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Dolphins sign Jabar Gaffney, cut Naanee and Fluellen

Many of you are getting your wish.

The Miami Dolphins signed wide receiver Jabar Gaffney and terminated the contracts of defensive lineman Andre Fluellen and wide receiver Legedu Naanee and waived/injured linebacker Mike Rivera, it was announced today.

This signals the end of Naanee's short and uninspiring time with the Dolphins. He was told of the move this morning. Rivera and Fluellen only had a cup of coffee with the Dolphins.

The addition of Gaffney seemed at times inevitable for the Dolphins once the Patriots cut him and didn't offer him a chance to return. Gaffney was cut by New England in the preseason while he was nursing a leg injury.

He is apparently healthy now.

Once Gaffney learns the offense, he can give the Dolphins three solid wide receivers to put on the field at the same time. The Dolphins have been looking for that with no luck -- as Naanee failed and Anthony Armstrong got his opportunity and lately has been demoted mostly to special teams work.

The 6-2, 200 pound wide receiver is in his 11th season. Gaffney was originally a second-round pick (33rd overall) in the 2002 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans where he spent his first four seasons with the team. Gaffney has also played with the New England Patriots (2006-08) and Denver Broncos (2009-10).  He joins Miami after spending last season with the Washington Redskins where he established career highs in both receptions (68) and receiving yards (947). Gaffney also tied a career high with five touchdowns. He has played in 155 career games with 103 starts and has caught 443 passes for 5,622 yards and 24 touchdowns.

Gaffney played two seasons at the University of Florida, where he totaled 138 career receptions for 2,375 yards (17.2 avg.) with 27 touchdowns. He received consensus first-team All-America honors and was a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award (nation’s best receiver) as a redshirt sophomore in 2001 after ranking second in the nation in receiving yards per game (108.3 / 67-1,191, 13 TDs). Gaffney also set an NCAA Division I-A freshman record for receiving yards (1,184 on 71 receptions) and receiving touchdowns (14) as a redshirt freshman in 2000 while earning consensus National Freshman of the Year accolades and first-team All-Southeastern Conference honors. Born December 1, 1980, Gaffney was a two-year starter at Raines County High School in Jacksonville, Florida.


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Yup John, indies def stayed away from Reps in 2010!!

Ray @ 4:31: a good example of that is Texans Kubiak bringing in their current GM Rick Smith in 2006 (I think). My memory is a bit hazy, but I believe Kubiak was on the verge of getting fired after a 2-14 season. They didn't have a top roster under then GM Casserly. Remember Carr? That was Casserly's pick.

The owner stuck with Kubiak despite calls for his head. Kubiak suggested Smith as their new GM after Casserly was let go. Take a look at the team now. Smith and Kubiak have done a heck of a job putting together a team with tons of talents.

I can't say Philbin can do the same if he can suggest his own GM - but the example above shows that it can work.

Dashi heard that if we lose to Cincy Ireland will be


This will be the best news Dolfans could get.

Honestly Trolls R us, y r u still here? Y mention you r leaving for good and u post on the very next article?
Posted by: robbyhernz | October 02, 2012 at 04:28 PM

"Tyical of a hypocritical know nothing liberal.

It's in their DNA"

Another fine example of an uneducated ignorant conservative whack job. Has to bring up politics in every setting no matter how out of place.

"I would like an ice cream cone please, vanilla"

'Ummm sorry sir we are out of vanilla'.


Brainwashed beyond belief. Keep watching Fox and listening to Rush. The two are doing wonders for our country.

I hope they finally activate Rishard Matthews this week. This kid was the best reciever we had in the pre-season. He made plays, caught everything thrown his way, and showed a lot of toughness after he caught the ball. He has to be more up to speed on the offense than Jabar Gaffney at this point. Activate him and see what he can do.

Yup John, indies def stayed away from Reps in 2010!!


"Dolphins signed WR Jabar Gaffney.
Gaffney worked out for the Dolphins a month ago, but he was believed to be still battling a thigh injury at the time. The timing of the signing suggests he's finally back to full health. Gaffney should assume Legedu Naanee's role as the third receiver behind Brian Hartline and Davone Bess. He won't have fantasy value while playing less than half of the offensive snaps."

Thank God.

Dashi, ur football analysis is MUCH better than ur political opinions!! But stop talkn in third person, it's annoying!

Dashi, it would take 3 years for a good GM to clean up Irescums mess and make us competitive again.

What was 2010? Congress?

Dashi heard of Soros. But Soros is so 1997.

THE COKE BOYS RUN THE 2012 ELECTION. AND TRUST ME DASHI DIDN'T Even THINK THE KOCH Boys were that Influential (Had them on instant Quene and never saw the Documentary til today and With Commercials to say the Least). These guys Waste the Most Money in Lobbyist and Are the Highest Donors of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They Bus People from state to state to go Protest for them. Something Like 30 Greyhound Busses at a Time.

When U see people BoyCotting Washington they ARe Paying for it All.

Do I smell Acorns!!

My predictions so far:

1. SuperBowl: 49ers vs. Texans

2. Both Sparano and Tebow will be out of the NFL by seasons end. Sparano's name is so intertwined with the Wildcats that no NFL team will want him or it. He'll go back to college ball. Tebow will be let go and no team will want to pick him up. He'll start a new career doing charity work.

Dolphins are just too unpredictable right now. So many things can go right or wrong for them. It's too soon to judge many things.

Well! What appears to be a decent NFL pickup(damaged goods and all).

If Jeff Ireland would have just paid Jay Feeley instead of trying to save a buck by cutting him and signing undrafted F/A Dan Carpenter, we would be 3-1 right now instead of 1-3. They got to quite shopping at the thrift store and pay for real talent.

The team has tried hard in a couple games but the severe lack of talent is just impossible to overcome.

John A, typical liberal who watches too much main stream media. You quote my reply to Trolls and than paste something I didn't write right below it, trying to make me look bad, to make ur point.

Ross is too cheap to pay good players. So we stink again!

Robby I voted heavy Republican in 2010 as well. I was talking about the presidential elections, you know the one Republicans are always pi$%ing and moaning about?

The office that has a Democrat in it now and the Republican whack jobs are painting a picture of an impending armageddon if he is allowed to stay.

Congressional votes usually swing toward the loser of the presidential election where independents are concerned because we understand that neither of your parties should have complete control over our country. You're both so ridiculous we won't allow it.

So we get rid of three players & only sign one??? You know what??? I'll take it Gaffney becomes the 3rd best WR on the team & that's w/o even learning the offense. This is EXACTLY the type of vet that Tannehill could benefit from.

I can't believe it. They finally did something smart! Saying no no to Nae Nae. Now do something with the kicker.

Also, Homer B. Gone,

Just get off Marshall's nads already, will ya? He's gone Man and all the crying the world ain't bringing him back.

I want to throw out two facts that are getting terribly rtwisted around here.

1. Look how great it would be having Marshall here with Tannehill, Hartline and Bess.

No thanks and it wouldn't be! First off, Philbin's WCO isn't predicated on having a true no. 1 WR. Marshall's EGO and selfish need for stat recognition would have a problem with this right off the bat.

Then, Tannehill would be trying to learn the NFL game. While defenses would CONSTANTLY be double covering Warshall. Tannehill is being PROGRAMMED **NOT TO FORCE THROWS into double coverage. So what do you think happens Eisntein(The Troll from last blog). I'll tell you. It would be the same old story. Marshall wouldn't be getting his ego inflating stats and he would get frustrated. And we ALL know how Buck Wheat takes out his frustrations don't we? He would get up in Tannehill's face on the sidelines and in the huddle constantly whinning about not getting the ball. How is Tannehill supposed to learn the game with Marshall's selfish psycho a ss up in face all the time?

No fvcking thank you. Keep that psychotic PUKE away from my young new Quarterback. Philbin and Ireland deserve a THUNDEROUS round of applause for getting rid of the whinning, psychotic crybaby!

Thank You Joe and Jeff! Thank God you stuck to your guns!

2. Ireland didn't do anything to replace Marshall.

This is bullshyt too. Plain and simple. Maybe Ireland should have drafted WR's higher in the draft. But that hardly constitutes doing NOTHING to replace Marshall.

In fact, skipping over a few long shots Ireland tried out in the hopes of replacing Marshall. In fact, he brought in OchoStinkBomb! Ireland and apparently Philbin agreed to bring in Chad Johnson. And in so doing, made it perfectly clear what was expected of him. Made it perfectly clear that he would be on a short leash.

Is it Philbin and Ireland's fault that Johnson got busted cheating on his wife and then laced up her forehead for complaining about it?

I don't think so. Could they have done more? Sure! Should they have done more? Probably. But PLEASE don't try and tell me that Philbin nor Ireland didn't do anything to replace Brandon Marshall in our lineup. It's simply untrue and ridiculous!

Again, I applaud the move. Thank God they kept this psycho cry baby away from Tannehill. And, as GOOD as we ALL know Marshall, for all his God Given talents........I would be willing to bet MONEY that Tannehill would agree with the move. Think about that one. Let it sink in. Tannehill would WANT a great receiver one would think. But not at that cost!


Well, Armando, don't complain if I go into that no subject is taboo.

"The team has tried hard in a couple games but the severe lack of talent is just impossible to overcome."


Definitely not true. If Carpenter makes the FG's he normally makes we're 3-1.

"If Jeff Ireland would have just paid Jay Feeley instead of trying to save a buck by cutting him and signing undrafted F/A Dan Carpenter, we would be 3-1 right now instead of 1-3. They got to quite shopping at the thrift store and pay for real talent."

Actually John Feely doesn't have length on his kicks. He doesn't even reach the endzone on kickoffs. If he had been kicking he would have missed both. His range doesn't extend much past 45 yards.

John, u said Indies don't vote Rep... By the way, Romney leads with Indies nationally.. That's y Obama is rallying his base with false wars and Sandra Fluke! 16 trillion is not a made up Armageddon!! A prez against energy that wants energy cost to necessarily skyrocket is not a made up Armageddon! Taxes going through the roof Jan 1st is not made up....

I hope the other roster moves were made so we could cut Dan Carpenter. His misses cost us two games. Even his makes look like they are going to miss. He never ever kicks a field goal right down the middle of the uprights. He sucks, if he could have made a freaking 48 yard and 51 yard field goal inside a dome we would be 3-1 right now, instead of 1-3.

God darn it. We should be 3-1 and headed for 13-3 or something like that.

Well, at least we know, for now anyways, that Carpenter's range is 45yds or less. Anything above that is severe gambling and can only lead to losses.

Craig L comes before Craig M, as it should be.

The Ireland bashing is tired and mostly just not true or fair. Sparano was the bigger problem the few yrs. Ireland had a great draft this year and Pouncey and Thomas from last year. Carpenter has been fine up to two games ago. He is in a slump.

I just wonder if Carpenter can overcome the yips!! U can't keep losing games till he gets it back on a 16 game season! We'd b 2-2 or 3-1 if he doesn't choke!!

Robby, first, I'm no liberal. I don't do the all the way to the left or right thing. I like to use my own mind in figuring out who should run the country.
Obviously we are different because you are a Republican who votes Republican no matter what right?

So you never have to think for yourself, just let your party tell you what to do and you're good to go. And you stupid idiots on both sides of the aisle don't even know how obvious and ridiculous you are with your choices.

Next I DO NOT WATCH TV TO GET MY INFO. I watch the debates (that's the extent) and I read what the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate have to say in their own words. I read their published policies on line. It's their words, it's there agendas that make my decision. I have voted Republican 1 less time than I have voted Democrat since I started voting. I even voted for W in his first term.

You see how that works Robby? I think for myself and if you have all of that hatred for your competing party I know exactly where you stand in being objective and thinking for yourself. You do neither, and it's people like you who are ruining this country.

To the guy who wants to cut D thomas, you are correct. He runs into his own lineman. Its like hes running blindfolded. he has no vision, no moves, no instincts, and no fire. he fukin blows. anyone who says he is good is an idiot.

I know "woulda shoulda coulda" is b_llshot in sports, but we ***REALLY*** should be 3-1.

And it's not because of missed FGs. We should have won both those games COMFORTABLY such that it should not come down to FGs.

Fvck I'm so p*ssed.

I mean how do we put up 580 yards of offense and get 9 sacks and 7 INTs on D and lose??????!????

daniel thomas is good

D Thomas indeed sucks.

Well, if you insist. Obama will probably win easily mainly due to the numerous Latin vote.

go finsssssssss so pumped for next year and seeing us develop rest of this season

No, no, no John, u confuse me with the ever growing percentage of our population who is entitled and unwilling to be self-reliant because someone else has it better than them. I'm not doing anything to ruin my country

All Hail the Mighty Odin!!!

U did call that One Early this Morning!

It is a Great Day to be a Fin Fan! Dashi said it after the Game.

We would know what Philbin is made of this week. He has shown No signs of Being a Rookie Coach! That was a Veteran Coach Move!!

Spo would've never Made that Call.

Robby, U already know the Answer! Dashi isn't going to change for No One. Unless U can Twist a Cherry Stem into a knot and Even then Dashi Likes a Soft Feminine Mouth doing the The Tongue Twisting!

So ur Stuck!

DAShi, Dashi, Dashi!!

(U sound like a little Brady Bunch girl every time U complain about The Dashi and his Name! Grow Up!)

I'm liking how Philbin doesn't mess around! Y stick with someone who is regressing?? I only wish this had happened earlier but Gafney prob wasn't healthy earlier..

Posted by: robbyhernz | October 02, 2012 at 04:30 PM

Excellent POINT ROBBY!

(I wonder if Carpenter is aware of this?)

Sorry guys, I can't help it: Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

Seriously, I'm just giddy over Philbin furthering the "New Standard". You don't carry your weight, YOU'RE FIRED!

Gaffney isn't end all-final answer. But he has to be an upgrade over Naanee and Armstrong. I don't know his history with the WCO. But I do know his skillset seems to fit it nicely!

Good Move Jeffy and Joe!

Robby here's more proof that you are a hot head whack job conservative. I WAS STICKING UP FOR YOU.
YOU--->Honestly Trolls R us, y r u still here? Y mention you r leaving for good and u post on the very next article?
Posted by: robbyhernz | October 02, 2012 at 04:28 PM

Trolls are Us---->"Tyical of a hypocritical know nothing liberal.

It's in their DNA"

John Adams----->Another fine example of an uneducated ignorant conservative whack job. Has to bring up politics in every setting no matter how out of place.
And then you say-----"John A, typical liberal who watches too much main stream media. You quote my reply to Trolls and than paste something I didn't write right below it, trying to make me look bad, to make ur point."


Clueless party supporter. That's you. You don't understand things and when you feel confused you act indignant and angry. I was sticking up for you! Duh! Just turn on Fox, they will tell you the truth about what you should believe.

if you think d thomas is good stop being a dolphins fan cause you know nothing about football. he is god aweful. what has he done? seriously. What has he done? hes has been awful since day 1. he sucks so bad that it makes he angry just thinking about it


Me? I'm Cuban and I don't care one way or the other for, We, know the Truth.

John, sure u aren't a Liberal? I did not write "Trolls r us, typical know nothing liberal". I haven't attacked anyone personally!! Liberals always accuse Conservatives of being intolerant, yet r always aggressive and shut off debate with stupidity like calling someone racist. It's always Ur side that's arrested at rallies bro!!

his first two games as a dolphin he ran for over 100+ yrds. Daniel Thomas is a project but he has talent. Philbin is an idiot? Right... enjoy fantasy land

Better late than never


Posted by: ray | October 02, 2012 at 04:31 PM

Sorry Bro, but this is just LAME!

If nothing else, Ireland is a GREAT Scout. And since you obviously haven't been paying attention, I'll hip you to a little secret!

Philbin is ALREADY in CHARGE!

Philbin needs Jeff's scouting abilities and he needs him to keep cleaning up all the salary cap mess Parcells created.

This FO is starting to hit on all 8 cylinders! Get out of the WAY!

Yaeh Baby!!!!

Can we get Winslow now too?

Thank God we got Lamar Miller, he is way better than D Thomas. The guy sucks, who likes watching guys gain 1 or 2 yards. We should have kept Steve Slaton, and cut D Thomas. Slaton was tearing it up in the Pre-season.

Greg is correct about Thomas. Thomas single handedly lost the Jets game and made the Texans game out of reach. Then he did nothing to help in the Cards game.

I'm still reeling from the inexcusable home loss to the horrible Jets.

Okay robby it's all good. We will see where Indies vote in November. Hey after the Republicans lose again because the country doesn't trust you,,(think about that, the Republicans are so untrustworthy that your own people voted heavy Democrat in 2008 and all of the swing states are leaning Obama already, AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN DEBATED! LOL) come on back and we will revisit this debate.

Mitt Romney will lose, it's inevitable. And not because Obama is good or even competent. It's because the people who represent your party are screwed up beyond belief. You not seeing it is even more telling and doesn't paint a good picture for your party moving forward. Like I said, a long look in the mirror would do wonders for the Reps. And I would love it if I could vote Republican this election. But I can't support the whacky party this time around, sorry. Clean it up.

It's obvious you are the same person posting under 20 names, just get a life we know you aren't a phin fan. Go back to your lonely jet hole.

Deep Trolls, deep!!!!

Slaton also got us our first win last year. Exactly right. Slaton is better than Thomas.

Be a man of Ur word next time, b a good example for Ur kids!

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