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Dolphins lead Jets 27-3 to start fourth quarter

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Chris Clemons had a red zone interception with 3:48 to play in the third quarter. And some Jets fans started heading for the exits here with their team trailing, 27-3.

One thought: Hahahahahahahhaaha!

The fourth quarter of the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Incognito is a jewel!

For reals Dashi?

kiss kiss

Incognito throwing kiss to Ryan & Co. LOL

I agree Elf. The Jets are the new old Dolphins right? I cant believe the Jets talk all the trash this week and THEN get handled like this. 2 Teams going in different directions


EAT SH@T jets....and jets fans...

Sanchize still in game!! There's still 4 min to ruin his confidence more!!

Do the jets fire sporano in the off week?

sheesh, I've been posting to myself on the 3rd quarter blog. LOL

They are 21 points down,they don't run the kickoff out. Well......

How was that not holding against wake

Mando, if you get the chance, PLEASE ask Philbin why Lamar isn't in our offense.

Real on what?

The crowd chanting let's go dolphins! Yep!

They are doing it again!

Down 21 points and they keep throwing 2 yard passes!! lMFAO!!!

Wonder where all the jets fans are that were talking crap all week.

IMAWriter . . . At least no one disagreed with you.

Bro, are these People bad or what?

Jimmy having a helluva game!!!

Gates is playing well because he is pissed the Fins canned him.

Clyde ankle weights Gates...he's a perfect Jet.

U can c fear in Sanchize's eyes as he scrambles!!

To quote a late great Miami comedian ...


Fouts wasting time. Jets played horribly on BOTH sides of the ball. Sanchez didn't play on the ST's.
Yeppers, whomever said Sparano fired on the bye week.
Rex would have no trouble throwing someone under the bus, which is what he did to sanchez when he acquired Tebow.

Would like to see at least one more Sanchize plant.

C'mon... one more INT, Sanchize... We know you have it in you.

So did Rex empty the tank today? I'm pretty sure it was a sewage tank though.

don't want Jets to score too much, as points against is the 3rd tie breaker. Ya never know.

U mean super troll! The Corny Jets fan!

Hopefully jumping off the GWB!

Or like Dashi said, all jets fans are committing Mass Harakiri! Led by Soprano!

Rex calling time out thinks Sanchez can lead them to 21 point comeback

IMAWriter . . . At least no one disagreed with you.

Posted by: Angry Elf | October 28, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Actually I DID!

Jets in AFC East cellar!!!! Life is good!!!!

how about a pick 6?

I'm digging the where's Waldo fins beanies.

D Line did an awesome job today.
Starks still in?
I'd rather the Jets score I guess then have starks pull up lame

Wouldn't surprise me if the 'jet troll' was really the same old resident troll just doing his troll thing. Only Mando knows!

U c what I'm saying, he sees pressure and just flings it up!!!

Wilson had a heckuva game.

Kneel down!

Game over

I LOVE THIS GAME!! I wish "Lego My Lageman" would show up today!


Fist pump...How many tackles did Maybin have today??

lets hear the boo birds.





Great win!

Rex is PISSED.
Yes, Rex will fire Tony.

Oh sweet victory!!!!! I can sleep so great tonight!!!! Great win dolphins!!! Made me proud!!!!

I Hope Ryan Tannehill is okay and back next week strong!!

Enjoy the win!

Hey Rex...maybe you can apologize to all to the Jests fans for that awful product you put on the field today.

I Hope, Lego WAS here, but like all trolls, he quickly left the premises after the 1st quarter.
Have a great week folks, and prayers to those facing Sandy and her helpers.

We took a dump on the Jets today now it's Sandy's turn!

The WETS!!

Over to WINZ via iHeart.

great result and good performance. the god thing is different areas of our game are doing the business when needed. i.e sp teams today deserve a big mention.
go phins!!!!!

Great comebck victory orchestrated by Andrew Luck. Who could have imagined that the Phins and Colts would be 4-3 going into their game and battlig for a possible playoff spot.

Can the Dolphins put the clamps on Andrew Luck in Indianapolis?

OK so some of this loss has to be pinned on just how poorly the Wets played today. They are pathetic...I mean really bad! Clearly helps to not have Revis on the field.

But this was a true TEAM win for Miami. Coaches called a good game, showed aggression and balance the entire game. Good win for the Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Moore came through as a solid backup. Nice to see Marlon Moore, Gafney, Bess and Hartline playing as a unit. Fasano gets a lot of slack on this posting board but he played well today. The board is also rough on Thomas and he played well.

The Defense put pressure on Sanchez most of the game and the DBacks (who I have been really rough on the past few weeks) showed improvement.

Fields was a savior putting the Wets in bad field position many times today.

Great Team Win!! Go Fins!!!!!

We are the truth, our defense and special teams were paramount.

We have the ability to apply pressure on Andrew magically delicious luck next week.with our stellar run d and poised play calling.

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