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Dolphins lead Bengals 17-6 to start fourth quarter

CINCINNATI -- Last time they were on the road, the Dolphins blew an 11-point lead. They have a 13-point lead now.

But the Bengals have the ball at the Miami 3 to start the fourth quarter and are threatening.

Can Miami hold on to win?

We'll find out as the live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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Posted earlierI like our chances to win with Tannehill throwing less than 33 times.

Bess has always been a good possession receiver

Ireland has built a great defense. He has made the right decisions on free agents and has hit on plenty of draft picks. Odrick, Misi, Smith, Jones were solid picks for the defense in the draft.

On offense he found Tannehill, Long, Pouncey, Hartline, Bess (rookie free agent).

You need time to develop players. You also need to be able to hit on a franchise QB in this league. A franchis QB can make a GM look very smart.

Zebra skinned dildos.

Rey is making BIG HITS!

Clock can't go fast enough....

We've now run 28 times, play calling haters! LOL

T-hill will have a lot of converts if he can orchestrate a TD on this drive

Mando, I don't care what these guys say about you, you're alright, a keeper!

Thomas shook up...come on with Miller

Gotta hold on to the ball, and no INT. great drive here no matter what happens.

Who made that block on the throw to bess??? Was that Thomas or Lane???

Concussion #2...ugh

It's going to come down to carpenter kick to stretch the lead to 7

Our 235-pound RB is the one who can't stay healthy.

The bad thing about the missed calls is that these refs cannot be held accountable. Thus the purpose of the lockout.

Enjoy the incompetence you apologists.

of course daniel gets hurt heres comes three and out

You need to go for the jugular here. A TD here and it is game over.

Damn it!!! Thomas was FINALLY playing well.

Bush has tendancy to look for the long gainer too much.

Play to lose.

Bush dancing too much

can't dance there, as field position is so important. Why not keep pounding thomas?

Miller time....

There were like 5 guys on that Bush!


need a BIG punt now.

Why do I have a feeling the Bengals will score on their next drive and win???

Embrace the suck.

I told you guys Sherman calling a bad game
No one wants to admit it! Sorry I just telling it like I see it!

Welp guys sigh here it comes lets all put our dissapointment hats on we wear every flipping week

This is gonna take 1 (2) plays max

bess catches that, 9 ties out of 10. but it would've been short anyway.

Two dumb runs up the middle to put them in another third and long. Then a terrible punt. If its the fourth quarter, Miami sucks in all phases.

Guys, I'm having terrible luck with the internet. Having trouble posting comments.

Rey Maualuga has gone in for concussion testing.

Here comes an 80 yd drive...

I still like our chances. Our defense has played great all day.

Gee, I wonder what happens here. Bengals with the ball, 6 minutes left. mmmmm.....

Pacman Jones is bankrupt, but he just rung up Bess.


awful punt

Way to pin them back there...ok, so place your bets...how far do they get on this next drive? 7:58 drive? This team is making me so f'in pessimistic.

Not good! We're trying, again, to find a way to lose!

Sherman has an annoying habit of going away from what works.
Tanny rolling out, throwing to a back or hartline/bess has worked 3 times today...firast half.
No sign of it this half.
it's like he has short-term memory loss. HMMMMMM

Bush has to remember he has a very young qb. He cant be looking for the homerun every carry at this point in in the game. But nice field position turn around. Need the d to again assert itself.

At somepoint this more veteran d has to spearhead a victory for the much more inexperienced offensive.

I agree, Reggie sometimes dances around too much.

Tannehill may have to win this game at the end. I hope that it does not come down to a Carpenter kick. I am not sure that Carpenter's head is screwed on right now.

here we go.... 80 yard drive for the loss...


Dan Henning play book is out again!
Sherman wake the f u c up! Roll out Tannehill throw to Hartline. WTF

Armando he has gone in because it was helmet to helmet!! thought that was not allowed?????

OK let's think positively...big defnsive series..we need a turnover here....either o downs or on a big play...

I believe Bengals will be going on 4th down on this drive.

Fins defense has to make a big stop or turnover.

Fins can't allow 4th down conversions like in the past.

Why did we kick it out of the back of the endzone? #SPECIALTEAMSMELTDOWN

D won't make a play and the O will choke!!!

Sherman calling a college game

80 - 16yds..


We have 23 passes and 28 runs. Nothing at all is wrong with that mix. Just need execution from both units.

We need one big play d ONE BIG PLAY


I'm living the same nightmare it seems.

Nfl is a possession passing league

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