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Dolphins lead Jets 27-3 to start fourth quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Chris Clemons had a red zone interception with 3:48 to play in the third quarter. And some Jets fans started heading for the exits here with their team trailing, 27-3.

One thought: Hahahahahahahhaaha!

The fourth quarter of the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Pete Carroll told Sanchize to stay in school. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

MMMMMMM this game is savory, much better than the nail biters the last few weeks especially since this is coming against the Jets

Fields is also having a nice game! :D

Didn't want to jinx things so I've been trying to stay quiet lol but WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. Cocktail time here in Vegas!!!

Appreciate the chuckle, Mando.

Next week is going to be tough, the Pats will be looking to step on the only team that can take the AFC East away from them.

CANT WAIT! to see this phins live next week. I'm from Wisconsin so i dont get the chance often!

dolphins 4-3 pats here we come!

Andrew Luck is the real deal. I have been watching a little bit of that game and he makes some amazing throws. Once they improve the talent around him, the Colts are going to be a contender again.

It is going to be an interesting game next week against the Colts. I was really looking forward to the Tannehill vs. Luck match up. I hope that Tannehill is OK and that he can play in that game.

Thanks IMA...now I can see the game....jst in time for the 4th quarter....

dansby is definitely hurting

Sanchez double pump sack. HAHAHAHA

Igloodude we play the Colts next week

Duh, my bad, lost track of the schedule.

Sack Monster.....

Luck has won nothing yet except the ugliest starting QB in the league.

sacked again!!! good stuff burnett

Im with you though.. im ready for the Pats

We are playing as team. That's what is great about this game. Not one star but a team of guys making plays.

LOL...Gate celebrating a 24 point deficit.

Best Jets player today Clyde Gates.

Gates showing the immaturity that got him sent packing...

In other words, best Jets player today not good enough to be a Dolphin.

Would that be considered a "trash time" TD?

I was wondering that too, Elf.

On T-Sizzle,

This is actually a good thing for him. He can take a game and learn from the sideline. Never hurts. Specially for a Rookie! He's OK people!

Just why play him? When we are blowing them out and they only plan on injuring our players!

On the jets Td.

Even a garbage can gets a steak

Fins don't seem to be putting as much pressure on Sanchez.

Can Fins kill the clock?

would be nice not to have chest pains in the 4 qtr... not going to happen... back to the prevent D and hope the clock run out before the fish lose... the tale tale sign will be if the fish go 3 and out on this next series and the jets score

Going for 2... no go

D doing a terrific job shutting down Keller most of the game.

I still think that we will beat the Colts next week (though the Colts beat GB at home already, so the game is not a gimme). The team around Luck is awful, but I am just looking at some of those precise passes. He looks real good out there. My point is that once they are able to put a team around him, the Colts are going to be scary once again.

Can we please have some more boos for the Jets? That team needs some major upgrades at QB, Coach and WR.

Sporano is happy with failed 2 point conversion because it looks like Jests kicked three field goals

Sporano is gonna need a new job next year.....I hope he didn't buy in NY.....

No mistakes, please.

Mando, please ask players how hard it is to keep up intensity on D when playing against the Junior Varsity!!

Expect onside kick.

Let's see if we get a 34-9 score.

These Fins r so well coach it fills me with optimism for the future!!!

Surprised Sparano didnt run the wildcat for the two point try. I cant tell you how happy I am that he's gone. Philbin is so much better. Team is so much better coached and prepared.

Sporano is happy with failed 2 point conversion because it looks like Jests kicked three field goals

Posted by: 72perfectstill | October 28, 2012 at 03:49 PM

LOL...thats too funny....


Bess stays in bounds!!!!!

Bess is such a quality receiver. He really is.

Smart play by Bess....

such underrated plays like that one by bess staying in bounds

If the Jests wanna trash talk let's embarrass them more. Don't fumble or intercept but go for TD!

Jets sideline looks great!

Westhoff's failures are not a minor issue. He is usually solid so look for even more drama up there... Tebow's missed block, lol.

I just can't believe u talk soooo much crap during the week and then come out and play like this!!! Wow!!!

Tony may not survive the bye week

how great was it to see Westhoff sitting on the bench with his head in his hands.....priceless
and of course Tony S. writing on the clipboard...lost as usual

the jets coaching staff looks so depressed, probably because they know they wont be back next yr

Tebow's mixed block, Sanchez's passing, poor blocking, stupid penalties, blocked punt, deflected passes...the Jets imploded. Too much mouth and too little pads.

Amen Mike d. Sparano was THE cancer that ate the Phins alive. That first year was all Pennington, who is as good a coach as a player, IMO.

Look at the Pats still passing on 1st down with their lead. Bellichik has absolutely NO CLASS....

Music to my ears!

Crowd chanting let's go dolphins!

Fake fg 4 a Td!!

That first loss against the stinking Jets really hurt. We could have been in first place if carpenter had made 1 kick. The Jets are a bad team and we should not have lost that game at home.

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