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Dolphins owner Ross leads a politically active NFL

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson made some news Monday when he said it's more important to him to have Republican candidate Mitt Romney win the upcoming presidential election than having the Jets enjoy a winning season.

"Well I think you always have to put country first," Johnson said on Bloomberg TV. "So I think it's very, very important that not only for us but particularly for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice-president."

Two things:

I admire the man for having the right priorities. Any presidential election is indeed more important and has more far-reaching consequences than a football season, regardless which party wins.

And, Johnson might be on the road to getting his wish because while Romney still has a chance to pull the upset, his Jets look cooked despite their 2-2 record. New York's best player (cornerback Darrelle Revis) is out for the year, their best offensive player (Santonio Holmes is seeing a foot specialist because there are fears he has the dreaded lis franc injury) and there are calls to replace the quarterback.

But Johnson is not the only NFL owner who has involved himself in the coming election. In fact, Johnson is not even Romney's most ardent supporter despite his words.

The NFL owner who has put the most money behind his Romney support, according to The Washington Examiner is Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Truth is the NFL is leaning well in the Romney camp with three times as much money donated to Romney than President Barack Obama. And Ross has led that charge, donating $100,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, $20,800 to the Republican National Committee, $5,000 to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC and $2,500 to Mitt Romney.

Johnson, by comparison, has donated a total of $65,700 to the Romney cause.

The owners of the Cowboys, Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Chargers, Redskins, Bengals and Cardinals have all contributed to Romney.

Obama has gotten donations from the ownership of the Steelers and Patriots. Other democrat-leaning owners such as those in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have yet to donate as of the last reporting period.

One interesting tidbit about the Rooney family that owns the Steelers: While Dan Rooney was all in for Obama and was rewarded with an ambassardorship to Ireland, Tom Rooney, the nephew of Steelers' executive Tim Rooney, is running for re-election to congress in Florida and he is a Republican.

NFL players have also been politically active in donating. Their donations are more evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans. Former University of Miami and current New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has contributed $10,000 to the Obama campaign.

Current Broncos QB Peyton Manning has contributed $12,000 to the campaign of two Republican senators.



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Huizenga was also a rabid Republican partisan like Ross who contributed huge amounts of money to the GOP.

Interestingly, the Dolphins founder and the owner they had by FAR the most success under, Joe Robbie was a lifelong, liberal democrat who once ran for governor of South Dakota and was good friends with Hubert Humphrey. Robbie also helped organize the Florida campaign for George McGovern when he ran for president.

Seems like the Dolphins do much better with a Democrat owning the team. Obviously, it's worked pretty well for the Patriots and Steelers!

(they do tend to be better educated, you know)

That was interesting Armando

Very simple explanation, Romney will increase the riches of the billionaires (and millionaires) at the expense of everyone else. So vote Republican if you want to give a huge tax break to a struggling billionaire!!


6-10 Dolphins do it again!

Good to see Ross doing something right.... But running a football team aint one of them

Tannehill has the fewest TD passes in the NFL

looks like the next Dan Marino. lol


No wonder Ross and Ireland are such good buddies. Both are right-wing slugs.

Home don't u have to get to your appt. ?
Nice prediction for last Sundays game, Homester.

Are we really surprised! Rich MO FO's voting for the guy who will cut taxes fo rich guys.

Look on the bright side....At least our QB isn't Mark Sanchez and our owner ist Woody Johnson...you can rip Ross (rightfully so, I agree) but living in NJ puts me front and center with Johnson and the Mara's (giants owners) and you do NOT want Johnson as your owner. He only cares about money and entertainment. He doesn't care about winning football games in the least, at least Ross cares about winning and being respectable.

True about Robbie, jrs. Not many Dolphin fans know about his political past but he was very active in liberal causes his entire life.

It wasn't until these Republicans like Huizenga and Ross took over that the franchise tanked.

Actually yes Woody, thanX
Have a 2:00PM appointment w my psychiatrist
Leaving in a few minutes

Not sure why but now he wants to see me twice a week instead of just once

Oh, Mando! You shouldn't have posted this. I SUSPECTED that my Mimai Dolphins were a Republican institution for they represent the main city of one of the mos republican states. But to actually KNOW it marks a stain in my heart.

Republicans have caused too much damage to the whole world way beyond the establishment of an economy system that handles everything around the individual and not the community. They have caused wars based on lies.

Please, don't make me have to decide between one of the few guilty pleasures that I have (football) and my moral and political principles.

Incredible!!!! Billionaire's supporting a billionaire for president? I can't believe it!!!!!!

Yet, it is great to read so many positive feedback of Miami Dolphins fans that support a more just system of evenness and versus nonsensical accummulation.

Maybe there's a silver lining here. Obama wins (looking more and more likely) and Ross looks to sell the team over tax reasons or whatever?

I'll gladly take both, and would sure welcome an owner like Kraft or Rooney that is more than just a greedy nitwit.


Really???? I'm MUCH more interested in fake reports that Naanee is going to be cut. LMFAO!!!

Craig M...from the last blog....

That was funny....

but realistically...I think we have to toss it out and try and find out baseline....what can we...and SHOULD WE expec from or offence EVERY WEEK...

Its not going to be 500 yards of offensive....@ least I don't think so....

From our defense.....we have come to expect a...


QB PRESSURE (if not sacks)....

PHYSICALITY THAT MAY BE THE BEST IN THE AFC...this side of the Ravens....


I don't think we have any "NORMS" on the offense yet....


Let's at least spell the President's name correctly, eh?

Get a fu cking clue guys. Both parties are and have been for many years playing us.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Dez Bryant had a career high 105 receiving yards in last night's MNF game....lol

Look on the bright side....At least our QB isn't Mark Sanchez and our owner ist Woody Johnson...you can rip Ross (rightfully so, I agree) but living in NJ puts me front and center with Johnson and the Mara's (giants owners) and you do NOT want Johnson as your owner. He only cares about money and entertainment. He doesn't care about winning football games in the least, at least Ross cares about winning and being respectable.


I live in Manhattan & I'd gladly take the Mara's as owners over Ross. I know Ross says he cares about winning but what is he prepared to do to make that happen??? Fire Sparano & keep Ireland??? IMHO--It's going to take more than that.

Just one more reason never to go to a Dolphins game... I won't give a dime to the Dolphins while the thief Ross owns them. EVER.

I take that back...

BUSH is a "norm"....

Brings it EVERY DAY...asnd TWICE ON SUNDAY....

Have no fear. Craig N. is here to save the daaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for ruining my one outlet to avoid election talk.

I wish Ross would support a candidate that could get us some help at DB.


I would LOVE to have the Mara's as my team owner, they are an elite group of owners like the Krafts and Rooneys. But I would take Ross over Woody 10 times outta 10

Kris, did you see my post from last blog?

Why do some people on this site like Ross. He has been a terriable owner.

I hate the Jets but I admire the Owner decison to remove the actual president... he has his priorities right there and I'm a big time supporter... his priorities are my too.

I didn't see it Miami D...i'll check it out....

...Is this a big suprise? No way..a rich guy who supports a republican candidate..Who would have thought?? Gotta make sure these guys can keep there money so they can create jobs..You know. This stuff trickles down to everybody else..Ronald Reagan proved this?????????????????

That's a pleasant surprise from Steve Ross. The way that he caters to illegal immigrants, I was sure that he was a Democrat.

It really doesn't matter to ultra-rich guys like Ross who wins as far as money goes. That guy has billions of dollars and he'll be fine either way. Ross just knows that if Obama wins, America may never recover. Ross is probably concerned about the American he's leaving for his children and grandchildren.

If Obama wins, we're all doomed.

People....The well has been poisoned a long time ago. To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin "we no longer live in a democracy, we live in a system of corporate fascism." If you think your vote matters bear in mind that it is MONEY & money alone that decides elections. Do you honestly think your vote is as influential as Jamie Dimon's who is the CEO of Chase???? It's the people who donate money who are the ones who have a say when their candidate is elected. The more money you donate to a particular campaign, the more favors you can get. You don't believe me??? Research the Koch brothers along with a list of other major political donors on both sides. They're not donating large sums of money just b/c they can, they're donating large sums of money to have a say in when it comes to U.S. policy both at home & abroad. And don't discount the people who go into politics & start wars simply to advance their own financial agenda like Dick Cheaney did with Haliburton....

Republicans & Democrats alike are part of the same system of rewarding those who helped them get elected. Not just with the Presidency but with every single elected position in this country.

Get ready then mike, this election is already over. Obama will win big.

this explains a lot. Ross seems like he needs more blood flowing to his brain. Most republicans do.


Okay...That's my political tirade for the day. You know that the two topics that are taboo are politics & religion so this one's on you.

This is supposed to be a Miami Dolphins blog????

It's not that Obama deserves to win, its that Romney doesn't deserve to win. And we all know Ron Paul isnt winning. So by default, Obama wins

Mando, bad decision offering political commentary on a sports blog. I'm happy to talk to posters about politics all day, but I'd prefer not to sh*t where I eat.

Of George Bush got a second term, Obama cant be much worse than him. Romney is clueless

And Tom Rooney of Florida should be called Tom LOONY. He has done nothing in his first term he is useless. His smart Democratic family must have disowned him. He had to pack his bags for Florida and become a republican.


Typical Ross just supporting a cause that helps him get his money back!!! Just like when he bought this team just worried about how to get his money back!!! Just sell this team Ross you are a crappy owner!!!


I didn't see it...

Stick to your field Armando. Lets talk about football!!!

Daryl D @ 2:09.....

Post of THIS blog....the only thing missing was the....DUH.....


No it's not realistic to expect this every week. Not yet. We're a year or two away from that (I say with optimism). At this point what we have to be happy about is that the Arizona defence challlenged Tannehill to throw and he succeeded. He had a beat up Bush in the backfield and not much more to work with. The fact the line is giving them the time to throw is positive. The fact that guys like Hartline and Bess are stepping up are positives. Now imagine he's got a receiving core similar to NO or GB and this could get exciting. I think that's where a lot of us are letting ourselves go. A long way to go but it's encouraging.

Btw, didn't we have $5K on your bet that the team would go 11-5 this year?

Only one perfect person has walked this Earth:

Craig N.


"Get ready then mike, this election is already over. Obama will win big."


Oh...The election is already over??? Might as well not even vote then??? If Obama wins big then I guess you can thank the anemic economic growth, the $16 Trillion deficit, & the sharp rise in poverty & food stamps....Awesome job he's doing!!! 4 more years of that I say!!! LMFAO!!!

Obama couldn't care less about anyone except himself. At the end of his Presidency he'll walk away a very wealthy man just like Clinton did. This country is a the biggest business in the world & you need a qualified CEO to run it. Bush was a f#cking moron & buried this country but bear in mind that Obama has ZERO business experience. In addition he doesn't have the benefit that Clinton had with the explosion of the internet. At least Romney has had success in running a business!!!

Hey Kris (I don't mean this in a condescending way, I want to genuinely know) what are your thoughts on Tannehill vs Wilson after that Arizona game?

Also in response to your post: no one is assuming this is going to be routine for Tannehill or Hartline, but if they can put those numbers up against "allegedly" a good defense in Arizona, what will they do against lesser defenses such as Cincinnati and St Louis who we play the next two weeks, personally, I'm excited to see where he can go from here. It showed promise and improvement and as you're well aware that's what I'm looking for this year in RT
Posted by: MiamiD20 | October 02, 2012 at 01:08 PM

dfin006, last I heard this is AMERICA.

I can post about anything I wish.

I hope that doesn't offend you, but at the end of the day, this is still AMERICA.

I suggest you get used to it.

..I want to know just how life will be better in a Romney regime? I'm sure among us there are a bunch of us who make a bunch af cash, have no issues financially. Really this is what this election is about isn't it? Tell me a conservative value that makes my life better. What are these hornblowers selling that I am missing?

LOL told you as soon as you bring up the jets. The guy goes off on some unintelligible tangent about how stupid we are for believing in a team we love. Regardless of coach or GM it's the players that make the team. And I'm a fan of the players that came through here. Even Davis and Marshall. Although i'm in total agreeance about letting them go and atleast getting some compensation. Addition by subtraction. Getting rid of TS was brilliant.

Armando, take a chill pill dude. You cant keep running your customers away

Darryl, you post an excellent question ...

Do you want an answer or is it rhetorical?

gimmy gimmy gimmy.

Way to kill a Football conversation!

Good Job!

Rather keep speculating Football than Talking Politics. The Debates Tomorrow!! Who Donates doesn't matter. Whoever Raises the Most Money Does!

Naanee sucks and the JEts ... (Would make a Joke but Crashing and Burning Isn't Funny Anymore, Specially for a NY TEAM)

It' figures that The Jets and the Fins are ran by Republicans. It explains why the Stock of the team has fallen worst than the Economy during the Bush Days.

The Pats and Steelers is Ran By Democrats? The 2 Model Franchises of the NFL. Makes U wonder.

Plus, it answers the Question. If The Dolphin Owner would've been a Democrat he would've picked Matt Ryan Over Jake Long.

Yeah, Dashi went there!

Maybe NFL owners are sci-fi fans. If Romney wins he might increase NASA's budget because he'll probably want a manned mission to planet Kolob to find God. That's right Mormons believe God is a 6'2" white guy that lives on planet Kolob. Remember that on election day.

Look up the Mormon religion from a historical perspective and you'll find out that's one of their beliefs. That and magic underwear.

naanee is an obama supporter.
he gets money and doesn't work.

Right on Armando!!!......LOVE it!

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