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Dolphins lead Jets 20-0 going to the third Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Dolphins are dominating this game.

They're winning on special teams where Olivier Vernon has both a field goal block -- just prior to halftime -- and a touchdown off a blocked punt.

They're winning on defense, limiting the Jets to 107 total yards, including only 18 for, ahem, ground and pound.

And they're winning on offense with a TD run by Daniel Thomas as well as fine play from Marlon Moore (38 yard catch), and Matt Moore (7 of 12), who is playing for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

Can this hold?

We'll see in the live blog that continues in the comments section.


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# 1

Armando any news about Tannehill injury?

I missed the first quarter. How bad is the Tanny injury?

Third quarter is gonna be big - Time for Reggie to pour it on! That would be sweet!

Marc, he was walking on his own but limpng a lot

Tani is ok - if we needed him he could of gone back out.

Quad and knee injury. Standing on sideline, rode the bike, but still out.

Bring in Tannehill!

Miami dolphins! Miami Dolphins! Miami Dolphins are #1!

Somebody has to sing for all the crying going on at met life!

Only fitting the fins put on a Clinic! In a Place called Met-Life! Ha!

He was limping after injury, but got it worked on, then on bike and now is walking without limp.

Better safe than sorry with a 20 point lead I suppose

If the Tannehill injury was serious, I would imagine he would be back in the locker room, be in street clothes, or be sitting down with some ice on his leg. No need to risk further injury in a so far blowout. Now, let's get a score on the opening drive and finish the Jets off

I am still laughing at the guy who said block the fist pump.....now that was funny!

Firing on all cylinders. No letup in the 2nd!!!

Need Tanny to get back in there in the 3rd quarter. Come on Dolphins we can score 40 on these bums.

that was me! you know Sparano was warming up the FG fist pump !

First. Seriously. I just forgot to press enter.

I would definitely keep Tannehill out of this game. He is the franchise and we cannot take a chance witht the dirty Jets. Hopefully, he can play against the Colts next week. Luck vs Tannehill, I can't wait.

The defense and the running game should take care of this game. If we hold them to no points in this first drive of the second half, the game is over.

Nice to see Matt Moore step in and show that the Dolphins have perhaps the best backup in the NFL.

Dan Fouts is the ignorant Jets fan!

Block the fist pump! Yea, that was funny!

T-hill limping noticeably!! Not coming back!

Were whipping the Jets with our backup QB says it all, jets sucking big time, best thing fat Tony ever did for Miami was take that New York job, his offense sucks here too, maybe it wasn't all Hennings fault after all. Anyway so far it's been an awesome day barring the Tannehill injury, hopefully they're just keeping him out because they don't need to risk him.

Ugh, come on guys. Don't come out flat

Yikes not a good way to start.
Gates did nothing with us.

Can't let them start with 7 here.
Another flat start of 3rd.

Tanny's through for the year.......nother limp-duck Fins "QB."

The Dennis Byrd tribute has the team super-pumped, according to my sources at MetLife.

Too bad you settled for that FG.
Twenty points aint no thang to GangGreen!

Hit the ground!

I LOVE beating the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

told y'all

opening drive=7=nail biter=Fins collapse & "moral victory"

Sanchez just throws it up with any type of pressure!! Sooner or later we'll get 1!!

Sanchez worst in the league with pressure.

jets O-Line held, no call

Sanchez has the confidence of a self conscious fat chick at the Gym

hoping one day smith starts catching those passes

Sorry we couldn't block another fist pump. D stands strong!

Sorry I'm late. Santa is riding my arse.

Need a good drive here!!! Squash any momentum that Jests r trying to get!!

Three's fine.....and you all know it!!!

Jets steam-rolller heading your way!

Armando did you pay Internet fee at Met Stadium? where are you?

Moore sucks. We don't score more than another 3 for the game. D has to hold on.

Great D stand by the Jets.
Now, do we run run run, or allow Moore to throw?
These are the situations when Matt seems to lose the handle on the ball.

The Pats game last year when we were up by about 20, and the 2nd half 3 turnovers.
Lets see if those TO's were aberrations.

Sanchez worst in the league without pressure!

And to u clowns criticizing the Dashi?

Look at ur ignorant fan hoping our qb is injured for the year! The Ignorance!

It's OK.

Sorry, I meant stand by the Fins.

Fist pump -- only down by 17. So Jets need 6 field goals now. Another score and this game is OVER!

Special Team is Special Today

Whoo hoo.
Thigpen. Momentum killer.

Get at least 3 here.

Reggie, WTF man. Quit dancing

great return thigpan!!!!!!

Screen please

Thighpen is still a better football player than gates will ever be!

Come on Sherman. I know wilson CANT cover bess... Give him a chance

Where is MILLER?

Sometimes Reggie plays like he is in college. You cannot dance around the hole in the pros. You have to hit it and get what you can.

need to use something else, Bush ain't getting it done today

Welcome aboard Gaffney

Moore nice first down toss to Gaffney

A Gaffney sighting!!!

We have another receiver!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!

Jabar Gaffney's first reception was 30 yards.

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