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Dolphins lead Jets 20-0 going to the third Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Dolphins are dominating this game.

They're winning on special teams where Olivier Vernon has both a field goal block -- just prior to halftime -- and a touchdown off a blocked punt.

They're winning on defense, limiting the Jets to 107 total yards, including only 18 for, ahem, ground and pound.

And they're winning on offense with a TD run by Daniel Thomas as well as fine play from Marlon Moore (38 yard catch), and Matt Moore (7 of 12), who is playing for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

Can this hold?

We'll see in the live blog that continues in the comments section.


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Gaffney sighting!

Welcome to Miami Jabar!

stop playing conservative!!!

Thomas running hard today!!

Yes Jabbar!! Nice pass by Matt Moore. I have always liked Matt Moore.

Thomas needs to keep those legs moving, vs leaning on an O lineman waiting for a breeze.

Chance to put em away

Thomas is a MAN now.
Love to see Lane.

Keep running ur mouth jets fan!

HAHAHA The look on Tebow's face right there was PRICELESS!!!

Somewhere in Heaven a man named Jim is screaming "All right Miami!!!"

I think he was in

Great footwork by the big guy!!!!!!!!


NICE CATCH FASANO 27-3. Tides coming in. The flood is on.

4-3 BABY!!!!

That's the way to answer back!!

Good for Fasano. He has taken a beating over the years.

Can we take Moore out of the game in the 4th if this is still a laugher. If we lose T-Hill for a long period of time, we need to have a healthy Matt Moore.

Any updates on T-Hill.

Where will the Fins be in the power rankings next week?

Gotta say I truly believe our old staff woulda ran in 3 and 11 to protect the lead.. Not my Philbin though!! Love he's going for jugular!!!

My wife asked for that touchdown......thanks Anthony for coming through. How about this......we can fist pump for touchdowns.

Looked like they were trying to run out the clock for thirty minutes when drive started. Glad that ended. Bury these Jests !

TOUCHDOWN!! That was an outstanding catch. Where did all the Jet/Pats trolls go?

great job capitalizating on the great kick return by thigpan with a touchdown. that's what i like to see

Let's see how soon an announcer says that people are leaving the stadium.

Very Nice Job by Matt Moore, looks to me to a former very good back-up named Don Strock


That is the major difference between Barry sanders and all these other fast cat quick rb's!

Barry played fast! He would just react! No thinking about what hole I might hit! Barry never ran scared!

This games will mark the beginning of a turn on the negative attitudes towards Jeff Ireland.

yep, yep yep yep yep yep I didn't think Moore was finished.

that's the way to answer all the mouthing off the jets have done this week!!! by scoring, then again and again!!!!!

..|., the Jests

O happy day.
I'm even through with the woulda coulda shoulda in the first game against the Jests.
Matt Moore has justified his worth..at least against the Jets, and we may have been screwed without him.

I really didn't have a lot of confidence. I am SO glad to proven WRONG.
My hat doesn't taste so great, but who cares?

Whoo hoo.

Trade TDs for FGs all day...

Uh oh....bad D there.

Horrible angle by Jones!!!!!

Thats the first really bad play i've see from Jones in a while

The biggest difference in this game has been coaching. The Jets have been out coached at every single phase of this game. When was the last time The Dolphins could say that?

Career .500 coach...Jeff FISHER is getting his @ss handed to him....

thank GOD you FAILED in your effort to get him in Miami Armando....

I hope by seasons end you write an article about how WRONG you were...

They'll b prepared for this upcoming fake punt!!!

Now the stadium will start to empty.

PUNT!! Score another TD...let's pour it on the big mouth jets.

Devone-fair catch Bess-more Gafney please

Playing with a purpose. Nothing funnier then seeing that troll Rex Ryan with a clueless look on his face.

IMA @ 3:05......

I said it before the season started...and I will say it again....

It doesn't MATTER who QBs this team....we are on a path for 11 wins...

having said that.....

GET WELL SOON Tanne.....

Couldn't agree more Kris!!!!

so right Kris

Anyone still POd about Garrard?

Another great D stand by the Dolphins.
Sanchez really needs to get out of NY.
Next year, the QB of the Jaguars.


Agree. Failing to get Fisher was a blessing in disguise. Kudos to Ross and Ireland for landing Philbin.

LoL Bush talking trash to rex

Loving it....worth every second of no sleep here in Jakarta. Go Fins!!!!
JETS suk.

How about some Hot sauce fat boy!

that's how u attack reggie!!!


Wow, the Jets are so undisciplined. That Jets ship is sinking fast

i like that Moore seems to look down field alot more than THill

92 decapatating Matt moore but threee offensive linemen were chasingAaron Maybin.

surprised the refs called that. finally gettin a call our way

yeppers Kris, and if you recall, I somewhat led the anti fisher brigade. I've had 20 years here in the nashville area. Fisher was a fraud.
His teams were undisciplined, and only the fact he was a big deal on the rules committee was he given a pass.

Gonna get chippy now.
Hopefully Martin cxlipped the jerk that went after Moore's head.

You have to be very careful with the dirty Jets. If they can get Moore out there in the 4th quarter, I would. You cannot risk losing him for next week, specially if Tannehill is not ready.

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