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Dolphins lead Jets 20-0 going to the third Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Dolphins are dominating this game.

They're winning on special teams where Olivier Vernon has both a field goal block -- just prior to halftime -- and a touchdown off a blocked punt.

They're winning on defense, limiting the Jets to 107 total yards, including only 18 for, ahem, ground and pound.

And they're winning on offense with a TD run by Daniel Thomas as well as fine play from Marlon Moore (38 yard catch), and Matt Moore (7 of 12), who is playing for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

Can this hold?

We'll see in the live blog that continues in the comments section.


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Mando, we all have regrets in life, but how much do u regret giving coaching edge to Ryan?

Richie incognito is definitely not incogNito.

Come on Reggie. Thats seriously the only way to get jets back into this came. Just plain ignorance.

DEFinFan | October 28, 2012 at 03:13 PM

Tannehill is the #1 rated QB in the NFL in passes of 20+ yards...

There's a reason Reggie has been on the bench today.

Oh crap...fumble.
Why is Reggie in the game?
I have to guess Lamar is even worse on protection than they're saying. but why not throw the short stuff to him? runs clock.

yikes definitely did not need that

Only way we lose is to beat ourselves -- holding -15 yards, then fumble...


Nolan, ya gotta hold on to that.


Devlin is inactive. there is no other QB active on the roster to replace Moore today.

Sparano is losing the game by 24 and 1st play call is running the ball for the middle

Has anyone else ever realized Carroll makes breaks on the ball more than anyone on the phins. But never catches the ball!


How was that not a hold on Wake? C'mon ref

Gates is good in NY not Miami-wow

almost had the pick!!! gettin close...

stick a fork in the fish... the ghost of testaverie is a live and well!!

tanny will be ok


Turnover sucks and got it right back, ha! Beat down couldn't be better against any other team. May or may not be a turning point for us, but it has to be for jests. Let's see how we do against Pats before continuing to talk about fisher.

Best games of the year....

and the stinking FIRST ROW isn't working properly.....

guess i'll just read your guys comments for updates...

On an injury, you can activate if both QB's are injured.
Whoo ho0o...INT!!!!!!


Tebow tebow tebow tebow tebow tebow

It looks like Jets fans are leaving!

Fist pump for interceptions.

Game. Dolphins.

Told ya. Sanchez will start to force it and INT's on the way.

Dang it. Sparano just wanted them to line up the field goal!

Intercetions win games-turnovers win games-this is our 3rd right?


oooooppppppssssssseeeeyyyyy We want Sandchize. Keep him there. It is Sparano's fault.

Mando, music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw bomb first play to Hartline. I'd like to see Miller this 4th quarter and see what he has.

Jet fans will be thankful they will be without power soon, because this meltdown is all you will hear about for the next 48 hours

I have to say that was an awful pass by Sancheese. WOW he is just that bad. I smell a QB controversy coming. Tebow Tebow

Wow..just wow. Our guys have turned up today and just demolished the opposition.

atdhenet.tv. Watch game there!!

jets suck suck suck

Tom, Fisher will continue to coach to not lose, it's in his genes.
I've watched it for 17 years after he took over in Houston.

First row is working click the first link and wait till the ad disappears it says you need to download it but you dont

Our defense got the ball back !!!! int !!!

Let's go Dolphins !!!!

lets get Gaffney amdf Marlon involved. we're up big

Kris try another link. im watching it on first row and its good

Kris - go to tagstream.info and go to Channel 3

You are right Zilo but I thought there was a rule where the third string QB could come in the game in the 4th quarter. Remember the Pat White game against Pittsburg where there was this strange rule about the 3rd string QB could come in the 3rd QB. I may be wrong though and that may not be an option. I am not sure Delvin is even dressed.

BTW- Sorry about bringing up Pat White in such an awesome day.

can't say enough about Thomas manning up after 2 concussions.

ok...i'll try it...thanks...

has anyone reported what's the deal with Tannehill??

Woody Harrelson stalking the sideline not pleased with that call.

What a pass!!! Gaffney has to get that man!!

leeginu is back

Dang Gaffney! That was 6 all day if he catches it

armando what's the news on tanny?

Dangit Gaffney!! LOL o well. I like watching Sanchez get sacked more anyways!!! Whos with me??

Even though Gaffney dropped it, it's giving D coordinators something else to look at...

Gaffney...but no soap. Crap...he HS to make that catch, but the pats will see us going deep, and they can be beaten on the ground.
They will have toy allow us some space.
We run well first quarter against the Patsies, keep Brady off the field, we can win the home game.

Is the THill #1 rating of 20+ yards due to YAC?

Just seems like Moore throws downfield more that THill

Gaffney catches those much more often then he drops them. Good sign he is behind the defense again.

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