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Dolphins lead Bengals 17-6 to start fourth quarter

CINCINNATI -- Last time they were on the road, the Dolphins blew an 11-point lead. They have a 13-point lead now.

But the Bengals have the ball at the Miami 3 to start the fourth quarter and are threatening.

Can Miami hold on to win?

We'll find out as the live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there.


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We need to get this first down!

Yes! Pass!

We get this 3rd and game is basically over!

Bush HAS to stop dancing now.
I wouldn't mind thomas in now, even with his fumble propensity.
At least Bush stayed in bounds.
Roll Tanny out! sort throw to Lane.

Sparano would have pooch punted here! On 3rd down

Dalton has 15 more pass attempts and only 3 more yards than Tannehill....nice

Fins need to do a T-hill scramble with option to run or pass on this 3rd down.

So, do they run on the next play, giving Cincy the ball with 1:30ish on the clock to score a TD? Or do they throw for a 1st down, risking giving Cincy the ball with 2 minutes left? I think a nice screen play would be a good split of the two.

Math whizzes, if we run an punt, how much time does that give them? 1:10ish?

We will run, not get it, put in the prevent D and ........

I say boot play with Tanny. Tell him throw if wide open or take sack.

This is stressful.

Bush should not be running ball now. We need forward effort

we need to try punch a hole for the rb to get a few yards. not sure i like bush dancing around like that allowing those big d lineman to sneak up on him from behind!!!

I'm still betting on the end of the world with 10 seconds left...say 4th and 7...

Signed Nostradolphinus

time we won.

Important thing here, if not getting the 1st down, we pin the Bengals deep with less than 2 mins to score the game winning td.

The next play is probably a run. The Bengals have no time outs and we can take a delay of game penalty to milk the clock even further.

1:10 from around 10-20 yd line.

a win would SOMEWHAT ameliorate my pain from last night's UM beatdown by ND.

Smart play by Bush staying in bounds. They have no timeouts left so I'd be shocked if we didn't run the ball again. They have no timeouts left & they need a TD.

Let's hope Sherman has a clear head and runs the ball, kill some clock. Our wideouts have had a terrible second half and if Clay could hold on to a ball or two he'd be dangerous.


Bess on a slant for the first

PHINS staff playing not to lose! It's looks like TS coaching. But no one here is complaining. WTF. Can't believe it!

Short annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he ran out of bounds hahahahahahahahahahah

I can't beleive he got out of bounce.

stay inbounds you idiot.

Great call. Too bad clay didnt even try to make a play

F*ing Charles Clay. STAY IN BOUNDS!

And he runs out of bounds. Don't know about this Clay fellow.

Way to run it out of bounds

Why run out clay!


Sheesh, i called the play! But he ran out of bounds.

Clay out of bounds? Stupid, he has to be more aware!

Charles Clay is not a smart man by any means

And he ran out of bounds wtf

He went out of bounds - really

Wow clay is stupid
Goes out of bounds

Can we stop with Clay now?
Just get it to Fasano next time!

After all that time u call a fu*** screen!!!

Clay is a fricken idiot for running out of bounds



He ran out of bounds thus making him an imbecile!!!!

Bad punt by Fields...2nd time in a row...

Wow. Well its up to the d

I told you guys clay. Why not throw to Hartline Bess but to clay!! Now you guys believe me!

This team prefers losing than winning by the way they play its pathetic

ok Brandon....cant you just pooch the f'in ball to anywhere between 0 and 15 yards....why does it have to be on the half yard line...


I dont know how much more of this I can take as a fins fan

Who is that brainless loser that just ran out of bounds? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BLOWFISH LOSER

Brilliant. A run type pass and take it out of bounds to stop the clock. Good coaching.

Clinic scores with 30 seconds to go

time for the bend and break D


Ok defense, 3rd time is the charm. Right? Right?

I feel 2 or 3 4th down conv commin..

I mean let's see wake make a huge play here

Dont let them run out of bounds. They have zero time outs!

I hope the d comes out fired up lets go!

Clay is a moron.

Sean Smith ihas his butter out. He could get toasted here.

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