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Dolphins lead 17-6 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins came out of the locker room and drove right down for a TD to start the half and take a 17-6 lead.

It seemed like the Rams were fading and the Dolphins had their schwerve on.

But, alas, the game slowed thereafter.

And these two teams are still locked in a dogfight of sorts. This game will be decided in the fourth quarter.

And the live blog will continue in the comments section.


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God DAJUhfdkjghskjfghbsdkg!

Please just give me a chance to blow this thing

Yeah kbrad... We can't run... Just stop already!!

We're blowing it again.


I hope we do not have to depend on Dan Carpenter.

Good grief. We can never close thesr things out.

They've only called 8 running plays! They've barely tried.

Anyone seen my helmet?

R all 2-pt conversions reviewed as well?

Go Joe. Reverse to Hartline.

Look at the balls on Fisher!

Not as easy as it was looking, is it?

Can't catch a break!!!

that fumble call is going to be a key missed call figures what else is new we could be up 20-6 or 24-6 right now instead its 17-14

ck my previous post.... rams score + 2 pt conversion... o goes 3 and out rams tie with fg, suck fish miss fg rams win with fg.... look famialiar...

bad teams find ways to lose.... coach FAILbi is now 2-4


How bad is the rain there?

Oh crap. Got the 2. You can't expect our dbs to cover for 10 seconds.
Rams held, no call.

OK, Time to show we are for real. Sherman has to get Tanny some plays, the screen maybe, roll him out.
Our O-line HAS to step it up.
No turnover please.

Well we all knew it wouldn't be easy. Cardiac kids at it again.


Are they giving Janoris Jenkins over the top now? we haven't gone back to that side in a while.

Let's run the ball and kill some clock Sherman!!!!

The D flops. Nothing new there.


Thx for jinxing us with the invain God talk. He sent us a qb, quit messing around with HIM.

"Thou shalt not use the Lord thy God name in vain."

A lot of bad calls against Miami Thai game. 2 fumbles reversed. A lot adversity to overcome

I can't tell whether you some of you people are trolls or cissy whining fans that have no confidence in this team....Either way you're pathetic!!!

These refs fvckin suk!!! 3 bs calls!! We need a td and someone to run over a ref and put him in the hospital!

The Rams have 162 rushing yards. the Dolphins had 161 total yards before that last play.

yes have tanne run it every time. fool them

TV announcers very biased toward Rams.

Let's not go into a shell. We need to score.

Smart QB....

OT please...

I'm soooo freaking nervous man!!!

We Have Rb's, stop the whining. This team always makes things harder than they need to be. There's a reason why that stadium is half empty, genius.

Calls bad against us, do they want the rams to win??????

you're right, Kris. Got some yardage and got down in bounds.

Good play Ryan keep the clock going.

1st sneak of the season!!! Cute!!

our rookie QB is a stud

They do have a qb sneak in the play book

good call Guppies lol

THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Three running plays. First down.

RB's, why would anybody have confidence in this team? History tells us to always be pessimistic about this sorry bunch.

Player's are playing smart....

Anyone notice the kid 'drying' the football was doing a crappy job?


Heavy RAIN moving in!!!

Why didn't Bush take the original hole!

"History tells us to always be pessimistic about this sorry bunch."

Whatever, troll.



that is coaching @ its best...


He didn't get it. Damn.

Bush is a Beast!


Short. Just like Jeffy's wiener.


The best Call of the Season

HAHAHA Eat it Jeff!!

What a f#cking play call!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the fake call!!!

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