate decision whether to buy its own tickets and televise the game, or allow the facts of the current market to be the facts of the current market and black out the game:

As fans would you blame the Dolphins if they stop buying their own tickets and the game is blacked out?

Or do you put the responsibility of buying tickets on the actual ticket-buying public and blame fan apathy or a tough economy for the blackout?

And if the Dolphins make the hard decision of blacking out the game, would that decrease your overall excitement about this team? Would you blame the team for a bad public relations move? Or would you understand that business is business and this too shall pass?

This is your chance to tell the team what you, the fans, think ...

Show wisdom in your answers because they matter.


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I'm in NJ also and know Miami Mike's. Someone mentioned it earlier. How's the vibe there on Sundays?
I live in the area but, I use Sunday ticket to watch the games. Might go there occasionally if it's cool. I manage to go to the Miami vs. Jets games every year when I get the opportunity. Can't this year however!

What I can say is the fans in NJ are more die hard about the phins than the South Florida fans which is saying ALOT.

They just don't care about football. Sunshine, beaches, etc...They'd rather do that than watch the game.

Which is their right. But, the flip side to that coin is, local area fans shouldn't b!tch & moan that the games aren't gonna be broadcast on TV. Us out of staters would be there every Sunday if we could.

At the end of the day, the Dolphins are a business & the goal is to make money, not lose it. This spoon fed get everything for nothing mentality has to stop.

I understand the economy is rough & people can't afford it. For financial reasons, you can't afford to go. Please understand that the Phins, also for financial reasons, can't afford to keep paying for empty seats.

As for ownership--if Ross is truly committed to the fan base of South Florida then he needs to step up for as long as it takes to put a CONSISTENT winning product on the field. When he first bought the team he was WELL aware (& spoke specifically on this) that the team needed to win in order to sell tickets....Three straight losing seasons & now we're 2-3 is not enough.

If Ross doesn't like the LONG term prospects of owning this team I can imagine that PLENTY of billionaires would wait in line to purchase an NFL team let alone a storied franchise.

I am big fins-fan in Switzerland, and can watch it anyway (NFL Gamepass)... But i have a question, because i dont understand something.. if the Fins buy the tix by themself.. who will get the money if not the fins himself? Because, if my soccer-team around the corner here in Switzerland sells tickets, they get the money.. ok, they pay some taxes per tix... but, i mean, thats no big deal.. so... hope you understand my question, my english is not perfect..

Baseball has 162 games. I lost interest at the end of the season but still went for the game experience

Maybe local fans are passionate but they certainly aren't AS passionate as fans outside of the area. Fans know it. Miami writers know it. It's a fact that Miami residents aren't as high on the team as outsiders are. Sure the team hasn't been good for 15 years but a true "fan" roots for their team thru thick and thin. If a decade of mediocrity gets you down than you are spoiled with very high standards.

Mr. Ross...
You are on a roll. Being a New Yorker you know how important that is. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Watching Tannehill grow into his potential is are reward for bleeding Aqua through thick and thin. Think of the frail, old Gentleman in his tired, frayed Larry Csonka Jersey who lives for your broadcast. Just sayin...

Posted by: shevlisp | October 11, 2012 at 09:59 AM

Have you seen attendane at Jaguar games lately? LOL

Hey Mr.Ross are you hiring for any position?? Give me a job and ill start buying tickets again that simple and also start winning more espeacially at home where we pay then our money will be well spent till then I'm sorry I'm no help but all I have is TV don't take that away too

Wish I lived in S Florida so that I could go to games, the fact is that, I would not mind if the game is blacked out, look I get it, it has been tough for the past few years, but it was like that for the 49ers and look at where they are right now, if I was the owner and after the last couple of seasons of buying my own tickets, I would stop the non sense of purchasing it my self, just so that a mostly ungrateful fan base that will throw anyone and everyone under the proverbial bus can watch on TV...jeez how I wished I had the opportunity to live there, sorry just venting!


Miami Mikes is a great place simply cause it's the only Dolphins safe haven in a Jest fan hostile territory. Only got drinks there, never food, but the atmosphere is great

American Idol is blackout?

So buy you guy's shortlived attention span, the 50,000 that do regularly show up for Fins games all arent from So FL? You guys are such "Simple Simons".

For a true fan of football there is so much going on in Miami that there are half dozen other things you would rather do yesterdays gone? Real fans would go to the games! There is a 70new year wait for season tickets at Lambeau field. Nothing more to do here in Wisconsin but work and support you leakers that dont.

I'm a season ticket holder living in Virginia. I can only make it to about 3 games a year. It was my lifelong dream to be a season ticketholder, and have been now for 4 years. I come to the games because they're my team and I want to see them play. That won't change. But then, I'm a hardcore fan. When I can't travel (due to timing or cost), I have to utilize Direct TV, or go to a sports bar to see them play.

I agree that SFL presents a unique problem due to the multiple options someone has on a sunny afternoon. In Green Bay, your options are limited. It may be that only wins will bring in the fair weather fans. Possibly reduced prices during down seasons would help. Maybe, pricing that decreases as game day approaches would be effective. But I have no data to support those ideas.

With all that being said... I say the Dolphins should continue to buy the tickets. I say this for several reasons. 1) Sending people to the stadium (even if the team buys the tickets) will plant the seeds of fandom. 2) Today's NFL teams have multiple revenue streams. Game day revenue (Income from ticket sales and concessions) is only one of those streams. Sometimes an investment in one thing (games on tv) is required to support the other revenue streams (jerseys, hats, cups, flags, etc.). 3) Some people will never leave their couch, chips and plasma tv to come see a game. So no black out will motivate them to come. It may however motivate them to stop buying the Dolphins beer cup holder and Dolphin helmet chip bowl.

Go Fins!

Long time season ticket holder here. Attendance is purely a function of on-field success. The economy has nothing to do with it. Neither do orange carpets, celebrity owners or throwback hat giveaways.

{If they cut that orange carpet up into towels and give those away it probably won't increase attendance but I'd like it a lot and it would have the added benefit of pissing off Steelers fans.}

If Coach Philbin says we need a #1 receiver next year, that's believable. If Mr. Ross says it, he's just another guy in the parking lot before the game with a handful of hamburgers and a headful of ego and emotion, trying to make everyone around him think he's knowledgeable even tho we know he ain't.

Blacking out the games won't matter. Winning cures EVERYTHING.

I am big fins-fan in Switzerland, and can watch it anyway (NFL Gamepass)... But i have a question, because i dont understand something.. if the Fins buy the tix by themself.. who will get the money if not the fins himself? Because, if my soccer-team around the corner here in Switzerland sells tickets, they get the money.. ok, they pay some taxes per tix... but, i mean, thats no big deal.. so... hope you understand my question, my english is not perfect..


It's actually a very good question. I don't think the team loses anything b/c clearly no one else was going to buy them....

We can trade Ireland=Paula Abdual

Why the sympathy for Ross buying his own tickets?

Put together a couple back to back winning seasons, there will be a substantial mark up in ticket prices, and he'll still sell out the stadium.

Thats what "WINNING DOES"!

Not living in an area where the game would be blacked out I am not affected. However, I would have a hard time if I am a subscriber to Time Warner Cable that I could not pay to watch on TV. I also would have a hard time if I was a DirectTV NFL Ticket customer and could not view the game. I assume the Dolphins make money from both. I understand the NFL wants full stadiums but there other ways to accomplish this (good team, fair ticket prices) without threatening blackouts...

Why does Greg Cote say Ireland Was responsible for bringing in Philbin. Ireland all but told another candidate that he had the job when Ross made the decision to sign Philbin. I don't mind him defending Ireland if that is what he wants to do, but do not change the facts just to try to make him look better. I will not read anything by Cote again. He lost his credibility with me.

I feel that the organization should keep buying the left over tickets until the team gives fans a reason for excitement. So far they have given us a reason for hope, but it will take more than hope to put us in the seats. Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland are far from "beloved" by Dolphins fans and can't afford a hard line stance on this. Dolphins fans have put up with so much disappointment over the past 10-15 years, adding more to that heap will surely drive more fans away from the franchise. These disappointments have already weeded out and sent the " casual" fans packing. The loyal, die- hard, Finatics deserve some loyalty back from this franchise. We will always be here, but the organization needs to earn our trust to get us back in those seats. FINS UP!



In my opinion, The Miami Dolphins should buy these tickets for the time being, because they have put an inferior product on the field for years now. Not only are we a bad team on the field but also on paper (i.e. no super stars!) We lost so many home games under Sparano that we the "Real Die Hards" on a budget refuse to support a bad team publicly. It's almost like a bailout for the Dolphins like the bailout for the banks. Why would we go see a team that suppose to win 3 games total according to the experts? Would you buy tickets Mr. Ross if you had to budget your money? I for one did pay to see the home opener because I wanted to see Tannehill's first home start but only because it was an event. The stadium to too quiet, not enough passion for the play by play guy, not enough all together not enough period. Getting a # 1 receiver should've a priority this season not next season if this truly not a rebuilding year! Were not stupied we can smell a rat from a mile away! Were on the right track yes or so it appears, but being on the right track doesn't equal wins. Mr. Ross, Mr. Ireland, or any other high ranking official you already have some loyal passionate fans otherwise we wouldn't right these comments; but please put a team together that we identify with and I promise you will stop buying your own tickets!!!

In my opinion, the Dolphins should continue to purchase these unsold tickets until they can demonstrate on a consistent basis that they can put a competetive team on the field each week. They are certainly headed in that direction as we speak, but the last 4 weeks is not enough to extinguish the last 10 years. In theory, it truly is a bad business move to buy your own product and then give it away for free. However, it is worse to not let anyone see your product, and then expect it to sell. That's all that this comes down to, are the Dolphins smart enough to keep a disgruntled fan base happy at least on a short term basis, or will they add fuel to the fire and angry the mob even more?

They caused this for themselves, now they have to swallow the consequences. This was a once very proud and respected franchise that they turned into S@!T. The least they can do now is allow us to see if they are changing things around.

Miami area has always been fickle even when we had Shula and Marinio. That being said if a fan has the money they should show up locally to support the club at least for a game or two. I would if I was in that area I just do not like oging to crowded stadiums etc. If I was the club I would still purchase out the tickets for this game if they can. They product on the field is improving and they still need to get the word out a little longer. If I am the club by mid season I would let the fans know the free ride is over.

On the other hand, the Dolphins are also a private business. And it is a bad business model to buy your own product and then give it away free on television. (Sounds remotely similar to what newspapers do, but that's another story.)


Not in this case however. In fact it's the only course of action ownership can take. The alternative to not purchasing their own product & blacking out the games on television would be to alienate the fans & the media even more thus fueling MORE animosity from the public. Therefore not buying your own product in this case makes for a MUCH worse 'business decision.'

Why the sympathy for Ross buying his own tickets?

Put together a couple back to back winning seasons, there will be a substantial mark up in ticket prices, and he'll still sell out the stadium.

Thats what "WINNING DOES"!


Of course but bear in mind that Mando has been covering this team for SO LONG that he can't remember when this franchise was a consistent winner. That's why he's so negative...Or at least ONE of the reasons.

For Mando 2-3 is like making the playoffs!!! LOL!!!

I live in SW Fla, Been a Dolfan since 1966. I dont go to games because of the costs. Gas, eats, tickets for at least 3-4 folks, that adds up to two weeks pay. The Dolphins are in the lower levels of the NFL and dont seem to be able to get any higher. Who will spend that much money for a non winning team? Come to think of it, wouldnt spend that much if they were winning, and I simply refuse to watch on TV. Goodell is ruining the game with his fines for illegal hits, that for decades were legal. I dont care if theres a black out or not, I do like the Dolphins, but enough is enough. I now go fishing on Sundays.

hard core fan here, but the nfl is a business. if the product is good, it will sell. but if the product didn't do well for years, many, many years. then you must invest(buy your own tickets Mr Ross)in the marketing of the new and improved product. Once the fans see this improvement,it will sell itself.
Go Fins!



Speaking of 'business decisions' I need to actually work today. Regardless this blog topic will be rendered moot when ownership decides to purchase so that there is not a blackout. Next...

CBS ($3.73B), NBC ($3.6B) and Fox ($4.27B) — as well as cable television's ESPN ($8.8B) — are paying a combined total of US$20.4 billion[1] to broadcast NFL games as per the current contract that ends in 2013..

Think about it. At worst Ross breaks even. The local area advertisers make thier products more visible and the stations get thier ratings(charge more for the commercials). The real losesr are only the stadium vendors. Still they do decent if at least 50,000 or more show up.

Poizen, Boulder, ignore YG. he's never been outside of a 2 mile radius of his trailer.

He thinks Miami is the only place in the world where there are things to do. He doesn't realize Pueblo Colorado was voted the best place to live in America several times. He doesn't realize that Poizen is from the New York area where there are an infinite amount of things to do. He doesn't realize that Toronto is much bigger than Miami with an unmatched diverse population, but because we don't have a beach, there is nothing to do.

It's a disgrace the way the locals treat the Miami Dolphins. In Colorado, the Broncos draw well, the NY football teams draw well, in Toronto, our teams draw well even though they stink and stink in perpetuity.

But yet only in Miami we hear the excuse that there are too many other things to do ... really?

To me, the only two excuses are 1) economy related and 2) health reasons. I know Fl has an older population and can't sit in the oppressive heat.

But I am sure there are enough younger affluent people to fill that stadium. Unless they are too passed out on coke and booze from the tacky South beach nightclubs from the night before to make a 1pm game.

I heard more than a few people here say that the team needs to be over .500 for people to come out? Really, then by that logic, half of the stadiums should be as empty on a weekly basis. Fact is only a certain number of teams can be winners each year and sports are cyclical. yes, we've been in a down cycle for a bit too long but being a fan means you stand by your team. You support them and when better times come, you enjoy them a lot more.

In my opinion, Ross should take a page out of the Bills book and stage out of market home games if the people don't come. It's beyond outrageous to see so many orange seats at home games.

And before anybody comes on here asking me to put my money where my mouth was, consider I was a season ticket holder for five years as a citizen of a different COUNTRY. Consider that I flew through a hurrican to watch Dave Wannstedt's abortion of a 4-12 team. I was there sitting in a monsson watching Lamar Gordon get knocked into next week by James Farrior. The only reason I cancelled was because my work changed and I had to work five days a week instead of four. But times were good for that period and I loved them. If half of the "local" fans were half as passionate as I was, there wouldn't need to be a post of this nature.

I see in todays paper that the linemen that got hurt in Jets VS Texans game , they are investigating Jets saying they purposely hurt that guys leg , Reggie said they purposely tried to hurt his leg that day , when I was at Finneganns watching Jet game some Jet fan screams I hope his its his ACL hope he`s gone for the season scumbags poetic justice they lost two of their best players to leg injuries for the season ,









Alternatively, some NFL teams have arrangements with local television stations or businesses to purchase unsold tickets. Teams themselves are allowed to purchase remaining non-premium tickets at 34 cents on the dollar (the portion subject to revenue sharing) to prevent a blackout.[28][29] Tickets in premium club sections have been excluded from the blackout rule in past years, as have unused tickets allocated to the visiting team..

Mark In Toronto,

I already vowed I wont stoop to attacks. Have fun and have a great day. I appologize for no longer being available to play toddler games.

I love me some Dolphins football and therefore I bought my first set of season tickets last year and renewed them for this year. The games are much more exciting now even in losses. I would hope that at least this week the game is televised but at some point if fans don't start going to the games they will be blacked out. It's time now to come together as Dolfans and support our team now that they are improving and playing hard rather than wait until they have already arrived to jump on the bandwagon!


cut ticket prices.

Maybe it's because Mando has only been covering the fins since they sucked. Maybe he's the bad luck?

Dashi remembers reading the herald when they had real writers. U know Edwin Pope! The reason Dashi reads dolphins sports. Dolphins are my team, and the Herald is my paper. Thanks Marino and Mr. Pope for Both. But just like Ticket sales going down and newspapers not being sold. Digital Media is to blame.

Bet if u look at the NFL in general Ticket Sales are Down but Viewer ship is Up! Like the paper. Just because u don't sell or print as many papers because of bad/negative sports writing. Doesn't mean people still won't read it for free online.

Dashi still buys the Sunday herald but don't expect me to buy the paper everyday unless Ed Pope is walking thru that door and starts posting masterpiece's!

The fact is Mr Ross bought this team for a fair price considering their lackluster record. Yes a giant pile of cash but relatively speaking he got a good deal. The Dolphins organization has the potential to be as equally valuable as the Dallas Cowboys but a decade of bad front office decisions, horrible coaching, worse GM performance and season records in the +/- 500 range has damaged this once proud brand. Couple all this with a rotten economy and there is little doubt why ticket sales are down.

Now Steve has two ways to look at this, keep or sell the team. If he retains ownership of the team, obviously he will need to win to be profitable or more profitable. He will need to increase the fan base, sell more advertising, and gain a larger share of the merchandising market. This will require additional investment in players, stadium upgrades, and yes purchasing the tickets to promote your brand. Think about it like buying advertising but with a greater return. You can’t afford to lose the public relations battle. Winning is key.

If Steve decides to sell the team, he should not do it while the organization is in the midst of their third rebuild in 7 years. Continued investment has to happen to build value. Lets face it 2008 was a fluke. Accurate passing and an easy schedule allowed us to wear pretty little grey champ hats but that does not rank for most prospective buyers.

Blackouts are bad.

I believe part of the issue is the stadium itself as well. that stadium is lifeless, the seats are the furthest in te NFL. I know there are lots of fans in Broward and Palm Beach, but the stadium really needs to be in the middle of Miami and not made entirely of concrete. my friends and I have discussed numerous times a stadium at Tropical Park. imagine. for the Canes, it would be 20 blocks from campus so that the ACTUAL student body can attend, and for the Fins, it'll be a return to their roots, a stadium ala the Orange Bowl, right in the middle of your population. make it of steel, make it loud, make sure the fans have some kind of cover but don't make it a dome since we still don't want to lose some of our home-field advantage. use the Seahawks stadium as a model. that place gets loud and is often regarded as the best stadium in the league. that, combined with winning, will bring fans back. mostly winning will do it, but I truly feel the stadium experience is killing it a bit for the fans.

Hard for me to comment up here in Canada guys, so here's what I want to know. I've been to a couple of games in Miami before but I want to hear from some of the locals.

How much of this is because the team has struggled over the last decade? How much of this is because of the local economy? How much of this is because of all the things to do in Miami (lets face it, if you're out 'til 4 in the morning partying, you're not too likely going to make a game at 1pm the next day)? Lastly, how much of it is because of the heat and humidity? I've sat in Buffalo watching the 'Phins play in freezing cold conditions and it's never bothered me but just how bad is it to watch the 'Phins play in brutal heat? Stupid question maybe but would this team be better off playing in a retractable stadium? Forget the cost for a minute....would the fans come out if the team played in some sort of retractable stadium? Yeah there's only 10 dates a year but it wouldn't be hard to get concerts and other events in there. Just asking the question, would it make a difference?


I grew up in San Diego and went to watch the Dolphins play the Chargers every time they came to town, all the way up through the end of the Marino era. Now I live in Washington state and have no other choice but to watch the games streamed on my computer or watch the occasional game on Monday night or Thursday night. I think that a black out would be sending the wrong message to the fans who are on the fence about this current administration and team. Improving your product will bring sales period and if that means having to shell out the money to lift blackouts then so much the better. It is good business to do so while the team is learning how to win again. The fans will return when the product on the field is worthy of their dollars.

This is a direct result of a front office,starting with the GM, not providing a product worth buying.
I wish I could get on the job training, make millions and not produce a good product.
But hey. All the other teams tell the Dolphins how close they are. That's because the other teams don't want the Dolphins to get better either.
That would be like Ford telling GM in 08, hey your almost there keep doing what your doing.
At some point the buck must stop somewhere.
Its just sad the fans are the one supplying the buck.

New jersey already has 2 NFL teams.

U know in that landfill called met life. Good thing the jets stadium is named after a hospital! They need it.

Should've been called Cleveland clinic stadium.


Mark in Toronto, I used to be a season ticket holder with the Blue Jays. I went to ZERO games this year because I wouldn't pay to watch that crap. If that makes me not a fan, then so be it. I care to think I like to get VALUE for my dollars spent. Same thing with the Leafs. I was a HUGE fan as a kid. Used to go to games a lot with my Dad when I was young. Now I can't even sit through watching a game at home and there's not a chance I would pay for the product, when I can pop over to Buffalo and watch a game and have a night out for a fraction of the price. So for me it's about what I'm getting for my dollar. I get the apathy that people in Miami have towards their team. Having said all that, if I was there I would still go to the games, because I love football!


And before everyone starts blaming Jeff Ireland for this, this goes back LONG before Ireland. The Dolphins team has been mediocre all the way back to when Shula was still here. We had a couple of decent season when Wannstedt was here and the first year under Sparano but mediocre for close to twenty years. It's what's happening in KC right now too. Chiefs used to have some of the best and most loyal fans going and now they can't sellout. My guess is that this is what mediocrity does to a franchise.

Craig, I think baseball and football are two completely seperate topics when referring to buying tickets. Football is an event, baseball is a game

YG, should've thought of that before you flexed your ignorance here a while back and then resorted to racist name calling.

Anywhoo, good day slug.

Craig M, I get your point, and I know others say the same, but not ONE franchise, not ONE has been great all the time, and they all have gone through struggles. there are fan bases that are sold out no matter what that have other distractions in their city, Seahawks, Giants, Bronco's, Browns, Colts. ect...

by the way Justin Credible, your points are somehat taken, except the Jets do not sell out their games.

The giants charge you season ticket prices and also charge you 25K to own the friggin seat, and they sell out. they also live in a higher taxed city and higher priced cost of living state.

gaffney = out of shape and kno's zero plays..

Craig put it this way.

The players have super cool fans to keep them cool at 1pm games. The fans don't get fans. Not even shade! Except in the walk around.

Again, Sun Life is the only stadium that u can show up in swim wear. Watch a UM game or the fins this sunday. Remember we wear sandals year round in Miami!

U can warm urself up. It's harder to cool urself off.

U can actually die from heat stroke.

Plus u don't want to show up Monday morning with a sunburn and the reason u have it is because u watched the fins lose. Trust me it will be hard to take.


good to talk brother...been a while.

I brought up the Chiefs as an example of a once proud fanbase. They've become as apathetic as the 'Phin fanbase. There were banners flown over the stadium on Sunday, 'Fire Pioli' and 'Bench Cassel'. Sound familiar?

This would NEVER have happened in the Derrick Thomas era in KC. Same thing with Bills fans. Some of the most loyal fans in professional sports. They are sick of their team losing and of games been played in Toronto. It's hard to be a loyal devoted fan in this day in age of professional sports. FA plays a part in it too. Not easy being true to your team.

if ross had baalz, he'd lower the tix $ 4 the club section,
that would fill it up.
ac lobby and loos'.

Winning solves everything. If the organization wishes to buy it's own product or allow the game to be blacked out it's their decision. I will always be a fan and support the team by watching on TV and buying an occasional ticket but not to see the St. Louis Rams.


Everything you mentioned plays a great role in what we now see of home attendance. But remember, its nowhere near Tampa Bay Bucs 70's attendance levels, just not nearly close to capacity levels when the team had its winning ways.

Its just that 50,000 attendance levels at a Dolphins game is below standards of nearly 2 decades ago. Of all of the reasons why, I would say 15yrs of mismanagement or poor upper level decision making, is aty the very top of the list.

Still, finally getting the franchise potential qb(Tannehill), What now seems to be a competent coaching staff, $60 million in fa money(2013), and 5 of the 1st 100 picks(also 2013. The arrow may be beginning to point up.

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