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Dolphins lead Rams 10-6 going to third quarter

The Dolphins have yielded over 300 gross yards to the Rams. They've struggled along the offensive line and have been gernally outplayed all around.

But they lead the St. Louis Rams, 10-6.

The reason?

Ryan Tannehill is having a good day, completing 11 of 15 passes for 108 yards including a touchdown to Marlon Moore. And following the TD, the Dolphins picked up a key turnover when Marcus Thigpen recovered a fumble that led to a Dan Carpenter FG.

The Miami defense has kept the Rams out of the end zone and rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein, who had not missed a kick in 15 tries before today, has missed twice today.

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TAO is correct.
If you look at a toilet bowl's contents long enough you can see Jesus.

ask fisher if he needs some knee pads and a napkin to whipe his chin?????

This crew is no better than the replacement refs. This is the same ref that screwed Green Bay also after this idiots came back. It looks like most years, the Fins have to beat the refs and the teams they are playing.

Hard to believe it's the refs keeping the Rams in this game this half.

Huge flag!!! Why the drops!! C'mon man!!!

YES...way to take one for the TEAM Tanne....

that is a bad call by the officials!!!
are they serious the guy caught the ball started running and fumbled...... simple!!!!

at least we get the ball back all be it in not too good a position. The way to get the justice back is to drive the field and get some more points on the board.

thanks Long. Thank you very much. refs make up call

im fine with that too.. what im saying is he gives too much of a cushion when he has help over the top.. get up in the receivers face and jamb him.. I just hate when a team needs 10 yards for a 1st and he is playing 12 yrds off the ball... if he works on that then he will be better.. if we get a lock down opposite of him were good

You guys that complain about the officiating need to stop. It's dumb. There is no conspiracy against Miami.

Bad call on Chris Long....I'll take it though.

Jake long again. So he wants mire money next year?? I don't think so!

Who had responsibility to block that guy that his Tanne. That is how your franchise QB can get hurt. That was scary.

Its not conspiracy at all. Its just been wrong.

Why aren't we running the ball with a lead?

Mando, No conspiracy, that was just a HORRIBLE reversal!!!!!! If anything, there shouldn't have been enough evidence to over turn it!

Can anyone see a difference between the actual Ref. and the former replacements?

Two sacks and roughing the passer, in a row???

Mando, can you please ban the child posting with my username?

no conspiracy-but improper calls-now we need to get good offensive calls and win the game-like in our last touchdown drive


WE SHOULD BE 5 AND 1 GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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8 8
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8888888 8

True that TAO

Mando you don't remember how Gene did us against the Steelers last year? I'm just stating facts he owns a successful business in Pittsburg.

hahaha getem Armando lol

I will take the replacement refs over the blind ones...


No comp[iracy with the officiating. Just seems at times Chris Berman is in the replay booth. LOL

Jake not the same player. It's time to weight our option. Jake long has lost a step. He is not the same player after all those injuries.

Mando ur right it's not a conspiracy. It's just blatant!

These guys are worst than NBA ref's in playoff time!

They are trying to protect the spread! If the rams score the spread is protected!

Kbrad... Are you watching the game??? We can't run

That's it....Long can't be paid to stay here in FA. What is he doing by not blocking the DE? THILL got crushed. Lucky it didn't create a turnover.


Sherman...you started the half smart. You have an 11 point lead. Run the ball!!

Jake long again. So he wants mire money next year?? I don't think so!


I have to agree with you here. Jake has not played like the best LT in the NFL this season.

t bat the ball hill


you have to admit though some huge obvious calls have went against miami the last few weeks. Just terrible, call the tuck rule fine but how was that NOT a fumble? please explain how it was not a fumble



Armando was the same guy who gave out the refs business phone number when this stupid ref cost Miami the game against the Steelers. Sorry, but the officiating has been one sided today.

Sanchez 10-17 71 yards 2/0
Tebow 1-1 23 yards 0/0

Lol they are up 28-9 but their QBs are still a joke

I told you the first 3 weeks of the year that the regular refs make equally bad calls at least twice every single NFL game that has ever been contested.

You are totally wrong nyfinfan, I never gave out anyone's phone number.

Ogunleye means : Crown of thorns, I am god.

NYFINFAN. Thank You for having my back! And a great memory!

Give me your number Mando.

Close games. Just kills me!! Why can't we just dominate teams.

They going for it. D better win this

Fu c kin. Coyle. Didn't blitz.

I can't wait to play the Jets in 2 weeks.

I hope that the loss to the Jets at home does not come back to hunt us for playoff positioning. If we miss the playoffs by one game that is the one that is going to hurt.

We need to beat the Jets in that game but first let's beat the Rams first.

Coyles. Fu c k up. He sucks today I don't why. But Coyle sucks today!!!!!!!'. Fu ck!!

We need to create a turnover NOW!!!

The officials kill us today all time..I think he do not hold the ball enough to be call TD

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