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Dolphins lead Rams 10-6 going to third quarter

The Dolphins have yielded over 300 gross yards to the Rams. They've struggled along the offensive line and have been gernally outplayed all around.

But they lead the St. Louis Rams, 10-6.

The reason?

Ryan Tannehill is having a good day, completing 11 of 15 passes for 108 yards including a touchdown to Marlon Moore. And following the TD, the Dolphins picked up a key turnover when Marcus Thigpen recovered a fumble that led to a Dan Carpenter FG.

The Miami defense has kept the Rams out of the end zone and rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed a kick in 15 tries before today, has missed twice today.

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I credit our players for staying in this game. There's no quit in these guys.

We begin the 2nd half with "MO" in our favor. Stick in the endzone for 7pts and we'll take most the fight out Rams.

They haven't even smelled the end zone.

A nice 8 minute sustained drive here ending with a TD would do us wonders. Unfortunately, I don't think Sherman likes long drives.

As for those knocking Sean Smith, it's true he can't cover in zone scheme, but if you look at him in press coverage, he is actually pretty good.

We'll see.

Where's the rushing game? Where's Hartline?

(Not snark - the game's not on TV here.)

Mando, Status on Oliver Vernon ?

Hopefully the offense wakes up...We could be killing them

Bradford's a very good qb. Will he ever be a top 5? I havent a clue. I still think mentioning Bradford and Sanchez in the same breath is absurd.

Olivier Vernon is not on the sideline right now.

Hopefully those left of you that STILL doubt that Tannehill is not our Franchise QB should just quit watching football.

I rarely post but read everyday. I love the fodder amongst the posters here.

Not bad for a rookie QB playing in his 6th NFL game. We have 4 yards rushing & the Rams have run wild on our defense. Can't remember the last time we were winning a game mainly b/c of our QB...

Great return!

Rams focused on taking away our run and Hartline. No fret, because it means other guys should be open.

I also doubt Hartline goes entire game without a catch. Be patient. 2nd half adjustments should be coming. Thats when you counter the opponents countermoves.

Vernon is back on the sideline. Heavily wrapped ankle. Limping.

important we get a few 1st downs here, get some momentum.
good starting position lets make it count

Nice run by Thigpen.


I assume Vernon will play.

Rams defense is STOUT!!!

Nice!!! Get Bush in space!!!

Great return!

late hit on lane!!!

throwing to the backs. love it

Unless I am mistaken, it looks like the Rams are just a beat slower now. Maybe they are wearing down.

John Michael Kolen was the best and hardest hitter Dolphins ever had.Because of his hard-hitting style, he was nicknamed "Captain Crunch". Better than Zack and JT.

Love Javorskie!!! Kid is a beast!!!


There is zero push on the O-line.

No flag on the Lane tackle?

Good to stick with the run, if only to keep Rams honest.
Roll Tanny out!!!!

If we don't get a TD here...i'm gonna be worried....

we have all seen this play before...

another one..nice. lets just keep this possession football going!

I like the play caling on this drive.

Great play call on the throw to Lane.

There he is. Harltine spotting

PLUS...KIM K.....is in MIAMI right REGGIE????

About time they called something on this drive!!!!!

Our superior conditioning is starting to pay off in the second half!

Fisher teaches that kind of play, he was a DB. I'm surprised Finnegan hasn't gotten into it with someone.

Notice the St. Lou pass rush has slowed down considerably.


Where are those accuracy questions on Tannehill???

that was a scary throw

Not overly conmcerned about the run. Teams are going to try and for Tannehill prove he can beat them. Once he consistently does this teams will begin backing off.

Our O-line is getting killed with penalties

never fails. cant make it easy on ourselves


I am really impressed with the Ram's defense. With the exception of Houston, this is the best defense we have seen.

We are going to have to win this game on defense.

Yep, the rams d is getting tired. A lot of miss tackles this series!

That little quick screen was a GREAT call on third down. Excellent.


Reggie...I still wish he'd run a bit more vertical.

'WHOA! THAT was vertical!

I would like to see Tanny run the ball on occassion

What a great call that middle screen was!

The MATH is simple...

We don't turn it over...WE WIN...

Nice reggie.


Has Hartline even been on the field? Last minute scratch??

YEs. lets finish this sweet drive!

Credit the offense for the adjustments at the half. The play calls on this drive have been superb.

Wow. Play action even fooled me

Tannehill is f#cking STUD!!!

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