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Dolphins lead Rams 10-6 going to third quarter

The Dolphins have yielded over 300 gross yards to the Rams. They've struggled along the offensive line and have been gernally outplayed all around.

But they lead the St. Louis Rams, 10-6.

The reason?

Ryan Tannehill is having a good day, completing 11 of 15 passes for 108 yards including a touchdown to Marlon Moore. And following the TD, the Dolphins picked up a key turnover when Marcus Thigpen recovered a fumble that led to a Dan Carpenter FG.

The Miami defense has kept the Rams out of the end zone and rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed a kick in 15 tries before today, has missed twice today.

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FUMBLE, it's a FUMBLE, Bob griese! WHOA< NELLIE!!!
Ya gotta be older than 50 to get that comment. LOL

Wake/Bush or Bush/Wake...whatever...for 2012!

We should be 5-1 GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






That Pittsburgh ref better not overturn this! Great move by Wake, that was quick at a cheetah.

Coyle getting out coached. No doubt. But that's growing pains by the rookie coach!


Really??? I think you spoke too soon buddy.


Cameron Wake is Cameron Wake !!!

Chase...WHy NOT...

thats what good teams do...CHALLENGE TEAMS on 3rd down....


One score more and goodbye to the Rams. They are tired.

Finally we are beating a team that is inferior the way we should... turning that corner


clearly a fumble idiots on TV

Fn tuck rule!!!!

Still getting screwed by Brady lol

Tuck rule is garbage. It always has been.

Can you explain please why there even is a need for this stupid rule???
its in his hand!!!!


We have a qb, thats the difference!

F#$king Steratore screws us again!

What is there to look at?

That's a fumble!

He got lit!

What about the hold on wake!!!!

The guy was held and he still got the sack!

Like Dashi said! The rams o-line has been wrapping up our d-line after they are beat!

total BS. example of how rocket scientists are not making the NFL rules

Mike Pereira is smoking to much and the actual Ref. also, is fumble all the way


I hate that RULE...a FUMBLE is a FUMBLE....

Orlando, slow down cowboy.
Carroll, Jones, Wilson, and a couple of others you mention are NOT solid yet.

No fumble?
He was pulling the ball in and fumbled. Screw the tuck rule, and screw the Patsies.

YG I agree... Brady screwed us there lol

Hate to say it, but, by rule right call by refs.

Ok now another TD drive. Not FG.

Shove it down Mustach Man's throat. End the game now.

Let's go Tanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hartline time???

Hartline for 80 down the left side.


We should be 5-1


That just cost us 40 yards in field position.

Even look at Bradfords face. He didn;t argue the call one bit. He knew he was trying to tuck it. What BS..


Agreed wake is a beast! Let's just not go out of hand! Him and jj watts are in the battle for DPOY! U know ur going to get a lot of slack for that!

These refs!!!!!!!!!!!!

worst NFL rule ever made. Still dont get the point

The Dolphins have six rushing yards.

What a lousy refs call!. FU, Pereira

The tuck rule, like the rule that receivers must maintain possession for 5 full seconds after hitting the ground, is incorrect as a matter of physics.

All one must do is play football on Atari 2600 to learn this fact.



And Wake loses his sack too!! Dang!!!

any throw to Clay NEEDS to be perfect

"Tuck rule is garbage. It always has been."


Agreed. Rule needs to be changed. A fumble is a fumble.

That ref gene scaratore is the ref that screwed us in that game against The Steelers last year. I looked this guy up and he owns a large janitorial supply company in Pittsburg! Go figure

nice tough running Clay

They need to take the tuck rule out of the rule book-period...it wasn't called right, but it gives the ref' the option to make the wrong call-and the Dolphins made the wrong call letting Devon Bess loose field position

We are terrible at 3rd and short. It continues

let's get a 1st...and build mo-mo


Great call bad execution

The tuck rule. And people wonder why I hate Tom Brady. He alone is responsible for two rule changes. I did not see the NFL change the one rule for Carson Palmer when his knee got torn by the same play that tore Brady's knee. Brady is a pansy.

2 slightly inacurrate throws hurt there.

Just like Marino, Tannehill has NO running game to help him.

Bush is no Lorenzo Hampton.

Fields continue to EARN his money...

Get a stop + find Harline


As good as the playcalling was in the first drive, that's how bad it was in this drive.

jets 28-6.....

I hate Brady more cuz even if he loses,he goes home to Gisselle!!

Lol play callin was just as good execution was poor

Sherman needs to tell Tannehill run sometimes for the first down when you see it. If Tannehill would have run he would have got it. Easy!! But that's what he called. So it is what it is!

play calling was good just lack of execution.. if the throw to Bush is slightly lower he makes that catch with a first down.. Bush should have caught is regardless.

The Colts need some serious help on defense.

Colts need help on defense? You mean Vontae wasn't it? haha

When we learn to put teams away, we will start to dominate.
Still, who would have thought we'd be talking PLAYOFF's, DOMINATION, etc?

We needed to get at least 3 last drive, or the SAME scenario/circumstances as the past 3 weeks will unfortunately be setting up.

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