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Dolphins owner Ross leads a politically active NFL

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson made some news Monday when he said it's more important to him to have Republican candidate Mitt Romney win the upcoming presidential election than having the Jets enjoy a winning season.

"Well I think you always have to put country first," Johnson said on Bloomberg TV. "So I think it's very, very important that not only for us but particularly for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice-president."

Two things:

I admire the man for having the right priorities. Any presidential election is indeed more important and has more far-reaching consequences than a football season, regardless which party wins.

And, Johnson might be on the road to getting his wish because while Romney still has a chance to pull the upset, his Jets look cooked despite their 2-2 record. New York's best player (cornerback Darrelle Revis) is out for the year, their best offensive player (Santonio Holmes is seeing a foot specialist because there are fears he has the dreaded lis franc injury) and there are calls to replace the quarterback.

But Johnson is not the only NFL owner who has involved himself in the coming election. In fact, Johnson is not even Romney's most ardent supporter despite his words.

The NFL owner who has put the most money behind his Romney support, according to The Washington Examiner is Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Truth is the NFL is leaning well in the Romney camp with three times as much money donated to Romney than President Barack Obama. And Ross has led that charge, donating $100,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, $20,800 to the Republican National Committee, $5,000 to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC and $2,500 to Mitt Romney.

Johnson, by comparison, has donated a total of $65,700 to the Romney cause.

The owners of the Cowboys, Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Chargers, Redskins, Bengals and Cardinals have all contributed to Romney.

Obama has gotten donations from the ownership of the Steelers and Patriots. Other democrat-leaning owners such as those in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have yet to donate as of the last reporting period.

One interesting tidbit about the Rooney family that owns the Steelers: While Dan Rooney was all in for Obama and was rewarded with an ambassardorship to Ireland, Tom Rooney, the nephew of Steelers' executive Tim Rooney, is running for re-election to congress in Florida and he is a Republican.

NFL players have also been politically active in donating. Their donations are more evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans. Former University of Miami and current New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has contributed $10,000 to the Obama campaign.

Current Broncos QB Peyton Manning has contributed $12,000 to the campaign of two Republican senators.



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Sam, the truth is Robbie tried to get the city of Miami to rebuild the Orange Bowl and when that failed he did his own building.

The truth is also that Huizenga used his own money, not public money and Ross hasn't tapped either his own money or public funds.

Why do people make stuff up?

Craig, c'mon man!! It was Democrats and Barney Frank forcing banks to lend to everybody that caused the housing collapse. Look it up, affordable housing act under Clinton. Bush was very flawed but he did set up the system to protect us that Obama takes credit for now. Look at DC's post to c why Usama is dead.

Craig, another thing, this is the WORSE recovery in history!! Recession ended in 09 and the trillions Obama threw at it just made it worse!!!!


I'm sure we argue this stuff all day long, like we do with football, but I've yet to fully understand how Rommney is going to make America better long term. Understand I have nothing invested in this (other than our biggest trade partner and a strong, financially stable US economy is good for us here in Canada). As a Canadian from afar, it just amazes me that Americans are actually able to agree on so very little. How can you have a united country when everyone has such very different ideas of what will work for the country. I have a lot of respect for America and Americans but boy it could be SO much better. Which of the candidates has the best chance to brings these diametrically opposed ideals closer together? To me that's an easy one. Obama.

new blog up.

Craig, also Bush gets blamed for Katrina and the media avoids the disaster of the Arab Spring and Al Qaeda flags flying in our embassies...

Also, if by "socialized" medicine, Mando is referring to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), let me just interject that the main aspect of that (individual health care mandate) was taken from the EXTREMELY liberal think tank, The Heritage Foundation (for those that don't know, they're Republican).

Actually, EVEN Mitt Romney used that same logic for HIS Healthcare system he made for Mass. The logic goes, EVERYONE will need health care at some point in their lives. Is it fair for them not to have to pay for it (and just mooch off the goodness of America that says it will even give you medicine if you don't have insurance)? Mitt Romney says no, that's not fair. As did the Heritage Foundation, and pretty much all Republicans UNTIL...Obama proposed it.

So they were for it before they were against it.

By the way, I was for a single-payer health care system. Now THAT is socialized medicine (since we're dealing with facts).

Craig M,

respecfully disagree with you on "Bush and his goverment got the ball rolling" statement...Bill Clinton is the one that signed the deregulation of the mortgage and banking industry a full two years before Bush took office, he made a deal with the Republican held majority in congress, so it was really both the dems and republicans..

this is what Obama says all the time, he inherited a mess which is true but it was started by Clinton and not Bush, look it up.


And as to the regulation, well, see the housing crisis and Banking meltdowns if you want a view of what deregulation looks like.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 02, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Yes, LOL Look at Barney Frank & Chris Dodd in 1997 making revisions to the Community Reinvestment Act started under Carter & revised under Reagan & Bush to see why housing & banks collapsed.

Yea, deregulation....BY DUMBOCRATS.

DC, you might be the dumbest democrat I've ever encountered.

Armando, I think its more than clear that you are a Republican, Im not surprised since you are Cuban. I know Cuban think there "white" but your NOT! Your on the same level as Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Columbians. Stop thinking your better.


That's the part I don't really get. This argument 'it was Democrats. It was Republicians.' Who cares! What's best for the country? Seems to me Americans have a really tough time getting passed which party is involved rather than what the real issues are. People are hung up on this stuff.

robbyhernz, what you are talking about is the WORLD recovery. Surely you're not blaming Obama because of the fact the world's economy has been slow? America is a very powerful country but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't CONTROL solely how the world economy revolves. I'm hoping they didn't teach you guys that stuff in school.


You still have not answer my question I posted on 2:44pm..que paso???

Just watched a Documentary on the KOCH BROS.

Look it up very interesting. These guys are behind almost all of this!!

Like they say whoever has the Most Money Wins. These 2 guys are the Most Influential Men in America and Most People Don't Know what they Look Like!!

I don't care a squat about Romney or Obama, both will do as much good in the White House as they'd do trying to run a post pattern against Ed Reed.

Actually, EVEN Mitt Romney used that same logic for HIS Healthcare system he made for Mass. The logic goes, EVERYONE will need health care at some point in their lives. Is it fair for them not to have to pay for it (and just mooch off the goodness of America that says it will even give you medicine if you don't have insurance)? Mitt Romney says no, that's not fair. As did the Heritage Foundation, and pretty much all Republicans UNTIL...Obama proposed it.
So they were for it before they were against it.
By the way, I was for a single-payer health care system. Now THAT is socialized medicine (since we're dealing with facts).
Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 02, 2012 at 03:16 PM


Whats good for 1 state is not necssarily good for everyone!

New Poll out today: 55% of Doctors want Romney & 15% of them voted for Obama & cite Obama Care as the reason why!


link tv.

robby, Craig is in the financial services sector, he knows EXACTLY why the housing market crashed. He knows about all the "instruments" (Credit Default SWOPs, etc.) the banks came up with to package a bunch of bad loans to sell to investors so no one was on the hook for all that risk, thereby creating an incentive for mortgage companies to look the other way or not ask for any down payments and just writing mortgages they knew the people wouldn't be able to pay back,since they wouldn't keep the mortgage risk on their books for very long, and could walk away paid and fat and happy until the whole bubble came crashing down.

That's why so many people in FLORIDA and other states are under water on their mortgages, that's why we're in the mess we're in, and it's always the case that the big banks cause the worst economic calamities.

DC, you are using old and tired democrat talking lies to make your argument and your problem is some people know the truth.

The housing crisis was caused in part if not wholly by Barney Frank and Dodd forcing banks to lend to people who clearly were not qualified to pay. This was known as sub-prime lending. When those loans adjusted upward, folks who couldn't pay stopped paying and the bubble burst. Dodd and Frank are democrats.

Furthermore, while the root cause of the financial crisis is assumed to have been the residential real estate asset price bubble, the underlying systemic risk, and the primary reason for the “too big to fail” doctrine whereby governments were compelled to save financial institutions at any cost, lies in over the counter (OTC) derivatives. The suspension of the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) mark-to-market rule in 2009 preserved the value of bank balance sheets, i.e., of their mortgage portfolios, but what was of far greater importance was that it prevented triggering the conditions of thousands of OTC derivatives contracts, such as credit default swaps (CDS), that would have wiped out virtually all of the largest banking institutions in the world. And guess who played a key role in the suspension of the FASB? Yup, democrats.

So give me a break, dude.


I stand corrected then. But again, you're back to this 'it was the Republicans. It was the Democrats'. Which candidate and party is going to be the best for America going forward is what the issues should be. Forget about the past. It's similar to being single again. If you're going to decide what's best for you going forward are you going to pick the blonde simply because you had a bad relationship with a brunette before or are you going to forget about the past and pick the one that's best for you?

If you want Socialized Medicine, go to Canada or eurpoe. You don't belong here.

Move out of this country that you & your ilk are destroying day by day.

Go get an MRI in Canada where it can take months depending on where you are.

There are more MRI machines in Philadelphia than in Canada.

GO There or Europe DC, that's where you belong. With all the other anti americans!

Trolls, you post is so messed up on so many levels I have no words for you.

Most of you may all be fellow Dolphins fans but clearly none of you have a brain cell if you think re-electing this current unqualified President is good for the country. If Obama is re-elected we will be committing national suicide.

armando,thanx 4 chiming in on us today btw. keep it up.

Why the hell is anyone wasting their time explaining our country to a canadian?

Craig M,

I just wanted to point out what happened, the thing with Bush he was either too dumb to figure out what was going on or he didn't cared..but your right we need someone to fix this economy, personally I've seen enough of Obama, I'm voting for Romney.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 02, 2012 at 03:24 PM


Democrats like DC think they're smart when talking to dumb people.

When confronted with people who know the truth, they are exposed as the idiots they truly are.

Dc Dummy is a whinny, anti american, cry baby. Blames everything on Republicans because MSNBC & ABC tell him with no regards to the truth.



obama supporters can't read armando.

Troll thanks for Confirming That White People think they are better than Everyone Else!

Please, School us in the Republican Ways!

U do know they stole the Name for their Party after the Real Republicans Created The Democrat Party. Back in the ABE LINCOLN DAYS!

Again, Dashi would rather Talk Football, because if we Talk Politics Ur true Ignorance will Show.

Now Dashi Knows why my post Earlier Got Deleted.

It's simple math Obama is going to come after them qb their money and Romney wond

Craig, you are free to have your opinion and I respect it.

I do know this: Canadians such as yourself just voted in a very conservative government, no? I suppose you fully back that government because, after all, canadians come together and agree on things.

But Rick in DC,

You put Bush in again for another term. Are you telling me this would be an worse? I don't see it. To me Bush was one of the worst Presidents you ever had. Could be many of you guys feel differently and maybe you're insulted by my comments but I'm telling you the world view is that Bush was a joke!

Armando come back down to earth man, your not rich, your not caucassian dude, your ancestors came to this country to make a better life for you and you turn your back to them. Im at lost for words right now.

Mando, the regulations, permitting and such that interfere with and make it so difficult for a small business owner to get and stay in business are always done AT THE LOCAL LEVEL by idiotic uneducated local politician-governments like we see right here in Dade County. In fact, as you may not know, not one single FEDERAL permit of any kind is required to start up a business. All of the hassle is done at the local level. The more local it gets, the more stupid and corrupt. That is why the FEDERAL government was needed to do things like end slavery and integrate schools. Wake up.

Trolls R Us,

your at a loss for words ????..good , don't post here anymore, you don't make any sense anyways.



Craig M, our view of you is as a joke & none of us give 2 shi^s about what a Canadian thinks about us.


Troll, ur such a Pelosi man!! Being rich has nothing to do with it! It's being self-reliant, working hard and having the belief that u can achieve ur dreams!! Last time I address u cuz u truly are a troll!!!!!!!


Never new mando was conservative that is truly interesting. If you don't mind me asking why are you conservative mando? I am as we'll just wondering.


Like the US we also have limitations from our policitians. I will say I don't feel our country is NEARLY as divided nor do we have as diametrically opposed views on our politicians. Part of that is because their viewpoints aren't as far apart as Democrats and Republicians. What I can tell you is Stephen Harper got a majority Government and a lot of Canadians like him but there are people who can't stand him, as you would expect. It just seems that as Canadians we are able to find more common ground easier. Not a putdown, just an observation.

Armando come back down to earth man, your not rich, your not caucassian dude, your ancestors came to this country to make a better life for you and you turn your back to them. Im at lost for words right now.

Posted by: Trolls R Us | October 02, 2012 at 03:35 PM

He turned his back?

So, blacks & hispanics who hover between 15-20% unemployment, owe Obama and democrats anything?

Do you even realize how dumb you sound?

Apparently not cause you keep talkin.

armando, start up a new blog about affirmative action.

I love your most recent point, Craig N. Now here's a quiz:

Which President fought for the end of slavery?

What party did he belong to?

What governor stood at the University of Alabama entrance to prevent black people from enrolling?

What party did he belong to?

The problem Craig M in this country is there is a ton of closet racists that hate Obama because he is black, PERIOD! And what to see him fail!!

Clipboard. They earned it it is their money not yours. Grow up and quit wanting to be rh playground bully cause someone has something you want. Go out and get it if you want it

Well, without injecting my leanings into the fray, I thought the Article was well-written. Armando just laid the facts out there, and I appreciate that. He didn't have to go into why he supports one candidate vs the other. Bravo, Mr Salguero.

BTW, I don't think political affiliations are a function of an owners political leanings. It's simply a reflection of their level of devotion to running the team.

Clipboard, there it is... People start pointing out the facts about Obama and the race cards comes out to cut off debate... Good job!!!! What else could u say to defend him.


So hears what you do then, you skip over my comments. Nobody is forcing you to read it. But who are you to tell people what they can and can't write? I must have missed it, where it said 'what FYI thinks is important to the success of this blog'. If you don't like it skip over it. If you have anything of value to add, jump in. Hope you're done wasting people's time.

Hey Old English,

I have no issue with people having a lot of money, my problem is how they pay 15% tax while the rest pay 30-37%. Romney paid 14% in taxes last year. Something is wrong. When Warren Buffet comes out and states that there is an issue when I pay less tax than my secretary we have a issue.

aaaaah. the obama way.
a bunch of fat lazy slugs who want to parasite off of everyone else.

America has ALWAYS BEEN about equality opportunity, NOT equal results.


I am middle class. I don't hate rich people. I wish I had it in me to be one but, I'm not because of my own doing.

Too many jealous idiots in the world who think they are entitled to what other people have earned for themselves.

Truly pathetic people.


Reasons I'm conservative?

1. I'm a Christian.

2. I was born in a communist country and have lived in a republic. Advantage goes to the Republic of the United States of America, where you can come from nowhere with nothing and still make a great life for yourself through hard work.

You guys whining about politics on a sports blog all have something in common... you had to click on it to get here.

Mando, and I have done it. I'm a lawyer who started my own firm (as a solo) in 2007 (bad timing). Contrary to what most think, most lawyers are not wealthy, it's not easy, the average lawyer in Florida makes about $100,000 a year, and the average SOLO lawyer makes only $50,000 or so as actual income after expenses. Everyone wants a lawyer, but nobody wants to pay for one. Being a solo representing individuals (as opposed to huge corporations) is honest work. Divorce, small business disputes, that sort of thing.

So as a small business owner, I had to do all the things any small business owner does. Just to get started, with "occupational license" (even though I'm already regulated and licenses by the Florida Bar), safety permits, fire inspection, etc. --all of it is local stealing--adds up to like $1500 a year in cost just to be in business. All of this is done by the local government dummies. That's a lot of money. $1500 after-tax dollars from the $50,000 a small biz owner can hope to make.

Not one permit AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL is required to start or operate a business. It's all state and local government stuff.

At the federal level, the Republicans for 30 years have given us nothing but clowns from which to choose:

Bush I
Bush II
and now Romney.

The "right" has good intellectual support for its positions and there are geniuses who are on the right. Why can't the Republican party give us someone other than an actor or a male cheerleader/trust fund baby to pick for President?

Mando, you're free to call it what you like (as you said, everyone gets an opinion), but you just need to read "Too Big to Fail" and other books on the crash to know what happened. PBS' Frontline did an excellent piece on it.

You can blame Dodd/Frank for the sub-prime lending, but Bush was on board, all the way back to Clinton. So if you want to blame that on JUST Democrats, go ahead, the way I remember it is everyone was involved in getting more poor and minorities to own homes (the thinking went, then they would be invested more in their neighborhoods).

And the crash happened well before 2009 my friend. It was Bush's Treasury Secretary who got on his knees to plead with Nancy Pelosi to save the banks. Why is it you Republicans don't believe in socialism, UNLESS it's for businesses who fail?

And why is it Democrats understand that the biggest factor in jobs is DEMAND? Just like Henry Ford understood, pay his people a good wage and they will purchase his cars and make him richer. Pay the middle class (and ensure they keep more of their money) and they will purchase the things the rich make, and make them richer. Trickle down economics NEVER worked! The rich don't create demand, the middle class majority does.

So Obama's idea to grow the Country from the middle out is the right way to go, and that's why he's up in the polls, and that's why he'll win. And because Republicans are anathema to women, minorities (except I guess Cubans) and the young, they'll have a hard time forming a coalition that will ever win a national election again. 2050 is the anticipated year that this will become a minority/majority country. If you're Republican, you better get your Party to warm up to minorities, or you might turn into a regional Party and not a national Party.


You're dead right.....the ELEPHANT in the closet. The racism you have in the US is FAR worse than anything we have in Canada. Real shame! You've got a great country....I just happen to think it could be SO much better! You let ugly, non-important issues get in the way of making your country better, such as race or political leanings. Who cares! Argue the issues and get down to what really matters.

Mando that is what Dashi is Saying.

After Lincoln The Real Republicans Created the Democrat Party.

And Since The Federalist Party(other Party at the Time) Saw the Name Was there for the Taking Created the NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY WE KNOW TODAY! To eat off abe lincolns fame!

They New Republican Party has been tricking People From the Start. This Country Actually has had 2 Republican Party's.

...you know, if Armando posted political stuff every day, that would be one thing. But it IS election season. He was simply stating facts. He wasn't necessarily advocating one side or the other. That seems to be a dying art in journalism these days.

I have no issue with people having a lot of money, my problem is how they pay 15% tax while the rest pay 30-37%. Romney paid 14% in taxes last year. Something is wrong. When Warren Buffet comes out and states that there is an issue when I pay less tax than my secretary we have a issue.

Posted by: Clipboard | October 02, 2012 at 03:43 PM


Romney & Buffett are retired. They have Investment income which is taxed 13-15%. Paychecks are taxed at their earned income tax rate.

Romney & Buffett ar rich so they paid TOP rate about $35% when they earned it PLUS 15% every year on the interest they earn on it through investment.

They don't pay 15%, they wind up paying OVER 50%.

You believe the Media who is OUT to not tell you the truth to protect Obama.

Why do you think all the news talked about was Romneys tax returns for a month instead of the economy, unemployment, etc etc etc


PBS is well-known for its liberal bias. So there's that ...

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