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Miami Dolphins tied for AFC East lead

Are you ready for this? The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East.

And it's mid-October!

With the Patriots losing to Seattle on Sunday, the Jets beating Indianapolis, and the Bills beating Arizona in overtime, those teams join Miami with a 3-3 record. All are tied atop the AFC East. So the first six weeks of the season has resolved nothing in the division.

It's irrelevant. What matters is that Miami finds itself mattering at this time of year. Still.

My opinion?

As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald for Monday, the Dolphins have greatly improved since the season began. There are tangible signs that players and units are getting better. I also write the new coaching staff is also improving and there were signs of that Sunday.

Bottom line is the team is headed in the right direction so far.

I believe only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.


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First and BOO YAH!!!

OK, great win today, no turnovers by Tannehill and he played a great game, the first half the D looked out of Sync, but after Half things pulled together. Happy about the win and see MOORE get targetted, can't wait until Gaffney joins the fold and gives us some Receiver threats we need, poised to be a good season, JEts & Pats game is HUGE now!

The "A" D will have a big say how far the Fins go.

Absolutely have just as good a chance. It's really unbelievable. Rookie HC, rookie QB, no name WRs, porous secondary, and we're tied for 1st. Ain't Life Grand?

We now control our own destiny. A share of first place(afc east)? Wow!

Wow since when did the Patsys suck this badly? Losing to Arizona and Seattle? Really?

Let the changing of the guard begin. Tannehill/Philbin will annoint the end of Belichick/Brady!

We are the 2nd best team in the afc east. I now like our chances to unseat Belichick/Brady. Team just needs to remain focused one game at a time.

Actually disagree with Armando strongly. The AFC generally is a wreck.....I could easily see two AFC East teams making the playoffs.

Not to rain on the parade, but if we can't run the ball or stop the other team from doing ... anything, our jubilation will be short lived. I am all in for THill, and have been from the start, and I love Philbin. But our D looked awful today. A better team (or even the Rams with a better kicker) would have won today's game. But on the positive side, these are games we traditionally lose. Go Fins!

Andrew, shame on you, Armando is a genius, just read his column, he'll tell you!

BillC, not short lived, it's a bye week, we can ride the crest of this wave for 2 weeks!!!

How bad is GB missing Philbin this year?lol. Guess we got the right guy.

I am pleased with the win no doubt. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs?

4 way tie guys, when's the last time THAT happened??? Any of you stat geeks out there?



What if anything can the FIns do about the bad officiating. They don't get any calls whether they are home or away. I know they don's get a lot of repseoct but Philbopn, Ross, and or Ireland need to send some tapes to the league and get them to tell the refs to at least try to be fair. The head ref today must be from St. Louis becuase he made eveyr call he could go against the Dolphins....

We actually have the advantage in this 4 way tie. We have a bye this week, a chance for some healing of nicks and bumps.

THE PHINS WILL BE 8-3 b4 they play New England.

Been following this site for years. Do I sense a lessening of really ignorant negative immature commentary from some clearly clueless 'fans'?? If so, Philbin/Ireland have accomplished a ton. I for one am happy as can be . 50yrs old and ready to roll !!!!!

Great win against a good defense. Hopefully Reggie and Thomas get healthy over the bye week and we get the run game going again. Good to see fasano making some plays.

There were some very good O play calls today allowing us to run down the clock. I don't know who called it but that little middle screen to Reggie Bush was crucial.

Red Alert...Red Alert....

Fins up, Pats down. Philbun Tannehill on the way in, Belichick/Brady on the way out.

Circle them wagons Chris Berman(ESPN) you effing Fins hating jerk!

We finally have a qb sighting in Miami and didnt need a Hubble telescope to tell us this.

..Sweet. 2 weeks in a row I missed the game, and we pulled out wins. Perhaps I need to stop watching.lol

It sounds like Tannehill was efficient. No turnovers is HUGE in any game, especially a close one. It also sounds like there was some questionable ref decisions on both sides.

IMO, I think blaming the refs is a pointless exercise, as teams have plenty of opportunities during a game to overcome questionable calls. It becomes convenient to blame the refs. Sure there are examples of gross negligent mistakes that have cost teams. But even in these games these ref mistakes are not the only reason for a win or loss.

Anyway. Psyched for the win. Psyched about this team. What a good feeling after the preseason, and the low expectations everyone except Kris had for this year. I know we have a ways to go. But for the first time since the 2008 season Phin fans have something to be excited about. Well Done.

Miller has to become a contributer to the run game soon.

19 yards running/game is not going to cut it down the road.

Wow still in shock even though it was close. When the game got close going into the 4th I couldn't hardly watch.

Huge sack by Vernon late to ice it!

Really thats what cool with this years team...lots of heroes stepping up every week.

Vernon, Odrick, Tannehill, Jones, Hartline, Bush, on and on. Really like this group.

Bring on the Jets! We won't let them slip away this time!!

Week 7

Pats/Jets. Pats will win. Coming out of the bye we have the chance to all but end the Jets season. Beat the Jets and they would be 2 full games out of 1st place, while we're a half game behind the Pats.

Week 8


The Jets beat them. The Pats and Jets both have a bye week 8. A victory over Luck again places us tied with the Pats for the afc east lead.

I don't dread Sunday's anymore. Go Dolphins!

Meant week 9 instead of week 8.

The pats problem is the o-line!

All of Brady's good linemen have retired or are old and hurt!

3-3! Yes!

Yes, we could be 5-1! But this team is developing at a rocket pace! The flaws! No longer seem as bad as the start of this season! We are one of the best trained teams in the league! Teams no longer wear the dolphins out in the 4th qtr! It's the other way around!

How many times these last couple years has the defense worn out at the end of games?!

That horrible MNF game to start last season! Not no more! It's going to be hard to find a team that can wear the dolphins out.

Week 10

Dolphins/Titans, Pats/Bills. Could be a trap game for both teams. But both of us have a great chance coming out this game tied for the afc east lead.

wow! maybe ESPN willactually talk about the Fins instead of constantly talking about the Jets...Nah probably not

I love the fact that were tied for the AFC East lead heading into the bye week. GAfin mentioned it would give Reggie and Thomas time to get healthy, I for one think having Marshall back will be very important. Our secondary leaves a lot to be desired, and if it weren't for our pass rush, we would be severely exposed. God win Dolphins, not get some rest so we can crush the JETS!!

Week 11

Fins/Bills, Pats/Indy. Seems both teams will still be tied for 1st in the afc east. Dolphins 7-3 at game 11? Looks possible.

Week 12

Dolphins/Seahawks. Fins are 7-3 and on a roll. Rollover the Seahawks to improve to 8-3.

Did you see how Tannehill is elevating and throwing more over his head? Good Coaches and good Pupil.

No Team is a gimme in the NFL anymore.

Beating the scrappy Jets won't be easy though...especially in New York.

The have to be the best bad team in football. Never seen a team luckier, getting no name recievers streaking down the field wide open, or getting a kick return for a touchdown just in the nick of time.

As long as we continue to limit the turnovers, stop the run, and pressure the qb we should be in good shape.

Smart Players win Games, like Reggie and RT staying in bounds to kill clock.

Week 14

Fins/49ers. Remember Jeff Fisher? Im sure you also remember Harbaugh. Could be that Ireland/Ross gets revenge against both hc's that spurned them the last 2 seasons, all un one season? 10-3 would be so sweet right here.

Week 15

Fins/Jags. Henne plays on that team. Enough said. Fins 11-3.

Week 16

Phins/Bills. Circle your a ss Chris Berman. Fins 12-3

Great in-Game adjustments by the Coaches. That fierce Rams pass rush in the 1st quarter was neutralized somewhat the rest of the Game.

Week 17


Its official, Tannehill/Philbin new kings of the afc east. The coronation takes place where it began. Gillette stadium.

There you have it guys, Fins 13-3, newest Kings of the afc east.

At season's end, I'll be the first to admit I never saw 13-3 and afc east champs coming this year.

Feels great. Lets enjoy it in stride though. As we keep saying "we could/should be 5-1" remember the Bengals and Rams can say we "could/should have beat the Dolphins". Yes our losses have perhaps more obvious lapse plays to blame than our wins but you do get blinded a bit by being a fanatic of one team at times. I am just appreciating the new movement and hope on Offense with still limited talent. Our defense being stout up front & secondary being a question is nothing new. And if the overall progress continues the developing of talent by our new coaching staff is sweet. a new identity.

Great progress by the fins, next step is to have the offense start to be more productive in the second half. They need to take some pressure of the D in the second half. Right now this offense is a first half team. Nonetheless I am happy and would love to enjoy a blow at some point (by the fins of course).

TAO, as I said earlier, with our bye week we can ride the crest of this wave for 2 weeks. 2 feel good weeks then it's back to work!!

Our secondary is making enough plays. Could be better, but enough. The greatest improvement is the pass rush. You can hide a plain average secondary with a great pass rush.

Add this to Tannehill's making sharp accurate throws, having outstanding decision making, and staying away from the turnovers. We have a chance to beat any team un the league.

Tannehill makes huge strides each game. With each passing game Tannehill makes his quantum leaps, more and more we become the team nobody wants to play.

Any chance at the SB, YG? Why not?

I love to see those Cardinals play the Baseball. What a well coached, scrappy Team! With that bullpen they have, nobody can beat them.

So far I like it, Packers 21, Texans 10!!!

How the Hell did the Jets win the way they did against the Colts today with Sanchez throwing for 82 yards. I said it before and I'll say it again, the Jets suck! Can't wait to see the Pats beat them up next week and I can't wait for us to get a crack at them in two weeks.

..Before the season started we all most of us gave our predictions for our record..6-10 was my guess. This looks well within reach, and at this point would be dissapointing. The caveat that I added was that there aren't too many differences between 6 win teams and 9-10 win teams. A few breaks here, a play made there. This is evident by our losses which could have just as easily been wins.

This yearis shaping up a lot like 2008.. New coach, no expectation. A favorable schedule that does not include many top tier quarterbacks...Sure the personel is much different and the stories far from identical. But just looking at who we play, and knowing a bit about our team and how we play. A ten-eleven win outcome is not out of the question. In fact, it may be the reality. I don't want to get to far ahead of myself. This season has been a bonus already. But just look at who we play, and how many teams at this point cause any pause as far as the matchups go? Not too many.

Jests are garbage. Jests should be 2-4, we should be 4-2. Things didn't shake out and that's ok only cause it was a lesson to Tannehill that nothing is handed to you in this league you have to earn it. Bye week is always a lul week but it's nice for Reggie and Vernon! to heal up for the pathetic jests round 2. Time to show Sanchez just how bad he is

By the way, just to repeat myself, I am THUROUGHLY glad Fisher isn't our HC


I hadthe team at 4-12. Shows you little I know. I also felt we'd be close but I just figured that this team would find a way to lose and I figured Tannehill would be in over his head for most of the season. To be honest, I had no expectations on the season at all (and probably still don't) but yes, 6-10 would seem like a disappointment now.

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