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Dolphins lead Bengals 17-6 to start fourth quarter

CINCINNATI -- Last time they were on the road, the Dolphins blew an 11-point lead. They have a 13-point lead now.

But the Bengals have the ball at the Miami 3 to start the fourth quarter and are threatening.

Can Miami hold on to win?

We'll find out as the live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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Philbin is relying the defense. And they are starting to get tired.. Oh boy. This is hard to deal with. We played better but our coaches are not giving this team a chance to win! They need to do a better job

Refs have been calling crap for Cincy all day, we won't get this

Are these the replacement refs?

if they don't give this to us, we HAVE to send the tape in.
I'd love to see coleman out. He gave the Pats the game against the raiders.

I need to see runs and screens like the first qtr

Stay tuned for the weekly blowfish meltdown. Honouring the monday night miracle at the Meadowlands your 2012 stinky fish.

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | October 07, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Monkey Boy losing the Courage of his Convictions -lol.

I hear you, but why the aleases? Duh!

The commenters miss the concept that ball crossed the goal line

If this is not overturned then send film to NFL headquarters for explanation
Heel on line and ball over the line

Heel in the zone..and the football over the line

they will review this and then give it to the bengals.

Looks like the ball crossed the line as well.

Are you kidding me!!!!

I take it philbin doesnt realize we have one of the best punters in the game? This team lacks mental toughness right now. As long as things are going great they are fine. One thing happens to mess up that mojo and its all over.

You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

told ya

Wow. I don't normally complain about refs, but, wow!

Even Marv Albert has to laugh!

Bring back replacements

WTH are the refs seeing?

Not enough to over turn lose
a timeout. Philbin sucks.

Wow. The fix is in. These refs are AWFUL!

HAHAHAHAAHA these refs really suck...from spotting the balls on 4th down to that call

Rich Gannon . . . Wrong AGAIN!


This tuck ruke ref MUST be barred from the NFL!!

Obvious visual proof, but nah, we won't get the call.

Not when it's this important.

Who the hell do we have to fight to win a Game, God?

Those SOB's.
This is a travesty.
This crew needs to sit 2 weeks loss of pay.

Refs are bad, Philbin's decision to let Carpenter kick a 53 yard FG was worse. They'll find a way to blow this probably. Sucks,

Of course. The video is just not good enough.

FU Coleman

Stop with the negativity!
We are trying to win a fu@&ing game here.
Tanne will not choke!

It is sad how the officials are calling this game.

Poorly Ref'd game

Screwed by the refs

need a sustained drive...

Wooowwwwwww horrible call

never seen so many missed calls before WOW

Time to suck it up and win

Running hard!

Way to go!

Thomas run. Tough, well done.

i still smell home cookin'. where's the flag on the helmet-to-helmet.

Thomas the 3 yds. RB change his name to: "5 yds. in Two"

We in trouble guys I won't blame the players. It's all the coaches fault!! Poor decision making. And not really giving this team a chance!!!! I'm piss off

Are these replacement refs? Hi foot was in the endzone!!

Twice now the announcers are sure they are going to overturn it and they don't

Oh oh, 3rd and 1 again.

I still like the offensive flow of the game. Tannehill's thrown only 22 times with8 minutes left vto play.

run the ball down their f'in throats...just hold on to it while you do so!

Just keep the offense off the field and DNT FUMBLE

Tanne doesn't need excuses so shut up you idiots.

I honestly believe these officials should be investigated for fixing the game. It is clear that they are personally doing their best to hand this to the Bengals.

Huge first down. Let's go!!!

Good YAC by Bess!

What if . . . Thomas is a good RB? Just wondering.

Should've been overturned AK!

They better review that 3rd down. Maybe he didn't really get it.

Good job already turning field position around.

Nice aggressive play calling,

Bush was held.

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