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Dolphins lead Bengals 7-6 going to third quarter

CINCINNATI -- This is a hard game to get a grasp on.

The Dolphins gave six points away in the first quarter. The Bengals had two turnovers in the second quarter and the Miami offense moved the ball very well on one drive to take a 7-6 lead at halftime.

Interesting that Nolan Carroll is holding up so far.

Cincy QB Andy Dalton is clearly not having a good day, with his accuracy way off. He has comleted 11 of 18 passes for 83 yards. Ryan Tannehill so far is the better QB in this game. He is 7of 10 for 101 yards.

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how many forced fumbles have dolphins defenders gotten?

Once again the coaching staff makes another blunder in trusting carpenter from 50 and now the mommentum shifts to the other team in the 4th qtr....unreal, they just dont learn from their mistakes....

yeah at some point u have to win a close game, 2 losses to 2 awful teams in ot. no excuse to lose a third

Finally, a spot in our favor.
Armando, why is the Miami 3rd estate not questioning these horrible decisions?
Sherman at times throws players under the bus, and Philbin is given a pass.
I'm a freakin' songwriter, and I know enough, in that game situation, that with a lead, protect it, and pin the bengals back, where dalton is ineffective.

bill connors, our kicker? That was a 53 yard FG...Since when is that automatic?? Wake up bro...

Gay Thor chokes again!!

53 is a difficult kick for all kickers not to mention one who is in a funk
This is all on the coaches


Geno Atkins is a pro bowler. Jerry gets a pass there. Jerry has won his fair share of the battles.

Field position...field position..field positin...FG call was all wrong because of that one factor

We need to be able to finish this game out. We need to make plays on offense and/or defense to preserve this win. It could be a turning point to this season if we can get a win on the road against a playoff caliber team.

See thats how you do a QB sneak... So easy

let's face it' carpenter misses the good ol' fist pump. without him he's doomed and garbage

Colts connect on 53 yd field goal!! Carpenter!!!! C'mon man!!

Sorry, I meant dusty bottoms...

I am so tired of marching the FG unit out for these long field goals. They always bite us in the rear. They need to go for it or punt.

Sneak looked short...another bad spot?


Yes Philbin needs to be held accountable but the field goal try was a good move. If they score they are up two TD's. Sometimes you can't play conservatively.

Stupid decision to kick a 53 yarder when the Defense is playing so stout. Why does this team always leave the door open. Last few games there was bad play calling that cost this team and here we are with the Bengals right back in it. C'mon man what happened to smart field position schemes.

The real Sean Smith always shows up at the end of games...Always clutch Serena...

Yet another 10 point swing!!!! Dang!! C'MON TANNEHILL!!!!!!!!

People, ur up by 11! U take the fg!

Specially with the way carpenter has been kicking!

U need to find out what we have!

Now we can be OK with carpenter being cut!

Retard coaches

And there is the tall shut down corner, bring back Vontae and his grandma

53 yarder is a solid chance for most all kickers in nfl. check the pct's before u call people names

What a terrible decision by Joe Philbin...Awful...

Calling it now this game is going to OT....c'mon man when the hell will we wake up from this nightmare


What was Smith doing-not his job-that's for sure!

The drive is the game!! If we turn it over its over!! MUST score here!!!!! Gotta close!!

53 yarder is makeable but with carpenter struggling we should have punted it or went for it. Bad coaching decision

Kickers don't get cut for missing 53 yard FGs
Coaches need to get fired!

did green have his first foot down?

dusty, Carpenter has sucked lately...WTF do you put him in such a position?? Pin them down deep and force them to go the entire field...Duh...

To my other NY fin fan brother I hear u but carpenter has been a joke this season we need to play out the long field instead of risking a short field for our defense we know what we can and can not do

Smith got burnt and carrol didn't. Wow!
I blame Philbin for this TD. This game looks familiar to me, remember let's find out if this team is bad, because bad teams find a way to lose!

@bill... I don't disagree... but the way Carpenter has been kicking, I would either a) Go for it with the offense on the field, or b) punt. Tannehill has proven to be very effective getting outside and throwing it... I would rather the game be in his hands than Dan Carpenter.

We need to answer with an 8 minute td

Well, here it comes.
Sherman had better be on his game now, and tanny MUST protect the ball.
If we lose this game, PHILBIN MUST BE QUESTIONED.
he's done a nice job getting the team ready, but 3 straight games of game mismanagement...bad as Sparano. Different, but just as bad.

Crap!!! C'mon Fins, win one for the MadDog!!

We need a TD!!

I still say that they need to learn to play with the lead. The Dolphins should have been milking the clock down to to 1 or 2 seconds before snapping it. Instead they are always in the hurry up offense.

Meltdown begins
Perfect pass to clay

The Great Choke begins....

And the downward spiral starts

"like most players do, they actually come to play every week in contract year"


True. But ideally you want to reward guys like Starks who have done it every week for the last five years

Wow the momentum is now with the Bengals. They better make a play on defense or this game may be over.

Missed fg's have started meltdowns 3 weeks in a row

Wheels starting to spin - self destruct mode?


Please don't tell me that Carpenter miss is going to kill us again.

This is terrible. This team doesn't know how to win!

Wow... well fellow fin fans, it seems the same story every week. Momentum shift and then immediately, Mike Sherman makes a horrible set of play calls, and then we give it right back. I want to like Philbin and his regime... they do a lot of things right but then they just make bone-headed calls at critical times.

horrible feeling about this. they seem to have figured out our D now. and they've got a short field. need someone to buck up in a big way.

Coaches on the verge of losing three Games in a row

If the league only played 3/4s then we'd be ok! Wait, what am I thinking, we'd still find a way to lose!!!

They're not going to run the ball so it's time to bring the pass rush.

Fire Sherman

Fire players that can't catch

You cant expect to make a 50 yd FG.


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