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Dolphins owner Ross leads a politically active NFL

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson made some news Monday when he said it's more important to him to have Republican candidate Mitt Romney win the upcoming presidential election than having the Jets enjoy a winning season.

"Well I think you always have to put country first," Johnson said on Bloomberg TV. "So I think it's very, very important that not only for us but particularly for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice-president."

Two things:

I admire the man for having the right priorities. Any presidential election is indeed more important and has more far-reaching consequences than a football season, regardless which party wins.

And, Johnson might be on the road to getting his wish because while Romney still has a chance to pull the upset, his Jets look cooked despite their 2-2 record. New York's best player (cornerback Darrelle Revis) is out for the year, their best offensive player (Santonio Holmes is seeing a foot specialist because there are fears he has the dreaded lis franc injury) and there are calls to replace the quarterback.

But Johnson is not the only NFL owner who has involved himself in the coming election. In fact, Johnson is not even Romney's most ardent supporter despite his words.

The NFL owner who has put the most money behind his Romney support, according to The Washington Examiner is Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Truth is the NFL is leaning well in the Romney camp with three times as much money donated to Romney than President Barack Obama. And Ross has led that charge, donating $100,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, $20,800 to the Republican National Committee, $5,000 to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC and $2,500 to Mitt Romney.

Johnson, by comparison, has donated a total of $65,700 to the Romney cause.

The owners of the Cowboys, Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Chargers, Redskins, Bengals and Cardinals have all contributed to Romney.

Obama has gotten donations from the ownership of the Steelers and Patriots. Other democrat-leaning owners such as those in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have yet to donate as of the last reporting period.

One interesting tidbit about the Rooney family that owns the Steelers: While Dan Rooney was all in for Obama and was rewarded with an ambassardorship to Ireland, Tom Rooney, the nephew of Steelers' executive Tim Rooney, is running for re-election to congress in Florida and he is a Republican.

NFL players have also been politically active in donating. Their donations are more evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans. Former University of Miami and current New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has contributed $10,000 to the Obama campaign.

Current Broncos QB Peyton Manning has contributed $12,000 to the campaign of two Republican senators.



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Very simple explanation, Romney will increase the riches of the billionaires (and millionaires) at the expense of everyone else. So vote Republican if you want to give a huge tax break to a struggling billionaire!!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 02, 2012 at 01:24 PM

Liberal myth talking point.

Hey DC Dumblell,

Did you know, household income & savings the last 3 years has plummeted for low & middle income families?

OH THOSE EVIL REPUBLICAN MILLIONAIRES! Oh Wait, A Democrat has been in office!

You are a f-ing moron.

DC, this blog is about facts and hardly no commentary at all.

Believe me, if I added commentary that would really light things up ...

Any Obama supporter is a complete fool.

Dashi, you just made a great point about the Pats and Steelers beeing ran by Democrats. Kudos

LOVE these guys who hae an opinion on something but NEVER put their names to anything. Guys, if you want to chime in at least out your name to it. How can you have an opinion and hide behind these constant mocking names all the time. What are you SEVEN?

Clue, I'm not running anyone away. I am engaging with folks.

And by the way, the readership numbers on this blog have never been higher than they are now. So ...

Ross is a cheap SOB and a failure as an owner.

Pay no attention Mando, this is what people do when they can't defend a record and want to cut off debate! They

Armando, Do you plan on making an appearance on the Sedano show today?

cheap ross.

Armando, who do you think will win the election?

Get ready then mike, this election is already over. Obama will win big.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 02, 2012 at 02:12 PM

More liberal scare tactics. That's what you dumb liberals want America to believe. Trying to convince people it's not worth going to the polls.

That's why the liberal media won't talk about all the bad in this country. They don't want informed voters.

They want ignorant fall in line type stooges like DC to do their dirty work.

What up, Robby?

Obama has the election won. Romney is hiding his tax returns.

Armando, I'm interested in what you have to say on the subject.

The view I have from Canada, for what it's worth, is along the lines of what DD said. I don't get what Romney's going to bring to your country to make it better. If I was an average American I'd be TERRIFIED that Romney ends up President. I get that most people are disappointed in Obama but maybe it's some of what we experienced with Parcells and our Dolphins. Lot of promises and little delivered. Both guys inherited huge messes. You guys gave Bush two terms. I'm not sure why you wouldn't give two to Obama.

Hey DC Troll, Romney wouldnt stand a chance against Freddy Kruger let alone Obama.

Democrats run Pitt

Craig M...

I'm pretty sure that was a gentleman's bet...

and I woudn't be counting anything just yet...we still haven't lost 6 games...


Still excited about the AZ game Mando! Best $320 I've ever spent! Future looks bright!! Good Fin fan turn up as well.

Clue, haven't been asked about Sedano today ... plus my voice is too good to go on radio today.

Sedano usually waits for my shreaking puberty voice to kick in before he puts me on.

Obama caught Osama. He gets my vote.

senor Armando,

Kindly tell these guys that Parcells deserves more blame than Ireland for the decisions that were made in 2008 , 2009 and 2010..

Parcells was in charge and made the final decisions on free agency and the draft, he was getting paid big bucks for that but this guys act like Parcells was never here, where do you fall on this argument???

MiamiD20, I don't know who will win. I think we'll know more after the debate Wednesday night.

FZB, the team stinks without Parcells pulling the puppet strings for Ireland.

..Armando..Please..I would love to be enlightened. And I say this in all sincerity.

Why wouldn't we give Obama 2 terms? 20 trillion debt, chronic stagnation, gov run health care, weak standing in the world, God-forbid he nominates another SCOTUS, more UN involvement in our lives, higher food stamps, etc, etc

Wow, what a shock that a group of the richest .001% of Americans are throwing money behind a rich douche who has dodged more taxes in one year than I've made money in my entire life.

Being rich isn't enough, stomping on the little guy by outright cheating the system is the way to go I guess. Then just run for president, wash, rinse, and repeat. I'd be laughing if I didn't want to cry.

Obama has the election won. Romney is hiding his tax returns.
Posted by: Independent | October 02, 2012 at 02:41 PM

Why do you care more about his tax returns than how Obama is spending trillions of tax payer dollars?


No unemployment concern.
No slowed GDP growth concern.
No foerign policy unravleing conerns.
No concerns of the murder of an amnassador or bombings at embassies.
No concerns over 6 trillion in Obama debt.
No concerns about US guns handed over to Mexico used to kill border patrol agents.
No concerns about America sliding 3 years running. Was #1 IN GLOBAL COMPETITIVNESS, NOW #4.
No concerns about millions of new food stamp recpitents.
No concerns over Middle & Low income savings & earnings plummeting over 4 years.
No Concern about legalizing illegal aliens ahead of immigrants doing it legally to gain votes.
No concern for protecting our borders.


Guys, when evaluating the team dont look at the record.

Craig M, I'm using my real name now.

Do you like it?


I can tell you who looses...REGARDLESS of who Wednesday night....or who gets elecyed....

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...that's who...


THE BANKERS WIN...Always have...and ALWAYS will....

I find it hilarious that a rookie QB who has thrown for 2 TD and 6 picks is being heralded as the next big thing since Marino, check Marino stats after his first 4 games he sure as heck didnt have 2 TD and 6 picks.

Independent, Obama also didn't protect our consulate and declared it was a random act as Al Qaeida flags were risen...

Stock market hitting new highs!

Trolls R US,

your not too bright are you????

Marino had a team that had gone to the SB the year before, he had a defense, a great offensive line and three guys named Duper,Clayton and Moore to throw to.

My grammar and spelling are also big losers....

Guys, when evaluating Tannehill lets NOT look at the numbers.


Dude are you freaking kidding me? Politics, smolotics! Who gives a flying F about this terrible post today.

This is a football site not a political debate. I guess you will stoop to any level for followers to comment so you can have the most active blog. Well there you go I made my comment and Im done until you post something football related, clown!

I have long said that this country that I love is filled with the dumbest people on the planet. And once again you prove me right. I am sad that, that is the case. But true non the less. The Republicans were not even around when this Great Country was won with the blood of the people who died to free us from big government, known back then as England. So if you need someone to tell you what to do each day then the current leadership is what you need. If you prefer to have an opportunity to make your own way in life as far as your hard work will take you, then you will need a change in leadership. For this country was built by hard work. There was no lazy people on the ships from England to the new world back then. Because it was hard work living here. The lazy people did not rise up against England and free this country, because it was hard work. So now here we are some 236 years later and the left want to make this about the Rich vs the Poor. But that is just a game to keep the dumbest people in the world in the dark. They want to run your lives, your money and your future. The core of all of this is still the same it was 236 years ago. Do you need Government running your life? Or will you jump in a wooden ship and sail to the other side of the world to build a cabin in the woods and live life on your terms? I do not expect everyone to understand this, but it is the truth non the less.

Stock market hitting new highs? Chicago politics at their worse! QE 3 and Bernanke trying to keep his job!! Will only help depreciate the dollar in the future.

lets make believe we're 4-0

Wow, what a shock that a group of the richest .001% of Americans are throwing money behind a rich douche who has dodged more taxes in one year than I've made money in my entire life.
Being rich isn't enough, stomping on the little guy by outright cheating the system is the way to go I guess. Then just run for president, wash, rinse, and repeat. I'd be laughing if I didn't want to cry.
Posted by: miamatt | October 02, 2012 at 02:47 PM

You are a clueless liberal & a Dumbocrats wet dream!

Romney has donated over 50 MILLION to charity the last 20 years.

He is retired so he pays tax on investments, not income. DIFFERENT RATE!

Your jealous he's rich so you hate him. Laughable. You also forget that the money he has invested is taxed on NOW at 1 rate, it was already taxed at the highest Rate when he earned it.

he has paid almost 50% of his income in taxes already. He's donated tons of money to charities. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

You are pathetic & ignorant to boot.

Romney wants to reduce his own taxes. LMAO!

DC, but Democrats donate tons of their personal money as well!! Just look at the gigantic percentage of his income Biden has given to charity..

Independant is whats wrong with America.


Obama got us out of Iraq.

One of the, if not the biggest failed Presidencies in the history of the World, and he still has a chance.

Shows you how far this country has fallen.

Craig, my view of things is as follows:

If you believe that America should shift to closely resembling the European model of socialist democracies -- where government has more power, provides more services and taxes at a much higher rate (see France, Spain, Greece) then you should absolutely vote for Obama. That is how he sees the direction of this country. He believes in government that rules the people with socialized medicine, and government intervention of private businesses such as the auto industry being examples of the early steps in that direction.

If, on the other hand, you believe that the order of the day in America should be people ruling the government, that the individual should be able to start his business as he sees fit and not be impeded by tons of government regulation (for the good and bad that births), that as businesses prosper their workers prosper, that everyone is responsible for their own prosperity and doesn't have to give up portions of it to redistribute to others, then Romney should be your pick.

Food Stamps for all!! Vote Obama!

1 percent economic growth!! Vote for Obama

Mando, I stand corrected. You did not add any commentary (though I think you like the debate).

Here's some commentary for everyone though:

If you want to live like a Republican, vote like a Democrat!

Andy, send me the name of that evil person that holds that gun to your head and forces you to come here and post comments and I will report him to the authorities.


Apologist Foreign Policy!! Vote for Obama

Marino believes Fins can build around T-Hill. Most impressed with his pre-snap abilities.

Rex Ryan predicted the Jets will win the Elections.

As if I needed yet another reason to hate Stephen Ross.

Funny how the liberal Democrat (Robbie) financed the stadium with his own money and the conservative Republicans (Ross and Huizenga) used public money to get upgrades at the stadium. Makes you say Hmmmm.

WOW! Getting Osama! FUNNY!

Remember, he went around the world apologing for the USA using enhanced interrogation techniques & banned them?

I guess you didn't know those same techniques he apologized for & opposed, where the ones used with KSM to divulge the info about Bid Ladens driver in 2007 which eventually lead to his killing?

He gets credit for it, yet, opposed every thing done to get the intel necessary to Ok the mission. Good we got it but, AWFUL in taking credit for something he wouldn't have been able to accomplish if he had his way.

More proof liberals are clueless.


Again, to parallel the Parcells analogy, you forget that Obama came into a very dire situation. You want to talk about all the 'supposed' bad he's done the last four years but let's understand Bush and his Government were the ones that got the ball rolling on this LONG before Obama was even in office. What's Bush's claim to fame after 8 years? Putting his head in the sand with 9-11 and Katrina. Impressive!

What's Romney's plan that's going to turn America around? Again, using the football analogy, everyone always wants Ireland out but they have NO plan for what's going to make it better. Comical!

Craig, playing of Mando's post @ 3:01pm, if you just look at the stock market today vs. the day Bush left office, you'll see it's up, A LOT. So, not sure Obama doesn't believe in business prospering.

Also, Romney does want redistribution, but it's from the poor to the rich (Robin Hood in reverse).

And as to the regulation, well, see the housing crisis and Banking meltdowns if you want a view of what deregulation looks like.

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