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Dolphins lead 17-6 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins came out of the locker room and drove right down for a TD to start the half and take a 17-6 lead.

It seemed like the Rams were fading and the Dolphins had their schwerve on.

But, alas, the game slowed thereafter.

And these two teams are still locked in a dogfight of sorts. This game will be decided in the fourth quarter.

And the live blog will continue in the comments section.


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How many times can we do this....

Dumb f#cking penalty!!!


Nice tackle Jimmy!


Backfired on ref's!


Another OT game?

They got this! Wake and Vernon get to tee off.

okay how much better can we put them back!

Great play by Jimmy Wilson.

Well, the only positive is the flag and re-kick takes time off the clock.

WOW, Field!

i did mention, that this is fisher ball, undisciplined, lots of penalties.

God please, make this easy for once. No more heart-stoppers.

D can win it!

Fields, and coverage!!

Turnover! Turnover!

My hair is magical

Give them five yards all day. tick tick tick

prevent to win

Rams 12 Penalties for 96 yards.

Turnover! Turnover!Turnover! Turnover!

Okay, let me just say that "watching" this on the ESPN gamecast is a very confusing experience.

here we go.... dink and dunk for the win

We need wake

just tackle...this kicker is done...mentally...

Let's go pass rush!!!

Wake time

Come on Defense!

c'mon D!!!


Get the heck outta here!

what a catch

Good god, our D stinks!


great catch.... what good teams do....

Turnover! Turnover! Turnover! Turnover! Turnover! Turnover! Turnover! Turnover!

free time out after every play!

Sheesh, typical Fins game. I age every week.

They are only 15 yards from FG distance.

Jesus they are going right down the fiels where is our D.

That catch was amazing by Gibson. Best catch of the year.

Smith needs to make a play

unbelieveable every week

cant take another OT loss

keep the kick over 40 yards....

Kicker is mental MUSH....

Pick it



The U!!

D if we lose it's Coyle fault. WTF. Let's stop this team!

OV Welcome to the NFL!!! Big play!

Vernon has been great today.

Pssh 66 is nothing...

Block coming up.

Please miss!

OLIVER!!!! THE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this won't even be CLOSE.....

66 yards? NO GOOD!


Ireland thank you for Oliver!!!!


Dolphins win. Theeeee Dolphins win.



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