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Dolphins owner Ross leads a politically active NFL

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson made some news Monday when he said it's more important to him to have Republican candidate Mitt Romney win the upcoming presidential election than having the Jets enjoy a winning season.

"Well I think you always have to put country first," Johnson said on Bloomberg TV. "So I think it's very, very important that not only for us but particularly for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice-president."

Two things:

I admire the man for having the right priorities. Any presidential election is indeed more important and has more far-reaching consequences than a football season, regardless which party wins.

And, Johnson might be on the road to getting his wish because while Romney still has a chance to pull the upset, his Jets look cooked despite their 2-2 record. New York's best player (cornerback Darrelle Revis) is out for the year, their best offensive player (Santonio Holmes is seeing a foot specialist because there are fears he has the dreaded lis franc injury) and there are calls to replace the quarterback.

But Johnson is not the only NFL owner who has involved himself in the coming election. In fact, Johnson is not even Romney's most ardent supporter despite his words.

The NFL owner who has put the most money behind his Romney support, according to The Washington Examiner is Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Truth is the NFL is leaning well in the Romney camp with three times as much money donated to Romney than President Barack Obama. And Ross has led that charge, donating $100,000 to the pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, $20,800 to the Republican National Committee, $5,000 to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC and $2,500 to Mitt Romney.

Johnson, by comparison, has donated a total of $65,700 to the Romney cause.

The owners of the Cowboys, Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Chargers, Redskins, Bengals and Cardinals have all contributed to Romney.

Obama has gotten donations from the ownership of the Steelers and Patriots. Other democrat-leaning owners such as those in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have yet to donate as of the last reporting period.

One interesting tidbit about the Rooney family that owns the Steelers: While Dan Rooney was all in for Obama and was rewarded with an ambassardorship to Ireland, Tom Rooney, the nephew of Steelers' executive Tim Rooney, is running for re-election to congress in Florida and he is a Republican.

NFL players have also been politically active in donating. Their donations are more evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans. Former University of Miami and current New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has contributed $10,000 to the Obama campaign.

Current Broncos QB Peyton Manning has contributed $12,000 to the campaign of two Republican senators.



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Craig O, so I guess the celebrity President who would heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans

I'm not going to even bother with this. To everyone in the Republican bubble, Obama caused all our problems. The housing crisis, the 2 wars, 911, unemployment, and the stock market.

Waste of my breath!

Craig O: Excellent points. The roster of Republican presidential candidates reminds me of the 16 QBs that started for Miami after Marino and until Tannehill.

But ...


He was Marino.

Clipboard, PLEASE READ.

Romney & Buffett pay 13-15% a year NOW, after it was already taxed at 35% when they first earned it.

is %50 NOT enough for you? Do you REALLy believe the 14% BS?

Get a clue dude! The american liberal public is so uninofmred it's ridiculous!

Is it a coincidence that there's me (Craig M) and all of a sudden a Craig N and a Craig O? I mean what the heck? Never seen either of the last two before. You guys not able to punch in under your REAL names or something?

Waste of my breath!
Posted by: Clipboard | October 02, 2012 at 03:50 PM

Waste of your brain because you think Romney & Rich people only pay 14% taxes!

YOU ARE PLAIN DUMB! Save your breath spares us too!

Get a clue!

DC Dolfan,

Nice bro!!

OHH, Mando, please say you didn't go there. The old "which President ended slavery" Republican two-step?

For Craig and others, let me educate you on the history. Lincoln freed the slaves (he was a Republican). The Southern slaveowners were (or became) Democrats. Then ohh about 100 years later, a Southerner (LBJ), who was a DEMOCRAT, went against the Southern bloc of his Party (Northern Dems were liberal) and passed Civil Rights legislation. ALL those (racist) Democrats became Dixiecrats (see Strom Thurmond) and then joined the Republican Party, where they fit in perfectly today (actually, they OWN that Party today). And the reason they switched, RACE!

So don't let any Republican lie to you saying they are really the Party of racial conciliation or any of that mumbo jumbo, and Democrats were the racist Party. The racists fled, and were taken in by Republicans, and that's why in the 70's Nixon came up with the Southern Strategy, which played on white racial fears, just to win elections, and you'll notice it's still being employed by them today.

Clipboard, instead of applauding DC DUMMY, please explain how Romeny only pays 14%.

I just explained to you how you are DEAD wrong, but, you won't comment??

Why? Are you afraid to believe what you've known all your life to be a lie?

Are you not man enough to learn?

Armando, Regan was Marino. I NEVER! Reagan is one of the worst president ever to run the country he created this Drugs on War that has been an epic fail, million and millions of tax payers money down the drain over some kid who wants to smoke pot. Reagan wanted to blow Cuba off the map and this is who who vouch for Salguero.

I for once will never post to this god forbidden blog again, you showed your true colors Armando. God dont like ugly and your a ugly Mo FO Armando.

Pretty funny that for some guys debating this stuff they get as ugly debating politics as they do debating football. Two words....ANGER MANAGEMENT!

Some of you guys must be a real treat to be around on a day to day basis. I mean your co-workers must love being around you. 'We have to walk on eggshells. Careful what you say, don't upset him'.

How is it NOTHING can be discussed without insults or expletives thrown around? Like what gives? How do you feel about popular music?...."I #&%*#G hate that...."....WOW!

DC Dumbell is absolutely correct about investment income.

Romney paid like everyone else on his initial earnings and is now paying 14 percent more on his investment earnings.

Two things: There is nothing holding back a guy like Buffett from paying more if he wishes. He can simply stop complaining and send extra money into the treasury if he wants.

But the truth is he's fighting on several fronts to keep his tax bill as low as possible. So that makes him something of a hypocrit.

Beyond that, GE last year paid ZERO on BILLIONS in profits but because their company president is a major supporter of the current administration and GE is big into green energy the media has made practically no issue of this. Wonder why?

For a racist party, I sure saw TONS of diversity at the Republican Convention!! How scary it must be to u to c Rubio, Haley, Martinez, etc etc as up and coming, strong, conservative leaders!!!

I for once will never post to this god forbidden blog again, you showed your true colors Armando. God dont like ugly and your a ugly Mo FO Armando.

Posted by: Trolls R Us | October 02, 2012 at 03:56 PM

Don't let the door hit u in the as* on ur way out!


Here is a little history for ya...

the housing crisis and the deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry was caused by Bill Clinton and the republican congress.

911 happened in part because we let our guard down as a nation and in BIg part by Bill Clinton for not taking out Osama Bin Laden when he had the chance to do so but got cold feet because he took his presidency first and the country second.

unemployemtnand the stock market happened because of 911..no one could do anything there.

so Obama didn't casue all those problems but he has not fixed them either...

Woooooo-hoooooo!! Trolls r Us is leaving the blog!!!!!!

During a recent visit to Disney World, I had the pleasure of talking to an older gentleman who sold tanned merchandise (belts, key chains, etc). He came over from Poland. He was old enough that he lived there before the breakup of the Communist bloc. I asked him what it was like there, and he didn't hold back. He told me about how oppressive it was, and how glad he was he came here to America. He was living his dream, albeit not rich (I can't imagine he was making a killing selling tanned leather stuff).
I've never met, nor heard from anyone that was born and/or raised in a Communist country ever wished they could go back after moving to America. My feeling is that we are becoming more like those places they left behind. Why would we ever do that? None of those places ever prospered under that kind of Government. But, that's my 2 cents.

Who has Latino Governors on display at the convention? REPUBLICANS

Who has African American Congressmen on Display at the convention? REPUBLICANS

Democrats wheeled out Sandra Fluke!


So for someone like myself looking from the outside in, do most Americans ALWAYS vote down party lines, regardless? You don't see anything wrong with that? Shouldn't people be concerned about the issues and whether the candidate is capable of having success or not? Little confused here. Everyone seems so hung up as to whether someone is a Republican or a Democrat? Reminds me a lot of how things used to be in Ireland, as to whether someone was a Catholic or Protestant. All seems a bit off.

If Ross and Huizinga are similar sports franchise owners as well as republicans,the city of Miami and its Dolphins are in trouble.

Trolls, you must understand, it's a tough time for these Republicans. They HATE this President. But even though he's everything they detest (liberal, black, middle name "Hussein" who lived in a Muslim Country), they can't beat him. Imagine the anger they will feel next month, when they see he won another term. Then just look at the demographics, and see how hard it will be for them to win another election with the groups they now cater to (white men, religious, conservatives). There's already infighting in their Party, and it will get worse after the election.

It's a very stressful time for Republicans (poor souls that they are). As compassionate people, we just give them room to vent, and offer them the social safety nets WE put in place when they can't care for themselves. God Bless America!

Who Cares?!?!?!?!?

DC, you don't believe in Amercia so why would you offering blessing? You're a disgusting human being. You are what's wrong with this country.


You are as dumb, anti american & anti informed as any dumbocrat I've ever met.

DC Dolfans, it's tough for millions of Independents who have bailed on the Prez as well!! Same group that brought on the shellacking in 2010!!!

At first Dashi was hesitant to Mando Posting Politics. But it is the Day before the Debate and The Election is Next Month.

If republicans are So sure in their Policies and the Way they See things. Why Create Orginizations Like ALEC which try and Take away an Americans Right To Vote.

U know More than 21 Million College age Americans Can't Vote this Year because of ALEC Loop Holes on Voting. Most States Require Gov't Picture ID's and Proof of Residency.

Meaning Students who are studying out of State Can't vote because They will lose their Grants if they Have to change State Residency.

KOCH BROS!! Look it Up!! The 2 Most Influential Republicans in this Country. It doesn't Matter Who the Republicans Pick as a President. These are the One's Making the Major Decision for the Republican Party.

They Own Georgia-Paper!!! Basically if Something is Printed in this country it's on their Paper!!!! Anything! Newspaper, Magazines, Books!!!

I think the Dolphins should be owned by the fans like the Green Bay Packers then some of our comentary on this blog might mean a lot more than it does now.

Dashi, I'm sure your just as upset that our Military voting is being repressed just like those poor souls that have to show ID to prove they r who they say they r??

We should talk politics on here more often. Seems like Nannee is gone and Dolphins have signed Gaffney. Fingers crossed this helps the team.

I'm out boys. Good talking. Thanks for the education.

Peace out Craig, hope what u said is true!!!

Craig, yes, most people vote Party line. Look, other than the race thing (which, trust me, is pretty much the biggest factor in deciding where you stand), both Parties have exact opposite views to government. Democrats want government to help the unfortunate (so they came up with social safety nets, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.). Republicans totally disagree. They want "less government". I'm not sure what that means when they get in office, and then try to abolish abortion and same sex marriage and bring religion into the public square. But, as far as the individual, they'd rather you fend for yourself. They believe that people can be helped by charity (i.e. religion).

So, there's really no way to co-exist. You can't have 1 Party that believes in government and the other not and meet in the middle. The Republicans use the "states rights" argument. Mind you, states rights was what the South used as an excuse to keep slavery going (and that's why the Civil War was fought). They never let that go. They don't understand these are the UNITED States of America.

I actually have Republican friends, and to be honest, am open to some of their ideas (I believe in individual freedom too). But they go way too far for me. So, if I liked say Scott Brown (Senator in Mass), because he's a moderate Republican, voting for him means I'm also voting for Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who are so far right-wing it's scary, and I can't accept that. So that's why people vote down the Party line, because a lot of it is connected.

Hey Dashi,

A Pennsylvania judge ruled Tuesday that state officials cannot enforce a new voter identification law in next month's presidential election.

This was created by a Republican Governor.

Jaffney is signed naagee is released thank you

Nice on Jaffney!!!

If Ross like him you know he's wrong!

Yeah, race again DC!! And Moderate Dems aren't endangered as well? Obama, Pelosi and Reed is far left of Reagan Dems and Clinton... RACE RACE RACE!! I must be the only racist who is also a minority!!

Can we release D Thomas PLEASE?

I was a Republican until Bush turned me 100% Democrat.

DC Dolfan,

I am a lifetime republican, I am cuban born naturalized citizens and have lived in this country for over 45 years, I don't hate Obama but I just don't think he is the right president for our country, being a republican or a democrat is a choice, my parents came with nothing and built a great life for me and my sister, they had an opportunity they would not have had in Cuba and made it work, but they made it with hard work which is something foreing to a lot of liberals...They say I'm voting for Obama because he's going to tax the rich people, those are not the principles that our country was founded, the constitution says you are free to do has you please and the more you work the more you will earn..

far too many people rather get freebies from the goverment than to go out a work for a living, Obama and the democrats are always promising more and more, we are becoming a nation of no workers and the liberals are to blame.

I embrace the principles of a free enterprise system, less taxes, less goverment, more personal initiative, liberlas on the other hand want the opposite...if you want to live in a socialist/communist state I suggest you moxie on down 90 miles south and see what that's like.


Thanks for the lesson. When you explain to me like that it sure makes a lot of sense. I have to say though, from the outside looking in it sure divides your country and I think that's where a lot of your problems come from. I think the US would be a lot further ahead if people could get on the same page.

Just my 2 cents.

Here's to Nannee being gone and Gaffney helping things out.

They pay through tax writeoffs to mormon churchs or some charity of their making... They are still the definition of GREED no matter how you sugarcoat it.

Only in the last 4 years has America wanted equality more than opportunity.

More people like DC sucking the teet of the government to pay their bills & wash their sh*t filled drawers. Too dumb to do & think for themselves.

Hiding behind corrupt Unions to protect their jobs & waste away while the real working class in this country pay to support them.

USA - United Socialists of America

Don't get me wrong I'm neither Republican right or Liberal left. IMO Democrat or Republican they are both greedy and self serving.

This Republican party would rather ruin the country then lose the election.

Bush's senseless Iraq war caused the ENTIRE DEFICIT.


Interesting viewpoint. I can definitely see that viewpoint. However, do Americans not wanted better health care system? Do they not care about stuff like that? I'm always amazed at how much is wasted paying for wars they shouldn't be involved in, when that money could be allocated for other more important things. The other problem is, how does America plan to pay down it's debt. This continues to be a problem that gets swept under the rug. It's always 'someone else's problem'. And what point do people start taking responsibility for paying this down? Most basic fundamental policy there is. Only spend what you have and stop carrying interest charges.

A batter health care system? Since when did we not have one of the, if not THE best?

I mean, why else do Canadian government officials come here for heart surgeries?

Why do people flock here from all over the world for cancer treatment?

Why do sick kids in 3rd world countries come here for diagnosis & treatment of all kinds of illnesses & diseases?

Since when did American's health care system need improving? Non Americans know NOTHING about this country!

Debt? Obama has almost tripled the debt Bush accummulated in 8 years in ONLY 3!

Less spending & more People with jobs = tax revnue to the governement. The OPPOSITE OF ODUMBA RECORD!

WOW, What the hell happened here? Armando, you whirled up a political poop storm. thank you for defending huizenga, I do not think that people realize he made moves that he and many others thought would make the Dolphins better. And he used HIS money to fund it. It may have failed, but the guy never made excuses, and I give him credit for investing in his commitments.

The politcal rants here crack me up, no one cares but I am a wishy washy moderate who does not blame anyone else for my struggles, nor credit others for my success. I have control over that... mostly.

When I look at the world today, Obama, while "maybe" with his thoughts based on making this country better off, has not. The spending is out of control, and the lower class are getting more hand outs than ever. to the ones who qualify there that are working hard to educate themselves and get a job and get away from the hand outs, I respect and support them. the problem is there are to many just milking the system. They all should be getting a free education which they can choose to make themselves get better. Not free money to make their life happier with no incentive to get off their butt.

Fact is, the country is not better off than 4 years ago, in fact in my opinion took some major steps backwards. Romney could be a complete blow hard, but his ideas seem to sway this country into a better profitable position to help lower the debt and support a smarter america. JMO... Can we get back to football now?

I gotta admit, DC Dolfan comes off looking like a complete fool today.


REALLY? How does Romney ;help lower the debt and support a smarter america'? I've YET to see anything of substance talked about in that regard. To me it's all rhetoric.

Oh, there's no rich democrat's, it's only republicans. Have you checked out who is giving money to Obama? Dashi, this owner has nothing to do with which players get signed!!

REALLY? How does Romney ;help lower the debt and support a smarter america'? I've YET to see anything of substance talked about in that regard. To me it's all rhetoric.
Posted by: Craig M | October 02, 2012 at 04:47 PM

REALLY? What has Obama shown anyone?

He can shrink the debt when he's the one who doubled it? You emphatic use of caps expose you as a liberal who can't fathom Obama is as dumb as he has been.

It took Obama 3 years to double what it took Bush 8 to accumulate!

Can Romney be worse? NO!

This country is in a state of stagnation! No businesses are hiring anyone.

The ONLY way to bring the debt down is to get people back to work & paying taxes along with spending cuts.

Obama's SPENDING SOCIAL WEALTH RE-DISTRIBUTION method DOESN't WORK. We don't need another 4 years to realize that.

DC Dolfans vision for America is the same as Obama's

Record unemployment
Weakest recession recovery EVER
Record foodstamp recipients
1st time ever more people claim disability in a month than obtain jobs
Record trade defecit

Obama's plan to make everyone dependant on the nanny state.

Sad, but true!

Liberalism is a mental disorder

This has become a class warfare society. Tax cuts for ALL is called tax cuts for the rich by the Hugo Chavez democrats. Teachers working 9 months a year making 70k a year plus full ride benefits demand more. Why? Because rich people have more and Hugo Democrats can't have that. The richest 10% of America pays 80% of the bills in this country but the Chavez democrats refuse to put down their torches and pitchforks to read the IRS fact sheets. I don't recognize many of my fellow Americans anymore.

For some reason, I am beginning to like Stephen Ross.

Only a knucklehead liberal will equate the dolphins doing well under Joe Robbie instead of the obvsious, which was they had one of the greates QB's of all time and the winnings head coach in NFL history. Nope none of that had to do with it. Romney will lose because this country believes everything the media tells them and they can't think for themselves nor do they understand the first thing about economics.

If you believe that God is a 6'2" white guy that lives on planet Kolob than you should vote for Romney. If you believe in logic and reason than you should vote for Obama.

Planet Kolob Planet Kolob Planet Kolob....one of us one of us one of us one of us one of us one of us

Got to be honest Armando,

I don't want to know. I read this cringing cause, like religious, sexual or favorite sitcom orientation, I really don't care or want to know who is voting for whom.

As a liberal democrat, I now feel obliged to root for Pittsburgh or New England just cause you made it an issue.

Also, knowing from your past comments what your political orientation is, I suppose I should start reading someone else's blogs.

Obama is a socialist leading this country over the financial cliff.....this is the only atta boy I will ever give Ross !

You're a douche for even addressing this crap Armando. This is a football blog, let's get back to the Dolphins and their pathetic receivers and placekicker.

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