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Dolphins lead Jets 20-0 going to the third Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Dolphins are dominating this game.

They're winning on special teams where Olivier Vernon has both a field goal block -- just prior to halftime -- and a touchdown off a blocked punt.

They're winning on defense, limiting the Jets to 107 total yards, including only 18 for, ahem, ground and pound.

And they're winning on offense with a TD run by Daniel Thomas as well as fine play from Marlon Moore (38 yard catch), and Matt Moore (7 of 12), who is playing for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

Can this hold?

We'll see in the live blog that continues in the comments section.


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For sure Chase. He's on the 12 yard line..more trouble awaits!

Sancheese is warming up to throw another pick. He's 12 out of 28. LOL


Today is ur day buddy! U were right! Even Dashi knew this team had 9-7 talent! But with this coaching and talent! 11-5 might be modest!

The fins are back!

Ryan not showing good body language!! Wonder y?

Jets will run a wildcat. 10 runs and a fist pump. Fist pump should be one word. Sparano does these so many times that typing it saves me a space


I enjoy watching "Tiny Hands" Sanchez throw into double coverage.

stuttering on offense now, need to get a few first downs to take the pressure off the D and fields leg!!

robby...it's a tie...LOL

Matt Moore will lead us to the playoffs. He's far better then Hennehill.

Sanchez is done in New York. Done. He is mentally weak and will not be able to overcome not only this beating, but the fan and media reaction that is sure to come.

Jon, done in the NFl as a starter! U can't just throw it up if u c pressure! T-Hill is without a doubt better against pressure than Sanchez in his first qtr of nfl experience!

Sheesh, our ex guys making plays against us.

in 2000 Trailing 30-7 to the Miami Dolphins in the 4 qtr, the New York Jets appeared dead in the water... fish cough it up and lose

77 u are smoking good stuff bro

atdhenet.tv. Watch game there!!

Posted by: mfisher | October 28, 2012 at 03:20 PM

Thanks.....first row isn't working for me today.....

thanks to all for the help....the link above is working great...

Guppie...I KNEW Vinnie Testaverbe, and Sanchez is NO Vinne.

welcome. That link seems to be reliable.

Guppies, in 2000, Sanchize wasn't the QB!!

DEFinFan | October 28, 2012 at 03:25 PM

Have no clue. I think I get your point though. Moore throws 'the bomb' more than Tannehill. Tannehill is very good at the intermediate 10-30 yard pass. I'm sure the deep throw will come. The other(Intermediate passes) is harder to learn I would imagine, so it's a good thing

Fin 77's man crush is a bit much as it is warping his vision

U have to pardon the trolls!

They just see our backup is better than their starter!

fair catch-Bess-no return

Stupid trolls don't know they're losing big, and have the 2nd worst QB in the league.
And Sanchez.

What is the score. Haven't seen it posted lately.

The Jets are a crummy team with poor coaches. They just expected to show up today. That's on Ryan, Sparano and Westhoff. This is called getting taken to the woodshed.


The thing about Moore is he always plays well. Cant say the same for Tanny.

Tannehill is the #1 rated QB with the deep ball in passes of 20 yards +

Lets all write in and get them to keep Sanchize. Stick up for him because we can use this guy as the 54th guy on the field. The only Phin to line up offside and not get a penalty

27-3, start of the 4th, Miami has the ball.

Kris....welcome back.
Feelin SO good today.
Just hope Tanny can be back soon.

Jest troll needs a hug lol. IMA, I get he was very conservative, halfway thru season 1 things are looking good. Pats have had struggles this year but they will still be deepest offense we've faced so test will be on the D.

JIMBO Tannehill has played 6.2 games in the NFL... and beat Moore in camp.. really cant compare how he plays to someone thats been in the league for 6 years.. Theres a reason Moore was a back up in Carolina and now in Miami

Fields is a beast!!!!!!

We need a good third down back. I thought lane was gonna be used for those.

2002 was the last time Fins held the Jets to 3 points.



not sure i would have played 3 run plays then.............however when b fields punts like that, i guess that makes up for it ;-)

Posted by: ncfinfan33

Im aware, I posted that stat about 20 min ago. It was in reply to someone who said he wished Tannehill would look down field more. My point was that Moore throws 'The Bomb' more whereas Tannehill rifles in the 10-30 yard pass down the field. Which is a good thing

I love seeing Westhoff being out-coached and out-played. I makes me all warm inside.

great punt!!!

sorry about that

Yeah Dan and Ian, but the Texans are doin g that to every team they've played, but the Packers.

Fields IS the best. Has all the techniques, including that end over end stuff.
Our ST coach might deserve a game ball.
Certainly, the entire D does.
Heck, give one to the entire team.
Coach Philbin deserves so much credit, as well as the assistants.

all my dolphins fans out there god bless and enjoy this season we all waited a long time p.s. i love you sid rosenberg!

Thanks IMA...now I can see the game....jst in time for the 4th quarter....

Andrew Luck is the real deal. I have been watching a little bit of that game and he makes some amazing throws. Once they improve the talent around him, the Colts are going to be a contender again.

It is going to be an interesting game next week against the Colts. I was really looking forward to the Tannehill vs. Luck match up. I hope that Tannehill is OK and that he can play in that game.

Where's wake?

The pick 6 is coming people. Sanchez is locking onto receivers and the corners are cheating up. Get ready

Lol, he fell before hit!

I'm guessing RT17 is fine, before the half he didn't appear to be limping anymore. There probably just letting him sit out the rest of the game do to the score. We really do need another back in the back field. Maybe we trade for D. Williams and S.Smith from carolina...... not likely but it would be cool...

D is getting tired we need the offense to gain some yards to give them a rest

Moore is more effective then Tannehill. Tannehill is rated 29th in QBR. And dont forget Moore was team MVP last year.

Sean Smith with the coverage. Is there a player more hot and cold than that guy?

Thanks for the heads up Orlando, I thought the Pats were next up.
Yes, Luck is SO much better than was his dad Oliver.

What's going on with Gates?
He does fall down a lot, like Ginn.

Down 24 and it takes 4 down for Jets to make a 1st down!

Can't fault fouts for his comments. he was a fiery competitor.

Be ready of the onside kick here

Moore is more effective then Tannehill. Tannehill is rated 29th in QBR. And dont forget Moore was team MVP last year.
Posted by: Fin 77 | October 28, 2012 at 03:42 PM

Your off your rocker. Moore is not even in the same league as RT17...

Well, NOW is when we have to show we can close a game.
If it's 3rd and one, we have to get it.
No TO's.
Why would the Jets go for 2?
Be happy and settle for a tie(if they score enough), considering how Horrible they were all game.
sounds like a stupid Sparano moment.

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