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Dolphins face tough sales dilemma, fans face tough choice

The Dolphins will not sell out this Sunday's game in which the St. Louis Rams will visit Sun Life Stadium. That is a virtual fact already given the thousands of tickets that remain unsold as of this writing and the thousands more tickets (often going below market value for seats in better locations) that are available through the secondary market.

That's the problem the Dolphins face this week and have been facing for some time as they continue to weigh whether to -- gulp --  buy their own tickets and lift the TV blackout in the local market.

We know that so far the Dolphins have bought up remaining tickets to ensure the lifting of the TV blackout. I have a guess as to what the Dolphins will do today at the deadline but because it is only a guess and major dollars are at stake for other folks based on what I might write I don't want to share it here.

We'll know soon enough if the Dolphins dig into their own pockets and pay the bill that fans normally pay to make sure the game is televised. Or if the deadline comes and the team allows the blackout to stand.

But what I do want to do today is explain to you the dilemma the team faces in making the decision whether to continue buying its own product (tickets) in hopes that eventually fans will return to the fold and do the buying instead.

Here's the dilemma:

If the Dolphins were playing hardball and not caring whether you fans see the game on television or not, they would simply let Thursday's deadline come and pass and announce the sufficient number of tickets were not sold.

Remember, this is a low threshold. The Dolphins this year are needing to sell 15 percent fewer tickets for a sellout to be granted and yet fans aren't even doing that for this game.

The team could say, "If you want to see the game, South Florida, you have to purchase a ticket and come out to the stadium."

The club is perfectly within its right to do this.

The problem is the Dolphins are on something of a roll of late. They have a chance to even their record at 3-3 on Sunday.  The team has been competitive so far this season. By all accounts the decade-long struggle to find a good young quarterback finally seems on the road to being solved.

So the team wants to continue riding that wave of goo feelings. The club wants please its fans and its fans have universally requested that all the games be on local TV. And the last three weeks, in two overtime losses and a victory over Cincinnati, the TV ratings have reflected a significant uptick in fan interest.

On the other hand, the Dolphins are also a private business. And it is a bad business model to buy your own product and then give it away free on television. (Sounds remotely similar to what newspapers do, but that's another story.)

At some point, the team must and will put its proverbial cleat down and say, "No more free rides. If games aren't sold out, they're not televised."

But is that time now?

Is that time in the middle of this so-called roll I just described above? Are the Dolphins in a position of sufficient strength to tell their fans that they must be at the stadium to see the game or otherwise they won't see the game?

The Tampa Bay Bucs made that call a couple of years ago. You know what the Tampa Bay fans did?

They didn't buy tickets to the games to see the team play. And they stopped watching on television also.

So what the Dolphins have going on is a high wire act.

And this is where you come in ...

The Miami Dolphins read this blog. That is not bragging. It is simply true. Folks at all levels of the organization read this blog from the very top on down. And they read your comments.

So here is the question of this day as the blackout deadline looms and the team makes the delicate decision whether to buy its own tickets and televise the game, or allow the facts of the current market to be the facts of the current market and black out the game:

As fans would you blame the Dolphins if they stop buying their own tickets and the game is blacked out?

Or do you put the responsibility of buying tickets on the actual ticket-buying public and blame fan apathy or a tough economy for the blackout?

And if the Dolphins make the hard decision of blacking out the game, would that decrease your overall excitement about this team? Would you blame the team for a bad public relations move? Or would you understand that business is business and this too shall pass?

This is your chance to tell the team what you, the fans, think ...

Show wisdom in your answers because they matter.


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There's not a bad seat in the house. I've sat in the Upper Deck in the dead of winter watching the Raiders and Jets play and loved it. I've sat in the endzone and loved it too. Not sure what's available but it's a great experience, regardless of where you sit. I always wear my Dolphin gear to the game and no one gives me a problem but I don't think I've ever been to a game where there hasn't been at least one fight in the stands. I wouldn't go crazy about waving it in their faces....they're likely to snap.

Anywhere in the Orchard Park area is fine to stay. Biggest problem is getting in and out of the stadium (which I'm sure is true of anywhere). If you're going for a few days, stay downtown. Under-rated city because people think there is nothing to do. Some really nice restaurants. I'd recommend Salvatore's. Check it out online, if you're looking for a really nice meal with your wife.


Did things not work out with you and the pretty lady? I'm guessing not if you're hanging out at the 'Downer. Very pretty girl!

Just keep winning and all your money (blackout) trouble's will end.

I blame this one on marketing department. They should have selected a different home game to honor JT and Zach. A team better than the Rams would have drawn better and given JT and Zach the appreciation & respect they deserve.

Craig, I still date her but she isn't exactly gf material if you know what I mean ...

I would take issue with the Miami Dolphins NOT buying tickets to ensure the game is televised. I have obsessed over this team since I was 11 years old, and it has been downright painful for a decade plus now. The decline in the on-field product has gradually eroded a fanbase tht was once one of the NFL's rowdiest.

Get this team back to being a contender- and by that I don't mean one winning streak, or getting over .500 for the first time in two years- I mean playoffs. If this team were to make the playoffs this year, and be making a run towards the playoffs next year- at that time I think fans have to step up and support the team. It took a long time for this fanbase to degraded, and it will be a long road to build it up again. Until the product on the field is consistently championsip-caliber, you can't expect fans to lay money on the line to spend time with you.

jt is wearing his j.e.ts jersey at 1/2 x.

oh yeah, zach and his star helmet too.

1. The blackout rule should be abolished for teams with loosing records (.500 or less).
2. If Ross was willing to pay Manning 90 million - spend some of that money to help local people enjoy the game on tv.
3. Economics - if the public is not willing to pay the price - maybe the price should be lowered!

I had season tickets a few times. Times are tough and the last year how many home games did we win? I BLEED AQUA N ORANGE!!! I LOVE the Phone, but I'm not rich. Last year I spent a lot of money for an owner to tribute the opposing teams QB @ halftime, to sell "home of the jets" merchandise in our phins shop, then try to sell me the owners a fan?!!! That to me are examples of "slaps in the face" and greedy money hungry moves. The fairest fair weather fan hates the jets, so to even sell there product is an insult. Ross needs to prove to us now that he actually cares, we've supported blindly long enough. Now its your turn

Got you, Mark. Loud and clear.

tell the team that if Jeff Fireland fires himself the fans will come back. No one has ANY faith in him to get this team turned around.

some people will say he drafted Tannehill, others will point out that he also has drafted Henne, Pat White, Clyde Gates, that he passed on Aaron Hernandez, and that he COMPLETELY whiffed in free agency, and two coaching searches. He's the a**hole.

All I can say is that if I lived in Miami I would have season tickets

Mark In Toronto,

How about we dont worry about who was right or wrong and just move on to a more positive now and future. Im not one to hold grudges and no, neither am I now, nor in the past have been on a persoal vendetta to make your life here miserable.

Life's to short to hold personal resentments against anyone. In doing so, we only make our own lives miserable too.

I appologize for ever saying anything causing you deep seeded disconfort. From this point forward lets be men, wipe the slate clean, and have a new beginning. Deal?

I understand the Organization has to do what they feel is best for the Miami Dolphins, however, because of what has happended in the recent past, this is got to be treated like a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfried---They brake up for whatever reason, they know there is love, lots of love between them, but the boyfriend (Dolphins in this case) will have to conquer the girlfriend again(the fans), dont give up on us fans, allows us to see the Phins are for real, let us taste the thrill of victories and we will forget the agony of defeats.... Show the game on TV, GO DOLPHINS!!!


good for you. We've had our issues in the past too but I much prefer you this way. Good job!

To the Miami Dolphins upper management:

Notice that almost 99% of the fans that don't LIVE and work in South Florida are the one's commenting who want the blackout.

Here's my advice. KEEP the games on TV. Consider it a business expense very much like you are ADVERTISING the team.

You have a long way to go still. Unlike the Miami Heat that has Pat Riley (who people like) at the GM helm. YOU have Jeff Ireland (that 90% of fans DON'T like) at the helm. You have not been to a Super Bowl in almost 30 YEARS. You haven't been to an AFC Championship in 20 YEARS. Lately you've been an UNDER .500 team. The last 10 years (except for 2008) have been disastrous.

You MUST build your brand back up in order to fill the seats. People need to get to know and trust Coach Philbin and the new QB. YOU need to either get rid of Jeff Ireland (aka FIRE him) OR hope that his players pan out (most fans don't credit him with Ryan Tannehill, they credit Coach's Philbin and Sherman) so that he can be 'forgiven' and fans will adapt to him. The players MUST make a name for themselves so that it helps not only Jeff Ireland but that the fans have someone to be proud of and really rally behind. You can say that they should rally behind the team itself, but it helps a lot when you've got a few players they really like too.

However, all that is going to take TIME...and MONEY...from YOU not the fans. It may take up to 2 seasons or more unless you hit instant success and make it to an AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl.

You'll make BIG TIME cash when it is all said and done and you've built the brand back up. When people have adapted to Jeff Ireland. When they trust in Coach Philbin like they once did in (dare I say) Coach Shula. When you've got a QB and a few other players they can really rally around and believe that they give the TEAM a chance at glory. Of course, you can't forget the final SCORE at the end of games which give the Dolphins the WIN.

Be patient. Consider it ADVERTISING dollars spent. You will be rewarded in the end (so long as the people you have put in place do their jobs right aka Jeff Ireland, Coach Philbin, and the players).

-Dolphins Fan who actually LIVES and works in South Florida.

The team should not buy the tickets.
Tanne is a proven elite, freanchise QB.
Tanne is a proven winner.
The 2012 Dolphins are proven winners.
You don't get to watch proven winners for free on TV.
You have to pay to see a proven winner in person.

Posted by: donshula10 | October 11, 2012 at 01:00 PM

Fisher seemed to be best available amongs brand name hc's out there. But he's still pretty much a slightly above .500 hc at best. His best days were with Steve McNair. He's done very little since that era.

Philbin on the other hand, was pretty unheard of except in maybe Coordinator circles. However, thus far is proving to be a significant upgrade to Sparano. I wasnt overly thrilled with Fisher coming to Miami, but, at the time he was the best available brand name hc available.

There's no way to prove Fisher would be doing a better job with this team right now. He would have had less to work with in Miami. Both he and Philbin seem to be doing fine jobs right where they landed. Considering both teams win-loss records prior to thier arrivals.

Craig M....

Men don't go to baby shower's...that's women stuff...

Wow Armando... my first reaction to the idea of responses to your blog being read by Dolphin execs, was exactly the same as Mitch, who posted second...
"Dear Dolphins, please don't read the comments section on here, it's not representative of real Dolfans."

Honestly, usually the comments posted here are the in large part, are mindless rants, raves, chest-thumping and trash talk.
But looking at many of the comments this time, it seems like the level-headed, true fan base has come out from silent hiding.
My thoughts... I see it as priming the pump. The team is on an upswing, more fans need to see that in order to increase fan interest and support. Buying out the tickets for a few games will do that. At some point though it has to stop and the fans need to step up. Here's the gamble though... Lift the blackout this week and if local fans see the team reach .500 it's a big boost. If they see the team slip to 2-4 then it could have an equal negative reaction.
Does the ownership believe the team will win this home game? If so, it would make good sense to buy the tickets.


You're DEAD right. However, men that want to continue to be happy with all that life brings find a way to make others in their lives happy. I found this out the hard way.

Ryan Tanne is the best thing to happen to this franchise since Griese (Bob not Brien) retired.
And don't start telling me a bout the 18 year jerkoff of the fans perpetrated by Big-Dan-13.

T Martin,
EVERY player on the team was signed by Jeff Ireland.
Not just Tanne.
Every Single Player.
Jeff Ireland deserves a raise!

Tannehill = Henne

2TD to 6 picks

Where is the franchice QB everyone claims?

Ross and Co. seem to be really getting the message that things need to improve to win back the fans and have made great strides in doing so. I still think it's early to assume folks will flock to the stadium in the event of a blackout and the gesture of creating an artificial sellout only works in favor of establishing and maintaining goodwill between the organization and the fans...I think the intention is there. At some point the scale will tip and this will not be an issue. Fans are still in a show me don't tell me mode, however, and the exposure to the region via TV is critical at this point.

Can people stop complaining about Jeff Ireland. Half of what you cry about he wasn't responsible for #1. #2 Like it or not he is the best GM the Dolphins have had in awhile and he does draft pretty good. Count the starters that are draft picks. Also the randoms he found like: Cam Wake (CFL) or Bess (UDFA). Now look at the situation, Rookie HC with a very young team that is improving week to week, might even have a shot at the playoffs this year. Now consider all the extra picks and cap space for the next year and please shut it...

Craig M....

That is probably a wise way to go thru life...

here is your answer, blunt and to the point, it's not up to the fans, IT'S UP TO THE PLAYERS. if the dolphins come out like they did at home against the jets and have an ugly, uninspiring lazy contest to see who would win by playing the least, one in which it looked like neither team were trying to win, then fans will NOT pay, fans will NOT be interested. i've been a fan for THIRTY years and that game brought me to a tipping point that i never knew exsisted, as for three days i did NOT think, talk, watch or care about football period....as tannehill was looking more like another john beck, and with bigger oponants on the horizon i couldn't imagine light at the end of the tunnel. but, luckily i watched the following sunday, and even though they lost the fins actually played a great game, tuff, physical, INSPIRING...******if THIS team plays THIS way every game, you won't have to worry about writing articles pertaining to this this subject anymore.

Another time, ALoco. When you're all grown up.

I'm a huge fan--been hurting with my fellow Phins for decades now and if that hasn't turned me away from these guys, a blackout sure as heck isn't going to either. If they blackout and win, it will probably help ticket sales...if they blackout and lose, it will probably hurt ticket sales. So it's a gambit and given how unpredictable sports betting is, not one I would take.

It's sad our Miami brethren aren't stepping up to love this team but with the amount of transplants we have and the years of mediocrity, it's also no surprise.

Keep winning and we will buy tix. I'd LOVE to go to the game this weekend but at $150 after tix, parking and concessions, I just can't pull it off...so I'll have to settle for RedZone coverage.

Miami Front Office...have heart you're making a lot of good moves this year and the real fans see that. The bridge is being rebuilt.

LOL @ 1:49....

This is an NFL problem - not a Dolphins problem. The blackout rule needs to be re-examined. The reason TV revenue has grown so much is because people really like watching on TV. The game is great on TV! I know ticket prices here have held steady for awhile but maybe its time to think about substantially lowering prices, not just tickets but everything - parking, food, beer, etc. Staying at home is simply a better value than going to the stadium.

Winning is not the answer. Even when the team becomes good again they will have a hard time pulling fans back to "Whatever They Are Calling it This Year" Stadium. I am a long time season ticket holder and devoted fan. I still keep my tickets go to almost every game because my son loves it at the stadium but I actually prefer to stay home and watch in the comfort of home - and I don't feel like any less of fan when I do.

The experience is simply way better at home in nearly every way - who wants to trade a comfortable seat at home in front of a giant HD TV with a perfect view of the game (and getting to flip to Red Zone during commericals) for brutal traffic, scorching heat & humidity, $10 beers, crappy outrageous food, long lines for everything and a limited view of the action? The best thing about being at the stadium on game day is sharing in the energy of the crowd for a big game - but I almost forgot what that feels like. Unless you have a premium seat (club level or box between the 30's) with premium parking it just seems more appealing to stay home or visit a sports bar close to home. I might be a lot more inclined to want to go to the stadium if the games were blackout, but then again, the Red Zone channel is mighty good entertainment - and a lot of cheaper.


I don't know if I'm suppose to answer the question...now that a truce has been called....I don't want to stoke the ashes...

Christopher Block....

Excellent post...imo...@ 1:53....

They don't give it away for free on TV. The TV Contracts alone guarantee income to them. Put a better product on the field and people will come.

John @ 1:07: good post. I couldn't have said it any better myself. I live in California, but would be a season ticket holder if I lived in Miami.

Ross needs to sell this new regime first. Fans both in Miami and abroad have had our hearts broken too many times to just pay top dollars blindly. We're all in a wait-and-see mode. We want to see Tannehill, Philbin and, yes, even Ireland succeed. But this team needs to be above .500 before ticket sales come back. Too many hopes dashed and disappointments to be had.

Ross needs to sell the team back to us. And I have a lot of respect for him purchasing tickets before. It shows that he does care. Unfortunately, he's just going to have to be patient, like us fans.

Kendrick Ellis out 4-6 weeks for the Jets. Just keeps getting worse for these guys. Hope the Colts put them on their ass this weekend.

I have been a Phins, Miami fan for decades and now live in Dunnellon. I try to see a game live at least once a year. I know business is business and is driven by profit, whether that profit takes the form of money or in this case in a large part satisfaction. I would be hesitant if I was Mr. Ross to keep from abandoning prematurely from letting the sceptical fan base see the dynamic change that I believe is occurring with our beloved team. Keep buying the tickets Mr. Ross make believers out of us. We love a winner!!!

The Bengals faced a rookie or second-year quarterback in each of their last four games. Tannehill was the only one to beat them.

''I was impressed with him,'' Cincinnati defensive tackle Domata Peko said. ''He doesn't look like a rookie to me. He's got great arm strength, can make all of the throws and I was real impressed with his composure. They've finally found a quarterback there in Miami, it seems.''


Its ridicules the way people complain about one reason or another as to why they don’t go to games. Your either a Dolphins fan or you’re not. I know that things haven’t been the same since the days of Marino and going to the playoffs on regular bases but some of you people sound like front runners, you’ll only go if we’re winning. Whatever happened to spending some time with friends and family tailgating and just enjoying the day? And when we win great that much better. I’ve been a season ticket holder for a few years now and I live in Palm Coast FL. That’s a four hour drive each way to the games.

Quit your bitching people, in or out!!

Let the game be a black out on TV. I like the idea of the club buying the tickets IF they're close to being sold out. But if nobody wants to come to this particular game, then they also don't have to see it on TV. Put that money towards another possible buyout later in the season.

If the Dolphins believe in their product, they need to invest in promoting it. If the cash financial hit is not too high, then they should make sure the blackouts do not happen.

The Dolphins seem improved and may even be on the right path for the first time in over a decade. However, even if they are on the right path, they are still at the beginning. It's going to take a little while to win the fans back.

If the Dolphins had won the games against the Jets and Cardinals, then they would be 4-1 and fan interest may be somewhat higher.

The team also needs to do very well against the 49ers and the Patriots.

The Dolphins have not been well managed (overall) for quite a long time, mostly because of personnel choices. It's probably unrealistic to expect to win the fans back with a 2-3 start, regardless of how much potential the team may have.

I'm not sure of how much of a financial hit that the Dolphins actually experience when they purchase thier own tickets. Is this not like moving money from one pocket to another with the main loss being the opportunity to actually sell tickets?

If the actual cost is mostly 'opportunity cost', then perhaps the Dolphins should consider trying to keep the fan base interested for the rest of this season and, perhaps, for part of next season. Build a winning team (and that includes wins against elite teams), and the fans will probably come back. I'm sure the Dolphin organization has lots of research on this matter, so I would actually trust them to make a wise choice in this area.

In the past, I have been very critical of some of the moves made by Dolphin management. However, I will say that it appears that the Dolphins have a potential quality QB for the first time since Marino. They also have some other players that have potential to be excellent.

Even so, it's going to take time for the fans to be convinced this potential is real. The Dolphins are an offseason away from, perhaps, being an excellent team. More than ever, they need to make wise personnel moves and win games.

The Dolphins need to believe in thier product and thier future. And they need to make that positive future happen.

Also, didn't read all the post so idk if it was mentioned. The Rams aren't really a big seller of tickets I would imagine. I'd rather not see them black it out, as the team improves I assume ticket sales will as well (I live in ny, so not really going to make it to any home games). If they make it to 5-3 and still can't sell tickets, then I wouldn't have an issue to black it out. If you are really a Dolphins fan you will find a way to watch the games.

The game is not sold out due to bad decisions by IRELAND. Those bad decisions have led to bad seasons. I live out of town and support the Dolphins since 1966. I go to at least one game per year. I watch every game. With hope IRELAND will be fired and we will start getting players we need to get back on top.

Water needs to find its own level...
Steve Ross needs to quit buying the tickets. If the quality of the product is not good enough to fill the seats, AT THE PRICE OF A SEAT, maybe the quality of the product is not the problem. Maybe the problem is the price of the seats.
One way or another you have to let free enterprise work. I thought Ross is a conservative republican, but buy buying the seats and giving a free tv viewing away, he is being hypocritical, by doing one thing with his business, but advocating to the government another.
If he lets free enterprise work the way it should; either the team will put up a better product which people will pay the going rate to see, or the price will come down, or maybe a little bit of moderation, and both will happen.


Bad decisions by Ireland? Really bud? THAT's your two cents? Best young QB to play for us in years and that's Ireland's fault. Give your head a shake and go back and re-read your comments. Was Ireland the guy who was dragging us down when Wannstedt and Cameron were here?

How about if they sell the seats that typically do not sell on average for $5. Or even less. The place will be packed and they will be buy the exceedingly high priced food and beverages and paying whatever parking is necessary. Better than not having them show up. No?

Eddie Van Kiss is coming to your town.

i have work sundays because i work retail so only chance i have see game on dvr i have very very little sunday to see live sunday i was off their were on road i planing catch one game live in nov i dont make that much money to go all home games like few in here too have same issue

I'd go to this game. Being from LA, the rams still hold interest here. Fisher vs Philbin is also a good story line. The fins are actually making it fun to watch them again.

common sense says, the better the team, the bigger the fan base. and as the owners and coaches are fans themeselves they certainly should know WHAT the fans WANT to see, and what they DON'T. nobody wants to see a panicky rookie QB making panicky throws to the check down when there is no REAL pressure with other recievers open downfield, fans wish to be inspired by HOPE, by seeing their future star RB(lamar miller)be effective while taking solice in the fact that reggie is healing on the sideline, nobody wants to see an ineffective reggie bush agrivating or worsening his injury. fans don't want to see 3 sequential and ineffective run plays at a critical juncture in the game when they can be jumping up and down form a successful 3rd down fleaflicker, fans want to see anything that resembles hope and better things are yet to come, like seeing EGNEW rumble around in the secondary after catching a deep seem route, or the promise of a reliable third option in the passing game(rishard mathews or gafney). we don't want to see the jj watts batting tannehill's balls, we want to see starks and odrick doing those things. give us something promising to talk about, something to get excited about, something that justifies the effort to go to a game.

The Rams may very well be returning to Los Angeles in a couple of years. Nothing is happening on the stadium front in St. Louis and the team has a clause in their lease that allows them to go.

Fisher is a Southern California native, too. I think the likelihood of the move may have actually been a factor for him.

My prediction is that bothe the Chargers and Rams will be sharing a new LA stadium complex within 5 years.

Lowering the ticket prices for the next few home games is the answer. And get on local tv and radio announcing it calling all the fans to get the experience back. The fans are there and it's been a rough few years but we can get past this. The financial side will be a hit but it will not fix itself over night. The experience of watching the team in a full house will eventually get the fans back because this team has got a future! Set a deadline for the reduced tickets so there's no confusion and get advertising the dolphins experience. All coaches and front office pull together the fans will react

If you win, they will come.

If they stop showing games interest will wane. I an a season ticket holder and I go to every game and I have no problem with the games being on TV. Yes I would like more home fans in the stands but you know what the ones that do show up really love the Dolphins and are not just there to be seen. I also DVR the game while I am there so that I can watch it when I get home, so I do like the ability to do that.

By next year when Tannehill is a stud you will see the fans that have moderate interest return, just like with the Heat. This is a winners town and they want to see great players and for the past 10 years that has not been the case with the Dolphins. A great QB is a very good start. Let the Tannehill era begin.

Unfortunately some of the Dolphins most diehard fans live outside of Miami. There was some talk about having some lower level seats added to bring fans closer to the field and covering up some of the upper deck seating. I thought that was a great idea! The optics on TV would be better and the fans at the game would enjoy and have more impact as the 12th man. The greatest thing you can do is keep winning. I would fly to miami to watch the teams of the 70's and 80's. Mr Ross should really allow Philbin and his staff to make player decisions without public interference. His comments can be very alarming and hurt his product. Lastly Dolphins management should absolutely allow blackouts when they are putting a good product on the field at a fair price and the home town folks dont show up. If they continue to not show up move the franchise and take the name and history with you. The Dolphins have loyal diehard fans all over the country!

I grew up going to games at JRS as a 10 old kid with shoulder pads under my jersey and my face painted. At the time I thought the place was heaven, larger than life.
Now I realize the stadium is horrible. A giant piece of plastic on a slab of concrete.
Other stadiums have a vibrant game experience, win or lose, the Dolphins do not.
The seats are too far from the field and the large amounts of orange seats is just flat depressing. It's also stale and boring. It's enclosed and an ugly symmetrical shape.
It's south Florida!!!!! The stadium needs an open end, open to the east so there is air circulation and a view of outside the stadium. We need victories undoubtedly however the game experience has to change to fill the seats to the top

Does anyone remember when the Dolphins played in the "Orange Bowl"! Bottle that up and bring it back. That was the good ole days!

Only thing I'll offer to the back and forth is you have gut feelings and instinct about people. Plus you (well I) get in conversations and retain a lot of that knowledge whether people remember saying it to me or not (to see if they contradict themselves later). For example, I've been on here for years, and I remember one night having a conversation with Cuban Menace (who said he was a cop from NY) and ALoco (who Cuban said was in jail). Then I heard a whole bunch of things from ALoco, which contradicted other things he/others said, and therefore I've never trusted him since (not saying he's not entertaining at times).

I remember a couple years back (not too long, 1-2) talking with Mark, he said he was a CPA. Never wavered. I don't have a reason not to believe him, so I do.

Craig and I used to do battle here many, many times. He was a Sparano guy, I was not. He was an Ireland guy, I was not. He was a Henne guy, I was not. But, this year, he's a Philbin guy, so am I. We're not as combative as we used to be. But I realized it's because Craig really is a Company Man (that's not intended as a dis). He's very supportive of the team leadership. Nothing wrong with that. It helps me understand where he's coming from. I understand his point-of-view. It hasn't changed. He supported the last group, he supports this one. Now people can disagree, but it helps to know someone's point-of-view if you really want to understand where they are coming from. It helped me understand Craig, and turn what might have once been a combative conversation into a more informative one. Craig is another poster I can trust and respect.

And there are tons others, with all different views. I like 2watt, though he's a very negative poster. Just like bill conners used to be. But they both are/were just speaking from their hearts, and rarely attacked unless they were attacked. But his point-of-view is the team sucks and he's going to let it be known until that changes. I can respect that (even if I disagree now).

Point I'm making is if you're genuine, it usually shows in your posts. Hard to hide being fake. Odin to me is genuine though lots of people here don't think so.

What's concerning to me (and Kris and others have brought this to my attention) is Mando "pals" here, those he yucks it up with when he's on, all seem to be the guys I find extremely fake. I know others feel the same. Gotta be something to that. How do you not relate best to the genuine guys? Is it really because of religious, political views? Sometimes it seems that way. Or maybe all them know something the rest of us don't. I just find it odd. The guys I happen to think are the least honest people, are the ones Mando always seems like he's buddy-buddy with. Mando, I could be wrong, not trying to start anything here, it's just my perception (and like I said, others have brought it to my attention as well). A good journalist should know who's on the up-and-up, who's a stand-up guy, and who's not. Has nothing to do with race, where you're from, or following you on Twitter. I don't know, maybe it does.

Chicken or the egg? Do fans stay home because it's on TV or is it on TV because the fans stay away?

For years now, all I see is empty seats, even those for season ticket holders. Why spend $20 for parking, walk a mile to the stadium, $100+ for beers, sodas, & food, and listen to idiots, when you can watch the game in the comfort of your home, with the replays and expert commentating for much, much less?

I say blackout! Fans ALWAYS want their football fix. That's a given! Blackout and they'll come.

We use to get Dolphins games in the Carolinas all the time when they were a playoff team and we didn't have the Panthers, but even after the 1-15 debacle I got Direct tv or Game rewind or something to watch my beloved Phins. The lack of interest or rather be doing something else attitude explains some of the idiot comments that come from local fans sometimes. They aren't watching the games and cant really make sound comments. No wonder some of them sound like a drunk uncle.

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