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Dolphins lead 17-6 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins came out of the locker room and drove right down for a TD to start the half and take a 17-6 lead.

It seemed like the Rams were fading and the Dolphins had their schwerve on.

But, alas, the game slowed thereafter.

And these two teams are still locked in a dogfight of sorts. This game will be decided in the fourth quarter.

And the live blog will continue in the comments section.


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"But, alas, the game slowed thereafter."

It "slowed" via the magic of replay officiating, apparently.

Almost ALL of those things were bad....

we are lucky to punt...

Long says he feels the best he has in a couple of years.. whats wrong with him then?

Jake long again. So he wants mire money next year?? I don't think so!


I have to agree with you here. Long is not playing like the best or even one of the best LT's in football.

I believe the money could be much better spent addressing several needs.

Can they hold on and close the show? We shall see

3 and out..... no break for the d that is stuggling against the rams and the refs


keep the pressure ON...no prevent Defense....

We need to run a bit more to run clock down not pass every down

I'd like to see us run the ball more in the fourth quarter. Reggie had a nice run to start the last drive and we never went back to him.

Time to make the game close and give us a chance to lose it. Hopefully it doesn't come down to Carps leg, we have all seen the tragic ending to that story...

Sanchez 10-17 71 yards 2/0
Tebow 1-1 23 yards 0/0

Joke franchise with joke QBs. Up 28-9, not sure how, certainly isn't with their QB play

they are stuffing the run????

We should be 5-1 if Joe knew it is a game of field position.

Let's get a stop!

Let's close out this game!we need at least 1 more fg!

For personal reasons! Dashi had the fins 21-6 this morning! 1 point off won't be bad!

If Jerry puts his elbow in the gut of Langford then he doesnt get his hands up but no one is touching him


Where are they today? seems the staff doesn't trust all of them.

Come on O, same as before: screen passes and eat up the clock.

t hill out???

Can we get some pressure, please?!

NCfinfan33, in defense of Long, the rams have an excellent pass rush for the last several games.

Sheesh, hopefully Tanny's OK.

Lets all hope we find a way to preserve the lead and bring home the win.

5 and 1

Guppies why arent you complaining about Tannehill and Philbin?

Long says he feels the best he has in a couple of years.. whats wrong with him then?


Don't know but he's not worth the contract that Joe Thomas just got. Not sure ANY LT is worth that actually. Pouncey & Jonathan Martin have both made less mistakes this year Long & make considerably left money.

m=MIAMI D...


bad teams find ways to lose????

"Up 28-9, not sure how, certainly isn't with their QB play"

That is just bizarre. The Colts stuff Peyton last week, and now getting ravaged by the Jets? What a weird season.

D needs to step it up here!!!!!!!!!!!!


But Joe don't know football.

Football is a game of field position.

Joe don't know that.



Oh Gene Steratore you tease!!! You only give fumbles to the guys you like :P

Oh I agree the rams have stud pass rushers but if you consider yourself elite and get the money he does then you show up against whomever...

If they resign him I think it will be more like his rookie contract.. not Joe Thomas money.. hopefully thye dont Franchise him next year.

God is making it rain !!!

5 wins

1 loss

Every time they show Bradford getting hit! One of his linemen is wrapping up a dolphin player!

Just look at TV!

"Football is a game of field position. Joe don't know that."

Yeah, I'm sure he never picked that up working at Green Bay.

Get under the receiver!

God wanted the Rams to make that conversion.

I( WISH it was Nolan CROMWELL.

Anderson, the results speak for themselves.

YAHWEH is, indeed, the storm god. A scary one for sure.

Cartman, we are 2-3 not 5-1, get over it. Posting it over and over is not going to change anything

repeat.... bad teams find a way to lose... stick a fork in them... as in the past they can't make a play


Chris, I'm pissed off.

I'll take this kid Richardson as our 2nd RB....

God wants you to get a beer from your fridge NOW !!!

C'mon defense!!!

rams score.. make two pt conversion tie the game with a fg, blowfish miss fg rams win with a fg.... look familiar???


See if we keep bending without a break.

I can't wait to play the Jets in 2 weeks.

I hope that the loss to the Jets at home does not come back to hunt us when it comes to making the playoffs. If we miss the playoffs by one game that is the one that is going to hurt.

We need to beat the Jets in that game so that we can get that game back but let's beat the Rams first.

Field position is for offenses that can't score!

OK sporano!

I mean cartman!

U think the pats care about field position?

Ah, here come the haters.

If they score a TD expect a 2 point conversion.

Why do the haters come here and talk smack.

Come on Joe.

Love to see a GOAL LINE STAND here....@ least take ALL FOUR downs..

Rams may finally get the TD that the refs kept trying to give them in the 3d.

huge 3rd down here...

We need to create a turnover NOW!!!

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