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Dolphins lead Bengals 7-6 going to third quarter

CINCINNATI -- This is a hard game to get a grasp on.

The Dolphins gave six points away in the first quarter. The Bengals had two turnovers in the second quarter and the Miami offense moved the ball very well on one drive to take a 7-6 lead at halftime.

Interesting that Nolan Carroll is holding up so far.

Cincy QB Andy Dalton is clearly not having a good day, with his accuracy way off. He has comleted 11 of 18 passes for 83 yards. Ryan Tannehill so far is the better QB in this game. He is 7of 10 for 101 yards.

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Armando do you agree from your perspective, refs are not calling the game evenly/

Armando, Reggie?

lets win this one

Looks like Bush hurt his left knee. Can anyone confirm with a report?


I realize that starting LT's don't grow on trees but for $10 plus Million a year??? That's a tough call for Ireland or whoever.

What's your gut feel on whether we break the bank to re-sign Long????

another close game=shoulda coulda woulda!!!

More high round picks in the o line and we will pick up those 4th and 1s. Refs killing the dolphins just as much as their own mistakes.

On Bush,

Still early. A runner like Bush becomes more dangerous in the 2nd half when the d begins to tire and become a step slower. Then a runner with his ability has the potential to gain 100yds in a single half.

Dolfans think every game is won on a single play, half, or qtr. In the nfl, it takes "4trs" to win a football game.


"another close game=shoulda coulda woulda!!!"


I don't understand??? We're winning & it's halftime. Shoulda coulda would what???

Report on BUsh PLEASE!

Then pull a Jedi Mind Trick on these Kiddie Kats. Can someone suggest they play the 3rd and 4th quarters like the first?

Tell the Young-ins that it's 2+2, all 4 quarters.


Less see the adjustments on both sides. Expect them.

Some here will watch football for 20-30yrs and still have the same exact point of view about what they see. Never fully understanding.

Bush is on the sideline and on the bike so I assume he is fine.

"another close game=shoulda coulda woulda!!!"


I don't understand??? We're winning & it's halftime. Shoulda coulda would what???

Posted by: We Have RB's | October 07, 2012 at 02:38 PM

See last two week results when it comes to close games and how they've turned out...just sayin...!!!

In response to YESTERDAY'S GONE.... Play calling is a problem when in overtime ( when a field goal wins the game) the Dolphins choose to throw a deep sideline fade on second down. RUN THE BALL AND PLAY FOR THE FIELD GOAL AND THE WIN! Cardinals game under 3:00 minutes to play. In Cardinals territory.. second down we choose to pass! What happens we fumble! RUN THE BALL, FORCE THEM TO USE THEIR TIMEOUTS. THEN PIN THEM DEEP WITH A PUNT. No need to pass at that point in the game with the lead. That's football 101! That's lousy play calling!

We're away, recovering from a heartbreak loss (in fact 2 of them), it's colder than we like, and the officiating has been questionable. Plus 2 costly fumbles.
And we're leading 7-6.

Ya gotta say our coaches did their job, and our team is working hard.
This will ALL pay off down the road.
The AFC East will be an open thing next year, even with the awesome TE's the the Patsies have...not to mention Brady.
Our D is better than theirs, and a big corner in the draft will do wonders.
Posted by: is better than theirs | October 07, 2012 at 02:33 PM

Whoops, that was ME, somehow i munged my own user name.
funny, seems even MORE brilliant the 2nd time. LOLOL

Some here will watch football for 20-30yrs and still have the same exact point of view about what they see. Never fully understanding.


Well said. The dumb tend to stay dumb.

nice to see Clay get a catch, also we have overcome 2 turnovers 1 in the red zone! and are leading.

I'll give you an "Adjustment". Reggie Bush is DONE for the day.

I hope Lamar Miller practiced well. Thomas is alright in relief, but I don't want to see him getting 89% of the offensive snaps in the 2nd half.

True. D was great.

Jake Long was dominant in his rookie year but has gotten worse ever since...Spend all that $$$ on WRs, TEs and defensive backs...He's not worth it...Let him go Ireland...Make us forget your mentor's bad decision once and for all...Taking a tackle ahead of a franchise QB...Dumb dumb...

Ireland Stays

No 3rd quarter collapse please.
uh oh, carroll down.
Who is our 5th CB?

"Interesting that Nolan Carroll is holding up so far."

Surprising but it seems like a number of players have REALLY picked up their games.

Nolan CArroll looks to be knocked out.

This is terrible.

so in the previous game they throw on a 3rd and 2 and miss so playcalling sucks? Packers did the same to win the game and converted they are geniuses. Now they have a 4&1 and run and playcalling sucks? Please make up your mind.

We have rb's u just had to jinx Nolan! LOL

Here comes RJ Stanford......GULP........

Fvcking Puke!

Carroll will have to go in for concussion testing.

This is what i was worried about. We have absolutely ZERO depth at CB... We are now in BIG trouble.

Carroll gets hurt because Dansby couldn't keep up with the guy he was covering...Another overpaid underachiever...

Bush= 2.9 yd/ave
Thomas= 2.5 yd/ave

Will Miller play in 2nd half??

T-hill = 7 completions out of 10 attempts
10.1 yd/ave
101 yds total

Will T-hill be allowed to light it up?

He's out for AT LEAST two weeks.

D Thomas has a 2.5 avg after 1.0 avg last week. YIKES!!

now watch cincy attack through nollans replacement....

Carroll's done for the day under the new nfl concussion rules. Whomever comes in just has to step up.

Whenever you see a player knocked out now days he is automatically out the rest of the game and often misses the next week.

Armando, a little housekeeping here: what are the chances the Herald can invest in a live, rolling blog board like CoverItLlive? This MS DOS manual refreshing drill is beneath the dignity of the great Dolphins Nation and the Herald's excellent coverage.

The best defense is a good offense!
Let's get Hartline into the game in a meaningful way!

We have rb's u just had to jinx Nolan! LOL


Definitely not my intention. I guess we're going to see RJ Stanford....

I can believe the Bengals keep trying to run. THANK YOU

My bad rb's

Wasn't u who jinxed carroll

RJ Stanford is now in for Carroll.

Need a big stop here.

Our Defense is winning this game.

Yesir, Yessir.



WOW!!! Starks definately making a strong case for all pro this year!

Yeah baby, there's the defensive stop to begin the half. Time to cash in for a td!

Randy Starks...The Dolphins BEST defensive player this year...Another Pro Bowl coming up for Mr.Starks...Well deserved...

Give starks his money!

He pass covers better than our lb's

He actually has a int!

Wow great pick

Watch Stanford!

@phinmanski hey he's improving his average. that is good news lol

we can get drunk today folks, Miami with 2 takeaways

Can Starks play TE?

We need to put Starks up with the WR's

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