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Dolphins lead Jets 10-0 to start second quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD -- Let me put it to you this way: The crowd here at MetLife booed the Jets when the quarter ended.


Well, they've been out-coached, out-worked, out-played. The Dolphins have two special teams gems in a blocked punt for a TD by Jimmy Wilson on the block and Olivier Vernon on the TD recovery and there's a successful onside kick by Miami also.

Ryan Tannehill is on the sideline recovering from a left knee and quad injury. Matt Moore is playing well in his absence.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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that was WAY TOO CLOSE. Don't get too big-headed Moore. Almost a pick 6.

Stick to football clowns!

Comparing Andrew to this little hurricane! And I'm the one without perspective!

When did Dashi say this hurricane will hurt people?

Fool wrecking havoc is not a bad thing!

If ur a homeowner with insurance! Perspective!

17-0 Im loven that score..I don't have much worry with Moore in, hope they keep racking up the 7's

If Bush goes down, we'll KNOW there is a Rex plan.
Moore making the throws, running clock

I would have run on that 3rd and 1. Don't get OVER-CONFIDENT!!!

Please folks......dont forget Monday nite massacre.....gotta keep foot on pedal & Jets' necks till the end!!!

Moore having problems with tipped passes!


agree with your comments....but were looking @ making a run for the division....

That was close on that kick.

The Game is composed of 2 Halves. You ahead 17-0, kill the 1st Half(hint, hint, run the ball).

Did NOT like that 3rd down call

The NFL is having problems with tipped passes. Thanks JJ.

What a kick. Shoot, on the line.
Game of inches. We get Sanchez on the 1/2 yard line you can almost predict a TO or at worse great field position.
Jets may HAVE to switch to Tebow if Sanchez continues to miss open guys.
Lets keep Sanchez out there.


Dansby back on field

Mando/guys, I can't help it.

On the injuries?

I don't know if it's Philbins protocol? If a player gets hurt sit him down the rest of the game! It's only the regular season!

Cause some of the injuries don't look to serious! Just being cautious!

Wind picking up in DC, will reach NYC by 4th quarter. MNF massacre is less likely.

Dashi, at this point, Philbin is my HERO, and I can't fault him for anything.

Sanchez starting to force the ball now. INT's on the way!

Sanchez is a joke, period


Hope this flag isn't on us

Dolphins in a blowout?

No need for hurry up offense with Moore

Will the fins be the reason the jets switch qb's?

Armando....Sparano offense looks very offensive for the game, he never have a clue

Poor Sánchez, he doesn't know bringing Sporano as the OC has destroyed his career.

Mando, my 2nd qtr blog just came up! Why does that happen with iPhone ap? Know Ur busy but please make a note of it and run it by Ur IT guy please.

Sanchez > Henne > Tannewad

Moore...PLEASE don't run.

Is reggie bush hurt?? hes never in

@jtlawson5 even before Sparano, Sanchez had no shot at a career. The fist pumper is just accelerating his retirement

Moore won't ever get confused with RG3.

Fins special teams are having their best game.

Thomas has found himself. Last 3 games. Hopefully the concussions will cease.

Tannehill is limping big time, looks very seriuos

What's going on? That's our last TO!

Read lips. Philbin gaves us a CLEAR WTF!!

What a Catch


Writer I'm not saying it's a bad thing. U know how I feel about this staff!

What I was trying to say is Philbin takes care of his players! If Spo!!! Would've done the same with J.Long! Long won't still be trying to get his strength back! U can blame the Injuries on long on sporano!

Moore to Moore!

Wow great catch!!! A better throw is a TD unfortunately, but still Great Play!!! Marlon making a case

Marlon the man

Moore (wr) is coming on!!

Moore to Moore!!!!
And against the wind.
GREAT catch...POINTS valuable!!

Gotta keep it in the middle

No loss getting a FG here, 20-0, nice!

I thought the Dolphins were charged a timeout after the Fasano challege? They just used up two so they should have 0, broadcast is showing 1 still left.

BTW- Nice pass by Moore to Moore.

good stuff on that Moore to Moore connection!!!! if it wasnt overthrown it might've been a TD but i'll take it!!!

This is where Carpenter has tendency to give other team momentum!! BETTER NOT MISS!!

That play was a failure for the Dolphins. And yet, they picked up a cornerback blitz with ease.

The Jets?

They still have not figured it out and it has hurt them twice.

Agree Robby this ap has always sucked in catching up with blogs when using iPad or iPhone. Unacceptable for a pay ap.

What a 1st-half so far. Couldn't have dreamed for better. Please don't let up Miami.

Maybe Dashi should only stick to predicting half's!

20-0! Fins!


Isn't h8pat! And they increased price this year! Mandy's lucky I like his work or else I'd fly...


When did Fins post their last shutout?

Carpenter. Kept it lower.
Whoo hoo!

Just hope our injured guys get healthy quick. Like next week.

thank you for hitting that FG carpenter!!!

Wouldn't mind a Sanchize pick here!!!

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