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Dolphins sign Jabar Gaffney, cut Naanee and Fluellen

Many of you are getting your wish.

The Miami Dolphins signed wide receiver Jabar Gaffney and terminated the contracts of defensive lineman Andre Fluellen and wide receiver Legedu Naanee and waived/injured linebacker Mike Rivera, it was announced today.

This signals the end of Naanee's short and uninspiring time with the Dolphins. He was told of the move this morning. Rivera and Fluellen only had a cup of coffee with the Dolphins.

The addition of Gaffney seemed at times inevitable for the Dolphins once the Patriots cut him and didn't offer him a chance to return. Gaffney was cut by New England in the preseason while he was nursing a leg injury.

He is apparently healthy now.

Once Gaffney learns the offense, he can give the Dolphins three solid wide receivers to put on the field at the same time. The Dolphins have been looking for that with no luck -- as Naanee failed and Anthony Armstrong got his opportunity and lately has been demoted mostly to special teams work.

The 6-2, 200 pound wide receiver is in his 11th season. Gaffney was originally a second-round pick (33rd overall) in the 2002 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans where he spent his first four seasons with the team. Gaffney has also played with the New England Patriots (2006-08) and Denver Broncos (2009-10).  He joins Miami after spending last season with the Washington Redskins where he established career highs in both receptions (68) and receiving yards (947). Gaffney also tied a career high with five touchdowns. He has played in 155 career games with 103 starts and has caught 443 passes for 5,622 yards and 24 touchdowns.

Gaffney played two seasons at the University of Florida, where he totaled 138 career receptions for 2,375 yards (17.2 avg.) with 27 touchdowns. He received consensus first-team All-America honors and was a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award (nation’s best receiver) as a redshirt sophomore in 2001 after ranking second in the nation in receiving yards per game (108.3 / 67-1,191, 13 TDs). Gaffney also set an NCAA Division I-A freshman record for receiving yards (1,184 on 71 receptions) and receiving touchdowns (14) as a redshirt freshman in 2000 while earning consensus National Freshman of the Year accolades and first-team All-Southeastern Conference honors. Born December 1, 1980, Gaffney was a two-year starter at Raines County High School in Jacksonville, Florida.


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I qualify as Caucasian, Negro, Asian & Indian.
When people ask me my race I tell them I'm Puerto Rican even though I am not.

Good news is the fins will have a very good amount of salary cap money for the 2013 season. Bad news is several players become free agents and will demand big contracts or even bigger contracts. Very simple. Doesn't make sense to spend the majority of the cap on players that continue producing loosing seasons. PERIOD! Spend the money on better free agents! And listen to the draft gurus during the combine! Its time to smarten up.

Oscar sounds like uncle ruckus.no relation. Oh white God thank you for the white man! Praise white Jesus!

Oscar Race Doesn't MATTER, Except to the Racist.

Don't matter what Color. White Racist, Black Racist, Latin Racist, Asian Racist. They are the only ones who see Color as an Excuse or a Reason to Hate.

Oscar if U might? Doesn't mean U will! Remember Pure Breed! A real White Person doesn't have to think they Might be White. Neither does a Real Black Person.

And my ex is Salvadoran so I'm Hispanic by marriage and parent hood.

The good thing about saying you are Puerto Rican is nobody doubts you no matter what you look like.

Draft Guru's?

U cannot be Serious!!!


Quick bit of interesting News. Tuesday is PayDay in the NFL!!! Another Reason To Cut Naanee!!!

No Way was he picking up another Check for Playing!

Yes, Dashi knows the fins will still have to pay him his $900k. But it's worth it to keep him off the Team!

When the Dolphins have cap room cheapo Ross pockets the money rather then improve the team. And many fans accept it and support the lousy on the field product called the Dolphins anyway.


That Explains Ur Dumb Post. UR PUERTO RICAN!

U set urself up for that One Buddy!

U do know the Puerto Rican Stereotypes? And by being as ignorant as U say U are. U fit right in with the Stereotype.

Troll U do know All teams have a Minimum(10%) and Max they can be on the CAP!!

No Pocketing, No Pixie Dust!!!

Even if Ross wants, he can't!! It's not allowed in the New CBA!!

U do Know that AS*Clown!

I thought you were an Ireland hater, odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 02, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Yes I was Oscar. I wanted Ireland gone before I wanted SpOrano gone. I absolutely did not like the guy and I had serious doubts about his intelligence.

I went a little Berserk when SpOrano was fired and Ireland retained.

However, since Philbin's arrival, I have seen a marked change in Ireland's performance. I questioned the pursuit of Manning(which I think was more Ross/Ireland than Philbin/Ireland). I also INTIALLY questioned the Marshall release. But since Philbin arrived and more or less "Took Control" Ireland has been like a new man.

He cleaned our cap mess pretty quickly I think. And then Stockpiled some draft picks as he started too tailor the roster around Philbin's Philosophy. To butcher a phrase, "He killed a lot of Birds with a very few stones". Throw in what happened in the draft and free agency and I'm convinced **THEY** got this thing headed in the right direction.

BTW-Did you hear? Tannehill got some kind of Offensive Rookie of the Week Award! Tannehill is doing quite well and we all know, Ireland's buggy is hitched to TanneHorse!

If Carpenter made two of those kicks, we're 3-1 and NOBODY is questioning Ireland, Philbin, Sherman or Coyle. We are what our record says we are. But I also know the REALITY of the situation. So For NOW, I'm happy with the situation.

Another BTW/confession. I was all for Naanee in the beggining. I thought he was a really talented receiver that just needed a change of scenery. Yep! I admit it. I was wr.....wro.....I was WR-R-R-R.......Apparently I was mistaken.

Anywhoo.......you are correct. I've changed my opinion of Naanee as well.

-Odin- ;)

Totally love this move.

Sends message to team. No produce! Bye bye!

I really can't believe that Gaffney had such a good year last season. A good veteran WR presence. Can't hurt.

Now we can get Fasano off the field on 4 WR sets.

I wish Mathews would start to see the field if possible.

Those who say Ireland is the worst GM in dolphins history are short of memory or have recently come to town. Rick Spielman was, has been, is, and will be the worst GM of the Dolphins. Ireland has missed a couple, true. Yet, Rick spielman didn't even hit a single one.

Guys, with RS and DW the Dolphins decadence started. It is very hard to make a team resurge once it is broken, yet it is quite, quite easy to spoil a great team.

I will never forgive those two guys for what happened to one of the things I love more in life: My Miami Dolphins.

Ross pocketed the Brandon Marshall salary and the Vontae Davis salary rather then use it to improve the team. We'd easily be 3-1 at this juncture with those guys or equivalent players. He also used Hard Knocks to pad his wallet while the team flounders in the cellar.

Heck, I'd take Wanny and Speilman over Irescum and Philbin 8 days a week. At least Wanny had a winning record with the Fins and the seasons werent over in September like they are with these clowns.

When the Dolphins have cap room cheapo Ross pockets the money rather then improve the team. And many fans accept it and support the lousy on the field product called the Dolphins anyway.

Posted by: TGH | October 02, 2012 at 08:02 PM

-This is a good opportunity to point out the fact that ALL TEAMS are forced to use at least 90% of the cap allowance. So at the most, Ross could pocket 10% of the cap. To a Multi-Billionaire this amounts to a pittance-LOL!

-I hate Stupid in all it's forms. Way more than I'd ever hate anyone over their skin color-ROTFLMAO!

Heck, I'd take Wanny and Speilman over Irescum and Philbin 8 days a week. At least Wanny had a winning record with the Fins and the seasons werent over in September like they are with these clowns.

Posted by: Phinmanski | October 02, 2012 at 08:13 PM

Yeah, ah......except Philbin and Ireland haven't had a season yet-Duh. And it ain't over till the GayTard Troll Sings!

I don't hear no singing Beatch!

Sorry to the rest of you real posters. But when no one else is here, it's fun knocking down the Monkey Bu-oy!

Like Fish in a Barrel ;)

Next move can Goldy Locks and sign Olindo Mare.

4th consecutive losing season. Sad.

U do mean The SAme Wannstedt who hasn't been a NFL COACH SINCE THEN! Destroyed Pitt and is in the Process of Obliterating The Bills D with a $100 Mil DE!

Yeah, wannstedt was Great!

Ignorant Fool! Wannstedt is the only Dolphin HC Dashi hates More than Saban! Spo is #4. Cam is 3rd!

If wannstedt wouldn't have wasted 2nd RD picks on Journey Men QB! Or a QB with No shoulders.

Fiedler is the Winningest Dolphin QB in History(PCT% Wise), Does that Make him the Greatest Dolphin QB?

Doubt it Buddy!


Very Good Game This Weekend. We should be able to move the Ball on Cincy. Running and Passing.

Cincy Ranks 16th in Pass D and 24th in Run D.

With that Said, CINCY WILL PASS ON THE FINS! The Fins Rank 30th in Pass D and Cincy has the #8 Pass O!

Good Game! We will see if this Secondary is Improving!

Remember Dashi's Key to the Game Stop someone on 3rd Down!

We do this and the Fins Win! 27-24 Fins! Even Though Dashi doesn't feel comfortable with saying the Fins win By 3!

28-21 Fins! No Carpenter, We Win!

Anyone seen the Jet Paste? LOL

It woulda been crazy in NYC if the Fins win and SF slams them like they did. Ahhh, to better starts for the Fins.



Armando... You are so on point, as always. I used to call in "Jim Fort Lauderdale." I loved your insight on the radio, especially since I read your articles / blogs before calling and could more fully appreciate what you said on air! I saw you on a pregame TV show and thought you were awesome. I hope you appear more frequently and someone is intelligent enough to ad you to the Dolphins television color team... I think you are better suited for television than radio! I hope you get a chance to read this, there are so many comments, and are encouraged by my sincere comments.

Next evolution for Tannehill, 2tds in 1 game.

Anywhoo.......you are correct. I've changed my opinion of Naanee as well.

-Odin- ;)

odinseye | October 02, 2012 at 08:07 PM

Listen up old friend, I NEVER liked the Naanee signing going back to his days in S.D. I remember in 08 (11-5 mirage) our 2nd win after the Pats Wild Cat smack down was Vs. the Chargers at home with that pesky play. In that game Antonio Gates got hurt and the Chargers went with alot of different WR/T.E. sets with Naanee dropping everything Rivers tossed his way. In that game the announcers talked about him after the Gates injury because he was supposed to be some sort of H-Back type and I remember thinking this guy with the funny name SUCKS and S.D. is going to dump him!!

He stuck for a little while but I saw alot of S.D. Football during his time there because they were usually your 4:00 P.M. option on Sundays given they were always in contention during that time and Naanee who saw the field plenty (he wore #11) NEVER amounted to much in a wide open attack with a real gunslinger at Q.B.

He was basically 3rd fiddle in Carolina last Yr. with Cam throwing it all over the place and can't remember one play making any highlight reel I can recall, plus we were going West Coast so I didn't see the fit in an O predicated on quick passes and quick route running WR's getting the YAC and if the idea was playing him some at H-Back then we already had an H-Back type on the team in Clay, so in honesty this player was a waist of time kept around on a team with little experience at WR but doing nothing to help our rookie Q.B.

I am with you 100% though on Ireland who I felt maybe played to the cameras on HARDKNOCKS with all the consulting the Coach stuff but came around when H.C. Philbin flat out cuts Ireland's boy Gates after the plea from the G.M. and have seen this running the show deal by committee paying off of late with the H.C. making the tough call regardless of draft position and call me CRAZY but the real Assistant G.M./O.C. is Sherman and some of the other Coaches on this staff. I don't know who officially holds the title for us but believe it evident Philbin goes with the decision he and his staff make in their meetings. Along those lines Ireland has proven NO fool, playing ball while trying to save his skin.

:( JI dumb a s s


I just read our offense is ranked 9th in the nfl. Even in the losing this thing is beginning to have a great feel. Hartline and Bess beginning to look like #1 and #2 wr's. Now we have Gaffney to be the #3, and if Armstrong ever begins making a strong contribution, lookout.

We'll be the team everybody hates to play beginning with the 2nd half of the season. Especially if the pass rush has finally awaken too. If everything finally comes together, we just may be able to make a run at a wildcard playoff position.

If this team is clicking on all cylinders as a wildcard playoff team. Again, we'll be the team no one wants to face in the playoffs.

Naanee= Ernest Wilford 2.0

Hey, at least Ireland didn't sign him to a 4yr/20Mil Deal!

Shows Improvement!

Hicks=Smiley 2.0, Again at least no 4 year deal for a Overpaid Veteran!


I have to agree... One thing i do have to say... its about bloody time!


You were smart enough to see it for what it was.

I just don't get it. Naanee has/had all the tools. I figured(hoped is more like it)he was just a late bloomer and a change was all that was needed.

At this point, I'm so sick of Naanee I don't even want to think about him anymore. I'm glad he's gone and I hope they NEVER-EVER give that no. 19 jersey to anyone.

I can't wait for Gaffney to get up to speed. We have some young WR with potential and skills. But I think right now, today, Gaffney is better than anyone else we have save for Hartline and Bess.

It should be a Good signing. I hope it pays off some real quick.

I'll see your Koch brothers and raise you a George Soros.

Posted by: navydolfaninva | October 02, 2012 at 04:38 PM

As much as i hate politics here, THANK YOU.
No, Dashi WOULDN'T know who George Soros is.

Gaffney signing is huge. He will be a good #3. He doesn't drop passes and is a chain moving possession type guy. If he can get 3 or 4 catches a game and move the chains it will help keep all the attention off of Hartline and Bess. Hopefully he is smart enough to pick up the offense fast. He has played under some great coaches so I have hope. Never heard of any character issues with him as well.

I don't know nothing about it.

But I would like to see Yeatman at Fullback and Lane at Tailback in certain sets.

Lane did actually play tailback early on in his collegiate career.

Bring in and extra guard ot tackle to play TE and put Yeatman and Lane in the backfield.

We still have 2 roster spots open. Any guesses on how those will be filled? My guess would be a linebacker and defensive back. Probably had guys in for tryouts today. We gotta find someone that can cover. I see the Texans re-signed Troy Nolan today. I hope we didn't let a real good one get away.

Gaffney had 68 catches for 987yds last season as a Redskin. Another plus I see with Gaffney is he giving his former Redskin recieving buddy, Anthony Armstrong a kick in the butt to get him going too.

In 4 games, we will have gone from having one of the league's worst wr units(preseason) to one of the league's better wr units(Hartline, Bess, Gaffney, Armstrong).

After Monday night's game, anyone glad we didnt draft Dez Bryant? The guy caused a pic 6 on Romo by not correcttly running his hot route.

Leegedu Nannee will never play for an NFL team again. After that self forced fumble Sunday, he may never even play arena football again.

Writer Dashi knows who soros is keep reading. Stop nitpicking. Soros is Madoff without getting caught. A uber powerful hedge fund banker! He ruins the Economy! The Koch bros. Fund Policies! A major difference! These guys have agenda's! Soros agenda is making money!

Now soros isn't worth what any of the Koch bros. Are worth! They own the paper in this country. Even the paper plates. U know The owners Dixie Cup, Georgia Paper, etc, etc.


We are talking about the 4th and 5th richest men in America. Not some banker! Who is known for inside trading and breaking countries stock markets.

Not policies against minimum wage, eliminating social security, Restricting voters right, big business agenda!!, Etc, etc.

Nobody really knows who the Koch bros. Are because they do a good job of hiding behind the scenes.

Yes, politics is for cote's blog, but Dashi is okay with discussing it anywhere. Dashi just likes to stick to subject at hand. Else we get, Dashi thinks he knows it all! Add that to the list of Dashi being a Narcissist! And Dashi will have more enraged fans than Mando!

Watch the documentary it will only take 60 minutes of ur time.

Just cause Dashi know football, Doesn't mean Dashi don't know anything else!

Who do u think Dashi is Bo Jackson?

I think the poster earlier was onto something.

Check the schedule. I think we just hit the easiest stretch. I don't see a 5 game win streak as being that difficult all things considered. The Bengals of course being the toughest of the next 5. If we can turn it around and beat the Bengals, I see 5 straight without a doubt!

At Cinci.


At jets

At Indy.


7-3 wouldn't be all bad with 6 left to go.


I mean 6-3 with 7 left.

(I have not had too much to drink ;)

The flipper YG/DB has returned from being whatever other alias he was for the past 6 hours


Im now confident we have a passing game, especially with the addition on Gaffney. We already know we have a run game.

Now, if we've finally found our pass rush, we know we play great run defense(currently ranked #1), There's no reason why we cant make a wildcard playoff push.

After Monday night's game, anyone glad we didnt draft Dez Bryant? The guy caused a pic 6 on Romo by not correcttly running his hot route.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 02, 2012 at 10:44 PM

Yeah, that and the deep ball that hit him right in the hands!

Forget his Momma, He's the Ho!!!!

Yeah YG!

I wouldn't want to press it too much with Tannehill being a Rookie.

But you know putting up 431 on a tough Cards defense had to help him in all kinds of ways. The most of which is probably his confidence!

Being named Offensive Rookie of the week wasn't bad either!


I guess Dez's momma's a far better "deep reciever" than he'll ever be. Deep and wide baby, just like all ho's!

Odin don't play with Dashi!

Those 5 games do look winnable!

9-7 here we go.

Question Dashi has stated 1001 times Mike Sherman has had a Top 5 Offense in the NFL and Philbin had the #1 offense last year. Could we be top 5 this year?

Dashi was hoping to at least be top 10 next year, but are u kidding me! Dashi has been the biggest Thill supporter. But to be this good this early! Even Dashi couldn't see this!

I had T-Hill sitting till week 8, u know since sherm would baby him. But T-Hill has surpassed all expectations! SPECIALLY THE DRAFT GURU'S AT THE NETWORKS!

What was it Philbin made a Huge mistake not signing Flynn and Drafting T-Hill!

That's what the guru with the perfect hair but horrendous talent evaluator said!

Dashi would rather have Ireland draft over Mel Kiper any day!


Odin, Tanne's next evolution should be to have at least 2 tds passing Sunday. He's yet to have a multiple td passing game.

He's had a game with 1td passing and running one in in. But never 2 tds passing in a single game.


The Dolphins are currently the "9TH RANKED" offense in the entire nfl. We're moving on up baby!


Just tuning in for a couple of minutes. I'll make a prediction right now. Naannee will end up with the Jets. They are DESPERATE for WR help. There's a story out there that Holmes is done fo rthe season and their WR situation was desperate to start of with. I'm not saying Naannee is going to do much with them or that he is even going to last long but I'll predict he's a Jet in a day or two. And then we can all laugh!

Lets see..... Bush gets afc player over win against oakland and tanne gets rookie of the week and peeps are still complaining? When is the last time miami had that happen in a season? Have they ever? People who doubt philbin need to look at the mess green bays oline and offense is without him. He meant much more to them than anybody realized. Gaffney helps on many levels. Vet presence.chain mover. And when is the last time we picked up a ex pat castoff and picked his brain about their offense? It will be nice to return the favor ala heath evans.


I predicted 9-7 and even 10 or 11 if we got a couple of breaks here or there.

I think Carpenter(among others) accounted for our lucky breaks. But even if we win 4 of the next 5, and we WILL, 5-4 wouldn't be all bad.

I think it hinges on two things, maybe 3.

1. Reggie being 100%(or damn close).

2. Putting down the Bengals.

3. Getting Gaffney involved very quickly!

If we can slam Dalton into a sophmore slump, I see us reeling off the next 5 wins!

(PS: I think Wakes just getting warmed up. Fitting right back into the 4-3 that he did so well with in Canada!)


How Wake didn't get efensive player of the week for his 4.5 sacks either, I'll never know.


That's why we have to watch now! To see T-Hill's progress! A 2TD game! Yep that's the next step!

The funny thing is we all know Sherman is Babying him because he's a rookie and he wants him to learn to play QB, the right way. But U know sherm is taking it easy right now. The more confidence sherm gets in his progress the more new plays sherm will come out with.

T-Hill already knows the plays. Sherm just wants to make sure T-Hill can run the bread and butter, before he gives the NFL the steak!

Hopefully by week 8 we are done eating appetizers. Keep it up T-Sizzle u look grade A so far!


Im beginning to feel sorry for Mark Sanchez. Rex Ryan has totally ruined a potential franchise qb. Then brought in neanderthal offensive mind Tony Sparano to finish the job.

Then if that wasnt bad enough, brought in Tebow. Now Naanee? Wow, that would certainly be the final nail in the coffin of rewriting the book on how to ruin a potential franchise qb.


You forgot about Gates too and they just sined Lex Hilliard today. You're looking at Miami North. He's doing what we did with Dallas. Can Henne by far behind?

You know I made fun of you for some of the things you said about Sparano but I'm starting to think he'll be the next HC after Ryan is fired.


Also a big mystery how the Tannehill to Hartline 80yd td pass didnt make any of ESPN's top 10 plays is mysterious too. I guess not mysterious, ESPN has always been openly biased towards the Dolphins.

With queer Chris Berman and his life partner Tom Jackson leading the way.

Odin, Tanne's next evolution should be to have at least 2 tds passing Sunday. He's yet to have a multiple td passing game.
He's had a game with 1td passing and running one in in. But never 2 tds passing in a single game.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | October 02, 2012 at 11:00 PM

You know, I think you're right on the money with this one. He had many multiple TD games at A&M. With the progress and this confidence boost, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

Another thing, I don't want Tannehill running around and getting hurt. But I just have a feeling that Cinci's going to put a little more emphasis on coverages because of Bess and Hartlines recent success. Thus leaving the middle of the field open a few times too many. So I see Tanny staying cool, escaping the pocket and getting some nice runs down the middle of the field.

I don't even know why for sure I think this, I guess it's that Nostradamus shyt! But watch and see if Tanny doesn't burn on the ground for over 50 yards-lol!


Excellent point at 11:13pm. I looked for that play and noticed it was missing. Definite media bias towards us.

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