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Dolphins lead Jets 10-0 to start second quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD -- Let me put it to you this way: The crowd here at MetLife booed the Jets when the quarter ended.


Well, they've been out-coached, out-worked, out-played. The Dolphins have two special teams gems in a blocked punt for a TD by Jimmy Wilson on the block and Olivier Vernon on the TD recovery and there's a successful onside kick by Miami also.

Ryan Tannehill is on the sideline recovering from a left knee and quad injury. Matt Moore is playing well in his absence.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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HAHAHAHAHA Block the fist pump!!!!!!!!!!

where is the flag???? the wets did not score????

Typical Sparano drive ...at the end ...Field Goal or Block

Vernon, game MVP.


Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Think I just fractured my larynx!!!!

Vernon ! LOL Egggggggsalent !!

Olivier Vernon has now blocked a field goal and recovered a blocked punt for a TD.


Wake Jr.! Is having a day!

and that's what happens when you send pressure on Sanchez!! Nice hold D!! and we blocked the FG!!!!!

Atta boy Sherman, take a knee baby!!!!

Beautiful half of football.

@ Fireman Ed Junior

Yeah , they're rolling alright . LOL

How do u talk soooooo much crap during the week and then come out playing this flat? Jets r a joke!!!!

Yea, tides turning all right

GREAT FIRST HALF. If Tannehill and others are not seriously hurt this is the best we could have hoped for.

"Jets fans bewildered.."..best thing I've heard in years

Fireman Ed Jr is right, the Jest clearly have us where they want us now...

Armando, O V is a Ireland Pick

best 1st half of football I've seen in a looooooooong time!!! gotta keep it up in the 2nd half!!! go Phins!!!!!

The fans faces are awesome. Rex is getting embarrassed. Love it.

Sweetness..............they will try to fight back, no doubt. But this is a different team overall this year, keep fighting hard guys.

better score at least another 21 pts as the fish are playing against 11 men and the ref whores!!!

Do we have the best defense in the league right now? I am not sure about the stats but the defense looks dominant. They stuff the run and rush the passer. We are winning this game up front. The Jets O-line is over matched.

ST's again.

Can we say the most dominating game we've played in the last few YEARS?

We win this, and maybe play the Patsies tight at least once, and there is no doubt that Philbin and staff are the REAL DEAL.

The Jets aren't THIS bad, as they gave the Pats all they could handle.
We, at least today are THAT good.

Hopefully, we don't come out flat again 3rd quarter.


Patriots running away with it in London


Do you think Moore could become the next "Strock"?

Fuuny how the trolls show up at the first sign of hope!

No hope today jet fans! Just TOTAL ANNIHILATION!

Even FEMA Can't help the Jets today!

I know a lot of u suckas just want to laugh at Dashi! But 20-0!

@Fireman Ed:
"20-7 aint no big thing to get over in a half.

Poor saps......more coulda shoulda woulda in South Florida."

20-7???? lol

I truly think in your heart of hearts most of you know this is not a good game for Fins.....you secretly fear the comeback, and are bewildered that Tannehill will never play another down of Football.

You MAY win today, although Jets momentum may yet prevail, but you have lost the war and your young QB.



The live blog continues inthe third quarter blog.


You are right. The Jets stayed right with the Pats on the road and the Dolphins are killing them at home. This team is very close to being a contender under Philbin. They are doing this with a rookie and a back up QB at the helm. Once Tanne fully develops look out!

We do have a chance against the Pats at home.

great.... here we go... did FAILbin make any half time adjustments or are we going into a prevent to win mode????

Jets happy they avoided a shutout.

better not go into the prevent mode.... keep scoring... sitll remeber the Testaverdie comeback!!!


They just held them to a field goal . Give Philbin a break .

Nice run Thigpen !

In his first catch as a Dolphin , Jabbar Gaffney has exceeded the yardage gained by Legedu Naanee in his entire career . (jk)

good point ignignokt... still don't trust the refs and hope fish do go into a prevent mode and after 3 runs was not sure???

Ignignokt... point well taken... 10+ years of fish trying to sit on leads only to lose

I spoke to soon... the ghost of testaverdie is a live an well!!!

Gotta love Incognito's farewell to the Jets sideline . LOL . Tough S O B that cat is .

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