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Dolphins lead 17-6 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins came out of the locker room and drove right down for a TD to start the half and take a 17-6 lead.

It seemed like the Rams were fading and the Dolphins had their schwerve on.

But, alas, the game slowed thereafter.

And these two teams are still locked in a dogfight of sorts. This game will be decided in the fourth quarter.

And the live blog will continue in the comments section.


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These Fins just refuse to make it easy on my heart and blood pressure!!!

Did he even have the distance?


How come nobody let's me try that?


Carpenter consoling Zuerline. LOL

Yes 3-3 baby. Jets are next. Vernon with the defensive play of the game.

I called it, Wide left!!!

Finally!!! Someone else's kicker sucks for a week!

holly smokes.
hat trick by the super star kicker

66yd field goal wtf was that fishers call???????
so you all glad we got philbin or fisher??????

Good job team, next time let me win it

should be 5-1...

damn does that kid have a leg.. he could destroy the record

Great to see Vernon step up... this draft is looking better and better! Go Miami!!!

Carpenter consoling Zuerline. LOL

Posted by: 48-Go | October 14, 2012 at 04:11 PM



Thank you St. Louis kicker for missing those three field goals. Everyone enjoy the win. Thank you Armando for hosting such an awesome blog! Peace.

Ireland ain't getting fired if this team keeps playing like this....

FISHER and ALL you fisher-ITES....

S U C K...IT....

UM 3rd rd pick is a beast. Wake and Vernon getting identical pressures is almost impossible to stop all game.

Wow, he had the distance.
Our D NEEDS the bye.

BTW, were jason and Zack honored before the game or at halftime?
WOW, Cowboys score...they get 2, overtime with the Ravens.

Why does this team give me a fvcking heart problems every week. What a bummer, I can't let those two losses go against the jists and cards. We should be 5-1 when everybody thought we would only win 2 games. 5-1, just say it 5-1.

I think we've found Wake's complimentery pass rusher. Great job by Vernon today.

Lol after missed kick Carpenter over there giving zuierlein advise.

Ireland is showing his talent finding ability and we would be stupid to even talk of this guy getting fired

With all I've read this week about Fisher rejecting the Dolphins, would'nt it be more accurate to say that Miami rejected him when they would'nt turn over full control? Armando, your thoughts on that.


Come on...Let's hear it. Somehow, someway there has to be a negative angle right???? LOL!!!

Philbin > Fisher

How many people complained about the Vernon draft? This blog lit up!! Way to silence your critics Vernon!!!!

He had lots of distance....just was left....BIG W ..

Go Phins...Go Joe P Go Tanny Go D...luvin it !!!!!

That's the right call by Fisher, but really impressed by Philbin's fake punt call. Not a great day by the D or the O but they won a game where maybe they got a little outplayed....nice change from dominating and losing.

3-3, they beat the Jets and a wild card is possible.

Ireland is smiling now. Vernon was a great pick by Ireland in the 3rd round. Our defensive line is going to be set for years to come. Best line in football?: Wake, Soliai, Starks, Venron, and Odrick.

guys the team is ganging in there EVERY WEEK, they are making mistakes but i would rather them play like they are and hopefully grow each week. a week off to rest/recover and get some of the wrinkles ironed out. This team has heart and a bit of ability, with good coaching = we have a chance each week!!!!!

Last year, woulda lost!! That fake punt won the game by taking time off the clock. Nice job coaching staff!!

It's ok Zuerlein, welcome to the club. We have a cool towel fort in the locker room. No girls allowed

Thank goodness for Jeff Fisher's call.

We are what the record says we are o this point....3 - 3 and improving

It's a been long time since we have the "No Name Defense" and the "Killer B's". I think this D has proven that they deserve a nickname.

can we please not make it come down to stopping the last drive every freaking week

My take is that we got the right coach. Granted he is a rookie learning on the job, but he has gotten better every week. Gotta love Joe.

Y'all have a great rest of Sunday.

Andrew...I agree to a certain extent...

Rams dominated the 1st half....

we OWNED the 2nd....and that means...COACHING was the difference....


*hanging in there lol

Bye week now.....time for Reggie to get healthier.....and Gaffney...was he inactive again???? should be up to speed by the Jet game...we could use another target for Tanny

Exactly bobby, it was all about that fake punt. Take that St. Louis, you did it to me once this weekend with the godDAMNED Cardinals, but you couldn't do it to me when it counted.

A win is a win. I'll take it. But I'm pulling my hair out everygame. Thank you Vernon for that sack.

dont get it......why do they continue to not give it to Lane when they need a yard or two?--last drive, 2nd & 1 and they give it to Bush twice (once he runs wide.....why, when he's clearly lost a step with his knee injury) and the other to Bush up the middle--no gain--you mean to tell me that a 260 lb FB cant get 1 yard on 2 attempts?--why so little faith in Lane?

If the Arizona game was a Dan Marino performance for Tannehill, this game was a Bob Griese performance. Efficient, smart, and, most importantly, a win!

HEY PEEPS ...go to the new blog!!!!!!!

Lot's of questions to ask but they can wait. We WON and are now 3-3.

That fake punt was a critical game changing play!!!

Miami didn't play great, but good enough.

Kris, they won by three with the other team missing 3FGs. At best they played even.

Not complaining, they have two losses where they outplayed the opposition....evened out a bit today.

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