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Dolphins lead Bengals 7-6 going to third quarter

CINCINNATI -- This is a hard game to get a grasp on.

The Dolphins gave six points away in the first quarter. The Bengals had two turnovers in the second quarter and the Miami offense moved the ball very well on one drive to take a 7-6 lead at halftime.

Interesting that Nolan Carroll is holding up so far.

Cincy QB Andy Dalton is clearly not having a good day, with his accuracy way off. He has comleted 11 of 18 passes for 83 yards. Ryan Tannehill so far is the better QB in this game. He is 7of 10 for 101 yards.

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Geno Atkins beats John Jerry for the sack.


Sack, but he didn't make a bad throw,

like most players do, they actually come to play every week in contract year

Jerry and Thomas...Crappiest blockers on the team...

Nice safe call.
Punt, don't give them field position.

Holding my breath

last game for Carpenter

turning point again in a game by carp

Bad decision to go for the field goal.

Carpenter misses a 53 yarder. But seriously ... It's from 53 yards!!!

That's not a gimme for anyone.

Ok, Stella doesnt have her groove back from 50yds(Carpenter).

Bad call!!! Crap!!! Hope this doesn't change momentum in the game!!! Dam!!!

I don't understand this one...I love Philbin but come on...53 yard FG?? Really??

carp has to go, lost all confidence/ and maybe lost 3 straight game for us

Stupid not to punt. Carpenter has done nothing to show that he can make that kick this year. Now we give Cincy momentum back along with field position

Carpenter still not effective beyond 50 yds

He starts them out there.
Just gave them filed position.
Why do our coaches always make 2-3 calls like this a game?

That's the coach fault The coach knows he sucks this year and he keeps having carpet
Kick. If we lose it's Philbin fault!

The nightmare that never ends.
Philbin needs to play filed position here.

Why let that loser try a long FG? Short field for the D now. Great job Cam Philbin.

Long FG for any kicker
Bad decision by coaches
Leave great field position for cinci

53 yards is no chip shot.

Carp needs to go. I know 53 isn't a gimme, but geez he's been consistently bad this year from 50+. Can't have that.

And there's a carpenter miss, we lose


It was a 50+ but damn!

We should of just went for it

now here come the bengals, same story different week

I know that was a long kick but it would be nice to have a kicker with a big leg. Games are so close in the NFL and every point counts. That FG could have been a knock out blow.

That call to try a 53 yard FG could be HUGE...Our defense is playing well...Pin them deep in their end zone...WTF???

I applaud Philbin for giving Carpenter chance to get his confidence back from 50 plus yards. Great move, even the result was negative.


Hey, Philbin has to give him a shot! We are up by 2 scores and the d is playing good!

U have to make those! At least we know what carpenter is made of!

I guess we will draft a kicker next, since our kid rock wannabe long haired kicker forgot how to do what he is paid to do.

Poor choice by Philbin to go for the kick and not the punt.

rg3 knocked out, cousins in



We got to Pin The Ears back and get to Dalton.

If not force the to

Philbin needs to watch Bellicheat call a game.
if they score here, and/or we lose, it will be the 3rd straight game whewre our coaching staff was a major reason for a loss.

Our defense is going to get tired because of play calling and Philbin stupid decision!
Here we go again. I can't believe it!!!

unreal gonna be 17-13 here in a sec

Dang. Good coverage there by smith, but event a better throw

That was an EASY decision to make...And we find a way to make the wrong one...Wouldn't you know it...Typical...

Stupid coaches decisions turns momentum
Their stupid decisions lost last two overtime games

Never fails!! One play and all of a sudden they march down the field on our stout D!!

Ok, I'm starting to believe in Smith!

right now i am SO angry.
Philbin HAS to be held accountable SOMETIME.

If they score here, it is all on Philbin for that stupid call on the FG attempt. Should have pinned them back.

BGE was short, but they'll give it to him.

This is going to backfire...I know it...

not philbin, its our awful kicker which comes back to garbage ireland for not replacing this clown

Typical BLOWFISH. Coaches or O gives the D a short field and then they choke. Wash rinse repeat.


The decision to go for a long field goal with a slumping kicker (and the ensuing missed field goal) will come back to haunt us...mark my words.

Bill that's why sherm is babying thill !

Learn from the pocket!

Don't get pat white!

It's like they were giving Carpenter a reason to fire him.

Someone has to tell my why in the hell Philbjn would trust Carpenter on a 53 yard kick instead of punt it!!!? These coaching mistakes are atrocious and obviously costly

Im still thinking the offense needs to get at least 1 more td drive to secure this victory. Also needs to hold the Bengals to 3pts here.

Doesn't look good guys. Momentum change again. Oh well. Bye bye JI you suck. And we get closer to that number two or third pick
Browns are worst!

Lol Bill the kicker was the bright spot of the last 4 years, no one to even your great front office skills could have season carps melt down this year.

monday morning kickers?????

A defensive turnover would be monumental here also.

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