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Dolphins lead Bengals 7-6 going to third quarter

CINCINNATI -- This is a hard game to get a grasp on.

The Dolphins gave six points away in the first quarter. The Bengals had two turnovers in the second quarter and the Miami offense moved the ball very well on one drive to take a 7-6 lead at halftime.

Interesting that Nolan Carroll is holding up so far.

Cincy QB Andy Dalton is clearly not having a good day, with his accuracy way off. He has comleted 11 of 18 passes for 83 yards. Ryan Tannehill so far is the better QB in this game. He is 7of 10 for 101 yards.

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A td here can completely change the way the d has to play Dalton. It will completely turn to:


With Cameron Wake leading the pass rush charge!

Mando why is this AP so slow for some of us to see current blogs? Third quarter just came up.

We need a score here to give us piece of mind

Let's see if Sherman learned anything from last week's poor game management (with the lead, no less).


Let's put the daggert in them. Let's score a TD on this drive and our DL can pin their ears back and come after the QB. Another score here shuts off the Bengals running game.

Let's be aggresive here and go for the TD.

Only way we lose today is with turnovers

I would go for the juglar 1st play of this drive!

Yeah, we could put them away now.

T-hill needs to put up another TD.

Need to cash in with points & step on the Bengals throats here.

Starks is now the #1 priority followed by S Smith and Hartline.

We tried(go for juglar).


If I could keep Long for 2-3 yrs for 9-10 I would, otherwise i would franchise him for one year and draft another tackle

gaffney been in?

Dalton seems to have a tipped pass problem!


U guys are just hysterical sometimes!

Tipped passes!

JJ watt is a beast! That was t-hills problem!

We can't get conservative, but we can play smart!

Stuff it down their throats now

Gaffney's inactive, bill connors.

No I put Gaffney in my fantasy and they pulled him at last minute.

Need this 1st down

Things looked hairy for Bush but glad to see things are smoothing out.
Go Phins!

Spread the field

What up y'all!!! Was on delay and just caught up! Lets go Fins!!

Did someone shoot Reggie up with some HGH at halftime or what??? LOL!!!

Forced them into a TO.


Oline give Tannehill plenty of time. Doing a great job on pass protection today

thanks. hartline nice play

About time 5 WR no back offense


Tannehill is looking like a veteran so far. Let's hope that we can do it for an entire game.

No huddle now. Get the tirf

You're going to have to pass to win this one

Lamar must be in the doghouse.

tannehill should have seen the bengals weren't lined up properly and snapped it to the open reciever

Get them tired! No huddle now

wow now killing ourselves

Having trouble with the internet here folks. Anyway, CArroll is back on the sideline and he grabbed his helmet suggesting he might return to the game.

What illegal shift?

Hartline looks like a COMPLETELY different player this year. Ireland needs to lock him & Starks ASAP.

Tannehill under pressure is awesome...I'm not so sure I would blitz him so much...Reacts very well under pressure...That's the difference between Tannhehill and Henne...When Henne was under pressure in the pocket, he was AWFUL....He was a dead duck...

Close again

Are you kidding me. Thomas gets ran down by a DE

If they give us a bad spot, I'll call my congressman.

Carpenter was crapping his pants

thill wont want to leave, hes the guy here

They did!


wow carpenter saves job for now

that a boy!!!

These ref's are serious! Thomas had the first!

Yes, carpenter nailed the kick!

How far was that?

BREAKING STORY!!!! Carpenter connects!!

I gaurantee you that lamar miller gets that first down

Stella just got her groove back. Dan Carpenter from 46yds out!

yes!!! Carpenter hist a + 40 yard field goal. We are now up by 2 scores.

We are looking better every week.


these ref crew should take all of them to a home. the game new young refs

"Are you kidding me. Thomas gets ran down by a DE."


Actually a DT. LOL!

Great call by RT on that screen pass!

so carpenter CAN make thos 46 yarders

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