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Dolphins lead Jets 20-0 going to the third Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Dolphins are dominating this game.

They're winning on special teams where Olivier Vernon has both a field goal block -- just prior to halftime -- and a touchdown off a blocked punt.

They're winning on defense, limiting the Jets to 107 total yards, including only 18 for, ahem, ground and pound.

And they're winning on offense with a TD run by Daniel Thomas as well as fine play from Marlon Moore (38 yard catch), and Matt Moore (7 of 12), who is playing for an injured Ryan Tannehill.

Can this hold?

We'll see in the live blog that continues in the comments section.


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Why is the D playing soft..this has happend in the past and allowed teams to get back in the game..
keep the pressure on Sanchize and crush them

Fin 77 give it a rest you really have no clue what a franchise quarter back looks like! We have that is rt17 Matt is a career backup

Moore is more effective then Tannehill. Tannehill is rated 29th in QBR. And dont forget Moore was team MVP last year.


Please shut up. He has played decent. He threw 1 TD and made no turnovers but stop acting like he did amazing and is better than Tannehill.

if we don't get a couple of first downs here we are going to be getting nervous esp if the jests drive the ball like that did that last drive but a bit quicker.

7 minute TD drive please

Boy, I sure would like to see this game. Kinda like the Pats game a couple of years ago when we kicked their buts in New England.

Why do the Fins do this to us/ LOL
Hopefully, not THIS time. All we need is a couple oif first downs, get it under 4 minutes, and turn on the pass rush.

Hartline. had a fine game today.

thomas needs to do his thing.

Again, Excellent coaching done by the Dolphins special teams unit

malcomb Moore! LOL

1 more first down. Game over.

Mando..if you're here, could you PLEASE ask why Lamar Miller is not in our offense?
Those short throws could be long gains.

If Mastrud is in, all is right with the world

Yep, here comes the Goon squad aka the Jets.

Hopefully, they'll show us the post-game handshake.
That's a big kick as regards now taking out our D starters.

Carpenter may be back.

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