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Dolphins fans learn not to knee jerk

The waiving of receiver Anthony Armstrong Tuesday afternoon should serve as a cautionary tale against the knee-jerk or the instaneous decision or the jump to premature conclusion.

Think back seven weeks ago when the Dolphins eight spoke with the Redskins about acquiring Armstrong. Fans and some media immediately demanded Miami give up picks for the player to improve the Dolphins wide receiver corps.

When the Dolphins got Armstrong on waivers, fans and some media immediately demanded he play.

Then, when Armstrong played and failed a couple of times, some fans and some media turned their back on Armstrong.

And not long after that Jabar Gaffney became the latest "it" player -- the object of the do-it-now crowd.

Sign Gaffney immediately, those folks said.

Play Gaffney immediately, those folks said.

If Gaffney hasn't played in two weeks he's not the answer, those folks said. 

Gaffney, by the way, caught one pass in Sunday's victory over the Jets.

Start Gaffney, some folks are about to say.

And to those folks I offer this: Chill.

The NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint. The meshing of talents and coaches is a process that works on its own timetable. And no knee jerk is wise in weighing a player, coach, team or season.

With that in mind, I ask you with respect to think about what you've just read and think on it. And think on this, also:

The Dolphins are 4-3 now. That doesn't mean they are going to the playoffs. The truth is when I speak privately to folks within the organization there is very cautious optimism about the team. I stress cautious. The things they are hoping and saying privately, they are not willing to say on the record until we see more because they don't want to be proven wrong.

They don't want to knee-jerk.

So Ryan Tannehill is not a franchise quarterback. That is not hate. Remember, I said long ago he has the chance to be the best quarterback the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino. But there is a process he must undergo. He has begun the progress. And he is making strides. And there is reason for optimism. But we don't know for certain yet what he will become. He is not a franchise player yet. And we cannot guarantee he'll get there. So just enjoy watching him. But don't get crazy when he advances or regresses. That has to happen in his development.

The knee-jerk, by the way, works both ways.

And so Michael Egnew is not a bust. He is green. He is raw. He probably isn't going to factor for a long time. But do not give up on the kid yet.

Remember that it took Paul Soliai three years to figure things out. Reggie Bush was considered something of a bust early on in New Orleans. And those folks also considered Ricky Williams something of a bust, too.

John Jerry? Tell the truth, how many of you said he was a bust last year? (No, he's not a star and is currently nothing more than a C-plus player, but he's a starter now and not a bust.)

Matt Moore?

Many of you said last year he was the answer and were puzzled when he wasn't given the job early on in training camp. Others of you saw him play in the preseason and advocated trading him to Arizona.

On Sunday he proved his value to the team right where he is -- as a valuable No. 2 QB.

I admit I've sometime fallen into the knee-jerk mode. Early last year I saw little upgrade in signing Kevin Burnett and getting rid of Channing Crowder. I was wrong. I'm also not a huge fan of what I've seen from Daniel Thomas so far, although I've stopped short of calling him a bust, which he obviously hasn't had enough time to prove or disprove.

My point?

Wait. See. Watch things play out.

Nick Saban espouses this approach. So does Joe Philbin to a degree, with his not-too-high, not-too-low approach.

I know it's hard for fans who are so emotionally invested to keep an even keel and not be overcome by the first reaction they have. That's what fans do.

But you are Dolphins fans. You're more sophisticated than that. You are wiser than that. You know more about football than to always succumb to your first emotion.

You've seen how players and seasons and teams can ebb and flow. So be not deceived.  


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The Dolphins pass defense has been helped by the pass rush.The run defense is the best most consistent part of the team.But dont be surprised if one week they dont play that way,this is the highest level of american football in the world, everyone is good, or they wouldnt be getting paid to play a game.

"But you are Dolphins fans. You're more sophisticated than that. You are wiser than that. You know more about football than to always succumb to your first emotion."

LOL have you ever read the comments from these "fans" armando? anyone can see these "fans" are not wiser, in no way sophisticated (most dont even know what that means) and are head over heels in knee jerk reactions LOLOLOL that paragraph was hilarious. thank you for the good laugh

Sorry, accidentally posted before I completed...

So, with a casual fan that has only TV and video game exposure, many do not see the hours of work needed to play up to potential. (example: Madden game allows you to trade players without a drop in ratings).

I do appreciate that the media as a whole are starting to show more than just games, which has educated many of my family members (i.e. Hard Knocks, play analysis on ESPN, articles that analyze like many papers have now).

Tannehill to fly out and get 2nd opinion.
uh oooooooooooooh.
M.Moore to finish the season.


sk, look at this.

Huh? We should wait until the answers are known before forming our opinions? Then they're not opinions and we don't need a blog in which to express them. We'll just wait-and-see and read the box scores.

If I wait-and-see then I don't need to have faith or hope, I suppose. I will just wait...until it's self evident.

Armando, what will you say when the phins do make the playoffs? will you talk about how this is a down year for the AFC and that the phins will be lucky to win a playoff game, and probably will be one of the teams that falls back into the pack next year, like they have for the last 3?

Screw that. I'm going to go ahead and have faith and hope (sisters?) and be knee-jerk and say silly things like "the phins can be 5-3 at midseason (like the patriots are right now, btw) and will have to beat another up & coming 4-3 AFC team to get there".

I'm going to be even more ridiculous and declare that this week's game against the colts has playoff implications (what!?...I know!)

Oh, and I would like to echo Kudos to Matt Moore for recognizing that this team is playing markedly better than last year and that he doesn't have to carry it on his back. He played within himself and did enough to help his team come away with a win.

I lOVE Daniel Thomas. I think he is very underrated. Fans should not be down on him at all. Great size and power and he can catch. He also has good instincts and skill set for his size. Love him.

Fake Gm, I'm with you. Thomas is an unsung hero for this team. He does things nobody else on the roster can do and the team is better when he's healthy. He gets a lot of tough yards and makes our red zone offense pretty darn good.

For those of you who say you thought Matt Moore should have started from the begining, did you watch any of the preseason games? He got beat out by the rookie Tannehill.. its his own fault he didnt start. They dumbed down the offense on Sunday as 131 yards through 3.5 quarters is just managing a game plain and simple. Im glad to have Moore as he is a great back up and very few teams have. If players arent 100% it seems Philbins idea is to not play them so I dont look to see Tannehill this weekend. Moore can get the Fins through the next few games. Hopefully Luck will be on his back alot this weekend since their oline is garbage right now.

i 4 1 would be as snug as an alabama tick if moore would take the reins.
he b the #1 #2 qb in the nfl.

All AFCE team as of right now..
They have Donald Thomas listed as playing for NE lol


oops didnt post the entire link


um. matty, rt had 2+ seasons in the system compared to m+m's zero...

He is a professional isnt he 2watt? Regaurdless of what system it is if you are a starter and you cant beat up on 2nd-3rd stringers, then youre not a starter. Thats what happened in the preseason.

par exempler:
who would fare better being air dropped into the deep amazon.
a 1st x tourist from nyc
or a native amazonian who's familiar..?.

I know from experience as when I played in college we had a red shirt freshman come in and beat out a 5th year senior. I know college and the pro's are different but if you are a starter you will find a way to get into the mix and seperate yourself.

1st mm was in his 3rd system since coming in.
2nd. u'r #8 o/a pix don't sit on the bench...

so your example is comparing a life and death situation of survial in the amazon to two guys competeing for a starting job in the NFL where they get paid millions? makes sense..

Thomas averages 2.5/rush. Why did Bush get only 20 plays while Thomas got 45 plays? Pass protection?

We should be 6-1.

The Moore thing was doubly good. Hopefully "Check Down Tanne" noticed Moore chucking it vertically down the field and learned that one can do that and not be afraid of INTs. It's actually on check down plays where most INTs happen, not vertical passes down the field.

I'd rather gain 40 yards than 6 yards. So throw the ball down the field, as Matt Moore has shown us how to do for 10 games now.

2 watt, so the #8 over all pick in the draft cant sit but the #1 over all pick in the draft could? ie Carson Palmer... try again

yes, what is being chased by 350 # buffoons like.?.

In the last 16 games the Dolphins have only been outmatched twice,,, Houston and Philly.....

Randy, wtf??? Check down Tanne??? You know that he is one of the best downfield passers in the NFL right now and one of the best facing the blitz. Come back and contribute when you actually have a clue.

c. palmer. #1 in long ball comp.
do u know who the # 2 is.????. take a stab.??

so again 2 watt you said that the #8 over all pick doesnt sit but the #1 pick in Carson Palmer did..


Randy, read this and get educated

Randy you obviously dont watch the games since what you said doesnt make sense what so ever. Maybe youre thinking about Henne because Tannehill is one if not the top rated passer at 20yds plus.

2 watt, Moore completed one long pass all year, how is that possible??? What is your source?

DragonFly34, you were probably one of the ones that also said;

Who is Philbin, I've never heard of him,fire him.

Who is Mike Sherman, he was a loser at TA&M, fire him.

Who is Kevin Coyle, I've never heard of him,fire him.

Who is the rest of the coaching staff, I never heard of them fire them.

Phins will be lucky to win a game, suck for Barkley.

And the busts, Jerry, Hartline, Bush, Tannehill, Fasano, Martin, Soliai, Odrick, Burnett, Dansby, Smith, Jones, Vernon, Misi, Clemons. I'm sure you said many of these should be cut, think where we would be if you were Phins GM.

Mando, don't trow all the fans and the pundits in and excoriate them for being a knee jerk type. We are not all the same. As a matter of fact, as you admitted, you have done a little knee jerking yourself. I will confess to you and all my piers that I was not thrilled with the idea of not getting Flynn BUT I was proven wrong. The Seahawks overpaid for a backup QB, while Joe & Sherman have proven the wiser. I like the "slow" but positive growth that Joe has embarked the Phins on. I am looking forward the evolution of another winning era of Dolphin Football...who knows we may even go undefeated again...LOL...

Toronto, 2 Watt is the biggest know nothing on this blog. Everyone one of those alleged busts were propagated by him.

Anyone remember those check-downs that Montana would dump off to Roger Craig and Dwight Clark?

those little passes would rip the still beating hearts from a defense.

Predictions for this weeks game?


going back to last season...look it up...

Hello Mike, yeah, 2 watt is a true instigator but that comment wasn't even personal opinion, he tried to pass it on as fact - how could that be?? Guess I just have to ignore more often but I come here to engage with fellow fans, so I fall prey to trollage once in a while ...

matty, nice post re: PFF all division team. They certainly think a lot of Pouncey's performance so far - saying he's been the best, even better than his much more famous twin brother.

Dashi, what would you think of PFF saying Burnett has been the #6 OLB playing in a 4-3 in the NFL and Karlos Dansby narrowly missing out on being the best MLB in the division? I know we differ on the opinions of this LB core. Personally, I don't know how anyone would pick Brandon Spikes over Karlos Dansby. Spikes is a total clone of Channing Crowder. Solid in the run game but one dimensional.

Matt Moore should be starting.

last 10 games. 7-3. mm.
next 5 games. phinz 9-3.
if mm is behind pouncey.
fax jax!...

2 watt, Moore is a gamer and a great backup and will beat up on the lesser teams in the NFL. however, when facing competent teams last year, he was exposed.

In addition, Miami's defense came on during Moore's stint as a starter. They were horrible in the first seven games but totally turned it around for the second half of the season to finish witha respectable ranking.

Additionally, Reggie bush got all his big games in the 2nd half too.

Moore was solid but he had a lot of help and still beat nobody of any note whatsoever. he was exposed against Dallas, Philadelphia, and New England where he amde costly errors in all the games that helped the team get beat.

Let's not make someone something he is not.

KC wants a 3rd round pick for Bowe, if he leaves as free agent they would get a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2014. Which makes a 3rd round 2013 more valuable. We are the 5th seed right now. We can use the Marshall 3rd rounder and make the playoffs this yr I wouldn't care if we can't resign him next year.
Also why aren't we throwing to bush or javorskie anymore?

Hennehill isnt close to Moore.

henning = senile.

This is not knee jerk: Mando is the worst writer in the NFL. Seriously, the amount of men you have to please on a daily basis to keep your job must be staggering. Somehow, I think you write poorly on PURPOSE.

Agreed Mike he is that much better.. which is why Moore will be on another team next year unless he wants to stay a back up..

Salguero, I was with you until you claimed the Dolphins fanbase was "sophisticated."

These are the same nitwits who were howling for Brady Quinn and Kevin Kolb.

Not ALL of them, but plenty.

"Clueless" would be the better adjective, sorry.

2watt you predicting what their record would be is not a fact...
MM has and always will be a back up.. Dallas didnt want him, Carolina gave up on him and now he backs up a Rookie QB that doesnt have the experience that MM does..

Those are facts 2watt

Maybe those GM's and Head coaches dont know as much as you do.

isn't bowe from so flo.?.

Whether you like MM or whether you like RT it really doesnt matter. What matters is what the coaches that watch these two in practice day in and day out and make the desicion to who starts and who sits. They have a better insight than all of us and I have been a Philbin guy from the beginning so ill trust his opinion over 2watt or whomever else...

Just to note, I was good with Matt Moore or Garrard starting the season and RT sitting a year but it looks like the rookie proved he belonged and so far he has.

matty. same as favre and s.young. their 1st teams didn't want them 2.

if garrard was behind pouncey.
phinz = 0-7...

6 teams paxxed on dcm 2.

lol now youre comparing Moore to Farve and Steve Young?
Ill go along with it.. except now Moore is on his 3rd team and soon to be 4th is he leaves Miami....

For Miami fans everything is a bust, unless they turn out to be like Marino.... which none have and only happens every 40 years!!! Bunch of cry babies!!.... let the players develop, keep the coaching staff together..... THE TEAMS THAT WIN is because they have been together for a while!!!!

anyways. 4-3.
don't sandy it.


people still wondering why tannehill is starting and not moore? true you know what you have in moore, what would the plan be? having tannehill learn through osmosis? nobody on these boards gave miami a shot at being 4-3 (they should be 6-1), i heard plenty of miami is the worst team in the league, no talent, no WRs, they gave away their best players (marshall/davis), ireland sucks, philbin can't coach, blah, blah, blah

Fans everywhere love thinking they have all the answers and some special "insight" into players, coaches, strategy, etc.

In truth, they know very little. Their "access" to the game consists of sitting on a couch and watching it on a 37-inch TV screen. Were they to voice their opinions in an actual draft room or coaches meeting, they'd be laughed out of there within 5 minutes.

And when they are proven wrong (as they are 90% of the time) they are experts at developing convenient amnesia.

"Sophisticated," Armando?!? LOL.


Kinda of like FireLand Huh? Of all the bad moves everyone thought he made; Like, not signing Orton or paying ridiculous money for Flynn or Alex Smith...Look at how this played out...Look who just got the last laugh...No one is praising Ireland now. I agree with you; Dolphans need to Chill out...I'm just as guilty. Love the new direction and Phibin's regime!

Remember? Mark Sanchez college coach, Pete Carroll said Sanchez was not ready to come out early for the NFL. Looks like Pete knows better then Rex.

Comsidering how Carroll has drafted out there in Seattle it's obvious he knows more than Rex

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