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Miami Dolphins tied for AFC East lead

Are you ready for this? The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East.

And it's mid-October!

With the Patriots losing to Seattle on Sunday, the Jets beating Indianapolis, and the Bills beating Arizona in overtime, those teams join Miami with a 3-3 record. All are tied atop the AFC East. So the first six weeks of the season has resolved nothing in the division.

It's irrelevant. What matters is that Miami finds itself mattering at this time of year. Still.

My opinion?

As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald for Monday, the Dolphins have greatly improved since the season began. There are tangible signs that players and units are getting better. I also write the new coaching staff is also improving and there were signs of that Sunday.

Bottom line is the team is headed in the right direction so far.

I believe only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.


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..Redsky..Whats up??? Streamers on the Yellowstone East of Livingston today...One of the only reasons to miss the game today...Insane!

Dolphin were lucky as heck to win today. The worst 3-3 team ever?

Dolphins still in AFC East cellar.

..Craig M.. I am pumped about this team. They play hard, play team football. Look well coached. I love the attitude of the playcaller(even in the losses where he was criticized..he played to win the game. went for it instead of the predictable). It is great to be excited each week. I don't know how the season plays out. so far it has exceeded all of my expectations.


Me too. And to think we both had our questions about Tannehill. If I remember correctly you were against the pick at (you'll correct me if I'm wrong on that) and while I loved the pick I would have sat him out for the year or at least a good chunk of the year. Much better and the team is much better than I could have imagined. We're not there yet but it's a good start.

9-7 is how I see it. Should've been 11-5 but we lost to two teams we are better than in NY and Arz.

Boy, how bad is that Patriot defense. Belicheck is a bit of a sham ... he's supposed to be this defensive mastermind but he's been riding Brady's coattails forver. Similar to Shula during the Marino years.

Tannehill a game manager. 4TD to 6 picks.

The fins still have alot of things to work on, not thrilled with how Bush looks running the ball. That dancing around, east west crap doesn't work on the road in December. We will need Daniel Thomas to be that up the gut back and Bush more change of pace. Keep throwing the swing passes and dump offs and screens to Bush to get him away from traffic. Marlon Moore( may be our deep threat/decoy answer?) or Gaffney must step up as the 3rd receiver. Our kicker must shake his early inconsistency, and the defence must create more turnovers. And they must remain relatively healthy, especially in the secondary where they need Marshall back asap. If these things are achieved we might stand a chance of beating New England or Buffalo or New York on the road.

worst 3-3 team? that would be the Jets.

..For sure I thought the pick(Tanny was a mistake)..I didn't think much of him as a franchise type talent. Once he was drafted. I didn't think he would see much of the field this year..Backup role, thrust into the job because of injury. Boy this is as wrong as I have been on anything about this team since I started blogging here 4 years ago...Tannehill has been nothing short of outstanding. It isn't the numbers, or lack of. It isn't even our record. It is just the little things. some throws, the way he steps up into the pocket, gets into the right plays-protections. He is miles above what I thought he would be.

If baffoon Irescum hadnt traded Marshall and Davis we'd be 5-1. Unreal.

Mark @10:15pm,

Well said. I knew the Pats would have trouble in Seattle today. A rookie QB just exposed them for how awful they are in that secondary. I hope Philbin and company spend lots of time studying that game today. The Pats can be beat....no question.

Guys great win by the fins today.
Here's a bit of trivia for you all, Odinstank is a regular on "Walking dead"., It's true, He's a natural actually, no make-up needed.Odinstank, What say you, is this true?


I know you're a troll, but f*ck off with that bullshyte. We're not interested. Davis and Marshall are crap and they'd have done nothing but whine and complain on this team. I trust Philbin and Ireland a lot more than a Phinmanski (whatever the f*ck that is).

Craig eat a d I c k

You do Truth....f*cking moron!

Is PHILBIN gonna make another GREAT move and TRADE for a WR??? Mike Wallace , Greg Jennings , etc?????? so many draft pics

I ate a d i c k at Houligan's once, with mango chutney on the side. Subtle, but not as clever as McCharacter's take on the same dish.

Irescum ALWAYS makes the wrong move. If he looked at our weak schedule he should've known we'd have a chance with Marshall and Vontae. A good GM may have gotten FOUR productive players instead of D Thomas and Egnew. Irescum is our Dennis the Menace. Ross better wake up soon and get a real GM.

Didn't we score on the first drive of the second half?

Yes, the offense needs to be more consistent at the beginning and end of games! But it's a work in progress!

Again, T-Hill was better this week than last week!

The kid finally had a multiple Td game! And he did it without throwing a pick! T-Sizzle just gets better everyday!

Can't wait till Sherman opens it up a little more!

Truth, just ignore that mindless homer canadien.


You better wake up soon and get a real brain. Team wins two games in a row and all you want to do is come on here and whine and complain about Ireland. Do you have ANY clue how much of an idiot you sound? Keep going! We're loving it and laughing at you...

Give us another one clown...'draft busts', 'bad trades'.....LOL. Good ones!


'Mindless omer Canadian' who picked this team to go 4-12 this year. That's how much of a homer I am pal....

Marsha and grandma's boy! Don't fit the Philbin type!

The fins want guys that love football! And are smart!

As a Marsha and vd fan u know they don't love football! And VD has been hurt all year and Marsha is a qb destroyer! He destroyed henne! And is not a team guy! If Marsha don't do good she throws a hissy fit!

sound's like a couple of 10yr old's

Did "Phinmanski" spell Canadian wrong while insulting Graig?
A major mistake in insulting is to know how to spell.IMHO.

cool B)

Phinmanski must be Pollack!

Hi Dashi!

easy dashi

Darryl Dunphy!!!! What's up friend? Enjoying the Yellowstone today? That river goes on forever, the next bend being more beautiful than the last!!! How 'bout them Dolphins!! Could exceed expectations! The stinking Jets have lucked out so far, Buffalo continues to disappoint and NE is the weakest it has been in years. There's an opportunity here if we can tighten up the D and tweak the O. We could break 10 wins!

Coq au'vin

your on it redsky,the (red)sky is the limit with our reciver/QB.

wow ,AR is lighting it up

What's up PHINLAND??????
Who'd of thought the mighty air-breathers after week 6 would be tied for first??
Iam shocked............

Whoever said james jones wasnt worth a 3rd round pick should go jump off a cliff right now...yea he was so worth it!!!

A rodgers is lighting it up big tim

Apparently the texans arent as perfect as they would make people(Mostly their fans) and experts *lmao* believe...


My bad.


You wanted to do the trade for a second. I remeber talking to you about it. I said he wasn't worth it and I still say that. Love what Tannehill is doing but he's not Aaron Rodgers and may never be. We don't need other people's retreads. We've done that. Time to draft our own Jones.

3rd round is not a second round craig and I believe it was worth it in watching jones for the past three weeks stepping in for jennings while out injured...Aaron rodgers is great, but some of the catches and plays jones makes especially in the redzone wouldve only installed more confindence in tannehill easily and the system wouldve been familiar with what jones runs in GB...

The proof is in seeing and Jones regardless of which you might think is a playmaker and its not just rodgers making him look good all the time either...

Anyway. Psyched for the win. Psyched about this team. What a good feeling after the preseason, and the low expectations everyone except Kris had for this year.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | October 14, 2012 at 08:36 PM

Thanks Darryl(sarcasm...)and I thoguht you were my friend!

I predicted 9-7 well before the Pre-season started. I even stated 10-6 or 11-5 if we got some lucky breaks(Carpenters kicks?). Anywhoo, I haven't wavered and I still believe it.

All my confidence came from believeing in the defense way back then. I still believe and they've exceeded my expectations. If you remember, I was harping about how good this D would transition into the 4-3, especially Wake. Also how good the depth/rotation would be. Again, with Randall, Shelby and Vernon, it's been even better than I expected.

Now, time to get healthy and focus on some REVENGE(The Jets)!

I remember odie

Not to mention the fact that Jones has been more consistant than finley, and jordy nelson was up till tonight's game... 7 TDs now through five games....Sorry, but you wont convince me that this guy is just another hyped up player bred from the GB system of Aaron Rodgers elite status....This guy is coming into his own

Hey Ray, my G men killed the 49rs!

Only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.

Armando, I love the enthusiasm in that statement but c'mon man, they have yet to play NE or buffalo this year and the division game they did play went to overtime with the wets winning...

we need to temper the playoff expectations and division possibilities a little bit, I am just as surprised as most with how tannehill is developing and the way the defense is playing for the most part but lets not forget they gave up almost 500 yrds to the rams without their best reciever on the field today and squeaked out a win...

We're 500 which is good but the patsies are still in this division and until miami and others find a way to beat them..they are still the class of this division regardless of their record..they still have the offense and they still have Brady!!!

Craig and the rest of you GOOD KNOWLEDGEABLE posters, I'm surprised at you guys.

The Troll Bu-oy is just spitting up sour grapes seeds. Just ignore the ignorant Fvck. Thats what his Mommy and Daddy always did.

You could see he's all one and the same. Harmel, Truth, Phinmanski and Liver Spots. He just posted one dumb thing after another until he got a response. In his case, he can't help spewing the dumb shyt. He's retarded and been wrong about everything so far this year.

Now that were in First Place, he has absolutely no recourse but to troll on withn the tardo shyt.

Remember, this idiot predicted 2 wins tops-lol.

He's ALREADY: Wrong Again.....As Usual.

Seriously Guys, just ignore the Trifling Ho-ROTFLMAO!

Hey Phinmanski, Truth, Harmel and Jim in Pembroke. Every one of you "effin" trolls and haters can kiss my ass. Your probably all scumbag jets fans!

Only undefeated team left, Falcons, and they play NO twice, and NYG. Plus Boys, Cards, Buccaneers, Lions. One of them will give them a loss!

If Dolphins' D is still stout and they are not decimated by injuries, there is a chance this team can go 9-7 or 10-6.

If Tannehill continues to improve by quantum leaps as he appears to be doing. Call me homer or whatever, this is a playoff team. Im not talking one and done either.

This game didnt seem like much, but it was huge that Fisher chose Bradford and the Rams over Miami. After seeing Tannehill, Im sure if Fisher had a do over he would be the hc in Miami. Im so glad he doesnt get a do over. Right now I overwhelmingly would rather have Joe Philbin.

Thus far, Philbin's proving to be easuly the best hc in Miami since a legend named Don.

I'm worried about Marshall. He was only supposed to be our nickle. But he PROVED he's more consistent than Davis and hands down better than Carroll or Wilson.

The back injury sounds a little too serious though. If it'ds kept him out this long, it's because there was some serious damage done(IMO).

I hope I'm wrong, but I remember seeing the injury. It didn't look all that bad. But when it turned out to be his back? And now, for how long it's kept him out?

Then we brought in or activated RJ Stanford and the other guy(name?). I got a feeling Marshall is going on IR. It sucks though, we could really use him coming out of the bye week! Ungggggggggggggggggh!

I made a field goal!!!

Odin with that said Craig is 1 win away from his prediction. 4-12! Ha!

Preseason Dashi had us at 9-7. Kris "Allegedly" always has had us at 11-5. I had it 12-4 before preseason until DG went down. We all at one point thought Garrard would play at least the first half of the season! Or was the answer for this season! (Only the troll was pushing for more! Makes sense when u think about.)

9-7 still seems reasonable. Even though 11-5 does look nice. Dashi wouldn't mind 12-4! Just cause. We all know troll and his family will say Spo is better than Philbin he went 11-5 his first season! Wah! Wah!

Give it a break! Philbin is a man of integrity! Dashi would like to think Philbin is the Last coach since Shula that defined integrity! Doing things the right way! Working harder than the next guy! Not lying! Having Testicular fortitude! Being a Man!

Philbin has nothing to hide!!!

And that's the thing Dashi feels people seem to overlook! Which Coach? Furthermore which Rookie Head Coach has the guts to say tape my every move as I become a HC!U can look over me all u want. I have nothing to hide. My Skills Speak for itself!

Philbin has only been the coach of the fins less than a half a season! And u can feel he is genuine! Not a Act!

Hopefully Philbin rubs off on Ireland. Dashi knows Mando would like that, that way Mando and Ireland can talk again.

where are all you fire ireland idiots who are without a clue about the game of football.

Dashi really likes Dashi, this message is Dashi approved Dashi, Dashi, Dashi

I have to disagree big time with Armando and his thinking only one playoff team comes out of the AFC East.

In the North the Ravens and Steelers are reeling with injuries. The Begals have the 2nd best record but lost to us and gave Cleveland their only victory.

The South is all Texans. The Colts and Titans are 2-3 and 2-4 respectively. The Jags have one win.

In the West the Raiders and Cheifs have one win apiece. The Chargers 3-2 and the Broncs 2-3.

It certainly won't be a gimmee, but it's not far fetched at all to think Two Teams could qualify from the East!

Odin on marshall it's a persons back. The problem never looks that bad. But it could be devastating! Reason him being out for the rest of the season didn't sound so far fetched.

Did he strain a back muscle? Pull a Disc? U hurt ur back u can't walk or push! All the muscles in ur body are connected to ur back! If ur standing u are using ur back!

U can walk with a broken leg or torn muscle. Will hurt like crazy. But u can't even take a step with a broke back or strained back. Even back spasms suck! I would rather have a toothache than a bad back. Well they both suck but a back neutralizes u physically! U can't walk! Picture mike miller! Then picture mike miller playing CB! Not going to happen in the NFL!

Hopefully we use this bye week to get healthy! Marshall would do for know. And Carroll was a suspect nickel back to start the season! He's starting and holding his own better than before! Can only help him when he goes back to nickel when Marshall comes back! Marshall is a better tackler than Carroll!

We need more depth in the secondary but remember this is only year 1! And we got rid of a problem! Plus Dashi believes a good FS makes ur CB's better! Not the other way around! If Clemons was better!!!! WAY BETTER!! HE(The FS) can help out his CB'S AND LB'S IN PASS COVERAGE! CONTROL HALF THE FIELD! OR PLAY CENTERFIELD WHEN WE PUT 8 IN THE BOX! Great FS's have bigger Impacts than CB's! Yes, people say other wise but Dashi begs to differ!

No bad for a rebuilding year.
Mindless conservative coaching fixed - check
QB lack fixed - check
Collapsing right side of OL fixed - check
Defensive consistency fixed - check
Defense able to stop the run fixed - check
Hartline emerging as a difference maker - check

And 5 draft picks to fill our holes at WR, TE, OL depth, secondary.

Hopefully our Kicker comes out of his slump.

The future looks bright.

I (Dashi) don't get U? Mr. 1001

First it was for using we. Now it's for using Dashi?

Hey Dashi loves Dashi, but U love Dashi too!

Cause we all know which name is Consistently in ur Mouth! Dashi! Dashi! Dashi!



And the bwaaaa stuff Odin be posting!!!

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