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Dolphins lead Jets 10-0 to start second quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD -- Let me put it to you this way: The crowd here at MetLife booed the Jets when the quarter ended.


Well, they've been out-coached, out-worked, out-played. The Dolphins have two special teams gems in a blocked punt for a TD by Jimmy Wilson on the block and Olivier Vernon on the TD recovery and there's a successful onside kick by Miami also.

Ryan Tannehill is on the sideline recovering from a left knee and quad injury. Matt Moore is playing well in his absence.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Swamy. I believe years ago against the Raiders on a night game..

Hey, thanks for the cool updates. I am in NC mountains. I can watch New England or Carolina team.

Time to pin our ears back and come after the QB. The Dolphins have effectively eliminated the run game with their defense and the scoreboard.

Too bad Fins Fans...........this is where the Tide turns.....three TDs nothing for Jets to make up......you needed a TD......Sad for you

Football Gods not letting me thoroughly enjoy this shellacking with so many injuries!


hey Armando did you drink the 15oz. coke yesterday or you empty the bottle of wine?

The boo birds are out.
Coyle IS turning the dogs loose.
20-0 you HAVE to with Sanchez, not with Peyton.


We can score again if we hold them here. Great field position. I say keep on the accelerator while they are disintegrating.

allrite wake!!!!

If this game continues like this, Ryan will b on hot seat for replacing Schottenheimer with Sporano.

Dominant in all phases, ALL!

a pic 6 would wrap this half up nicely.

Could this game be the end for Sparano and/or Sanchez?

Nothing better that seeing Fireman Ed on his butt with his mouth shut!!!!!!!

It's 22.23pm here in Dubai and my wife is telling me to keep quiet...!

Could even Marlon Moore be developing into a decent Wr?

This coaching staff! Yes, it's only been half a season! But no coach since Shula has developed players so well!

At this pace we might not even need a #1 Wr next year!(just kidding)

No block in the back. Great pull-up by your ST'er.
Why no Lamar Miller now?

I just wish we would use Reggie more in the run game

if you have the internet you can watch the game for free...

Don't want to speak too soon, but the Dolphins are already the second-best team in the AFC East.

These Jets scored 48 ont the Bills.

Horrible call!!!!!!

YET another bad call against Fins!!!


Can we have the replacements back please

Bess broke that tackle. These refs are killing us.

Another BS ref call

A big factor is Miami has not had any penelities on punt returns which has given them good field position instaed of starting deep

No points D!!!

That was BS!!!

How can they stop progress on a RBV on a 1 on 1?

That is pure BS. We HAVE to show that to the league.
That line judge needs to be fined.

Horrible call by ref, but worse play by Miami, he wasn't close to the 1st down marker.

there go the refs screwing us again!! his momentum wasn't stopped!!! that could've been a TD!!!

Was that a replacement ref making the Bess out of bounds call?

Bad call. jets ref

We are beating the Jets and the Refs today.

Now let's not give them any cheap points here to give them momentum going into the half.

I have to agree, that other than keeping the game moving, these officials are really NO better than the replacements. 2 bad calls already.

Need a pass rush!! Sanchize chokes under pressure!!

Tide's turning.......

here comes the Monday Night Massacre.....Fins needed a TD when they settled for FG.
20-7 aint no big thing to get over in a half.

Poor saps......more coulda shoulda woulda in South Florida.

Sparano has had his a-s completely obliterated Today by Coyle.

Refs must either like the Jests or hate Miami cause it always seems Jests get calls and Miami doesn't. And I'm not talking about just this game

I would like to know how many times the Fins will get screwed in the 2 half of this game survey please

Same old Fins.......finding a way to hurt their pitiable gullible fans

Calling for a TO here.

Fins D is putting up an A performance.

Rex's knee pads and chin napkins working ot on the refs!!!!

Again not to complain on the officiating!

But in the first half alone the ref's have made at least 5 no calls in favor of the jets! It's absurd! And that's without counting the holding the linemen get away with!

It's cool! Stop them now! And finish blowing them out in the second half!

Swamy on the shutout thing? Last time I remember the fins shutting someone out! Zack was the MLB and the Steelers were the opponent!

Tide's turning.......

here comes the Monday Night Massacre.....Fins needed a TD when they settled for FG.
20-7 aint no big thing to get over in a half.

Poor saps......more coulda shoulda woulda in South Florida.

Posted by: Fireman Ed Junior | October 28, 2012 at 02:28 PM

HA! watching Sanchez its more likely its going to be 27-0 going into halftime....

Blitz again, they can't run

We HAVE to hjold them to 3.

yep.... wets will score thanks to Rex's skillfull lip work on the refs!!!!

Jets in position to avoid a shutout.

Jets rolling here................hurts that Rexy knew when to turn it on, huh??

Shouldn't settled for FG.

Sparano got Gates to play for a real team!

If the Jets score a TD here they are going to go in with big time momentum. Let's hold them to a FG.

TD coming up I see Rex bringing out the pads!!!

Need turnover or have them settle for 3 here. This is big with no Tannehill...

Love the blitz!!!

True Dat Orlando DPhan

But even three puts Jets in driver's seats, because ghosts of past defeats haunts Fins.

If that horrible call on the bess reception hurts us bad here, we HVE to get on these officials. Finally, Pressure again.
He can't handle i9t, it's been proven over and over again.


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