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Dolphins lead Bengals 17-6 to start fourth quarter

CINCINNATI -- Last time they were on the road, the Dolphins blew an 11-point lead. They have a 13-point lead now.

But the Bengals have the ball at the Miami 3 to start the fourth quarter and are threatening.

Can Miami hold on to win?

We'll find out as the live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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Once again the coaching staff makes another blunder in trusting carpenter from 50 and now the mommentum shifts to the other team in the 4th qtr....unreal, they just dont from their mistakes....

Were giving up to many gains. We have to buckle down in the fourth.

guys keep the faith, i believe it was the right thing to do going for the kick. it would have meant a minimum fg on the next drive would have made it a little easier

Smith didnt correctly use his length advantage on that td.

Let the 4th Qtr meltdown begin...Oh yeah. SEAN SMITH STILL IS HORRIBLE!

no, punting the ball to a bungals offense that have done nothing since was the smart call that wasnt!!!

Once again instead getting us points, Carpenter is costing us points.

Memo to Philbin: don't use him for anything above 45yds.

Probably we are enter in a new era or another dimension but a field gol of more of 50 yds. with a mediocre kicker and the Corners giving to much space to the recievers are we going to win games need to be in the playoff...?

Smith is looking better, he just needs to increase his aggressiveness a little more.

Well! Another one of those Games.

4th quarter is looking like deja vu all over again.


if smith wants to be a top corner he has to bat that away like the elite corners do. clearly the bengals don't think he is elite as they are throwing in his direction regularly.


The team needs a win at this point. Screw the confidence of the kicker not the time to for that at this point.

Smith doesnt seem to have enough "meanstreak" in him right now. We need his meanstreak to begin to show.

Not much smith could do about that. It was good coverage against a great receiver and a great throw

Another Crapenter missed field goal turns into points for the opposing team.

every time they trust carpenter, it has backfired every week....no confidence in him with 45 plus kicks...thats just the way it is, punt the ball or go for it, but dont kick it....


Come on, this is getting so predictably pathetic.

Is there a 3 quarter league qwe can join?

I don't blame Carpenter for missing a 53 yard kick. I blame the coaching staff that trots him out there to try it.

Why can't we QB sneak on 3rd/4th and 1?

Whenever Smith begins to play with a meanstreak and sense of urgency, the sky will be the limits for him.

on first down you have to be more aggressive with the ball in the air. a pass interference wouldn't have hurt as long as he tries atleast.

Well, here it comes.
Sherman had better be on his game now, and tanny MUST protect the ball.
If we lose this game, PHILBIN MUST BE QUESTIONED.
he's done a nice job getting the team ready, but 3 straight games of game mismanagement...bad as Sparano. Different, but just as bad.

Posted by: IMAWriter | October 07, 2012 at 03:27 PM

CLAY!!!!!!1 UGH!

The good ol'Smith showing up late in the game and now...Clay...Unreal...

Exactly why Clay has had a tough time with playing time.

We're starting to unravel....Oy vey.

Armando would you have blamed the coaches if he'd have made the kick???? that's why you write and they play!!!!!!

We have to come up with points on this drive-PERIOD!

If not, you might as well make a Beer Run for the 4;00 games.

He dropped it comenon

Wow if Clay catches that cleanly its prolly a TD... Terrible...

Win the 4th Quarter...win the game...plain and simple..

Typical Dolphins 4th quarter football...


Charles Cay-catch-then drop-why don't we have quality TE's?

Why won'tthey let Lamar Miller run-why-why-wwhy

Maybe NOT Clay.
What a shame. great physical tools, apparently no heart.

Time for T-hill to take charge.

It's pretty even on total yds
233 - fins

218 - bengals

Hands of stone clay


The defense was playing great! If they would've done the job Cindy would've went 3&out! Not score a td!

That was on the defense!

Were starting to look uninspired on offense o god

a few ball players do not have the baaaalllllllss to play the game

I was surprised when Clay caught one in the 1st qtr.
Three and out time.

Surprise! Momentum goes to the other team. Dan "I ruin our momentum and chances of winning" carpenter

The d has to respond. They can not lead the implosion. No execuses!

Once again 4th QT playcalling will lose us this game. No time taken off and stupid plays

Adjust to their offense now.


Who the hell is Charles Clay and why the hell are we passing to him? Where is Bess? (Sorry, I've missed the first three quarters so I'm coming into this late).

Dropped by Fields! Animal.

Bengals player of the game = Cam Philbin.


Is Dan Carpenter the catalyst of disaster?

Take the ball away + score

the last three weeks the fourth quarters have been horrible, you sense uncle mo shifting

This game FALLS on Philbin...Better not lose...


Won't play Lamar because then Reggie will have a friggin baby over not being the PREMIER guy

This loss is gonna hurt....

is there any more eveidence of another momentum shift in this game...*lol*...unreal ...good drop clay....

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